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179 Bodhi Buddhist Scriptures Non-stick Pot
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

The phantom of Lord Lei Yin looked at Shen Tian and then at Kuduo Buddha.

     The more he thought about it, the more sour he was, and the more he thought about it, the more sour, such a handsome young man did not become a monk!

     To be honest, if it wasn't for Shenxiao Holy Land to be one of the twelve holy places, he would want to force Shentian to enter Buddhism.

     Of course, although Lord Lei Yin is very sour in his heart, he still maintains the majestic and majestic image on the surface, just like a real Buddha!

     He calmly looked at Kuduo Buddha: "Kuduo, since Master Fang Chang's nephew is fine, come back!"

     Kuduo Buddha's face collapsed: "Master, the disciple and Fang Chang have not seen each other for a long time."

     "Can you stay as a guest at Shenxiao Holy Land for a few days and go back later?"

     Lord Lei Yin picking flowers with a smile, with a very kind smile: "You still have not finished copying the Buddhist scriptures."

     "A lot of bitterness, notice: I am like a linden tree, Heart as a Bright Mirror, Never stop dusting and wiping, Lest dust alight."

     "You are the Buddha of Thunder Sound Holy Land. You have the responsibility to promote the Dharma. You need to practice your own body even more. You must not slack off!"

     "As for the past, the future is long, don't worry."

     Listening to Lord Lei Yin’s nagging teachings, Kuduofozi’s face was even worse: "Yes, disciple understands!"

     He turned around and looked at Fang Chang reluctant to part: "That Fang Chang, see you later."

     The Buddha's light on the main watch of Lei Yin Buddha waved gently, and the Buddha's heart was burning panic.

     His figure slowly disappeared, and he didn't want to look anymore.

     Good apprentices belong to other people, this kind of feeling is really too bad.

     The light of the rosary slowly dissipated, and the Buddha's shadow and vision of Lord Leiyin also slowly dissipated.Only the voice faintly sounded at Bailian Peak: "Brother Longyuan Dao, the poor monk Guangui Shengzi Huigen is not shallow."

     "If you are interested, you can come to our school Under the Bodhi Tree to enlighten you in the future, or you may gain."

     As soon as Lei Yinfo's main voice fell, he heard a cold breath all around.

     Because the Bodhi tree in Thunder Sound Holy Land is extraordinary.

     That is the Buddha Sect Supreme Tree transplanted from the deepest part of the West Desert Buddha Sect.

     According to legend, this bodhi tree has long been psychic, and it is the top ten supreme treasure tree on the Lingmu list.

     If you sit close to the bodhi tree and enlighten you, your comprehension can be multiplied, and you can bless you in any practice.

     Legend has it that Thunder Sound Holy Land once had a Buddha Lord, and he had an epiphany under this tree for seven days and seven nights.

     Finally, he thoroughly understood the "Da Lei Yin Zhen Jing", become a Buddha on the spot!

     That era was the most glorious era of Thunder Sound Holy Land!

     The Bodhi tree has also become the treasure of Thunder Sound Holy Land and is extremely respected.

      In general Only the Lord Leiyin and the Buddha are qualified to enlighten the Dao in the Under the Bodhi Tree.

     Unexpectedly, today, Lord Lei Yin just glanced at Shen Tian and promised such a big temptation.

     His appreciation of Shen Tian, it goes without saying.

     The immortal light on the main body of Shenxiao Saint fluctuates slightly, obviously in a bad mood.

     Tianxiu, Tianxiu, dig this corner in front of this seat?

     Haha, don't want to think about you having a daughter?


     Kuduofozi reluctant to part, but still saying goodbye.

     After all, rushing back to the holy place in time may just copy the Buddhist scriptures 1,000 times.

     If it is taken back by the law enforcement monk of Thunder Sound Holy Land, I am afraid it will have to be upgraded to 10,000 times.He bid farewell to Fang Chang and came to Shen Tian, "Shen Tian Son, you gave me a lot more Nirvana Holy Liquid."

     "The poor monk will distribute to those Martial Brothers in Thunder Sound Holy Land as you said."

     "And the poor monks will call on them to recite sutras and pray for you."

     "Of course, poor monks don't like to recite sutras, so they don't."

     Looking at the iron and hanhan in front of him, Shen Tian couldn't help laughing.

     It's a miserable baby. After I came out to find my friends, I had to go home to do my homework.

      Thought until here, Shen Tian pulled Kuduo Buddha aside: "Brother Kuduo, Shen will give you a poem."

     "Go back and talk to Lord Yu Leiyin, and maybe he won't punish you to copy the scriptures after listening."

     Kuduo's eyes lit up: "Really? Saint Son don't want to blame me."

     Shen Tiandao: "But Shen is not sure that it will work."

     Harder and happily said: "Try it! Anyway, you won't suffer."

     Shen Tian nodded and whispered: "But you have to promise, can't say that is I give it."

     Kuduo’s face showed an awkward look: "But what if the master asks? The monks don’t talk."

     Shen Tian said helplessly: "If this is the case, then forget it. Brother, go back and copy the scriptures!"

     Kuduofozi's face was steep and firm: "The monk is not bother about trifles!"

     "Shen Tianshengzi, can the poor monk say it was a dream?"

     Shen Tian smiled comfortedly, this little monk doesn't look stupid!

     He urged God to pass a message into Kuduofozi's mind, but did not read it out.

     After all, who knows how the Lord Leiyin reacted when he heard that phrase? It's okay if you have an understanding.In that way, the realm of Lord Lei Yin will become higher, and he should reward Kuduo Buddha.

      as a result, Shen Tian and Ku Duo can be regarded as a good bond.

     But what if Lord Lei Yin thinks this is heresy? Ben Shengzi does not carry this pot.

     Anyway, the saint son exposes this buddha to you, and this buddha verse has nothing to do with me after this holy place.

     Whether you keep it secretly or telling Lord Lei Yin to listen to it, choose for yourself.

     When Shen Tian passed on to Kuduo Buddha, he first made a statement.

     You can only see the Buddha Jie after you have approved the responsibility attribution statement of hundreds of words.

     After reading the voluminous statement of responsibility, Kuduofozi was a bit heavier.

     Fortunately, he finally reached the Buddha verse.


      By origin, there is no Bodhi tree, Nor is there a mirror bright.

     Buddha nature is always pure, whence the dust alight!

      The body is a Bodhi Tree, and the heart is a bright mirror.

     The mirror is clean, where can the dust alight!

      By origin, there is no Bodhi tree, Nor is there a mirror bright.

     Ben there is not a single thing, Where does dust alight!

     Bodhi only seeks out from the heart, so why bother to seek out the mysterious?

     I heard that practicing in this way, the West is only for now!



     Seconds, this Buddha verses seconds! That's wonderful! Amazing!

     After reading this sutra, Kuduo Buddha felt that the whole Buddha's mind was baptized.

     He had read many Buddhist scriptures before, and he felt that everything in disorder was very confusing.

     Not to mention understanding its Buddhist rhymes, even when I read it, my tongue keeps knotting.

     But the Buddhist verse given by Shengzi Shen Tian is completely different.Although Kuduofozi still didn't understand at all.

     But it doesn't read at all!

     Still pressing rhyme!

     Well, such a good Buddhist scripture.

     It must be told to Master and let him listen.

      Thought until here, Kuduo Buddha hurriedly bid farewell to everyone.

     He wants to rush back to Thunder Sound Holy Land as soon as possible and give this Buddhist verse to Lord Lei Yin.

     In the heart of Kuduofozi, she has a good wish not to copy Buddhist scriptures in the future, and is full of expectations.

     But Shen Tian looked at the direction Kuduo Buddha left, secretly blessing.

     The halo on the top of this iron man's head is very bright, fortune favors fools.

     It should be fine to give him the Bodhi Buddhist scriptures.

     After all, tiger poison still doesn't eat seeds.

     He is a Buddha!


     Kuduo Buddha left, and there was no outsider in Bailian Peak.

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao looked at Shen Tian with relief, and the light on his surface was lightly rippling.

     He calmly said: "Tian'er, you follow me to the Holy Main Peak, I have to entrust you with important matters."

     Have something to entrust to this son?

     What's the matter? Your daughter's life event?

     Hey, hiss, why would this saint son associate it with?

      female strong male weak It's miserable!
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