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175 Brother Me, I Wish You Happiness!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Cultivating immortals is also cultivating the mind, so the importance of mental state cultivation it goes without saying.

     Whether it's refining qi, building foundations or golden pills, in fact, they are mainly materialistic practices.

     But after the Yuan Ying period, mental aspect's practice gradually becomes more important, requiring Worldly Desire Refining Heart.

     If a monk is very firm in his own way, he can naturally advance singing loudly, one day, a thousand miles on the path of cultivation.

     But if you doubt your own choice of path, you will easily suffer a serious injury to your inner spirit.

     This kind of Tao does not have to be Five Elements Great Way or Grand Dao of Yin-Yang, it can also be a trail.

     Such as the way of musical instruments, Way of Calligraphy and Painting, and even the way of belief in the strong.

     It is rumored that Immemorial Era will have a godless person to set up the heaven, and unify the endless territory of the five realms.

     The emperor is invincible, and the emperor’s men who follow the believer in the emperor can actually advance singing loudly on the fairy road.

     In the end, there were even rumors that the emperor led all the following and fought the endless fairyland.

     And this legend, which is not true or false, also left the ‘when a man achieves the Way poultry and dogs rise to Heaven’ allusion in the world of cultivation.

     It is precisely because of this that there are many monks in the world of cultivating immortals, knowing that their qualifications are limited.

     So they can’t stick to the invincible road, but will follow the stronger.

     As long as they firmly believe that their choice is right, they can also go out of their own way.

     Of course, in theory, the Son and Daughter would not follow this path, because the Holy Land has the pride of the Holy Land.

     The holy son of any holy place is the strongest arrogant of this holy place in a century, symbolizing the face of this holy place.They can choose to take any road and compete with the heroes of the world, but they are not suitable for following the road.

     Just as the Big Dipper Saint Child chose to follow the Purple Mansion Saint Child, then the Big Dipper Holy Land lost its face.

     Even if the Son of the Purple Mansion has the emperor's capital, the Beidou Holy Land is still reluctant.

      Until now, there are many people in the holy land clamoring to change the son.

     That is to say, the son of the Big Dipper is indeed strong, and the light of the son of the purple mansion is too compelling, so that he can suppress the gossip.

     But although that's how it is, Shengzi Beidou listened to the people around him talking in whispers, but he was still upset.

     He convinced himself time and time again that Senior Brother Shaoxuan was the young emperor who had never met in the Eastern Famine!

     Brother Shaoxuan is unique and unmatched and will surely be able to achieve the throne in the future.

     My choice of Chen Zhongtian is the real all-seeing knowledgeable pearl!

     In this way, he barely stabilized his Dao Heart.


     Relying on constantly deifying the Son of Zifu in his heart, Chen Zhongtian work hard without complaint following him without complaint.

     This kind of belief is very firm, coupled with the fact that the Purple Mansion Saint Child is really generous, and the opportunity is not less.

     Therefore, until now the cultivation base of the Beidou Saint Child is very diligent.

     This also made the Beidou Saint Child follow the Purple Mansion Saint Child more firmly.

     But today, the Beidou Shengzi feels skeptical of life.

     Obviously, Brother Shaoxuan is the protagonist of the destiny and possesses the emperor's talent.

     I came to the Holy Land of Gods with the momentum of Brother Shaoxuan, how could I be beaten in the face?

     Even Brother Shaoxuan only had one hundred catties of Nirvana Holy Liquid, how could it be five hundred catties?

     And the quality of these 500 catties of holy liquid is even better!What made the Beidou Saint Child's mentality explode is that he has followed Qi Shaoxuan for many years, but he did not get a pound of holy liquid.

     But in the Holy Land of Shenxiao!

     Fang Chang Jin Dan collapsed his cultivation deviation, God Xiao Shengzi didn't blink his eyes, and directly sent a hundred catties!

     Too arrogant!

     The Big Dipper is sour, he feels like he has eaten lemon essence for thousands of years.

     The whole person from start to finish from the inside to the outside is sour and astringent.

     When the golden pill breaks through the primordial infant stage, the broken pill becomes an infant.

     Pay attention to the strength of soul from the golden core to condense the soul of Tao.

     The newborn infant is very fragile, not only in terms of combat effectiveness.

     At the same time, just breaking into the Nascent Soul Stage’s monk, his mood is especially vulnerable to emotions.

     There has always been no shortage of monks who have just broken into the Yuan Ying stage, but they have cultivated deviation because they doubted their own way.

     Therefore, under normal circumstances, after the Jindan stage breaks through to the Yuan Ying, it will retreat and consolidate.

     The Big Dipper Saint is anxious to show off one's military strength this time, and rushes to Shenxiao just after breaking through.

     As a result, Shen Tian unintentionally showed off a wave of operations, and his mentality exploded.

     For a while, Yuan Ying was in turmoil, and his spirit was abnormal.


     At this time, Shen Tian didn't have any time to control the Son of the Big Dipper.

     He is now immersed in the pleasure of improving his luck, oh, ah, so cool!

     This kind of relaxed body, as if flying on the top of the cloud, makes people want to stop but can't.

     He could see in the healing chamber, with a drop of silver Nirvana holy liquid, being refined into Fang Chang's body.

     The dim red and gold halo on Fang Chang's head was rapidly transforming into pure gold, and the light rose greatly!The dark green halo on Shen Tian's head also grew deeper and deeper, and even gave birth to red light.

     Yes, red light was born, and wisps of red light finally appeared on top of Shen Tian's head.

     Shen Tian at this moment, I feel that it has never been easier, and it's really lucky!

     At this time, Shen Tian is also considered a great lucker to ordinary people!

     Everything was quiet, everyone was staring at Fang Chang.

     Finally, when a whole bottle of Nirvana Holy Liquid was integrated into Fang Chang's body.

     Fang Chang's golden core had no cracks, and the whole golden core became extremely round.

     Under the nourishment of the holy liquid of Nirvana, his body has become strong and full of power again.


     Fang Chang loudly shouted, and Jin Dan suddenly burst into great light.

     Immediately afterwards, cracks slowly appeared again.

     But this time it wasn't a rupture, but a golden core transformation.

     Yes, after being cured by the Holy Nirvana Liquid Wound of Great Dao, Fang often profit from a disaster.

     He clearly understood some extremely mysterious and abstruse ways between life and death, at this time to have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly.

     Pieces of cracks fell off, revealing the brighter new-born golden core inside, and the ninth pattern slowly emerged.

     At this time, Fang Chang was hitting Gold Core Realm's limit of nine revolutions, and he had already succeeded in half.

     The Holy Lord of Shenxiao nodded slightly, took the jade bottle from Bailian Tianzun and crushed it.

     The surging nirvana holy liquid instantly turned into a silver dragon and flew out.

     It rushed towards Fangchang quickly, wrapping it up.

     Infinite Life Force poured into Fang Chang's body to make up for the consumption.

     At this moment, the cracks on the surface of Jindan came off faster, and the lines were clearer.At this moment, the old Taoist standing next to him relaxed and breathed quietly.

     At this moment, watching the extravagant prodigal behavior of the Holy Master of Shenxiao, the Holy Child of the Big Dipper outside was directly confused.

     He had been confused for one hour before he managed to stabilize his mind and recovered.

     But at this moment, seeing this scene, Beidou Shengzi's eyes turned striking across.

     Sage Lord of Shenxiao not a word or movement glanced at Saint Child of the Big Dipper.

     The light on the surface of the body was rippling lightly.


     The giant unicorn vision was solidified and appeared behind Fang Chang.

     At this moment, Fang Chang's body is enveloped in the golden thunder, such as God of Thunder Descend to Earth.

     He gave a long whistle, and Jin Dan burst into endless radiance, and the whole person's aura suddenly increased several times.

     boom! ! !

     The energy tide exploded and Fang Chang landed heavily: "Fang Chang, unfilial disciple, thank you Master and Uncle for your help.

     Then Fang Chang looked at Shen Tian outside the secret room, with tears in his eyes, mutter to oneself.

     "Junior brother has given me so much by chance, and I have always wanted to compete with him."

     "Regardless of strength, tolerance or mind, I lost."

     "Junior brother, you are a good match for junior sister Yunxi."

     "Brother, I... I wish you happiness!"
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