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176 How To Harvest Leeks
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

The door of the healing secret room slowly opened, and the Holy Master Shenxiao and others walked out.

     Fang Chang looked at Shen Tian with enthusiasm and deep meaning: "Junior brother, Cut to the chase!"

     "I often write down the kindness of today, if there is a need in the future, brother ten thousand deaths will not prevent me!"

     The Kuduo Buddha next to Fang Chang was finally safe, and he successfully broke through to the Jindan Ninth Revolution realm for profit from a disaster.

     He couldn't help but relax and took out the bottle of golden body fluid from his arms: "The poor monk was going to give this bottle of golden body fluid to Fang Chang to heal his injuries.

     "Now that Fang Chang has recovered, this bottle of golden body lotion will be given to Senior Brother Shen! It is the wish of a poor monk."

     Looking at the serious Kuduo Buddha with a serious face, Shen Tian was stunned. What kind of brain circuit is this monk?

     This saint son uses the sacred liquid of Nirvana to save the same door of the gods and the holy land, need you to express gratitude?

     What, you and Fang Chang are a couple, are you a family member of the patient?

     Shen Tian was about to refuse, but Kuduo Buddha directly stuffed the golden body fluid into Shen Tian's hands.

     "Holy Son, don't be embarrassed, the value of the sacred liquid of Nirvana you gave is far above these golden body liquids."

     "If you hadn't given a lot of Nirvana holy liquid, the poor monk would have been very sad if he could not pass this level often!"

     Kuduo Buddha is very serious, because in the entire Donghuang Tianjiao group, they are a duo of scum.

     The revolutionary friendship between the two is very deep, deeper than the feelings of many Taoists!

     The Bailian Tianzun next to him calmly said: "The golden body fluid is the supreme treasure for the forging of the gods and demons."

     "Although the Wound of Great Dao cannot be repaired, it is of great benefit to the extraordinary monks in tempering their bones and physique.""If the body can be tempered with the golden body fluid and baptized the body, the body of Master Shen Tian can be more perfect strengthened."

     Kuduo Buddha also nodded and said: "Shen Tian Shengzi, don't be polite to the poor monk anymore, just accept it!"

     Seeing everyone persuading Shen Tian to accept the golden body fluid, Bi Lian Tianzun drooled with envy.

     That's because the Buddhism can consume the essence to condense a little golden body fluid!

     If he had obtained this kind of treasure in the first place, he would be able to chuckled in his dreams!

     Shen Tian, this kid is still polite, don't be old-fashioned!

      has to say, the old Taoist smelled lemon!

     "Since Brother Kuduo is so polite, then Shen doesn't refuse."

     Shen Tian took out a bottle of Nirvana Holy Liquid from Cangming Ring: "But I cannot take for free."

     "The golden body lotion is indeed useful for Shen, how about using Nirvana holy lotion to exchange with Senior Brother Kuduo?"

     Next to the god of the gods nodded slightly: "Golden body fluid is the treasure of Buddhism, and its value is above the sacred fluid of Nirvana."

     "Although Kuduofozi's golden body fluid is only a small bottle, it is extremely pure, weighing more than ten kilograms."

     "According to the value estimate, it is worth about twenty catties of Nirvana Holy Liquid."

     Shen Tian nodded, and directly divided 30 kilograms from this bottle of Nirvana Holy Liquid.

     "My brother Kuduo and I hit it off right away, let's 30 Jin!"

     Seeing the bottle Shen Tian handed to him, Kuduofozi was stunned.

     Although it is said that the golden body fluid is worth twenty kilograms of the sacred nirvana fluid, it is actually a bit worse.

     Because the value of the golden body fluid is mainly suitable for the god Demon Body Refining monks to shape the body, the limitations are too great.Although the sacred liquid of Nirvana is not as effective as the golden body liquid, it has a powerful effect on healing the Wound of Great Dao.

     Always keep a bottle of Nirvana Holy Liquid on your body, which can save your life when necessary, and is of great use to all cultivators.

     Kuduo Buddha is sure that if you take this thirty kilograms of Nirvana holy liquid to Thunder Sound Holy Land.

     It can definitely be changed to more than fifteen catties or even twenty catties of golden body fluid.

     For a while, Kuduofozi was stunned by Shen Tian's boldness.

     "This... how can this be, it won't work."

     But Shen Tian didn't think so much, he was refreshed!

     After Fang Chang had a chance, his luck increased to a red light.

     This shows how important it is to strike up a good relationship with these golden Child of Fate.

     Nirvana holy liquid sinks into the sky. There is a pond in Cangming Ring, which can even be calculated in tons.

     On the contrary, it is a golden body lotion, which is very effective for Shen Tian who has just broken through to the transcendent realm.

     If you get this bottle of golden body fluid, Shen Tian's physique can be greatly enhanced.

     When looking for opportunities in the future, the ability to save lives can also be stronger.

     What's more, Shen Tian has experimented before, and the popularity of sharing opportunities will increase.

     Shen Tian distributed the sacred liquid of Nirvana to the Kuduo Buddha, and the latter's luck should also increase.

     When the time comes, Kuduo Buddha has strong luck and has a good relationship with Shen Tian, so there will be fewer opportunities?

     If you don’t want to go fishing, take the road of sustainable development is the right way!

     Leeks have to be cut in waves, and occasionally they have to be fertilized.

     "Kudo Buddha, you and Brother Fang Chang are like brothers, and I also regard Brother Fang Chang as the elder brother.""So think about it carefully, are you like brothers to Shen and Buddha?"

     "Since you and I are as close as brothers, why are you polite with a little bit of Nirvana Holy Liquid!"

     With that, Shen Tian stuffed the sacred liquid of Nirvana into the hands of Kuduo Buddha.

     "If there are more, brothers can also give some to the brothers of Thunder Sound Holy Land."

     "Thunder Sound Holy Land has a good relationship with our goddess holy land, Nirvana holy liquid is so small, Brother Kuduo does not have to refuse."

     Kuduofozi thought for a while, in the end still is reluctantly accepting it, uttering ashamed and ashamed.

     When Kudu received the sacred liquid of Nirvana, Shen Tian also specially observed his forehead.

     Sure enough, the golden light on the head of Kuduo Buddha became brighter!

     Suddenly, Shen Tian's eyes lit up, as if watching his own leeks grow up.

      Thought until here, Shen Tian directly separated the remaining dozens of catties in the bottle of Nirvana Holy Liquid.

     About seven or eight bottles, Shen Tian divided it into a dozen bottles and distributed them to the other people in the secret room.

     Qin Yundi, Zhang Yunting, Zhang Yunxi, Zhao Hao and others were all given such a bottle.

     For a moment, Shen Tian felt that the light in the entire secret room was much brighter.

     That is the color of the growth of leeks, and that is also the color of happiness!

     And the True Disciple that gets the gift is overwhelmed by favor from superior.

     While holding on to the bottle, they declined.

     "How can this be done? How can the senior brother divide me so much by chance!"

     In short, the entire secret room is full of joy and harmony, full of harmony.


     At this moment, Jiu'er in his arms trembled slightly: "Master, there is resentment."words exceede 5100To be honest, he would like to interview Big Apprentice Brother's mood now.


     And at the same time, in a corner of the secret room.

      With great difficulty, stabilize your mind again, and Chen Zhongtian woke up quietly.

     He saw this scene happening before his eyes, and he rolled his eyes and twitched.

     An illusion, this must be an illusion!

     What nirvana holy liquid, fake, is fake!

     My brother, the son of Zifu, has the appearance of a great emperor, and he should suppress all enemies in the world.

     The Holy Land of Gods dared to confuse this son with illusion, waiting for this son to ignite a six-sided fire!

     We must make King's Landing God's Heaven Holy Land look good for you and beat you down!

     Ha, ha ha, ha ha ha, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

     Song Shaoxuan Brother's real name will see eternal life in reincarnation.

     Ben Shengzi saw Chengxian Road in vain, Ben Shengzi is going to ascend!

     Ollie give it!

     PS: I caught a cold in the past two days, and my condition is not good. I can't keep up with my thinking.

     Many book friends said that the author apologized in recent chapters.

     After five shifts today, shouldn't have updated in the evening.

     The author will try to adjust the status tomorrow!

     Really sorry everyone.
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