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183 Five Elements Dragon Abyss Sacred Armor
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Just when the entire Thunder Sound Holy Land was boiling over the words before Tianxiu Buddha retreat, Shen Tian himself didn't know it.

     What he was thinking at this time was to find a reason to prevaricate this Ancient Battlefield experience.

     After all, he knew that he was out of luck right now, and the trial location was very dangerous.

     Rushing rashly in this situation is easy to cool off.

     But as a goddess, it is not appropriate to refuse to lead his disciples in trials.

     After all, you have to refuse the errands that the leader queues up, and you are afraid that you will be to make sb wear tight shoes in the future!

     Why don't you find an excuse to say that you were injured internally in the Mist Plain, and it is not convenient to be in a special period of healing?

     The problem is that this reason is too nonsense. You only showed a few thousand catties of Nirvana holy liquid one hour ago.

     With so much holy liquid, it can be easily repaired even if an adult stick is chopped off!

     Or, in the next ten days to break through to the golden core period?

     It's not appropriate either, it's as blunt as the sudden breakup on May 19th.

     What's more, Ancient Battlefield only suppresses the cultivation base below the golden core, not only building foundations to advance.

     For an excuse that might not be successful, Shen Tian felt that it was not worthwhile to make fun of his own foundation of immortality.

     Shen Tian said helplessly: "Master, this disciple has just joined the Holy Land, the prestige is not enough."

     "Let the disciple lead all the brothers and sisters to experience, I am afraid it will be hard to convince people!"

     The Holy Master Shenxiao said calmly: "You are a holy son, who dares not to accept?"

     "Sister Jinlian these days, making Yin and Yang Thunder Explosive Talisman at full capacity.""After seven days, this seat will announce a 30% discount on the Leifu price and tell them that you are responsible for it."

     "At that time, those Foundation Stage disciple will have thunder-explosive amulet guards on them. When you practice, your safety will increase greatly. I will be grateful to you."

      Spoke until here, the celestial light on the main body of Shenxiao Saint is rippling slightly: "Tian'er, I am very optimistic about you as a teacher."

     "This experience is also an opportunity. I hope you can truly build up your prestige."

     "This is a huge holy place, you will need to lead it to grow in the future!"

     Listening to the strong speaking style of the old cadre of the Holy Master Shenxiao, Shen Tian have no alternative.

     The holy land needs to develop, so I have to add a burden to you? Is this strong sense of sight swollen?

     Master, let’s be Hokage... Oh no, shouldn’t being a saint be based on strength, prestige, or leadership?

     This disciple has just joined the Holy Land for a few days now! Why are you arguing to add a burden to your disciple?

     You are so partial, really don't plan to consider your son's feelings at all?

     Brother Zhang Yunting is your biological son, blood is thicker than water!

     Shen Tian said helplessly: "But Ancient Battlefield is in danger, and the disciples are terrified."

     "The disciple has no experience. In case of a crisis, the disciple will fall that's the end of it, it's nothing more than death."

     "I'm afraid that other Martial Brothers will be killed because of the disciple's mistakes, and that disciple will have no face to face them even if they die!"

     The celestial light of Shenxiao Saint's main body is more and more rippling, and he did not expect that Shen Tian has such a strong sense of belonging to the Holy Land.

     This monarch can get this unicorn, it is simply a blue smoke from the grave of the gods!

     Holy Master Shenxiao said: "At this point, you completely no need to be worried.""We have calculated that you are Hidden Dragon Ascending to Heaven, and you have great luck."

     "Now dragon soaring at the nine firmaments by the grace of God, wherever you go, you can misfortune turns to blessing."

     "So in this trial, it is safest for everyone to follow you. If you are in danger, you are required to protect yourself as a teacher."

     "After all, life and death are ruled by fate. Every cultivator is ready when he sets foot on the Immortal Path.

     "I know that you are benevolent as a teacher, but everyone has their own destiny, and the superior should have the superior heart."

     "Blindly showing mercy and kindness is not necessarily beneficial to the development of the Holy Land."


     The Holy Lord of Shenxiao had the education of the superiors, and he was so confused that he wanted to sleep.

     He just wanted to be a chance to freeload the great luck, holding his thigh and mixing it with a long life unaging salted fish.

     When the Holy Lord leads the holy place to grow, and frankly speaking, Shen Tianzhen is uninterested, too dead brain cells!

      What is more important, Ben Shengzi has the fate of ‘Hidden Dragon Ascending to Heaven ’? dragon soaring at the nine firmaments by the grace of God?

     Are you sure you are talking about me, my disciple, not Zhao Hao, who just took the master to sacrifice to heaven?

     Seeing that the nature of Shen Tian is not high, the main body of Shenxiao Sheng shows the fluctuation of fairy light.

     Suddenly, a picture appeared in his mind, a pair of light blue armor.

     A bright idea suddenly occurs: "God, now your strength has increased so much, it's time to change your armor."

     "Why not, what if you agree to lead your disciples in this trial and give you a brand new suit for your teacher?"

     There was no fluctuation in Shen Tian's heart, and he even wanted to laugh a little. Why, Master used to raise tortoises?

     When you first visit the Holy Land, you will send a basalt shield, and when you invent electrolytic water, you will send a basalt helmet.Now I want my disciples to work hard, planning to give me a set of basalt armor?

     Of course, Shen Tian was only ridicule in heart, and on the surface he still declined.

     "Master, disciples never meant this. Contributing to the Holy Land is what a disciple should do."

     Shen Tian hadn't finished speaking, but he saw a golden battle armour flying out of the thunder of the gods of the heavens, and it was extremely bright.

     This suit of armor looks quite domineering, surrounded by white, blue, black, red, and yellow thunders, giving rise to a golden thunder.

     In this suit, you can clearly see the visionary shapes of the five beasts of Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Suzaku, Xuanwu, and Qilin.

     The pattern of the armor helmet is like a golden unicorn, which is very similar to the unicorn shape of Dingzhongzhou.

     The overall shape of the left arm is like a dragon's spine, with Gold Dragon scales covering the entire arm.

     The overall shape of the right arm is like a tabby, and the glove is inlaid with a tiger, like the fangs of a tiger.

     As for the boots on the legs, they are made of pure golden holy gold, which outlines a Vermilion Bird Burns the Heaven pattern, which is extraordinarily gorgeous.

     And the breastplate in the middle of the battle armor no longer looks like a turtle shell, but a golden Yin-Yang Eight Trigrams picture, immeasurably mysterious.

     If you put the previous basalt shield and basalt helmet together with this new set of armor in front of you into a certain game as a skin.

     Then the basalt shield and basalt helmet skins are packaged for the first charge of 6 yuan, which is really impossible to do activities.

     In this brand new suit, players are willing to buy instant noodles for a month.

     That's right, Shen Tian, who was tortured for a long time by the equipment shape, was moved.

     Shen Tian rubbed his hands: "Master, how strong is this suit of armor?""The disciples still have a lot of nirvana sacred liquid in their hands. I can use the nirvana sacred liquid to exchange for this suit, okay?"

     The celestial light on the main body of the Shenxiao Saint fluctuates slightly: "This set of battle armor is called'Dragon Abyss Sacred Armor', which is most suitable for the body of the sun thunder god."

     "If Tian'er puts on this set of holy armor, he will do his best to mobilize his defenses, it will be difficult to hurt you during the transformation period, and it can increase combat effectiveness at a cost."

      Another point God’s Sage Lord didn’t say, that is, this set of battle armor is the most dazzling set of the entire God’s Sacred Land.

     He knew that this last point was the most attractive to Shen Tian, and he didn't need to remind him.

     After all, a young arrogant such as Shen Tian, if it weren't for the situation where it was really impossible.

     Otherwise, who doesn't want to wear the most handsome armor and show off the most showy operation?

     When Zhang Longyuan was young, he was once the most beautiful cub in the entire Eastern Desolation!

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao firmly believes that Shen Tian, who is still very young, will definitely not be able to refuse such temptation.

     Sure enough, the expression on Shen Tian's face instantly became firm after learning that the Nirvana Sacred Liquid could not change this suit of armor.

     He righteousnessly said: "Master, the disciple, as the son of God, should assume leadership responsibilities."

     "Ten days after the trial, the disciples are willing to set an example and lead all the brothers."

     "Promote my sacred prestige, and will never fail Master's attention!"

     "Of course, it has nothing to do with the armor!"


     Regardless, the trial is trial.

     The big deal will come when Ben Shengzi will stay outside, remotely controlling everyone.

     I don't believe it can happen like this! ! !By the way, it seems that I saw a good opportunity above the head of the Big Dipper, which was quite useful.

     Taking advantage of the trial has not yet started, let's harvest the Big Dipper first! !

     Also verify that snatching luck, whether it is true or false will cause robbery!

     Anyway does not belong to oneself person, don’t feel bad!

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