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174 Junior Brother's Chance, How Can You Divide Me So Much?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

The rich Taoist rhyme and fragrance spread throughout the secret room.

     Chen Zhongtian could clearly determine that this bottle was filled with the holy liquid of Nirvana.

     And it is a more high-quality premium nirvana sacred liquid than the peony nirvana sacred liquid he brought.

     This new saint son of the Holy Land of the Gods could even get such a great opportunity!

     This how can it be, Chen Zhongtian doubts life!

     By the way, this guy only has a small bottle.

     Brother Shaoxuan has hundreds of catties, but Brother is stronger!

     Forcibly found a comfort excuse in his heart, Chen Zhongtian was finally relaxed.

     Bai Lian Tianzun looked at the jade bottle with a look of shock on his face: "What a pure holy liquid."

     "The quality of this bottle of holy liquid is far superior to the previous bottle, but I don't know how much it has."

     "Uncle Bai Lian rest assured, the amount is a lot, and it can definitely support the consumption."

     Shen Tian opened the jade bottle and let all the silver liquid flow out.

     When it was steep, a silver water ball with a height of more than a foot was suspended in front of everyone.

     At this moment, the unprecedented fragrance of Taoism diffused, making everyone completely intoxicated.

     At this moment, Chen Zhongtian was completely dumbfounded, he suspected that he had fake eyes.

     The sacred liquid of Nirvana in front of me weighs at least a hundred catties.

      in other words God's Heaven Holy Land, this holy son, actually possesses a hundred catties of Nirvana holy liquid!

     What is even more shocking is that the sacred liquid of Nirvana possessed by Shen Tian is even better than Qi Shaoxuan's!

     For a time, Chen Zhongtian was somewhat skeptical in life, and he thought of the words of the Holy Lord before.

     The Lord Shenxiao asked him if he had never seen a chance.Chen Zhongtian also felt that the Holy Lord of Shenxiao was fly into a rage out of humiliation, so he deliberately spoke with anger.

     But at this time, Chen Zhongtian only felt embarrassed on his face, and he wanted to find a gap on the ground to get in.

     People didn't pay attention to that pound of Nirvana Holy Liquid at all, just you!

     Still holding a pound of Nirvana holy liquid and said to propose marriage to Zhang Yunxi?

     People take you as a joke at the Holy Land of Gods!

     For a while, Chen Zhongtian only felt that his Dao Heart was exploded.

      The worst thing in this world is not that people deliberately pretend to force you in front of you.

     It's that people don't care about you jumping at all, and treat you like a clown from start to finish.

     This was the thought in Chen Zhongtian's heart, and he felt too embarrassed.

     However, no one in the secret room at this time is interested in paying attention to him.

     Everyone was shocked by the holy liquid of Nirvana.

     Bailian Tianzun's eyes are very hot: "A lot, too much."

     Shen Tian put the sacred liquid of Nirvana into the bottle: "Take it and save Brother Fang Chang!"

     To be honest, Shen Tian wanted to distribute the Nirvana Holy Liquid to Fang Chang, but he didn't find a chance.

     After all, Fang Chang had been in the process of being rescued a few days ago, and Shen Tian had not been able to reach it at all.

     And Shen Tian didn't know before that, these silver white liquids are the sacred liquid of Nirvana, the golden pill that can heal Fangchang.

     Now that everything is clear, Shen Tian is naturally willing to return Fang Chang's chance to him.

     After all, what he saw on Fang Changji's screen was only half of the holy liquid.

     And what Shen Tian obtained in the Misty Valley was all the holy liquid, which was dozens of squares.Even if Fang Chang's part of Nirvana Holy Liquid was returned to him.

     For Shen Tian, there is no pressure at all.

     Of course, Shen Tian is not under pressure, and others don't think so.

     Chen Zhongtian was stunned when he heard that Shen Tian was willing to donate this bottle of holy liquid.

     With such a precious holy liquid, the Son of God is willing to send it all out to treat Fang Chang?

     It's too noble, too generous, too noble, it makes people feel ashamed of one's inferiority!

     Chen Zhongtian asked if he had obtained so much nirvana holy liquid, he would never take it out.

     And if it was the cultivation deviation of Qi Shaoxuan, the sage son of the Purple Mansion, he would definitely not be so generous.

     Not to mention anything else, Shen Tian won because of this attitude alone!

     Shengzi Beidou stared at Shen Tian's back blankly.

     At this moment, his rivalry with Shen Tian hadn't even begun.

     But the Beidou Shengzi knew that he had lost, failed and wiped over the floor.


     Bai Lian Tianzun looked deeply at Shen Tian, and walked into the formation with the bottle of Nirvana Holy Liquid.

     Beidou Shengzi Chen Zhongtian thought again and again and walked to Shen Tian: "Senior Brother Shen, Chen has taken it."

     What, did you take it?

     Shen Tian was stunned.

     What are you serving? My son hasn't started acting up yet!

     You just take it, so how can this saint child face Mission Completion?

     Beidou Shengzi said in awe: "Senior Brother Shen, I don't know if Chen has a problem?"

     Shen Tian nodded: "Ask!"

     The Big Dipper asked: "Senior Brother Shen, what made you give so much Nirvana holy liquid without the slightest hesitation?""Know that the sacred liquid of Nirvana can heal Wound of Great Dao, which is simply a priceless treasure!"

     "You are so generous in giving the most precious treasure, is it because the brothers and sisters have deep affection?"

     Shen Tian looked at the Big Dipper, as if looking at a naive man: "Nirvana holy liquid is medicine. Isn't medicine used to treat injuries?"

     Shen Tian's words resembled a waking clock, echoing in the mind of the Big Dipper, as if they contained some truth.

     For a moment, the Big Dipper Saint Child seemed to understand something, his eyes gradually brightened.

     At this moment, the door of the secret room opened again, and the White Lotus came out.

     She said helplessly: "The silly boy Fang Chang said, he doesn't want to owe you so much favor."

     "He said that the sacred liquid of Nirvana is too precious, and he can't afford it. You may also need the sacred liquid of Nirvana in the future."

     "This kid is insisting not to refine the sacred liquid of Nirvana, and we can't force him."

     Hearing the words of the White Lotus Sovereign, Shen Tian was stunned, this silly criticism!

     Life is almost gone, why are you so dead to face?

     Shen Tian looked at the transparent formation, but saw that Fang Chang was also looking out at this time.

     There was a barely smile on his pale face, and his mouth kept opening and closing, as if talking.

     Looking at Fang Chang's mouth, Shen Tian can roughly understand the meaning: Junior brother's chance, how can I divide me so much?

     Suddenly, Shen Tian was amused by this naive one, you said you were polite to me, Nima!

      Thought until here, Shen Tian took out five small jade bottles from Cangming Ring.

     The five corks banged and were opened by Shen Tian at the same time.

     Five groups of nirvana sacred liquid, which is more than a foot high, hung around Shen Tian.The incomparably rich life source energy filled the entire secret room, making everyone obsessed.

     Shen Tian looked at Fang Chang, who was already sluggish in the secret room, and smiled and said with his mouth: Not much, there is more!

     After speaking, Shen Tian put the sacred liquid of Nirvana into the bottle, then stuffed the bottle to Bailian Tianzun.

     "Uncle Bai Lian, there are enough nirvana holy liquid tubes, please be sure to rescue your brother."

     Bailian Tianzun swallowed and nodded heavily.

     "Don't worry, Fang Chang wants to die this time!"

     With two full bottles of Nirvana Essence, Bai Lian Tianzun walked into the secret room.

     The intense rescue process began again, but there was no tense atmosphere in the secret room.

     Everyone looked at Shen Tian sluggishly at this time, with a face full of doubts about life.

     Especially Chen Zhongtian, he has collapsed to the ground at this time.

     The eyes that were originally clear and clear now became confused again.

     "Did this Saint Son fail when he broke through the Yuan Ying stage and cultivate deviation?"

     "What did you just see? At least 500 catties of Nirvana Holy Liquid?"

     "No, not possible, how can there be so many?"

     "Fake, fake, it must be fake!"
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