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187 So Handsome, Repaired In A Few Lifetimes?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

On the reward notice, a huge red-winged black mosquito was painted.

     Its body is black, with six dark red wings, like blood stained.

     The body is also very large, with a length of several feet, and when it flies, it looks like a Flying Fortress.

     The people of Wushan City were extremely small in front of this mosquito, basically unable to fight, and could only be killed.

     What? How did you ask Shen Tian to get such a wealth of information from a mere reward map and draw a conclusion?

     It's very simple, because immediately after this reward map, there are a series of red-winged black mosquitoes harming the city murals, which are still in serialization.

     And in order to compare how big this black pattern really is, the artist who painted this painting deliberately marked the size ratio next to it.

     This also made Shen Tian secretly admire in his heart, this is the rigorous attitude that a cultural creator should have!

     However, Wushan City is still in a stable condition, indicating that Shen Tian has not missed the opportunity.

     Because in the scene of opportunity that Shen Tian saw above the head of the Big Dipper, Wushan City had become a dead city.

     Among the ruins, corpse bones were everywhere.

     And the human tragedy in the screen is also one of the important reasons why Shen Tian made a firm resolution to intervene in the chance of the Beidou Shengzi.

     Shen Tian is not a saint. There are the weak are prey to the strong Law of the Jungle everywhere in the world of cultivation.

     However, there is a chance in Wushan City, and Shen Tian doesn't mind rushing to the Big Dipper Sage to solve this blood demon mosquito spirit in advance.

     After all, behead monsters and eliminate demons accumulate virtue and do good, even if you can't add luck, at least Shen Tian can ask for a thought.Of course, there are some factors that have been lost for four days, wanting to vent anger.

     But this was only incidentally, venting anger and anger was definitely not the key reason for him to kill demons.


     Shen Tian walked to the gate of the city, but was stopped by a man guarding the city.

     "Stop coming, I think you are not a local!"

     The man was quite burly, and even had some spiritual power in his body.

     However, Shen Tian inspected it a little and saw that this was a rookie with Qi refining Triple Heaven.

     Compared with Shen Tian, an expert in the dignified foundation period, the mere refinement realm is simply too weak.

     Is such a weak person still wanting to stop Ben Shengzi and ask for bribes? Could it be that I finally encountered a plot of pretending to be a face-slapped face?

     Shen Tian was somewhat anticipated in his heart, and looked up at the halo on the man's head. It's just light green, this wave is stable!

      Thought until here, Shen Tian showed a smile on his face: "Yes, brother, how did you know?"

     The man smiled triumphantly: "I gaze as if a torch, you guy is so handsome."

     "If there is such a handsome man in Wushan City, why would I not know the army master?"

     Shen Tian wiped his sweat and said, "Xiongtai is really witty."

     The man nodded triumphantly: "Don't slap me, your kid can't go into the city!"

     Shen Tian was stunned, and said helplessly, "Why can't I? Am I being handsome and still breaking the law?"

     The first time I heard that people who were not allowed to enter the city because they were handsome, you guys with low looks are too much!

     The man looked impatient, but he explained, "Don't you know how to watch the murals? Now there are monsters in the city!""Your boy is so handsome and handsome, he looks like the son of a big family, and he is out to enjoy the mountains and rivers."

     "But now I ran to Wushan City to play, what if I was killed by a monster?"

     "If you look ugly, I won't persuade you. If you die, you will change your father in the next life."

     "But your kid is so handsome, I don't know how many years he has been repaired."

     "It's a pity if young age is killed by a fairy. Be good, don't die!"

     After that, the soldier pushed Shen Tian out of the city: "All right, go home!"

     After being backed by the soldier a few steps, Shen Tian was stunned. This eldest brother dared to push Ben Shengzi!

     A weak chicken in the triple heaven of the refining realm, he dared to push the sage son, the master of the foundation construction stage, too presumptuous!

     If it were not for the broad-mindedness of this son, he would be replaced by another strong foundation-building period, and he would definitely be taught how to be a man at this time!

      Thought until here, Shen Tian nodded indifferently: "Lady, you have attracted my attention."

     After a word, Shen Tian burst into bright light all over his body, and an extremely powerful aura poured out in an instant.

      Behind him emerged a vision of a blue dragon, arrogantly roaring in the Nine Heavens, the huge dragon will directly affect the entire Wushan city.

     Several auras in Wushan City were alarmed, Qi Qi shot towards Shen Tian, seemingly excited.

     "Congratulations to the immortal Changwang for coming to Wushan City, and I hope for the stars and the moon to finally bring the immortal Changwang."

     "Xianchang, the city lord has already prepared a banquet to receive the wind and dust, and entertain him at any time."

     "It's worthy of being the immortal leader of the Big Dipper Holy City, he really looks extraordinary, like the Exiled Immortal Descend The World in the sky!""If you can surrender the blood demon, you will be my great benefactor of Wushan City. I would like to erect a monument of longevity for you!"

     "What are the preferences of the fairy, as long as you say, whether it is a beauty of gold and silver treasures, I will arrange it for you immediately."

     "The fairy you came alone? Do you want the maid? The daughter of the next year only 18, (of a woman) lovely as a flower."


     Every monk who blasted towards the gate of the city had reached the foundation-building stage for his cultivation.

     In Wushan City, these people were either the ancestors of a certain family or were worshipped by the city lord's mansion, and they were all decent people.

     But after feeling the powerful atmosphere at the gate of the city, these ‘a person of virtue and prestige’ immortals are striving to be first and fearing to be last.

     Because they can clearly judge that the strength of the'superior' at the gate of the city can crush them.

     Reminiscent of them, not long ago, they had just submitted an "application for demon removal" to Beidou Holy City.

     For a time, these immortals mistakenly thought Shen Tian for the helping hand from Beidou Holy City.

      Each person bowed respectfully behind Shen Tian, looking very polite.

     Shen Tian was immediately comfortable, this is the treatment that this saint son should have! No wonder those gods of war can be hot!

      play the pig to eat the tiger, eating tiger is the key!

     A profound mystery smile appeared on Shen Tian's face: "No need to be overly courteous, I am here only to eliminate demons."

     "All gold and silver treasures, singing and dancing beauties are just external things, don't be polite."

     After that, Shen Tian smiled and came to the dumbfounded soldier: "You are a kindhearted young man.""This is the first time that I have been cultivating immortals for eight hundred years. This is the first time I was pushed by a cultivator during the Qi Refining Period.

     Hearing Shen Tian's words, the man's face was scared: "Xian...Xianzhang, please take your life!"

     Feeling the murderous eyes of those around him during the foundation building period, he was desperate.

     He knows very well how tragic the fate of offending the immortal master is!

     Looking at the man with the entire head completely covered with sweat, the dullness of being lost for four days disappeared a lot.

     Hmph, I told you to bully Ben Shengzi to be handsome, and tell you to stop Ben Shengzi from letting him enter the city.

     Also tweet this holy child, do not scare you to increase your memory, next time in case you encounter a surly monk.

     At that time, even if you are kind, you may be hated by others, and you will be sacrificed in blood.

     Yes, this son is all for the good of this buddy, completely kind.


     Seeing it scared almost there, Shen Tian patted the man on the shoulder.

     "Well, your kid is also considered predestined to this seat, and you will follow this seat these few days."

     "Tell me about that mosquito essence. If you perform well, chances are indispensable."

     Shen Tian's voice was indifferent and calm, but all the soldiers, civilians and even officials around him looked at the army.

     Their eyes are full of envy, after all, that is the immortal leader of the "Beidou Holy City"!

     If you can get the appreciation of the immortal long, even if you give a little chance!

     Hey, I thought this guy had offended the immortal long, he would definitely die!

     Unexpectedly, there is a reversal, able to serve the immortal long knee!

     This luck is really jealous!

     ...When everyone looked at the army man, the eyes were jealousy, envy and hate.

     The corners of Shen Tian's mouth raised slightly, sometimes the happiness of an expert.

     It's so simple and unpretentious...

     And boring!
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