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196 Ten Rounds Of Jindan, Fighting All Over The Eastern Desolation
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

The Holy Land of the Big Dipper, the seven stars shine.

     Holy main peak, in the palace where the Big Dipper Lord lives, a group of elders discuss spiritedly.

     "Shame, it's so shameful!"

     "Dangdang Shengzi, actually riding a horse and bumping into the big battle of others, look where you're going?"

     "Causing trouble and causing hundreds of mortals to die that's the end of it, it even caused the family god Xiao Shengzi to bump into the face, which really embarrassed this door!"

     "This matter was pushed the wave and add to the billows by someone with a heart, and it has spread throughout most of the Eastern Desolation, this door for one's face to reach rock bottom!"

     "Chen Zhongtian is the holy son of the sect, but he has never fulfilled his duties as the holy son. On the contrary, he has been humiliated by the sect. He is really not qualified to be the son of the holy son!"

     "It's the extreme, the extreme, now that Chenzhongtian Yuanying's fractured cultivation base is half waste, it is no longer suitable for being a saint child!"

     "The talents and gifts of Yaoguang, Tianshu, and Tianxuan are all the best choices. Holy Lord, this honor suggestion-establish another son!"

     "This honor review!"

     "This honor review!"

     "This honor review!"

     "I also reconsidered!"


     Listening to the discussion of the elders in the central hall of the hall, the face of the Big Dipper Lord was expressionless.

     It has always been the decision of the Big Dipper Sage Master to make Chen Zhongtian and Qi Shaoxuan, the sage son of the Purple Mansion, make friends.

     The elders who protested in the temple at this time were Great Elder's supporters.

     Now it is a small matter for Chen Zhongtian to get into trouble, but it is a big deal to be embarrassed in front of the goddess son, and even spread under the people who have a heart to push the wave and add to the billows.

     Any holy place pays attention to face, and sometimes the face of holy place is more important than the life of the strong.

     Chenzhongtian Yuanying collapsed and damaged the reputation of the Holy Land.Many elders who had long wanted to push him down naturally couldn't help but attack.

     After all, the Beidou Holy Land is also divided into factions!

     Although the Lord is the leader, it does not mean that he can act wilfully.

     At this moment, an indifferent voice sounded in the hall: "Is it all such a trifling matter for the abolition of the Holy Son in the Holy Land?"

      The ear-splitting dragon's roar resounded outside the Holy Main Peak, and its fierce power was shocking.

     The elders complexion slightly changed and quickly walked out of the main hall.

     However, I saw a Gold War Chariot suddenly appearing above the Holy Main Peak, shining with dazzling brilliance, like a golden sun.

     The chariot is a rectangular parallelepiped, and mysterious formations are engraved on all sides.

     There is a faint golden crow flying pattern around it, which looks extremely overbearing.

     Even more shocking is that this Gold War Chariot is pulled by six Black Flood Dragons.

     Each flood dragon exudes a powerful aura, which is comparable to the human Nascent Soul Stage’s terrifying monster!

     The first two black dragons even grew a second horn on their heads. They can no longer be called dragons, but can be called real black dragons!

     And their breath is comparable to the peak of Yuan Ying period!

     Six dragons pulling a cart!

     The background and dominance of the coming people can be called unparalleled!

     This is a pomp that is almost impossible for Tianzun of the Transcendental Stage.

     Because the dragon race is proud and unparalleled, if it were not submitted cheerfully, how could it be willing to bow to pull the cart?

     In the entire Eastern Wilderness, there is only one person who can have such a pomp, and that is the son of Zifu: Qi Shaoxuan!

     ...However, he saw the son of the Purple Mansion wearing a black dragon holy armor, standing proudly on top of the Gold War Chariot, holding a Fangtian dragon halberd, and exuding a monstrous fighting spirit.

      Behind him, there is a vision of a hundred-zhang stalwart, which is a picture of a young god king above the nine heavens.

     At the feet of this young god king, a black dragon called the wind and summon the rain, exuding monstrous and fierce might!

     It is the supreme vision-Dragon God Ling Jiuxiao!

     According to legend, this vision can only be condensed by practicing the "True Dragon Emperor Jing" secretly passed down on Beihai Black Dragon Island to a very deep level.

     And this also means that Qi Shaoxuan, the son of the Purple Mansion, has truly been recognized by Beihai Black Dragon Clan.

      If given time, even a pure-blood black dragon may be approved to conclude a contract.

     At that time, his guardian will not only be Purple Mansion Holy Land, but also the extremely powerful North Sea Black Dragon Island.

     This son, so noble that words cannot explain!

     At the moment when Qi Shaoxuan appeared, the elders of the Big Dipper Holy Land who were still chatter all agreed by chance and shut up.

     Just kidding, who is Qi Shaoxuan?

     That was ranked first on the Eastern Famine Golden Pill List, and was hailed as a peerless arrogant ‘boosted by the great’!

     As long as Qi Shaoxuan does not fall, the worst and worst in the future will also become Invincible Saint. If you continue to win and gather momentum, you may even prove the emperor!

     This kind of existence has an infinite future, how can they be compared to these district elders?

     Not to mention that for some Beidou outer sect elder, the cultivation base is only the peak of the Yuan Ying period.

     If you really start, you may not even be able to beat other people's mounts.

     In front of Qi Shaoxuan, impeaching his little brother Chen Zhongtian, isn't it a pleasure to find!Seeing Qi Shaoxuan, the Big Dipper Saint Master showed a faint smile: "I don't know what the Purple Mansion Saint Child came to, why?"

     "I have seen the Lord of the Big Dipper, Shaoxuan came today for two things."

     The corner of Qi Shaoxuan's mouth raised slightly: "First, I heard that the Zhongtian Yuanying was broken, and Shaoxuan was thinking about it, and he came to teach the "Nirvana Emperor Sutra" to help him heal his injuries.

     When the words of the Purple Mansion Saint Child came out, everyone was stunned at Su Shi.

      good generous!

     That's the "Indestructible Nirvana Sutra", the supreme inheritance that can prosper a holy place, so did you teach it?

     Although he knew that the Son of Purple Mansion was only acting for Chen Zhongtianzhuang, he would only teach a few chapters at most, and it was impossible to teach them completely.

     But even so, this is definitely a great opportunity for Chen Zhongtian!

     If you are lucky, stand up after breaking and bring it up a level are possible.

     For a while, all the elders of the Beidou Holy Land looked complex at Qi Shaoxuan, how could they not know the thoughts in the heart of the Zifu Saint?

     He is creating momentum for his followers!

     After all, Saint Child-level doglegs, throughout the entire Eastern Wilderness, there is only the Big Dipper Saint Child.

      Buying horse bones with ten thousand gold, Qi Shaoxuan has to let others see his attitude.

     In this way, more people will follow in the future.

     A smile appeared on the face of the Big Dipper Saint Master: "The Son of Purple Mansion is righteous, this seat thanked the Son for Zhongtian."

     The big elder next to him was slightly ugly: "The Son of the Purple Mansion is really generous! An emperor scripture has been passed on."

     The Purple Mansion Saint Child shot a look at the Great Elder, smiling and saying: "It's just the Mendi Sutra. Compared with the friendship between Zhongtian and Qi, it's not worth mentioning."As he spoke, Qi Shaoxuan smiled and looked at the peaks of the Beidou Holy Land: "Qi likes making friends the most. He will never be stingy with the brothers he makes sincerely."

     "Brothers from Beidou, if you are interested, please come to my Purple Mansion Holy Land anytime to make friends."

     "Qi must welcome you!"

      Great Elder's face is slightly ugly: "The Son said that there are two things coming this time, then the second thing what is?"

     The second thing?

     Qi Shaoxuan's Fang Tianlong Halberd was shining with a faint cold light, and an extremely bright golden core was slowly suspended from his Dantian.

     Mysterious Dao patterns appeared around the golden core, faint phantoms of gods and Buddha, and faint dragons lingering.

     The most shocking thing is that on the surface of this golden core, there are ten obvious divine patterns.

     Ten god patterns, golden core... ten revolutions! ! !

      as everyone knows Jin Dan first turned into the early stage, Jin Dan second turned into the middle stage, the third turned into the late stage, and the fourth turn became the peak...

     And the ninth turn of the golden core is the limit of the golden core period!

     But that is only the limit of normal monks. For Peerless Supreme Talent who is really interested in attacking the emperor realm, beyond the limit is the pursuit.

     There is even a saying in the Eastern Wilderness: Only when the existence of the tenth rank of the Golden Core is completed, can there be a chance to truly touch the Emperor Realm!

     However, the Eastern Desolation has not produced the emperor for thousands of years, and has not produced the Tenth Rank of Golden Core for thousands of years.

     Whether this statement is true or false has long been impossible to verify.

     But even so, the real Peerless Supreme Talent will still move towards Jindan Ninth Turn, and impact the tenth forward of beyond the limit.Just like Qi Shaoxuan, when he was 18 years old, he achieved the ninth rank of the Golden Core and aspired the Golden Core Ranking, but he was born in the Golden Core period and spent two more years.

     It is for the ultimate sublimation beyond the limit, reaching the tenth revolution level rarely seen for a thousand years

     Today, he succeeded!

     Qi Shaoxuan proved that the tenth rank of the golden core was enough to cause an earthquake in the entire five regions.

     After all, this means: Qi Shaoxuan, really has the talent of the emperor!

     For a time, the entire holy main peak crow and peacock make no sound.

     All the elders feel extremely bitter, Purple Mansion Holy Land is really out of the dragon!

     Donghuang has produced this Child of Fate. Who else can compete with it in these thousands of years? Purple Mansion Holy Land is destined to prosper!

      Under thousands of staring eyes, Qi Shaoxuan smiled with satisfaction with ten golden cores on his head.

     He slowly jumped down to Gold War Chariot: "Qi first ascends to the tenth rank, and his realm is not stable yet."

     "Therefore, it was decided to support war with war, and the same tier would first fight all over the Eastern Desolation Tianjiao, and then move to Southern Xinjiang, West Desert, Beihai, and Zhongzhou."

     "With invincible momentum, the broken pill will become the supreme infant!"

     "It has been known that the Tiangang Seven Star Array of the Big Dipper Holy Land is unparalleled and mysterious, and the Seven Big Dippers are all the gods of the world."

     "Among them, Yaoguang, Tianshu and Tianxuan are three juniors, and they are even among the forefront of the golden core list."

     "Shao Xuan took the liberty to take the half of "Nirvana Indestructible Emperor Sutra" in his hand as a bet to learn the formation of the seven juniors!"

     "If Shaoxuan is defeated, this half of "Nirvana Indestructible Emperor Sutra" is willing to share with the nobles!"

     As soon as Qi Shaoxuan's words came out, they spread throughout the Beidou Holy Land in an instant.

     Fighting all over the East Desolate Tianjiao, then fought in Southern Xinjiang, West Desert, Beihai, and Zhongzhou.

     Be invincible and prove Highest Paragon baby?consider everyone else beneath one, so arrogant!

      Only this arrogant words came out of Qi Shaoxuan's mouth, but they seemed so natural.

     Because of him, he is invincible!

     Now, just officially prove this!

     A new legend has appeared, and the sky of the Eastern Desolation is about to change!


     At this time, Shen Tian was still lost.

     Master can't be trusted anymore, a man can only rely on himself!

     Shen Tian continued to look for directions in the desolate region, and the lotus shot gun was burned.

     Keke, it is caused by air friction during high-speed flight.

     However, Shen Tian still hadn't encountered even a semi-human city, but some little monsters who didn't have eyesight met quite a few.

     In the end, Shen Tian gave up.

     He took out the Holy Master Order: "Master, I don't want to fight...I have found a chance."

     Activate the communication function of the Holy Master Order, and the projection of the Holy Master of Shenxiao appears again in front of him, and the light on the surface is very rippling.

     "I am very pleased to be a teacher."

     "Tian'er, your luck is higher than you imagined as a teacher."

     "In just a few hours of getting lost, you can find a great opportunity. Compared with you, Qi Shaoxuan has nothing to say!"

     "You stood in place, don't walk away, as the teacher will come to pick you up immediately."

     Having said that, the figure of the Holy Master of Shenxiao slowly disappeared.

     About a quarter of an hour later, Space Gate slowly appeared in front of Shen Tian.

     The figure of the Lord Shenxiao appeared across the door, looking at Shen Tian: "Tian'er, come in!"

     Looking at the furnishings of the main hall on the other side of the door, Shen Tian was moved eyes brimming with tears of excitement, and he will never go out alone in the future!At this moment, Shen Tian's desire to become stronger was extremely strong.

     We must cross the calamity and become a holy as soon as possible, and learn the great supernatural power of Master, Space Gate.

     In this case, you no need to be worried and get lost in the wild.


     Passing through the Space Gate, Shen Tian appeared in the main hall.

     Oncoming a white haired babyface face, not an old Taoist. Who else can it be?

     The veteran Taoist stared at Shen Tian: "It's only a few hours, and you have another great opportunity? What opportunity? Show it to Uncle Uncle, Uncle promises not to grab it.

     The Holy Master Shenxiao said indifferently: "Brother, elders must look like elders."

     "What chance Tian'er gets is his luck, and it is also his hole card in the future. The less people know, the greater the effect."

     "If you have seen the lives of a thousand air transporters, you will find that every Child of Fate has its own secrets and cards."

     "As elders, we need to learn to respect."

     "People who try to spy on the secrets of Child of Fate are basically not allowed to die well."

     Old Taoist: "..."

     After speaking, the Lord Shenxiao patted Shen Tian on the shoulder: "Tian'er, can you tell me as a teacher, how great is the chance this time?"

     This question made Shen Tian stunned, how big is the chance this time?

     How does this make him answer?

     Is the cucumber so big? Is corn so big? Is the eggplant so big? Is it the size of winter melon?

     Generally big? bigger? Very big? Still too big to bear?

     After deliberating for a while, Shen Tian said, "Probably... it's about the same chance as the holy liquid of Nirvana!"The sacred liquid of Nirvana can greatly increase Shen Tian's survivability. Basically, there is no need to be worried about injury, but there is no way if he is killed by a spike.

     The Blood God Child can make Shen Tian appear a stand-in fool people and help him avoid most fatal dangers.

     In Shen Tian's view, these two opportunities are useful to him. It should be about the same.

     Hearing Shen Tian's answer, the old Taoist was stunned.

     He mutter to oneself: "The chance of the holy liquid of Nirvana is so great? Thousands of catties of holy liquid of Nirvana are so great!!!"

     The old Taoist's eyes are big!

     He remembered that Shen Tian had shown more than thirty bottles of Nirvana Holy Liquid before, and each bottle contained more than a hundred kilograms.

      In other words, Shen Tian has thousands of kilograms of Nirvana Holy Liquid at least.

     And Shen Tian said that the chance of encountering this time is about the same as the chance of Nirvana Holy Liquid?

     Immeasurable Tianzun!

     In the past few days, why did this kid encounter windfall again?

     Is he really the illegitimate son of the Heavenly Dao mentioned by the second younger brother? That's unfair!

     The eyes of the old Taoist priest were all green, and there was once a very rich disciple in front of him, and he did not cherish it.

     just now……

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao obviously also knew that his senior brother was uncomfortable, and he calmly said: "Tian'er, the Ancient Battlefield trial is led by Bailianfeng's palm."

     "It's just time you came back, and the trial team hasn't set off yet, so go and meet Senior Sister Bai Lian!"

     Shen Tian nodded: "Yes, disciples obey orders!"

     Watching Shen Tian leave the main hall of the Holy Master, the light of the thunder on the surface of the main body of Shenxiao Saint is rippling gently.

     He calmly said, "Brother, I'm right!""If I didn't let Tian'er follow my feelings, how could I meet chance?"

     "So brother, you must read more, read good books, and read for the rise of the Holy Land!"

     "How do you feel, do you regret it? If you regret..."
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