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182 Lei Yin Buddha Retreats
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Copy "Great Wisdom Bodhi Miao Shan Sutra" 10,000 times?

     Upon hearing the words of Lord Tianxiu, Kuduofozi bald his head and broke into cold sweat!

     Copying the so-so-thick scriptures 10,000 times, why not copy the Buddha's hand with bald skin?

     Thinking of this, Kuduo Buddha quickly said: "Master, forgive sin, this Buddhist scripture was not written by a disciple."

     The big golden bergamot held the golden buddha flower in his hand and said indifferently: "I know for the teacher, forgive you for not being able to write the rhyming Buddhist scriptures."

     "Quickly tell as a teacher who made this verse, it is apostasy and misinterpretation of the Buddha's will!"

     Kuduo Buddha said: "This...this is what the disciple heard when he was dreaming."

     Lord Lei Yin stared at Kuduo Buddha: "Who told you when you were dreaming?"

     Kuduofozi is dumbfounded, how do you answer this problem?

     Lord Lei Yin asked, "Why hesitate, is it Fang Chang?"

     "You listened to him when you were dreaming. Why, did you sleep on the same bed with him?"

     Kuduo Buddha said helplessly: "Master has misunderstood. What the disciple meant was what someone said in a dream."

     Lord Lei Yin looking thoughtful: "That's right, Fang Chang is just like you, and he can't write such a Buddhist scripture."

     Then, Lord Lei Yin looked directly at Kuduo Buddha: "Tell the teacher, who did this verse?"

     Kuduo Buddha's expression became more and more sad: "Master, the disciple promised not to say."

     Lord Lei Yin picking flowers with a smile: "Is it the elder and disciple of this door?"

     Kuduo Buddha hadn't answered yet, he saw Lei Yinfo's main eyes were deep: "No."

     He stared at Kuduo again and asked, "Is that someone from another holy place? Which holy place?""True Martial Holy Land? Shushan Holy Land? Taichu Holy Land? Daluo Holy Land? Jade Lake Holy Land? Shenxiao Holy Land?"

     Kuduo Fuzi complexion slightly changed, and the smile on Lord Lei Yin's face became more wise: "really so!"

     "This is the Buddhist verse that the Holy Master Shenxiao gave you! He has also studied Buddhism intensively."

     "Hey, isn't it the Holy Master of God? Could it be that Zhang Yunting failed?"

     Kuduo Buddha was stunned. He looked at the Buddha master who kept talking to oneself, very worried.

     It’s not that I’m worried about the mental disorder of Lord Leiyin, but that Master actually guessed getting closer and closer!

     Brother Shen Tian, the poor monk really didn't say anything, but Master, he seemed to be proficient in the magic of his own mind.

     "Not Zhang Yunting? Not Fang Chang? Could it be Zhang Yunxi, or... Shen Tian!"

     In the mind of Lord Leiyin, the supernatural beauty of prosperity emerged.

     At this moment, his eyes fixed on Kuduofozi's expression.

     Hmph, the face of this evildoer can't hide things at all.

     Lord Lei Yin sighed: "It turns out that it was written by Shengzi Shenxiao."

     Suddenly, there was much doubt about the Buddha students: Brother, do you believe that the poor monk said I did not leak secrets?

     He pleaded: "Master, the Son of God is not my Buddhism disciple, and this is just a dream."

     "The disciple dreamed of the holy son of the gods, this has nothing to do with the holy son of the gods, if the master wants to punish, come to the disciple!"

     Before Kuduo's words were finished, he was interrupted by Lord Lei Yin: "Shen Tian has a refined appearance, like a real immortal."

     "And you can easily get thousands of catties of Nirvana holy liquid. Obviously, there is boundless luck to add to your body. It is the corner of Lord of Heaven's Fate.""Does the Buddhist scriptures made by such a person really have insights into the Great Wisdom Bodhi Miaoshan Sutra?"

     "Ben there is not a single thing, Where does dust alight. There is not a single thing, Where does dust alight?"

     "Amitabha, this Buddhist verse is also quite Zen."

     "Ben there is not a single thing ... hiss, wonderful, wonderful!"

     The big golden Buddha's expression is sometimes happy, sometimes sad, and sometimes crazy.

     Obviously, the Lord Leiyin understood some profound Zen principles from this Buddhist verse.

     It's just that the Zen principles in this Buddhist verse is in conflict with his own Zen Buddhist mind run in the opposite direction.

     The Lord Lei Yin is sitting and enlightening, discussing the Tao with oneself, and is also dialectically demonstrating the bodhichitta!

     Seeing Master whose expression was constantly changing, Kuduo Buddha was a little panicked.

     He whispered: "Master, is this Buddhist scripture really wonderful?"

     Lei Yin Buddha held the flower: "Yes, Shen Tian has great wisdom!"

     "I haven't read the "Great Wisdom Bodhi Miaoshan Sutra", but only listened to a Buddhist verse."

     "You can see the mind and mind, write this new Buddhist verse, and even enlighten you as a teacher."

     "If this son can enter my Buddhism, he will become the supreme holy monk in the future. Hey, why does he want to join the Holy Land of God?"

     Kuduo Buddha looked at the big golden Buddha with a lost face, and whispered: "Master, this is a dream, a dream of a disciple."

     The Big Golden Buddha looked down at Kuduo Buddha indifferently, and slowly stretched out the golden palm of Zhang Xu Kuan to hold him up.

     Then, the other Buddha's palm picked up the gavel and knocked hard on Kuduo's head three times.

     Kuduo Buddha covering the head, pleasantly surprised: "Master, is this going to pass the Dharma through the third watch?"Lord Tianxiu said indifferently: "Being a teacher is knocking you wooden fish on the head!"

     "I haven't learned any Zen Buddhism, but I have learned slander, and still cheated as a teacher?"

     "To hold the pearl of wisdom, to hold the pearl of wisdom, will I be fooled by you?"

     "Is this a dream you had? Read more Buddhist scriptures on weekdays to increase your wisdom, and less mix with Fang Chang."

     "The more confused you are, the lower your comprehension will be. You can't understand what people say so amazing Buddhist principles. You still ask whether it is true or false to be a teacher.

     "Whether it is true or false, don't you go back and realize it yourself? How did this seat accept you as a fool?"

     "Retire to this seat, go back to face the wall for three months, and copy the "Great Wisdom Bodhi Miaoshan Sutra"."

     Kuduo Fuzi's face collapsed: "Isn't it wonderful? Why do you want to copy?"

     Lord Lei Yin held the wooden gavel: "If you can tell the beauty, you don't need to copy it."

     Seeing the bigger and bigger wooden fish mallet in Lord Lei Yin's hand, Kuduofuzi break out in cold sweats: "Master, please spare your life!"

     The Lord Buddha's move Tathagata Divine Palm grabbed Kuduo Buddha, and directly photographed it out of the Precious Hall of the Great Hero: "Evil, go back to the wall!"


     After throwing Kuduo Buddha out of the Precious Hall of the Great Hero, the Buddha finally felt more comfortable in his heart.

     The world is so beautiful, but the poor monk is so irritable, so bad, bad.

     After running the Miaoshan Sutra for several weeks, Lei Yinfo's main body aura calmed down again.

     It's just in the air, it seems that there is still a little lemon smell, which lingers for a long time and can't disperse.Lord Leiyin sits cross-legged, mutter to oneself constantly: "By origin, there is no Bodhi tree? By origin, there is no Bodhi tree? Who is right and wrong?"

     "Should I practice my body to stay away from the red dust and dirt, or should I let go of obsessions and all resignation?"

     "Bodhi is clean, the mirror is clean, Where does dust alight? What is clean and what is dust?"

     "Could it be that this seat has already taken a wrong step in life and run in the opposite direction with the Supreme Buddhism?"

     "Is it obsession to be obsessed with cultivating Buddha nature and discarding human nature?"

     "Is it true that suffering is the real bodhi path?"


     The Golden Boluo flower pinched between Lord Lei Yin's fingers, withered petal by petal, and the immeasurable vision behind him collapsed.

     The two breaths of birth and death, Buddha and demons, continue to rise and die on the surface of Leiyin Buddha's body, reincarnation.

      The door of the Precious Hall of the Great Hero slowly closed, and the Lord's voice of Lei Yin Buddha spread from it.

     "From now on, this seat will retreat and take part in Zen. You will not be able to go out without witnessing Bodhi!"

     "Furthermore, a gift to the goddess son Shen Tian Da Lei Yin Buddha order."

     "Samen up and down, treat each other politely!"
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