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189 Golden Escape: A Big Deal
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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When seeing the black mosquito group, everyone in Wushan City changed their expressions.

     Because the number of blood mosquitoes is really all too many, and each blood mosquito is huge.

     Where are the mosquitoes, they are simply big red lanterns, which seem to shock the eye, astonishes the heart.

     It is no exaggeration to say that if you are bitten by this blood mosquito, you can drain the blood from your whole body in one go.

      what is more important Among these blood mosquitoes, there are many adult-sized blood mosquitoes.

     These blood mosquitoes are more ferocious, and their breath is stronger.

     These advanced blood mosquitoes are comparable to the monks in the base-building period, absolutely very fearful.

     And adding up the foundational stage cultivator of the entire Wushan City, the number is only a dozen or so.

     However, among the blood mosquitoes, there were at least thirty or fifty adult-sized advanced blood mosquitoes, and the number was completely crushed.

     After seeing the blood mosquitoes approaching quickly, the many monks behind Shen Tian were desperate!

     How do you fight this? This thing is totally impossible to play! The comparison of strength is too great!

     City Lord Wushan fell directly to the ground: "No, how can it be!"

     "The family ancestor only repelled the quasi-jindan blood mosquito a few days ago, how can it be like this!"

     Other foundational stage cultivators are also desperate: "the heavens want me to die Wushan City? This is too much!"

     "There are so many blood mosquitoes, I am afraid there are more than 100,000! How can we stop?"

     "For the current plan, the only way to retreat is to abandon the city and bring people who can go!"

     "No! Our foundation, relatives, and home are all in the city, how can we retire?"

     ...For a time, the entire Wushan City was in chaos, and some people had already developed a retreat heart ready to escape.

     Of course, many people understand that there is no way out at this time, only the power of the whole city can have a slim chance of survival.

     Shen Tian looked indifferently at the blood mosquitoes that approached quickly, and at this moment he was not panicked.

     In the world of immortality, the most fearful thing is sudden occurrence, because sudden occurrence will not give you preparation time.

     But as long as you know in advance that there will be a crisis, the Terran Cultivator can solve everything!

     Shen Tian had already seen this scene happen before his eyes in the opportunity of the Beidou Shengzi.

     Knowing that there will be a large number of blood mosquitoes attacking the city, how can he not make preparations?

      takes a deep breath, Shen Tian flashes cyan thunder.

     His whole body was shrouded in blue thunder light, and the Jiamu god thunder condensed.

     A set of dragon-shaped battle armor is condensed on the surface of Shen Tian's body with the rich wood blue dragon god thunder.

     Yes, this is exactly the Azure Dragon Armor Condensation technique in the "Five Thunders Zhengtian Jue" that corresponds to the Jiamu type thunder method.

     Compared with the Basalt armor that focuses on defense, the focus of the Azure Dragon armor is to accelerate Injury Restoration and spiritual recovery.

     Shen Tian knows very well that the next battle is definitely a group p, the endurance is very important!

     Therefore, Shen Tian's choice of Qinglongjia in this battle is a completely rational analysis.

     Absolutely not because of Qinglong Jia is more handsome than Xuanwu Jia, absolutely not!

     He shouted: "Everyone, don't panic, I have this seat here, this is steady!"

     After finishing speaking, Shen Tian took out a cyan pattern dragon formation plate from Cangmingjie.

     He placed this formation on the tower of Wushan City.Suddenly, a blue thunder dragon soared out of the formation.

     It arrogantly roaring in the Nine Heavens exudes a strong dragon, and the sky is full of dark clouds in an instant.

      At the same time, in Wushan City East, South, West, and North, a blue light suddenly rose up everywhere.

     A transparent energy mask suddenly appeared around Wushan City, absorbing the aura of the heavens and the earth, Guard the City.

     Yes, this is the Azure Dragon Great Array of Gods, which is a simplified and weakened version of the complete Gods Mountain Protecting Great Formation.

     Before Zhang Yunxi placed the Mountain Protecting Great Formation in the Misty City, which made Shen Tian's eyes hot.

     Therefore, before setting off, he asked Qin Yundi to find Jinlian Tianzun.

     Use a bottle of Nirvana Sacred Liquid to exchange for a set of mountain protection array.

     As early as last night, Shen Tian had already buried the Azure Dragon formation.

     As long as he activates the final core array, Azure Dragon Great Array can be inspired.

     As for why only Azure Dragon Great Array was deployed, but not the complete Mountain Protecting Great Formation!

     Hehe, on the one hand, because Shen Tian's cultivation is not enough, it is a bit difficult to complete.

      on the other hand, of course, to keep one hand to attract the mosquitoes.


     Shen Tian set up the final array and finished laying out the big array.

     In the next second, the blood mosquito swarm has rushed to the city wall hiding the sky and covering the earth.


      The surface of Azure Dragon Great Array fluctuates abruptly, and a series of thunders roams on the surface of the shield.

     In an instant, countless blood mosquitoes were scorched by the Jiamu Qinglong God Thunder and fell to the ground.

     Of course, there were more blood mosquitoes soon after one falls, the next follows.

     In front of Shen Tian, the lotus shot spear danced: "Shoot!""Take advantage of the Azure Dragon Great Array protection, attack them with swords or archery."

     "Otherwise, if the Azure Dragon Great Array can't hold it, everyone in the city will die!"

     Shen Tian's words awakened the people who were originally dominated by fear and made hope rise in everyone's hearts.

     In an environment of total despair, extreme emotions will breed and lead to chaos.

     But once these people see hope, they will create miracles!

     At this moment, we are facing the danger of city destroyed, people perish, and everyone is making an all-out effort attack.

     A magic weapon flew out of the city. It was foundational stage cultivators attacking the blood mosquitoes with their swords.

      At the same time, there are still fine iron arrows pouring out like a torrential rain of locusts.

     It was the defender of Wushan City, pulling bows and arrows to kill the blood mosquitoes.

     At this moment, Wushan City no longer only depends on the immortal long.

     They are using their power to resist those terrible monsters.

     Even though the power of human beings in the ordinary Qi refining period is very insignificant, but unity of will is an impregnable stronghold!

     Looking at the soldiers pulling bows on the city wall, the people under the wall holding kitchen knives and pot lids shouting for cheer.

     Shen Tian was very pleased that this kind of person is worth his rescue. This wave is not a loss!

     Battle, then Battle With Happiness! ! !


     More and more blood mosquitoes flooded towards Azure Dragon Great Array, Shen Tian sneered.

     "Golden Dun-the technique of stake a thousand pieces of gold on one throw!"

     He loudly shouted and densely packed thunder explosion charms.

     Each thunder explosion talisman detonated in the blood mosquito swarm, exploding a blood flower.

     Its lethality was so great that all the monks in Wushan City were dumbfounded.Fuck, this power seems to be the best Thunder Explosive Talisman, you have to sell hundreds of Lingshi in the market!

     How many pieces did Xian Chang just release in one breath? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...

     Just listen to the sound, there are hundreds of them!

      crackle rattle, like setting off firecrackers!

     For a while, those Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivators in Wushan City were all dizzy.

     This immortal from the Beidou Holy City is also too rich!

     This is more than just stake a thousand pieces of gold on one throw? Too humble!

     It's a gold mine!

     How much is the reward for mosquito sperm?

     One hundred bounty hits hundreds of millions? Don't you feel bad?

     Moved, the monks in Wushan City were so moved they were about to cry.

     It's because of the immortal Chang's selfless righteousness to save people, not because of oneself poverty.


     Shen Tian didn't know that his unintentional talisman behavior had already hit countless poor monks.

     Because at this time, Shen Tian really had no idea about spirit stones, charms and the like.

     He only knew that he had to clear the creeps as soon as possible to bring out the boss.

     After all, time waits for no one, the Big Dipper is coming soon!

     He is anxious to finish the boss run!
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