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191 See Who Sucks Who!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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City Lord Wushan walked in front of Shen Tian with a very respectful expression.

     He said seriously: "The immortal will solve the blood mosquito essence for this city, save the city from the fire and water, please accept it next time."

     After all, this city lord actually knelt directly towards Shen Tian.

     Shen Tian smiled and stretched out his hand to hold up the city lord: "Don't kneel, you have to give money if you kneel."

     Give... give money?

     City Lord Wushan staggered and almost collapsed to the ground: "Xianchang, we really can't afford it!"

     Xian Chang took action this time to solve the blood mosquito essence, not to mention the high cost of appearance.

     The value of the Thunder Explosive Talisman from the Immortal Long Festival alone is enough to buy the entire Wushan City and still have surplus.

     You rescued the entire people of Wushan City, and the whole city is grateful.

     But we can't afford to lose your Lei Fu loss!

     I can’t afford to sell it!

     Seeing the horrified expression of Wushan City Lord, Shen Tian's face sank slightly: "Can't afford it?"

     "Can't give you two thousand taels of silver, what reward do you offer?"

     "Are you a white prostitute?"


     Silver million?

     City Lord Wushan was stunned: "What kind of silver ten thousand liang, what the teacher said is only silver ten thousand liang?"

     Shen Tian looked at the city lord of Wushan as if he was looking at a naive person: "Otherwise what do you think it is?"

     "You spend money to offer a reward, and I take money to do things, is there a problem?"

     Suddenly, the lord of Wushan City Sparta was gone.

     So the reward you want, the immortal chief, is ten thousand liang of silver, that's it?

     In other words, ten thousand pieces of silver are converted into spirit stones, which is not enough to buy a thunder explosion talisman!You are offering a reward for this, at such a high price to remove the blood mosquito essence?

     No, Xianchang would never be so mindless.

     There must be something different!


     The immortal chief is taking care of our dignity in Wushan City, using this mere ounce of silver to ease the tension.

     Worthy of being an immortal from the holy city, he is really great and wise, have mercy at heart.

     This is to let us not be ashamed of it!

     The city lord has realized it, realized it!

      Thought until here, Wushan City Lord respectfully said: "Please wait a while, and immediately go and fetch ten thousand taels of silver."

     Shen Tian shook the head and looked outside the city: "Don't worry, that evildoer is not dead yet!"

     not dead?

     City Lord Wushan heart tensed up and quickly looked outside the city.

     But I saw that blood mist had risen in the wilderness outside the city at some point.

     In the dead blood mosquitoes that were killed, drops of blood gathered quickly.

     The pressure fell on the entire Wushan City in an instant, even more terrifying than when the blood mosquito essence appeared more than ten times!

     A man in a blood-red robe appeared outside the Azure Dragon Great Array, holding a blood-colored spear, and exuding murderous aura!

     His appearance is exactly the same as the blood mosquito essence before, but his breath is much stronger than that of the blood mosquito essence.

     He looked at Shen Tian indifferently, as if looking at a dead man, murderously awe-inspiring.

     "Damn human being, you dare to kill the child of this honor."

     "Today, this honor must suck you up!"

     As he spoke, the figure of the bloody mosquito turned into a sanguine light and shot towards the city.The Azure Dragon Thunder formation was instantly torn open by the scarlet spear in the man's hand, and it was completely unable to stop it even for a moment.

     Venerable Blood Mosquito's eyes were red, staring at Shen Tian.

     He hatred flooding the heavens to Shen Tian!

     Although the blood mosquito essence that Shen Tian just killed was not his son, it was more important to him than his own son.

     Venerable Blood Mosquito commanded so many blood mosquito groups to besiege Wushan City this time, in order to feed the Golden Core Blood Mosquito with the blood of the monks in the city.

     He originally thought that the previous attacks on Wushan City were only small-scale, and no major disturbances occurred.

     Even if Wushan City really invites foreign aid, at most it will be around the third revolution of the Jindan period.

     I can handle it completely, and can even suck up the other party.

     After all, the Nascent Soul of the Holy City is not a Chinese cabbage, how can it be to come to Wushan City for a mere "quasi-golden core" mosquito?

     But Venerable Blood Mosquito did not expect that even though Sudden Appearance's Shentian cultivation base had not reached the Golden Core Stage, there were so many treasures on him!

     That's the best thunder and explosion talisman. Many foundational stage cultivators are used to press the bottom of the box and used as life maintaining hidden trump.

     This Terran monk is good, he actually used it directly as a flat a, and he flicked it into a pile.

     Facing this kind of offensive, even the Golden Elixir cultivator should be frightened!

     Even so, the blood mosquito wouldn't lose his life in an instant, mainly because it was too cloudy.

     At the beginning, I do sth when least expected to hit the blood mosquito with a lotus shot gun no time to deal with it, and then use the immortal vine to tie the blood mosquito to control it.The tenacity of the vine was so strong that even the blood mosquitoes of the Golden Core period couldn't break free, and they were eventually killed by the thunder explosion.

     This kill speed is too fast for him to rescue him!

     Venerable Blood Mosquito stared at Shen Tian, he could feel that vine is definitely not easy!

     Even... it may be the legendary world's rare object-spirit wood!

     One thought until here, Venerable Blood Mosquito's heart became hot.

     If it is really a spirit tree, killing this kid in front of you can make up for the loss of the ancestor!

     The thoughts flowed in his heart, and the Venerable Blood Mosquito had already rushed into the city, and he came to Shen Tian in an instant, stabbing the bloody spear in his hand.

     At this moment, a strong smell of blood filled the entire city wall, maddening, and disgusting.

     Venerable Blood Mosquito wore a grinning smile on his face. He seemed to have seen Shen Tian being penetrated by the blood gun, moaning and begging for mercy!

     On the other side, watching Venerable Blood Mosquito approaching fast, Shen Tian seemed to be frightened, motionless like a statue.

     Venerable Blood Mosquito showed a disdainful smile on his face, and it was indeed a little chick who had never seen the world.

     Facing the life and death crisis, I was so scared that I even forgot to dodge.

     Oh, stupid human beings, die!

      This honor will suck you up!

     The scarlet spear carries a rich blood, and even the void at the tip of the gun is distorted and shattered. The power of this gun is terrifying to the limit!

     Under the ferocious gaze of Venerable Blood Mosquito, the Blood God Spear hit Shen Tian's chest heavily.

     However, in his imagination, the scene where the sharp spear penetrated Shen Tian did not appear.However, a bright golden gossip picture suddenly appeared on Shen Tian's chest, constantly rotating, exuding a strong attraction.

     Not only did it completely block the shot from the spear, it also sucked the blood mosquito gun in the hands of Venerable Blood Mosquito, so that he could not even draw the gun and retreat.

     Was attracted to...

     Venerable Blood Mosquito is completely stunned, how can it be!

     The mere Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator, how can you block this honor’s blood gun with your chest?

     Is this guy's chest made of immortal gold?

     In Shen Tian's whole body, pieces of golden armor parts emerged, covering his entire body from top to bottom, and he was extremely heroic.

     At this time red clouds have appeared on the horizon, and the first ray of sunlight shone on Shen Tian's armor, reflecting it into shiny!

     Shen Tian at this moment, like a god of war descending to the world!

     Facing the stunned Venerable Blood Mosquito, the corners of Shen Tian's mouth raised slightly: "Finally, I seduce you!"

     While talking, Shen Tian suddenly grabbed the Blood God Spear and prevented Venerable Blood Mosquito from retracting the spear.

      At the same time, a blue-black rope flew out of Shen Tian and quickly wrapped the body of Venerable Blood Mosquito.

     That is the immortal cord refined by the immortal vine in the Yuan Ying period, after the sacrifice, it is enough to bind the monks in the Yuan Ying period, which is extremely difficult.

     Although under Shen Tian's control, it was impossible to trap the Blood Mosquito Venerable Nascent Soul stage for too long, what Shen Tian wanted was these short breathing times.

     Originally at the speed of Venerable Blood Mosquito, if he was not willing to let go without being sucked up by the weapon, it would not be easy to tie the immortal vine to it.

     But at this time, a blunder, Venerable Blood Mosquito would not be so easy if he wanted to get out again!In the Yuan Ying period, the immortal cords trapped the arms of the Venerable Blood Mosquito, and the emerald-colored fairy-eaten vines drilled from the ground to bind the legs of the Venerable Blood Mosquito.

      The familiar scene reappears, densely packed yin and yang thunder explosion symbols hiding the sky and covering the earth, flying to the Venerable Blood Mosquito, as if you don’t need money.


     Venerable Blood Mosquito sneered: "Do you think the same trick will be useful for this honor?"

     ridiculous! ! !

     Blood God Realm! ! !

     Venerable Blood Mosquito shouted loudly, emitting a strong red light when he was steep, and enveloped his whole body in it.

     Numerous yin and yang thunder explosion talismans exploded on the surface of Venerable Blood Mosquito, but they were all blocked by the Blood God Realm, failing to injure Venerable Blood Mosquito.

     After all, these thunder and explosion talisman are only talisman in the foundation period, and if there are enough, they can kill the golden core period.

     But in front of Nascent Soul Stage’s Venerable Blood Mosquito, it still seemed a little weak!

     Venerable Blood Mosquito shouted loudly, and the immortal cord on his body was also moving lightly, apparently it could not last long.

     "Humans, this honor admits that your kid is very cunning and full of treasures!"

     Venerable Blood Mosquito stared at Shen Tian greedily: "It's a pity that your cultivation base is too low. These treasures are simply wasting natural resources recklessly on you!"

     "Let's give up resisting obediently accept death! For your contribution to so many treasures, this honor can leave you a dead body!"

     "By the way, and the armor on your body can actually block the blow of this honor make an all-out effort!"

     "Such a treasure is worthy of its value only when worn on this honor!"

     "When you die, this honor will take care of it!"Hundreds of Thunder Explosive Talisman exploded, bombarding the domain shield on the surface of Venerable Blood Mosquito much thinner.

     However, in the end still failed to completely break the Blood God Realm, this barrier was too hard.

     Venerable Blood Mosquito looked at Shen Tian triumphantly, preparing to completely break away from the immortal cable and send Shen Tian on the road.

     But soon, the smug smile on his face solidified: "You... your uncle!"

     However, he saw eight black short spears floating behind Shen Tian, facing Venerable Blood Mosquito together with the lotus shot sharp spear.

      At the same time, more thunder-explosive talisman than before, such as lasing at Venerable Blood Mosquito without money, just counted three to five hundred!

     However, these are not the deadliest, and can only make the blood god realm on the surface of Venerable Blood Mosquito constantly weakened.

     The deadliest thing was the sizable figure in linen hanging behind Shen Tian.

     The middle-aged Mai Yi held a wide sword and slowly pierced it out.

     The sword of the Changhe River is shaking the universe!

     Invincible sword light suddenly appeared between the sky.

     In an instant, Jianguang changed into two, two into three, and three into thousands.

     Instantly evolved a Sword Qi river, carrying infinite sword power, swept invincible.

     If Venerable Blood Mosquito is in at the peak period, it is not that he has no chance to block this move, at most he will be seriously injured.

     But at this time he hadn't completely broken free, and even the blood god domain on the surface of his body was weakened to the extreme by repeated explosions.

     Facing the sword spirit's sword spirit in the sword master, where could he resist? He was instantly overwhelmed by Jian Qi.

     Shen Tian was surrounded by sword aura, and the Dragon Abyss Sacred Armor on his body exuded brilliant gold.

     He is not at all afraid of being injured by Jian Qi, because the folded armor is thick enough!As long as Shen Tian's mana is not exhausted, even if he wears the Dragon Abyss holy armor and stands and lets Venerable Blood Mosquito attack, the latter can't hurt him at all!

     This is also his confidence in facing the Venerable Blood Mosquito!

     When the river of sword qi dissipated, the body of Venerable Blood Mosquito was directly cut into blood foam.

     Only the head is still intact, blocked by a page of pure golden paper, barely saving his life!

     At this time, the sword spirit disappeared, and the head quickly swept the red gold paper to escape.

     But how could Shen Tian let the duck fly?

     The purple gold hammer in his right hand suddenly appeared, instantly magnifying ten times and swiping the hammer!

     duang! ! !

     Venerable Blood Mosquito's head was instantly smashed by Shen Tian from mid-air, and the whole head buzzed.

     Shen Tian suddenly shot a long emerald vine with his left hand, tying the head of Venerable Blood Mosquito into a big dumpling.

     And that page of red gold paper was also taken into the hand by Shen Tian, and the weight was actually beyond expectation.

     According to a rough estimate, this mere page of paper would have to be at least several hundred kilograms.

     Looking at the page of red gold paper, Shen Tian showed a relieved smile on his face.

     This time I went all the way to Wushan City, just for this.

     Now that the treasure has fallen into his hands, and the Big Dipper Saint Child hasn't arrived yet, this wave is finally stable.

     Manipulating the Immortal Devouring Vine takes the head of Venerable Blood Mosquito into the hand and gently weighs it.

     Venerable Blood Mosquito was full of grief and anger: "Senior may kill, but cannot shame, human race, how dare you be so rude!"


     You goblin, still polite to me?

     Don’t you want to insert the spear into the body of this son?The corner of Shen Tian's mouth raised slightly, and the Immortal Devouring Vine was stuffed into the mouth of Venerable Blood Mosquito: "Aren't you going to suck up this seat?"

     "Now I let you suck! I'd like to see you suck me up, or I suck you up!"



     Uh uh uh~~~

     Venerable Blood Mosquito left tears of humiliation and struggle in his eyes.


      at the same time, a hundred miles outside Wushan City.

     On a star chariot, the Big Dipper is sitting cross-legged.

     He has been turbulent recently, and his mood is unstable, thinking about finding some fairy to vent.

     For a few days, the Nascent Soul Stage’s behead monsters and eliminate demons tasks in the Beidou Holy City were basically taken over by the Beidou Shengzi.

     Today, the Big Dipper Saint Child is going to Wushan City to kill a blood mosquito essence.

     Frankly speaking, he really didn't like a quasi-jindan blood mosquito essence.

     The reason why the Beidou Saint Child came to punish the demon deliberately was mainly because the cultivation speed of this blood mosquito was too fast.

     In just 3-4 months, you can practice from the Qi refining period to the quasi Gold Core Realm.

     This caused some curiosity in the heart of the Big Dipper.

     Could it be that this enchanting evildoer encountered any great opportunity?

     Having nothing to do, the Beidou Shengzi decided to go to him.

     However, when he was close to Wushan City at this time, Saint Child of the Big Dipper suddenly felt something wrong.

     A strong malice flooded his whole body, making him feel a little stunned.

     It seems that something bad is about to happen.

      this kind of feeling, vaguely déjà vu!

      Thought until here, the Beidou Shengzi couldn't help being vigilant.

     But after thinking about it, what is the mere enchantment of the Jin Dan stage, No Naimoto?It must have been stimulated by the enchanting son of Shenxiao Holy Land recently, and his mood has not recovered!

     You have to quickly find some weak monsters and look for superiority!

     Only in this way can we find the "Invincible Heart" as soon as possible!

     That's right, that's it!

      Thought until here, the Big Dipper saints the stream of dharma secrets into the chariot of stars.

     When it is steep, the Star Chariot moves faster!
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