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185 For Those Who Praise My Real Name, Get A 40% Discount On Thunder Charms
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

In the holy main hall radiance suddenly flashes, ten sacred pillars sucked up the escaped Hunyuan God Lei Yuwei.

     A golden thunder barrier appeared in front of the Lord Shenxiao, blocking all the surging palm thunder.

     It is worth mentioning that when the thunder of the palm of the fingertips was resisted before, the lightning barrier arranged by the god of the sky was broken.

     However, when facing a stronger Hunyuan palm thunder at this time, the lightning barrier in front of the Shenxiao Saint Lord did not show any signs of rupture.

     When all the energy was dissipated, the light of the thunder and immortal light on the main body of Shenxiao Saint finally calmed down, and an indifferent voice sounded.

     "Not bad not bad, the trick just now looked a little bit different, only a little bit worse than when I first built the foundation for the teacher."

     "But Tian'er, you must remember, don't be complacent, you must know that there is human beyond the human there is Heaven beyond the Heaven."

     "Although you are invincible during the foundation period, the enemy doesn't care about your cultivation level?"

     "In the past, there was an elder Yuhua Shenqi who was invincible, but he encountered a group of saints besieging him."

     "As a result, spare no effort is resisted, and the cultivation base is still exhausted, and I can only start from zero to transfer the cultivation body."

     "So God, you must remember that before you really grow up, you must be arrogant and not arrogant and despotic."

     Listening to the words of the Lord Shenxiao, Shen Tian couldn't help but feel a little lost. Sure enough, the Child of Fate in the golden light ring was open.

     This son has spare no effort, even combined the power of three strange things, and the emperor...longyuan armor blessing.

     Unexpectedly, it was still not as strong as when the master was in the foundation period. Sure enough, the water in this World is too deep and it needs to be low-key.

     Shen Tian takes a deep breath: "Master taught, however... a group of saints besieged?""Those saints are so shameless, don't we avenge the holy land?"

     The main body of Shenxiao Sage shows the thunder and celestial light fluctuates slightly, he sighed saying: "How to get revenge?"

     "When the seven saints attacked, they were deliberately Aura Restrain hidden status, very discrete."

     "What is more important, that brother, in order to cover his companions to escape, exploded the divine body and performed a forbidden technique, killing all the people."

     Wait... wait a minute~!

     According to reason, shouldn't this be the plot of other holy places bullying the gods and suppressing it?

     The former Tianjiao of the main gate was jealous by other holy places and was abolished by the holy.

     Latecomers rose against the sky to seek justice for the aggrieved elders!

     Why are you being besieged by a group of saints during your deity, fleeing in order to cover your companions.

     So the self-explosive divine body used a forbidden technique to kill all the other seven saints? You are making trouble!

     You must know that the seven saints who crossed the Tribulation Period have already touched the strongest practitioners on the edge of the Immortal Dao.

     Don't think that the genius who kills the enemy by the higher rank is very good, the monk who can become a holy, who is not the genius who kills the enemy by the higher rank when he is young?

     The difficulty of slaying the saints in the stage of transcending the gods is absolutely far more difficult than slicing the soul infant with the golden core, let alone hitting seven with one!

     The talent of this predecessor is simply shocking, if it can really grow up?

     But from a different point of view, even such a terrifying Tianjiao can be abandoned.

     The water in the sacred places of the Eastern Desolation Cultivation Realm is not so deep!

     Sure enough, this son must be more careful in the future!

     Either be of good to others, or cut weeds and eliminate the roots, don’t be careless!Seeing that Shen Tian seemed to understand his painstaking efforts, the Lord Shenxiao nodded in satisfaction.

     "But Tian'er, you also no need to be worried. You are Heaven's Child. You are born with great luck."

     "In general, it can misfortune turns to blessing. Well, go back to meditate and prepare for the trial!"

     Shen Tian was nodded, leaving the main hall of the Holy Spirit somewhat absent-mindedly, and instinctively controlled the lotus shot spear to fly back towards Shengzifeng.

     Frankly speaking, he is very tired now, not only because he just hit a big move, the energy in his body is empty.

      What is more important The words of the Holy Master Shenxiao made Shen Tian's sense of security even scarcer.

     Even the elder Tianjiao, who can beat seven, can be beaten and robbed.

     This shows how unfriendly this World is to African Emirates.

     No, I always feel that green and red are still unsafe!


     While he was thinking, Shen Tian had already flown past the peaks of the disciples of the gods.

     The Dragon Abyss Sacred Armor on him has also attracted the attention and heated discussion of countless disciples.

     "I'll go! What a domineering armor, it comes with the vision of the Hunyuan Thunder God Beast, it's so extraordinary!

     "Such a mighty battle armor, only Senior Brother Shengzi in the entire world is worthy of it.

     "Can you speak? What does the Saint Child deserve to be worthy of the battle armor? That is only this suit of battle armor barely worthy of the Saint Child!

     "That is, only a few days after the holy son joined the holy land, he invented the yin and yang thunder burst and healed the big brother.

     "I heard that the Demon Saint Blood Sacrifice broke out in the Mist City yesterday, and it was also resolved by our Saint Son!"

     "God, even the demon saint blood sacrifice to the saint child can solve it, is he already sanctified?""Why do you talk so much? Can't you let me quietly appreciate the beauty of senior brother?"

     "People rely on clothes, horses, and saddles. Brothers really wear this suit of armor... No, I'm going to faint!"

     When everyone was discussing spiritedly, a man in Tsing Yi with a sword appeared mysteriously: "Everyone, Li has some ideas."

     "The latest news, from starting tomorrow Jinlian Peak, Foundation stage disciple can buy Thunder Explosion Talisman at 30% off."

     "Of course, only the disciples who participate in the Ancient Battlefield trial ten days later, and the purchase is limited to ten."

     "In addition, I heard from a certain hearsay that Senior Brother Shengzi formed the Heavenly Family Organization."

     "For example, the family organization is recruiting people today, and several immortals have joined this organization."

     "Junior Brother Qin Yundi, another developer of even Yin Yang Thunder Explosive Talisman, is also in this organization."

     "I heard that if you can pass the assessment and join this organization, you will be blessed by Brother Shengzi."

     "What? Do you ask the saint child what's the use of blessing? Of course it's useful! Is it enough for a 40% discount to buy a thunder burst!"

     "Don't worry, Li knows that the seniors are in a hurry, and has already fetched the application form for you."

     "Everyone who wants to join the Martial Brothers, don't miss it!"


     Shengzifeng, the stone of enlightenment.

     Shen Tian sits cross-legged, with nine sons rosary.

     He was meditating and regaining the consumed mana, while the audience reported.

     In front of him, there are people like Song Fugui, Liu Taiyi, and Duke Gui who are full of spring breeze.

     Looking at Shen Tian wearing the Dragon Abyss holy armor, everyone felt that their faces were also stained, so domineering!What is more important, I heard from Qin Yundi, this is a battle armor equipped by the Lord when he was young.

     The holy lord even passed the armor he had used to his Highness.

     The intention of this inheritance mantle should not be too obvious.

     Duke Gui's old face was already wrinkled with a smile at this time.

     Your Royal Highness is so valued by the Holy Lord, and Empress Lan's soul in heaven can also smile at Jiuquan.

     Shopkeeper Song respectfully said: "Holy Son Tianshi, Brother Li Yunfeng of Hao Ranfeng recently wanted to join the organization."

     "We feel that if the organization wants to grow, the collection and guidance of intelligence must be strengthened."

     "I wonder if the celestial master thinks, can I give Senior Brother Li a chance to perform?"

     Li Yunfeng?

     Hearing this name, Shen Tian is looking thoughtful.

     Bai Xiaosheng who to guard one's mouth like a closed bottle? Paparazzi gossiping?

     The public opinion thing must really be done well.

     Sensational swordsmanship and public opinion swordsmanship are very powerful.

     This is a talent, we have to win over!
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