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193 Son Of The Big Dipper... Also Split!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Shengzi Beidou saw Shen Tian.

     At this time, Shen Tian was surrounded by everyone because he killed Venerable Blood Mosquito.

     The young people around are looking at Shen Tian, their eyes are full of admiration, countless women full of tender feelings cast flirtatious glances at sb.

     Suddenly, the Son of the Big Dipper became sour.

     This glory and worship was originally his treatment!

     Just because Ben Shengzi came so late, this opportunity to brush up his reputation has slipped away?

     Your sage son of the gods doesn't want to stay in your own sect to cultivate, and suddenly rushes to the command of the Big Dipper Holy Land to do?

     For a while, the Big Dipper Saint Child inwardly complained of rolling.

     Beside Shen Tian, Jiu'er's eyebrows trembled slightly: "Master, that strong man has a lot of resentment."


     Shen Tian looked at the Big Dipper, corner of the mouth twitch.

     I drove a BMW and hit Ben Shengzi's big array, Ben Shengzi didn't touch porcelain.

     Do you still have grievances?

     But looking at the golden circle with red light on the top of the Big Dipper Saint Child, Shen Tian felt that he should be a little demeaned and not care about this guy.

     It's too naive to provoke hatred or something.

     Withdrawal when you get the benefits, quiet development, is the kingly way!

     Now the crisis in Wushan City has been resolved, and the scriptures on Venerable Blood Mosquito are also available.

     Shen Tianzheng was about to leave, suddenly his eyes condensed slightly, and he saw a thin body shooting towards the Beidou Saint Child.

     "Damn bastard, the original crisis has been resolved, you have to break through the big formation! Shameless rebel, you pay my mother's life!"

     That was a monk in the Early Foundation Establishment realm, not very young.

     In Wushan City, it can be regarded as a genius of cultivating immortals for a century and rarely seen.Talent is not much weaker than Shen Ao.

     It's a pity that in front of the Beidou Shengzi, the mere Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator is really too small!

     A ruthless color appeared in the eyes of the Big Dipper Saint Child.

     He had just broken into the Yuan Ying stage and was in the most unstable mood.

     I was severely irritated by Shen Tian before, and today he was the first to scan his reputation and had a car accident.

     In the heart of the Beidou Saint Son, he was aggrieved and unhappy!

     The demons are coming out soon.

      This time, a Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator dare to attack him and provoke him?

     Simply act recklessly, when this son dare not kill?

     Angrily in his heart, Shengzi Beidou slowly raised his right hand and pointed at the young man.

     When it was steep, the young man who originally shot the sword at the Big Dipper was locked in the sky by an invisible force.

     Beidou Shengzi flicked his fingers indifferently, and a starlight sword aura suddenly shot out.

      This sword qi is facing the young dantian. If it is shot, even if it can save his life, it will completely reduce the crippled dantian to a waste.

     The young man stared at the Big Dipper, eye socket wants to crack, without fear of death.

     He and his mother are mutually dependent for life, with great difficulty finding the opportunity to set foot on the Path of Cultivation, and seeing that he can make his mother live a good life.

     In the end, there was a blood mosquito siege incident. The youth had always been on the tower to kill the enemy with sword.

      With great difficulty, when the immortal long caught the Venerable Blood Mosquito, the crisis could be resolved.

     As a result, such a stupid lack suddenly appeared, and he drove abruptly into the Azure Dragon Great Array of the gods, and let the blood mosquitoes in!The young man's mother was also near the tower and was directly sucked up by a blood mosquito.

     Seeing her mother dying, she was completely unable to save it.

     This young man every hope turns to dust, where can I stand it?

     Just die!

     It's a pity that my Liang Chen is incompetent and failed to express such a bad breath for my mother!

     If there is an afterlife, I will avenge it!

     Liang Chen slowly closed his eyes, but the expected sharp pain did not come.

     A golden thunder flashed in front of Liang Chen, shattering the star sword aura that the Big Dipper had ejected.

     Shen Tian was wearing the Dragon Abyss Sacred Armor with a gentle smile on his face: "Holy Son of the Big Dipper, don't do it so cruelly!"

     Chen Zhongtian's face was slightly condensed, and Shen Tian had just moved Xiao Hunyuan's palm thunder, and the timing of his shot was very accurate.

     After all, it is not so easy to intercept the rapid sword energy in midair.

     At least, it must have a strong prediction ability!

     Beidou Shengzi said indifferently: "This person is a lower class attacking one's superior, and is attacking this Shengzi. Could it be Shenxiao Shengzi, who wants to protect this person?"

     Shen Tian somewhat grudgingly: "This person's loss of a loved one is forgiven for anger. Brother Chen can give Shen some face and spare his life?"

     Frankly speaking, Chen Zhongtian's mentality of a superior person is actually very common in any world.

     For those in the upper ranks, ordinary people at the bottom do not need to care.

     But after all, Shen Tian traveled not long ago, Sanguan is different from Chen Zhongtian.

     Of course, there is still one. The reason is that the halo on top of Liang Chen's head is red with green light.

     Although for Shen Tian today, this kind of halo is no longer Child of Fate.But there is no need to let it go!

     Shen Tian stretched out the Immortal Devouring Vine with his right hand and pulled Liang Chen back from midair to release his control.

     Then Shen Tian asked: "I don't know what do you call the little brother? Does Lingtang still breathe? Maybe I can try to treat him."

     Liang Chen was moved eyes brimming with tears of excitement: "The fairy is long! My mother is still alive."

     "If the immortal can save my mother, Liang Chen is willing to work extremely hard and repay the immortal's great grace!"

     Shen Tian put away his armor and followed Liang Chen down the city wall.

     But I saw a woman lying beside the city wall impressively, about fifty years old, looking pale as paper.

     There was an obvious scar on her body, which almost penetrated her body, but only a small amount of blood flowed out.

     Because of the large amount of blood, it has been sucked by the blood mosquito that seriously injured her.

     The old woman has breath like a hairspring, she will die at any time.

     Shen Tian was a little moved in his heart, and quickly came to the old woman's side, conveying spiritual energy to stabilize the old woman's breath.

     Liang Chen looked at Shen Tian and the old woman nervously. He knew that his mother had lost too much blood.

     Even if she kept delivering aura, she could only hang her mother for a short time at best.

     If you really want to save your mother completely, you have to use precious elixir.

     But that level of elixir, could Liang Chen get it for a while?

     Now, I can only look at Xianchang's methods.

     Shen Tian injected aura into the old woman's body, and sighed in relief after roughly understanding the injury.

     The blood mosquito's mouthparts pierced the old woman's body, which is indeed a fatal injury for mortals.But for Shen Tian, it is not difficult to solve.

     Take out the small jade bottle from his arms, Shen Tian pulled out the stopper, and took a drop of Nirvana holy liquid from it.

     Under the gaze of the Beidou Shengzi suspicious of life, Shen Tian fed this drop of Nirvana sacred liquid into the old woman's population.

     Suddenly, a bright green light appeared from the whole body of this old woman, and her hideous wounds were healing rapidly at the speed of visible to the naked eye.

     And her pale paper face was also recovering her blood color at an extremely fast speed, and new blood was rapidly emerging.

     Even the gray hair on her head turned black at this time.

     The whole person seemed to be twenty years younger in a moment!


     With a look of wild joy on Liang Chen's face, he knelt before Shen Tian and kowtowed: "Xie Xianchang graciousness of life-saving! In the future Liang Chen is willing to work extremely hard and repay the immortal long!"

     Shen Tian showed a calm smile on his face: "Chi'er, it's your filial piety that moved this seat. If you want to thank you, thank you!"

     "Everything is predestined, maybe you are predestined with this seat!"

     As he spoke, Shen Tian exuded an invisible vigor and lifted Liang Chen's kneeling body.

     Don't say it, this kind of feeling of playing as Sage Master is pretty good, like it!

     However, at this moment, the bitter voice of the Big Dipper Sage Son sounded in the sky: "Senior Brother Shen."

     "This is the nirvana sacred liquid obtained by the saint who crosses the catastrophe period. You actually fed it to a mere mortal?"

     Shen Tian looked at the Big Dipper, as if looking at a naive man: "Nirvana holy liquid is medicine. Isn't medicine used to treat injuries?"

     Familiar eyes, familiar words.At this moment, the Big Dipper Saint Child had a scene that he had seen in the Holy Land of Shenxiao.

     He felt his brain widened a little bit, Yuan Ying seemed to be splitting!

     This damn Child of Fate is so capricious and jealous!

     At this moment, more and more people flocked towards Shen Tian and knelt in front of Shen Tian.

     "Pray for the immortal leader's mercy, save the life of the little girl's father, and the little woman will be very hard working as a slave and maidservant, repaying the fairy leader."

     "Let me first. My daughter is already dying. I beg the immortal to help me. The villain is willing to use my life for my daughter's life!"

     "Xianchang, please save my Wangcai! Wangcai blocked Deadly Strike for me!"


     Shen Tian's sighed saying, frankly speaking, when so many people kneeled in front of him for help, his heart still softened.

     Forget it, there is not much nirvana sacred liquid left and right to waste, just as yin virtue.

     Thinking of this, Shen Tian flicking lightly jade bottles, suddenly hundreds of drops of Nirvana holy liquid rushed out, pouring into every wounded body.

     Can be close to the city wall when the blood mosquito attacked the city, either the fighter against the blood mosquito, or the soldier's family.

     Shen Tian felt that spending such a little bit of Nirvana holy liquid to save people, although at a loss, looked into one's heart, no shame!

     A drop of Nirvana liquid was under the control of Shen Tian's divine consciousness, submerged into every wounded person, and its Injury Restoration.

     Even the extra abundant Life Energy has greatly benefited every wounded person, and the words of gratitude to Dade rang out endlessly.

     "As expected to be the immortal from the Beidou Holy City, really have mercy at heart!""No, no, didn't you just hear it? The immortal long is the sage of the gods, and it is the sage of the Big Dipper who rides the horse to break through the big formation!"

     "Holy Son of God? In other words, the immortal long is not a person from the Holy Land of the Big Dipper, and he still makes nothing of hardships to help us solve the problems of demons? Will he lose so many treasures?"

     "Moved, so moved! Shenxiao Holy Land is really the conscience in the Holy Land, completely different from some sects!"

     "Precisely precisely, if the blood mosquito attacked the city this time hadn't passed by by chance, when the Big Dipper arrived, our bodies would be cold!"


     In addition to being grateful to Shen Tian, there are also people who talk in whispers secretly and satirize the Son of the Big Dipper.

     "It's really ironic! Most of our tax revenue is provided to the Beidou Holy City every year, but we can't count on it when something really happens."

     "Tell a joke, believe Beidou!"

     "If it wasn't for the Big Dipper to break through the big formation this time, no one would have to die!"

     "Poor my Rou'er, he was sucked up by the blood mosquito, and couldn't even catch up with the treatment of the immortal long! I'm going to the holy city to petition and redress my grievances!"

     "Let's go together! I've heard Master said a long time ago that the current Saint Child of the Big Dipper is a straw bag, and every day I know that following the ass of the Saint Child of Purple Mansion as a follower, it is a sacred person!"

     "Incompetent that's the end of it, and even ran to add chaos, most of the people who sacrificed in the city this time have to be counted on him!"

     "That's, ugly people are more weird! People's god Xiao Shengzi is half handsome like an immortal, and he walks through the gate when he enters the city. This guy has to drive in."

     "This person is more popular than the dead, and he is also the Son of God, why is our Son so unbearable!"

     "My wife and children are dead, and I am still alive. What does it mean!""I'm going to parade in the Beidou Holy City to avenge justice, support the other True Disciple of the Beidou Holy Land, and push this incompetent ugly son down!"

     "Go together!"

     "Go together!"

     "Go together!"


     Humans are creatures that are easily infected by emotions.

     At this time, there were a lot of casualties in the city because of the blood mosquitoes, and the criminal ringleader, main offender had fallen.

     The rest of the anger naturally poured onto the Beidou Saint Child.

     Many relatives were mutilated by blood mosquitoes, and those who were too late to be rescued by Shen Tian hated Saint Son of the Big Dipper.

     Although most people dare to be angry and dare not speak, there are still many people who are ready to find ways to retaliate!

     They are ready to spread what happened today to the best of their ability to let more people know that the deeds of the Holy Son of the Big Dipper are not liable to spoil everything.

     Even if he can't make the Big Dipper pay a heavy price, he will die of disgust!

     Everywhere in Wushan City, there are people talking in whispers, or praise Shen Tian, or scold the Big Dipper.

     And what kind of cultivation is the Beidou Saint Child?

     That is Nascent Soul Stage’s Venerable. Spiritual Strength is as high as possible. How powerful are the five senses?

     He was just a little curious, and when he urged God to listen, he heard countless people spitting at him unbearable to look at.

     What ‘idiot’, ‘ugly son’, ‘failure of success’, ‘the licking dog of the purple mansion’...

     What kind of nasty scolding, what should people scold, and the scolding became more and more cheerful.

     The Beidou Shengzi was trembling with anger, a mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth!

     Then, the face of Beidou Shengzi changed drastically.Because he felt that he was originally unstable, Yuan Ying became more turbulent at this time, and a crack appeared.

     Yes, at this moment Chen Zhongtian's Yuan Ying also split!

     Uh, why should I say...

     "Senior Brother Shen, Chen has an important personal affair, so let's say goodbye first, and if there is a chance in the future, we will entertain Senior Brother Shen."

     Yuan Ying’s collapse is not a trivial matter, ranging from Spirit Fission entangled with demons, and from death to death.

     He must quickly find a safe place to retreat and stabilize his mind, and find a way to repair the crack.

     At the very least, it must be ensured that it does not continue to crack.

     Saying goodbye to Shen Tian in a hurry, the Big Dipper 7 Stars Sword drove the Big Dipper 7 Stars Sword, and fled towards the distance.


     Seeing Chen Zhongtian, the Beidou Saint who was far away, Shen Tian's eyes were deep.

     He has basically determined that the chances of being snatched by him will indeed decline.

     And with the sudden drop in luck, that person will soon encounter bad luck.

     Qin Gao is like this, Fang often is like this, and now Chen Zhongtian is like this.

     But what Shen Tian was curious about was that if he gave Chen Zhongtian a copy of his blood nerve, his luck would definitely increase.

     But if Shen Tian doesn't give Chen Zhongtian the blood nerve!

     Follow-up development will how is it?

     Will Chen Zhongtian continue to be unlucky, or will he slow down?

     Well, this is a new important research topic.

     The experiment is still going on, and Shen Tian feels that in the future, Li Yunfeng can pay more attention to the gossip of the Beidou Shengzi.


     Of course, these all are follow-ups.The first task now is to get the remaining page of blood nerves as soon as possible.

     After all, this Supreme Secret Technique is very important to Shen Tian, who is about to enter Ancient Battlefield!
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