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195 Follow The Feeling, There Must Be Chance!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

As time passed, Shen Tian's face became more and more ruddy.

     The incomparable vitality radiated from him.

     Finally, Shen Tian felt almost there.

     He gently condensed his sword energy and slit his right wrist.

     Suddenly, a blood arrow shot out, exuding a strong fragrance of vegetation.

     It is estimated that if there are monsters around at this time, Shen Tian can be regarded as Tang Seng meat.

     After all, the spiritual quality contained in Shen Tian's blood is too high-end, even a real person would have to covet it.

     A drop of blood melted into the little red man.

     Shen Tian used the blood nerve secret technique to quickly fuse the essence and blood with the little red man.

     Soon, the little celebrity became visible to the naked eye rapidly, and the aura exuding on his body quickly became stronger.

     The color of the body surface is getting closer and closer to normal people.

     In the end, the small red man who was originally slapped became a normal human size, the body of the Red Armored Guard.

     The breath exuding from his body is very similar to that of Shen Tian, but the intensity is much weaker and there is no soul fluctuation.

     "Good guy!"

     Shen Tian stopped moving and forcing blood, and the wound on his right hand healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

     His face was slightly pale, and his pain was to bare one's fangs.

     Just a short time ago, the blood he released was probably a big bucket.

     Even with the addition of Nirvana Holy Liquid, Shen Tian still felt that he was somewhat anemic at this time, top-heavy.

     So he poured the sacred liquid of Nirvana into his mouth again, refining the exercises."Hey, the essence and blood can't be used casually. Even if it is Nirvana Holy Liquid, it is impossible to replenish the essence and blood consumption instantly!"

     The sacred liquid of Nirvana does have the wonderful effect of the flesh and bones of the living dead, but it takes time to refine.

     If Shen Tian only releases a small amount of essence and blood into the clone each time, then it can be quickly filled with Nirvana Holy Liquid.

     The problem is that Shen Tian has no experience this first time, and he shoots too many inadvertently.

     According to Shen Tian's estimation, the essence and blood he consumed this time would take at least a few days to refine the sacred liquid of Nirvana to recover.

      In other words this feeling of anemia, he has to endure for a few days.

     Hey, this son is so difficult!

     The difficulty of the cultivation of "Blood Nerve" is simply the most demanding among the many exercises Shen Tian currently practices.

     It takes a few days to condense a clone.

     And from Shen Tian's view, this body can only display about 50% of his true strength at this time.

     It has some of the power of the world's rare object in its body. If equipped with a basalt shield, basalt armor, purple hammer, etc., it can barely blast an ordinary Gold Core Daoist Master.

     If he wants to exert a stronger strength, Shen Tian will have to feed this body some more blood afterwards.

      In that case, at most 70% of the body's strength can be exerted.

     Of course, the premise is that Shen Tian himself controls.


      Thought until here, Shen Tian began to practice the second secret technique-"Divine Division Dafa".

     To be honest, Shen Tian was quite curious, since it was the secret method to split the Spiritual Strength into a small group into the main clone.Why not it is called "Spirit Fission Dafa", it is called "Spirit Fission Dafa".

     And why not it is called "Divine Division Dafa" for short, but "Divine Division Dafa".

     But since the author of "Blood Nerves" named it like this, just read it!

     Anyway, "Divine Division Dafa" is indeed better than "Divine Division Dafa".

     Shen Tian originally thought that if he split his mental power into a part, he would definitely have a headache prefer death over life.

     As a result, when he was doing ideological work and gritted his teeth and started trying this secret method, he found that this secret method was not painful at all.

      But... The body that was a little weak due to excessive blood loss has become even weaker due to loss of mental power.

     Shen Tianqiang endured the weakness of the body is hollowed out, pouring the spiritual power into that body.

     Suddenly, the body began to move slightly, as if being given life.

      This kind of feeling is very wonderful, just like playing an online game.

     Shen Tian can follow one's heart's desires to control the Spiritual Strength and thus control the clone.

     And according to the method recorded in "Blood Nerve", the clone is shared with the main body by the five senses.

      in other words As long as the connection between the clone and the main body is not severed, Shen Tian can see the clone's perspective at any time.

     Once the connection is severed, the Spiritual Strength in the clone will dissipate, and the clone will become an immobile body again.

     This kind of experience is amazing!

     Although feeling very sleepy, Shen Tian couldn't help but want to play with this clone.

     Of course, you have to dress this clone first.

     Otherwise, looking at the body exactly the same as yourself naked, it always feels weird.This is not an inflatable doll.

     From Cangming Ring, he took out a set of white dragon brocade clothes and put it on the Blood God Child, and Shen Tian looked around.

      he couldn't bear exclaimed: "Tsk tusk, number 1, you are really an Exceptionally Beautiful Male."

     The corner of the blood god in front of him raised his mouth slightly, showing a smile that could make the saint fairy fascinated: "You're too kind, it's all the genes of the master, it's up to you."

     Shen Tian shook his head and smiled bitterly: "Sure enough, the clone can't lie."

     Above the rosary of the nine sons next to him, the ghost in red looked at Shen Tian and the clone talking to herself.

     She really wants to remind: Master, there are people next to...A ghost is watching!

      However... The master's clone is so beautiful.

     Especially when you are not wearing clothes.

     In addition to Jiuer, it should be without other girl greetings, Master's body!


     Think about it still somewhat agitated!

     Suddenly, Jiuzi's Rosary trembles slightly.


     But Shen Tian didn't know Jiu'er's idea of having ups and downs in his heart.

     After he briefly tried the control of the Blood God Child, it was indeed quite interesting.

     But it's interesting. Shen Tian is too sleepy now and he must have a steady sleep.

     Shen Tian used a secret method to take back that part of the mental power from the Blood God Child, and then put his body into the Cangming Ring.

     Cangming Ring is not able to receive the living creature, but if you leave mental energy's Blood God Child, you can receive the Cangming Ring.

      has to say The Son of Blood is really a great invention, it's like a second body.In the future, if Shen Tian forms a Nascent Infant, he does not need to seize his body if he is destroyed, he will be equipped with a spare body.

     And more than one spare tire, but you can have a few more spare tires, and you can use it when you replace it.

     Wait a minute, why would this saint child think of his being annihilated...

     If Yuan Ying was also killed by someone, wouldn't it be over?

     Hiss, this idea is dangerous!

     Forget it, if you don't want it, stability is paramount!

     In the future, if there is a dangerous place, just let the blood god child take the risk.

     Shen Tian made up his mind secretly, and then took out a soft big bed from Cang Ming Ring.

     Lying on the bed, Shen Tian recalled the nine sons' rosary.

     Counting sheep while holding his rosary, he soon entered Deep Sleep.

     No way, ten drops of blood.

     Shen Tian lost so much essence and blood in one breath, his state was too weak.

     Even if there is the sacred liquid of Nirvana to supplement the source, it takes time to digest and absorb it!

     Deep underground, Shen Tian fell asleep.

     On his chest was placed One String Prayer Beads, originally black beads, which now seemed somewhat reddened.


     I don’t know how long it has been, Shen Tian awake leisurely.

     Stretched, he felt that he was in an unprecedented state.

     The lost essence and blood have been replenished. After Deep Sleep, Spiritual Strength has also fully recovered.

     In his hand, the Nine Sons Rosary was slightly hot.

     Shen Tian put the rosary away: "Jiu'er, how long did I sleep?"In the rosary of the nine sons, there was a voice like a mosquito: "The master has slept for nine... the master has slept for three days and three nights."


     I slept three days and three nights in one night. Is it such an exaggeration?

     The corners of Shen Tian's mouth twitched slightly. So, isn't this holy child almost missing the Ancient Battlefield trial?

     Frankly speaking, before getting "Blood Nerve", Shen Tian was eager to miss it.

     But now, no matter how dangerous Ancient Battlefield is, Ben Shengzi’s own honor will not enter.

     There is no reason for Shen Tian not to take advantage of the opportunity to control the game character and follow those big luck heroes to download a copy!


     I just don't know if the blood god child clone can see the halo and chance of those great fortuners.

     Well, if you have a chance, you can give it a try.

     With many thoughts in his heart, Shen Tian put away the things in the underground cave and urged the Immortal Vine to use the Escape Technique to the ground.

     After taking out the lotus shot gun from Cangming Ring, after simply judging the position, Shen Tian thought to control the gun.

     In an instant, he fired the gun straight for nine hundred miles, and then...

     be lost.

     God knows how other monks were controlling the Sword Flight, how they ensured that the direction was correct.

     Shen Tian has tried his best to follow the directions marked on the map, but still feels that there are mountains, trees, and rocks all around...

     The shape is the same, even a reference object is so wooden, how can people tell the direction!

     At this moment, the Holy Master Ling in Shen Tian's arms shook slightly.

     Shen Tian showed a look of wild joy on his face, and quickly activated the formation in the Holy Master's Order to communicate with the Holy Master of Gods.A figure shrouded in thunder celestial light appeared in front of Shen Tian, and it was the projection of the divine master.

     He looked at Shen Tian, his body surface was rippling with fairy light: "Tian'er, I am very pleased to be a teacher."

     "I heard that you rescued the mortals from the city in the domain of the commander of the Beidou Holy Land, and you also made the Beidou Saint Child face shame."

     "This is very good. At this time, it has reached Yun Feng's ears, and the teacher has asked him to go to other sects to promote it."

     "You have done a good job in this matter, our Gods Holy Land should be so cherished by the common people!"

     "Don't worry about the pressure on the Beidou Holy Land, as the teacher will support it."

     "Remember, the Holy Land will always be on your side!"

     Shen Tian couldn't help but froze, Crap!!

     In just a few days, have the things that happened in Wushan City been spread to the Holy Land of Gods?

     Could it be that the Big Dipper Son has been pissed to death.

     So the disaster in Wushan City that led to his death spread instantly?

     No, it should not be.

     To otherwise, the master probably not said that the Beidou Sage was disgraced.

     Rather, it should be said: I am very pleased to be a teacher, you are so angry with the Big Dipper.

     I want to come, it's purely because of Li Yunfeng... the speed of listening to gossip is superhuman!

      has to say Li Yunfeng is indeed a talent, and he can receive gossip from such a distance! .

     No wonder you dare to blow: Shenxiao Baixiaosheng, Donghuang knows half.

     But now the most important thing is to go back, Shen Tian said helplessly: "Master, the disciple seems to be lost in the wild."

     "The Ancient Battlefield trial between our Holy Land and Jade Lake Holy Land, has it begun?"

     be lost?The Lord of the Gods was slightly surprised, and then the thunder and celestial light on his body waved.

     His firm voice came from the fairy light: "It's okay!"

     "Tian'er, you are a Child of Fate. You are born with supreme luck. Don't worry if you get lost!"

     "Don't trust any map, just follow your feelings."

     "The teacher believes that you will find the right path, and you may even encounter great opportunities!"

     "Ancient Battlefield trial is not important, let them wait for you as a teacher!"

     "If you really find a great opportunity, directly pass Shengzi Ling to contact as a teacher."

     "I will immediately open up the Space Gate for the teacher to pick you up and return, don't pit it!"

     After all, the phantom of the Holy Lord of Gods slowly dissipated.

     Only Shen Tian looked at the Shengziling in his hand, a drop of cold sweat was drawn on his forehead.

     Follow the feeling, sure chance?

     Master, are you serious?


     It's really not Child of Fate!
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