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186 Red Halo Power
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Thought until here, Shen Tian nodded and said: "Junior Brother Li is indeed a talent."

     "Since he wants to join the organization, let him join! But I have one condition."

     "You make it clear to him that after joining the organization, you can no longer spread the secrets of the organization at will."

     Liu Taiyi quickly took out the jade slip from his arms to write down: "The heavenly master does not like believers to spread core secrets at will."

     Shopkeeper Song also nodded and said, "Don't worry, Saint Son, Heavenly Master, I've already told him about this."

     Shen Tian nodded and said, "That's it. The Son of Japan is going to leave the Holy Land."

     "I not here this period of time, you must remember to practice hard."

     "Using all the sacred liquid of Nirvana, how much strength can be improved?"

     To be honest, Shen Tian's heart was still quite unreliable, after all, Zhao Hao was in the trial of the disciple ten days later.

     This product used to be a typical sacrificial protagonist, sacrificing his mother to become a genius, sacrificing master to achieve the nine-sun battle body.

     Although the halo above the head has become pure gold now, who knows if there will be moths?

     Observe a period of time first! I won't take this kid when I go out this time. Be safe.

     After giving orders to everyone, most of the loss of aura in Shen Tian's body was also made up.

     He takes a deep breath to put away the Dragon Abyss holy armor on his body and turn it into a simple inner armor.

     This is the second form of Longyuan Sacred Armor, although it is not as powerful as the first form.

     But this kind of form is better than low-key, you can't see anything special when you wear it, and it is not easy to pull hatred in dangerous situations.

     After learning that Shenxiao had been repaired by Yinde for a dozen seven times, Shen Tian became unprecedentedly stable.The exposed hole cards will not be called the hole cards. Shen Tian felt that he would have to keep a hundred million hands.

     After instructing all the affairs on Shengzi Peak, Shen Tian Yuqiang left.

     When going out this time, Shen Tian didn't plan to mobilize and lead a group of people like the last time.

     Because he found that no matter how many people you bring, you will still be unlucky when it's unlucky.

     And you stay with a group of Child of Fate to take a risk, you can't say that the danger will come, you will be backed by minutes!

     Just like the last time the immortal vine was bound to attack the city, Zhang Yunxi and the others were all fine, so Shen Tian was tied up and taken away.

     Therefore, Shen Tian came to the conclusion: We can only share wealth and wealth with Europeans, and we cannot share weal and woe!

     Controlling the lotus shot sharp spear, Shen Tian soon came to the teleportation formation of Shenxiao City.

     Although this time was a solo Individual Battle adventure, Shen Tian was full of confidence in his heart.

     One is that although the Big Dipper also has a golden halo, the brightness is still a lot worse than Fang Chang.

     The second is that the halo above Shen Tian's head now also emits red light, which is not far from the golden light ring of the Beidou Saint!

     The third is the most important point, that is, after the halo shines red, Shen Tian's ability has been upgraded again.

     Although Shen Tian could see the future of the air transporters, it was only a picture.

     Just like the picture above Fang Chang's head, it should be a chance in a few days.

     Shen Tian was excited to rob him in advance, but his head hit the bound fairy vine to siege the city.

     If it weren't for Zhao Hao's luck to save the scene at a critical time, Shen Tian might be going to see his mother.

     But after the upgrade of Qi Luck, Shen Tian found that he could determine when the chance happened.He had just distributed the sacred liquid of Nirvana to Fang Chang, and the dark green halo gave birth to red light.

     He found that the Beidou Saint Child who had no chance on his head suddenly had a chance.

     Shen Tian guessed that this should be because of oneself luck, and the time for predicting chances has also become longer.

     For example, when Shen Tian puts the green ring on his head, he can predict the chance within three days.

     The red light of the halo can predict the chance within five days.

     Why is it determined within five days? Because the chance of the Beidou Shengzi is only five days later!

     Shen Tian made up his mind, this time he would eat five-day melons peacefully and watched in secret.

     After I have found everything clearly, I will wait for the chance to arrive five days later.

     He shot another moment in advance to cut off the chance of the Big Dipper!

      Thus, it should be possible to avoid encountering variables.

     Hey, it's still troublesome to think about it, it's not as good as being a magic stick.

     It is really impossible to believe in Shen Tian, and he wants to experiment.

     Let's see if the air transporters will lose their luck at the same time when they are taken away.

     Otherwise, Shen Tian would not do such an adventure's! This is dedicated to science!

     He kept encouraging himself in his heart, and Shen Tian slowly steps into the array.

     There was a bizarre and motley in front of me, and the space changed rapidly.

     About half an hour later, Shen Tian appeared in a bright city.

     Why do you say that this city is bright, because there is no sun over the city.

     There are seven silver stars floating above the city, casting a little bit of silver brilliance, which looks absolutely beautiful.This is the Big Dipper Holy City, the city attached to the Big Dipper Holy Land, with the Big Dipper array.

     The Big Dipper above the city was formed by pulling the starlight of the Big Dipper.

     Those who practice Beidou Holy Land exercises can half the work, twice the effect if they practice in this formation.

     Shen Tian looked up at Big Dipper, while secretly admiring and exaggerating.

     The Beidou Holy City is indeed taller than the Divine Heaven Holy City, it looks like Changing the Heaven and Switching the Earth.

     Of course, it is impossible to really Change the Heaven and Switching the Earth, otherwise it would be too incredible.


     The chance scene above the head of the Beidou Saint Child is not near the Beidou Holy City, but in a remote barren mountain.

     The only thing Shen Tian knew was that there was a mortal city next to that barren mountain called Wushan City.

     With plenty of time, Shen Tian directly spent money to find nearby local snake forces.

     Two spirit stones were thrown out, and the map was obtained in minutes.

     After all, for the vast majority of people, two spirit stones are also money!

     The map painted by the snake in this place is very clear, from the holy city to Wushan city obvious at a glance.

     The distance between the holy city and Wushan city is also not at all very far, only a mere five thousand miles.

     Only four days later, Shen Tian met the caravan passing by and took him to his destination.

     Yes, four days! God knows how Shen Tian came over these four days!

     He originally thought that according to the map, as long as the direction was correct.

     You can easily reach the destination of Wushan City by shooting five thousand miles straight.

     However, the mountains, monsters, and sands of the Eastern Desolation all taught Shen Tian a good lesson.

     To know that a distance of five thousand miles, a slight deviation of the angle, there will be a huge gap.Shen Tian felt that he hadn't lost himself by flying according to that map, it was really awesome!

     However, although the process was arduous, it has finally reached Wushan City.

     Next, as long as he takes the time to take the opportunity away.

     This trip to the Beidou Holy Land has even come to a successful conclusion.

     With beautiful longings, Shen Tian entered Wushan City, ready to find a place to rest.

     This Wushan City is a small city, the overwhelming majority in the city are all mortals, and the foundation period is just a very few.

     Shen Tian didn't bother to make trouble with Controlling Sword Flight, and walked in with his gun head outside the city.

     When he walked to the gate of the city, he saw something interesting.

     That is a bounty notice: A reward of silver is offered to kill monsters.

     Why Shen Tian finds it interesting, because of the monster on offer.

     Surprisingly, it was the mosquito sperm that Shen Tian saw in the scene of the Beidou Saint Child Fate.


     Damn mosquito sperm!

     Actually caused this son to get lost for four days.

     Do you know how much money this son can make in four days?

     Unforgivable! ! !
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