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192 Irregular Driving, The Son Of Two Tears!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

The Star Chariot is Amazing Race in the misty morning light.

     The four horses pulling the cart are all heterogeneous, with a single horn on their foreheads.

     The morning light shone on Tianma, faintly shining through starlight, and it looked very beautiful.

     This is the mounted chariot specially changed after the Beidou Saint Child broke into the Nascent Soul Stage, and it is also the facade of the Saint Child.

     The Beidou Shengzi urged the Star Chariot with all his strength, and the range of one hundred li arrived in almost a moment.

     As Chen Zhongtian approached Wushan City, his face suddenly condensed slightly.

     Because he saw a bloody color, it was a dense group of blood mosquitoes like a rainstorm, surrounding the entire periphery of Wushan City, and it seemed to shock the eye, astonishes the heart.

     "How courageous! Some evildoers dared to invade the city under my Beidou Holy Land!"

     Chen Zhongtian's eyes were slightly cold, his murderous aura was revealed.

     He also doesn't care Monster Clan killing, because killings in the Eastern Desolate Monster Clan are so common.

     But Wushan City is a vassal city of the Beidou Holy City. These bloody mosquitoes besieged Wushan City, which violated the majesty of the Beidou Holy Land.

     Punish! ! !

     And Chen Zhongtian also had his own plans in his heart.

     Although he is the holy son of the Big Dipper Holy Land, his status in the sect is not very high.

     Because he has always followed the Son of the Purple Mansion, like a vassal follower of the Son of the Purple Mansion, his status is too low.

     There are several quasi-tianjiao who are slightly inferior to him in the Holy Land of the Big Dipper, and each of them may threaten his status.

     Therefore, Chen Zhongtian felt very insecure in his heart.

     This sense of security, the Purple Mansion Saint Child could barely give him some, but it was still not enough.Therefore, Chen Zhongtian must do some things himself.

     For example... Strive for the guidance of public opinion!

     Just like the blood mosquito attacking the city of Wushan City today, it was originally destined to have rivers of blood corpses everywhere.

     But because of his Beidou Shengzi Chen Zhongtian rushed to sweep the monsters in time and rescued millions of mortals in the city, no end of virtuous achievements!

     This kind of thing doesn't have any material benefits for the Beidou Holy Land, but it can increase the sense of belonging of the cities under its command.

     And Chen Zhongtian who'saves the common people' will inevitably be praised by the elders in the door.

     Although it's just a symbolic performance, it's better than not!

      Thought until here, Chen Zhongtian showed an excited look in his eyes, and even Yuan Ying became excited.

     He is holding a Big Dipper 7 Stars Sword and driving the Star Chariot, rushing towards the densely packed blood mosquito group at full speed!

     "Nine-day stars, turned into my sword, the Beidou leads the way, and shines forever!"

     The Xingchen Chariot rushed out of the blood mosquito group in an instant, Chen Zhongtian stood proudly on the chariot, and his long sword shot out dozens of brilliant sword auras.

     Wherever the sword qi passed, countless blood mosquitoes fell to the ground instantly, with no difference in prestige.

     Chen Zhongtian showed a proudly look in his eyes, just about to say some high-level words, and pretended to be forced in front of the people of Wushan City.

     Suddenly, he felt the chariot under his feet shake suddenly.

     In the next second, all four single-horned Pegasus twitched frantically and hissed in the sky.


     The hair that was originally white as snow instantly became pitch black, and the roots stood upside down, like a dog with exploded fur!

     It turned out that the blood mosquitoes were too dense, blocking the Azure Dragon Great Array covering the surface of the city.The four pegasus wanted to break through the blockade of blood mosquitoes, so they didn't slow down at all.

     Therefore, when they break through the blood mosquito group like a hot knife through butter, they directly slam their heads on the protective cover.

     These four pegasus are the best star unicorns, they look very good and their running speed is comparable to the peak of Jindan.

     But their combat effectiveness is only equivalent to the monks at the peak of the base-building period, or even slightly inferior.

     After Shen Tian subdued Venerable Blood Mosquito, the blood mosquito group outside the city became even more crazy.

     Shen Tian without any choice, can only urge Azure Dragon Great Array to the highest power, and never keep it.

     With this level of thunder formation, even if the Golden Core Expert is forced to break through the formation for three rounds, it will be electrocuted to lose half of its life, not to mention the four pegasus.

     When Chen Zhongtian reacted and was about to rescue the four Pegasus back, the four noble best Pegasus...

     The smell of meat has already begun to emerge, um, it's quite fragrant!

     Suddenly, Chenzhong Tianxin was bleeding!

      It should be noted, that is a single-horned Pegasus with the direct blood of a pure-blooded unicorn!

     Although it is only the foundation building period, each head has the potential to be promoted to the golden core period, and it may even give birth to babies if it is fed well.

     Even if these four stars were still in their infancy, they would have to spend a lot of money to reluctantly buy them.

     The purpose is to feed them in the future, to be able to drive them to travel, and demonstrate the demeanor of the Son.

      As a result, the opposition voices in the Holy Land can also be reduced a lot.

     But Chen Zhongtian didn't expect that this BMW chariot crashed just a few days after it was bought!

     All four BMWs were electric scorched on the outside and tender on the inside, and the fragrance was floating for ten miles.No matter how optimistic Chen Zhongtian is, he knows that his precious Mazi is out of help and can only cry...

      In addition, the chariot that was specially decorated by Chen Zhongtian, also directly hit the fully loaded Azure Dragon Great Array.

     Originally, Azure Dragon Great Array suffered from the attack of blood mosquitoes and it was already quite difficult.

     Now there are chariots made of spiritual gold, rushing and colliding at such a speed.

     Suddenly, the entire Azure Dragon Great Array was shattered, and the tank was blown apart by the last aftermath of the big array!

     Feeling the grieving gaze of the people in the city looking at him, Chen Zhongtian's whole body was dazed.

     Who is the Son, and where is the Son? Why is there a big array here!

     Why are my horses smelling meat!


     For a time, Chen Zhongtian stood in the sky dull and doubted life.

     But Shen Tian didn't have so much idle time, after all, the blood mosquito group had already entered the city.

     If the blood mosquitoes hiding the sky and covering the earth collide with the civilians in the city, their corpses will be everywhere!

     Although he has the power to upright and frank to defeat the blood mosquitoes of the Nascent Age, he can only explode in the blood mosquitoes.

     Within a short period of time, hundreds of thousands of blood mosquitoes swarmed into the city, and even he could not kill them instantly.

     The thoughts in his heart turned rapidly, and Shen Tian suddenly knocked Venerable Blood Mosquito's head with a hammer.

     "I know you must have a way to make these blood mosquitoes retreat."

     "Speed up, otherwise this seat will kill you every minute!

     At this time, the head of Venerable Blood Mosquito was tied up like a rice dumpling by the Immortal Devouring Vine, and even Yuan Ying was tightly bound by the Immortal Devouring Vine stuck in his mouth.He looked at Shen Tian faintly, and his divine consciousness sent a voice: "As long as you swear not to kill this honor, this honor will let them go immediately."

     The corner of Shen Tian's mouth twitched slightly: "Yeah, dare you threaten me? Okay, I swear, as long as you order all these blood mosquitoes to leave, I won't kill you!"

     Venerable Blood Mosquito thought for a while: "You can't tell other people to kill me!"

     Shen Tian hit the head of Venerable Blood Mosquito with a hammer: "You only talk a lot, I swear, all right!"

     "The speed makes these blood mosquitoes roll, otherwise this seat will kill you first, and then kill these blood mosquitoes, the big deal is to use the hole card!"

     Do you still have hidden trump?

     Hearing Shen Tian's words, Venerable Blood Mosquito was desperate.

     You have a Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator in this area, and you can beat that's the end of it yourself.

     The body also possesses two world's rare objects, real water and spirit wood, which can die even during the Yuan Ying period when combined with the holy armor and the sword master.

     That's it, isn't it your hole card?

     Venerable Blood Mosquito admits, what can it do if it encounters such a cruel stubborn?

     "First remove your thing from this honor, or I will not perform mystery."

     Shen Tian nodded, loosen the immortal-eating vine that binds Venerable Blood Mosquito Yuan Ying.

     However, he by no means completely trusts Venerable Blood Mosquito, the Lotus Shot Spear and the eight Yin-Yang Demon Breaking Guns have been aiming at Venerable Blood Mosquito.

     If this guy dares to play any tricks, Shen Tian can kill it in minutes!

     Venerable Blood Mosquito did not play tricks either, and its spiritual thoughts released special fluctuations.

     Suddenly, the blood mosquitoes that had rushed into the city to fight with the monks and people in the city stopped attacking.They fluttered their wings and flew towards the outside of the city, vanish without trace in a moment.


     Shen Tian was nodded with satisfaction, and the Immortal Devouring Vine stuffed the Venerable Blood Mosquito's mouth again, and then reached the purple mansion on the center of his eyebrows, and tightly bound its Nascent Soul.

     Venerable Blood Mosquito#: "..."

     He takes a deep breath: "Didn't you say that as long as this honor lets all these blood mosquitoes leave, you won't kill me?"

     Shen Tianbai gave Venerable Blood Mosquito a glance: "I'll kill you?"

     The corner of the mouth twitch filled with Immortal Eater Venerable Blood Mosquito seems to be the reason.

     Ma Hippie, just now this honor why not force this kid to let this honor go?

     Damn it, playing this kind of low-level word game with this honor!

     The Human Race is really cunning, but fortunately this honor is still prepared!

     Venerable Blood Mosquito squeezed a smile on his face and said, "Daxian, don't you want to know what the treasure of that red gold paper is?"

     Shen Tian curled his lips. He had already read this script: "I don't want to know."

     Venerable Blood Mosquito was stunned, and said with a dry smile: "Lord Immortal, listen to it. This honor guarantees that you will be interested after listening."

     "That piece of red gold paper is not an ordinary object. It was the stunt of the "Blood River Great Sage" who became famous ten thousand years ago, and crossed the entire Eastern Wilderness-"Blood Nerve"!"

     Shen Tian bored to death: "Oh! So!"

     The mentality of Venerable Blood Mosquito exploded. Who is this one exactly?


     The Great Sage of the Blood River is the Great Sage.

     Only those who have passed the Ninth Layer [Lightning] Tribulation are qualified to be called Great Saints!

     Moreover, the Great Sage of the Blood River, even among the Great Sages, also belongs to the existence of absolute prestige.This guy doesn't even care about the bottom-pressing skills of such a super boss? Is he the heir of the emperor?

     In my heart, 10,000 alpaca beasts rushed past, but in order to get away, Venerable Blood Mosquito still put a bold face on it and said: "You don't know the great fairy."

     "This blood nerve is very magical. It allows you to divide your soul and blood to create a clone."

     "Moreover, the breath of the clone is exactly the same as yourself, waiting for the second life!"

     "Even if it is a strong person whose cultivation base is far surpassing you, it is difficult to tell."

     "The Golden Core Blood Mosquito that you killed just now is actually a clone of this honor."

     As Venerable Blood Mosquito spoke, he stared at Shen Tian's face, and he hoped that Shen Tian would show a surprised and moved expression.

     If this is the case, he has room for haggle over price, because "Blood Nerves" has two pages.

     This page in his hands is just the basics, and another page is hidden by him in a place that only he knows.

     As long as Shen Tian shows interest in this set of peerless inheritance, Venerable Blood Mosquito can take the opportunity to make Shen Tian swear again.

     This time, he must try his best to ensure that Shen Tian cannot take advantage of the loopholes!

     However, to the disappointment of Venerable Blood Mosquito, Shen Tian just took out One String Prayer Beads from his arms and kept holding it.

     His expression was indifferent, and he seemed to have no interest in "Blood Nerves" in the mouth of Venerable Blood Mosquito.

     Finally, when Venerable Blood Mosquito was almost desperate, Shen Tian spoke slowly.

     "You want to tell me that the page of "Blood Nerve" I got is not complete, as long as I swear to let you go, you will give me the remaining "Blood Nerve"?"Venerable Blood Mosquito was shocked: "how do you know?"

     Shen Tian smiled mysteriously, why did you know? Because this episode has been seen by Ben Shengzi!

     In the chance scene of Chen Zhongtian, the son of the Big Dipper, Chen Zhongtian met the Venerable Blood Mosquito who slaughtered Wushan City.

     Chen Zhongtian is the Nascent Infant of the Seventh Rank Golden Core. Even if it has just broken through the Nascent Infant stage, the strength is far from that of Venerable Blood Mosquito.

     He easily killed the blood mosquito clone of the Golden Core period, and even unearthed the blood mosquito Venerable hiding in your dark place.

     After Venerable Blood Mosquito was captured by Chen Zhongtian, he used the blood nerve to negotiate conditions.

     In the end, Chen Zhongtian agreed to Venerable Blood Mosquito's request and let him go.

     Of course, the condition is that Venerable Blood Mosquito vowed not to teach the blood nerve to anyone!

     For the Supreme Secret Techniques, Chen Zhongtian let go of Venerable Blood Mosquito who created the murderous blood mosquito. Shen Tian did not comment.

     But Shen Tian had already known the whereabouts of the blood nerves on another page, so naturally he would not be tempted by the conditions of Venerable Blood Mosquito and let him go!

     "Jiu'er, get rid of him!"

     In the rosary of the nine sons, a sad and beautiful female ghost slowly emerged.

     Holding the lotus shot gun in her hand, she suddenly plunged it into the center of the brow of Venerable Blood Mosquito, touching the formation!


     A sacred nail that broke the realm directly pierced and tore the Nascent Soul of Venerable Blood Mosquito.

     Venerable Blood Mosquito was full of unwillingness and resentment: "You... you swear that you won't tell other people to kill me!"

     Shen Tian looked at Wushan City indifferently, although he ordered the blood mosquitoes to leave in time.

     But just a few minutes, still caused a lot of casualties in the city!Smelling the smell of blood in the air, Shen Tian held Jiuzi's rosary indifferently: "Jiu'er, tell him."

     The red female ghost Shi Shiran withdrew the lotus shot gun back, with a harmless to human and animals smile on her face: "Jiu'er is not a human, but a female ghost."

     you! ! !

     Human, so cunning! ! !

     Venerable Blood Mosquito eyes open wide, his consciousness quickly sinks and perishes.

     It didn't understand until the death, why the extremely precious supreme inheritance of "Blood Nerve", the celebrity in front of him is not at all excited!

     Does this fool think that the lives of some mortals are more important than the Peerless Celestial Scriptures?


     This question, Venerable Blood Mosquito will always not understand!

     It fell in the end still, dead but will not close the eyes.

     On the other side, Beidou Shengzi Chen Zhongtian was stunned.

     He dully looked at everything that happened in Wushan City, and felt a little painful for a while.

     What did Ben Shengzi do?

     This Wushan City was originally guarded by the Thunder Array?

     Ben Shengzi actually drove the Star Chariot and directly crashed the Thunder formation?

     Not only did it use four single-horned Pegasus to destroy a Lingjin chariot, but also caused casualties?

     by! ! !

     Before charging, why didn't Ben Shengzi use his spiritual knowledge to probe the road conditions?

     If this is passed back to the Holy Land, wouldn't it be reduced to a joke?

     Listening to the talk in whispers and pointing the finger of countless people in the city, Chen Zhongtian's mentality exploded.

     Suddenly, the gaze of the Beidou Shengzi caught a familiar figure.

     Suddenly... his mentality exploded even more!
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