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197 Automatic Yin Yang Demon Breaking Gun
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Shen Tian drove the lotus shot gun and came to the Bailian Peak.

     At this time, there were more than a hundred Foundation stage disciple standing on Bailian Peak, and the breath exuding from everyone was not weak.

      These disciples are the top 108 on the foundation building list of the Holy Land of Gods.

     Any one placed in other Cave Heaven and Blessed Land is eligible to be a True Disciple.

      If given time, these disciples can basically achieve the status of Gold Core Daoist Master.

     Among them, those with higher talents can even become the master of Yuan Ying.

     The talent is not under the sixth brother of Shen Tian, Shen Ao.

     Don't feel less, you must know that Ancient Battlefield is tried every five years, and the disciples who have tried the last time have broken through.

     These 108 geniuses have all grown up in the past five years, and they are just a new base-building period in five years.

     In five years, 108 promising seedlings can be cultivated, which is already very rare.

     Except for the Holy Land, neither overwhelming majority Cave Heaven and Blessed Land have this background.

     Among the 108 disciples, the head is a handsome boy with blond hair and narrowing eyes.

     This person is Qin Yundi, and behind him are Duke Gui, Qin Gao, Song Fugui and others.

     They are the leader of these 108 people and the first high-level members of the Tianju Organization.

     It is worth mentioning that these 108 Foundation Stage disciples have all joined the Tianjuan organization.

     Of course, the reason why they joined the Tianju organization was purely because they were attracted by the personal charm of the Son.

     After joining the organization, you can get a 40% discount on the purchase of Thunder Explosive Talisman and Armor Breaker.

     Well, it doesn’t matter at all!At this time, seeing Shen Tian appearing, 108 disciples squeezed Fa Jue together, and the fairy sword came out of their back.


     There was a cold behind Shen Tian, are these guys impatient and ready to kill the late dog Ben Shengzi?

     This saint son arrived several hours late, not intentionally, so it won't happen!

     Fortunately, those fairy swords did not shoot towards Shen Tian.

     All the fairy swords are vertically and horizontally in the air, arranged in a neat Heaven (天) character, shining sharp sword lights in the sun, looking domineering.

     Then, 108 disciples shouted together: "The top of the immortal, proud of the world, work hard every day, and follow the brothers will become immortals."

     The slogan is heart-rending, and the tiger is alive.

     The young face of each disciple is full of confidence and full of youthful breath.

     It seemed to be completely without that I realized how ashamed of the slogan I read.

     In the crowd, shopkeeper Song and Liu Taiyi had proud smiles on their faces.

     After rehearsing for so long, I didn't lose the chain at a critical time.

     I hope that the slogan of this God's Family Organization can satisfy Brother Shengzi!


     In response to the gazes of worship, admiration, and possessiveness, Shen Tian was a little faint.

     How can there be a sense of sight of a cult leader, this son will not be captured by the special unit!

     The Bailian Tianzun next to him was smiling, but he didn't think it was bad for the young disciples to engage in spiritual worship.

     Properly worship idols and follow idols will help leaders gather the core team and shape their own authority.

     When the disciples of their generation were young, they followed and worshipped those two madly.It's just a pity that one of the two seniors was severely injured after being besieged by the sages, and had to switch to the cursed technique, and the style of painting became more and more crooked ever since.

     And the other one shouldered the heavy task of holding up the Holy Land, practicing "Mending Heaven Taoism" to cut off the seven emotions in order to achieve the fastest breakthrough in cultivation.

     Until now, nearly a thousand years have passed, and the two brothers have long lost their Young and Frivolous high-spirited and vigorous.

     Everyone, with Time Elapses, became what they didn't like at the beginning!

     Now that I see these young disciples again, and recognize a leader so enthusiastically, it really feels like a world away!

     After all, after So many years, a new key figure should also appear in the Holy Land of Gods!

     Shen Tian's destiny favors him, and his face is peerless, he is qualified to be this person!

     With a gentle smile on his face, Bailian Tianzun took a milk White Jade Talisman from his arms.

     She handed the jade talisman to Shen Tian, and said, "This is the'Shenxiao Teleportation Talisman'. It can directly teleport back disciples within 1000 miles from the teleportation point."

     "Ancient Battlefield is dangerous and unpredictable. If you encounter danger, don't be aggressive, just crush this teleportation charm in time."

     Shen Tian nodded: "Thanks for your concern."

     Bai Lian Tianzun smiled with satisfaction, and took out a book as thick as a dictionary from Cang Ming Jie: "There is also this book, which is some notes about Ancient Battlefield. You can read it slowly on the road."

     Shen Tian: "..."

     After receiving the heavy book, Shen Tian remembered the unbearable to recall past.

     Fortunately, after breaking through to the foundation-building period, Shen Tian could already use his spiritual thoughts to directly reproduce the information.In this case, it is not too difficult to read this book and write down the key points.


     Everything is ready, and all the disciples board the Shenxiao Feizhou.

     Well, before the flying boat took off, the disciple in charge of the inspection also specially opened the "Lingshi Cabin" and took a look to make sure that there were enough spiritual stones inside.

     Shenxiao Feizhou finally left the small world, the protective cover opened, and the gentle wind blew through the protective cover on the deck.

     Bai Lian Tianzun likes to be quiet, so he went to retreat in the depths of the flying boat to meditate and practice alchemy.

     Suddenly, all the apprentice sisters who were in the foundation period came up.

     "Brother Brother, I have admired you for a long time, can I ask for an autograph?"

     "Brother, I just practiced the secret technique ‘Shadow Crystal’, can I take a picture with you, Brother?"

     "Brother Brother, how do you take care of your skin? Can you teach the teacher sister, wow, it feels slippery!"

     "Brother, I heard that you have a pond of sacred nirvana liquid. You usually use nirvana sacred liquid to soak in the bath, is that true? What is the feeling of bathing with nirvana sacred liquid?"

     "Senior Brother, I heard that Senior Sister Yun Xi only succeeded in the eighth round of Golden Core after double cultivation with you. Do you think Senior Sister, how is it?"



     Listening to the junior apprentice sisters' words, Shen Tian tingling sensation.

     Autographed photo or something, also just sufficed, after all, this son is handsome, this is a disadvantage.

     But what's going on for you to touch it?

     If it’s not for you little girls who are pretty good, believe it or not, call the police?

     There is a pond of Nirvana sacred liquid in the holy son of Huanben. I usually use it to soak in the bath?Such an outrageous rumor, who is it?

     The sacred liquid of Nirvana taken out under the public place with numerous people is only more than three thousand catties, okay?

     Although there is indeed a small pond of more than 20 tons that I did not take out, it is purely a rumor to take it in the bath.

     Things that have never happened before are innocent and excessive!

     So this son decided not to suffer, so this evening he tried to take a bath with the sacred liquid of Nirvana.

     Anyway, after the soak, the curative effect probably not weakened, and it can still save lives in the future.

     Speaking of life-saving, I don’t know How is it going now.

     Hey, when the Ancient Battlefield trial is over, let Yunfeng inquire about it.

     This is a very precious research goal. Just point him to make breakthroughs in experiments!

     While dealing with apprentice sisters' warm greetings and enthusiasm, indulge in flights of fancy thinking about the future in my heart.

     Time passed quickly in this joyous and hurried fight.

     After a full hour, with the intervention of Bai Lian Tianzun, everyone stopped asking Shen Tian.

     And Shen Tian finally had time to enter his own room and enjoy a rare clean time.


     At this moment, Qin Yundi gently pushed the door of the room.

     Shen Tian said calmly: "Junior Brother Yundi, what's the matter ma?"

     Qin Yundi eyes narrowing, smiling softly: "Brother, it's a matter of yin and yang breaking the demon spear."

     Shen Tian realisation: "Yin and Yang Demon Demon Spear? Oh, look at my memory, brother, I forgot to return the eight Demon Demon Spears before."The light flickered in the Cangming Ring, and eight yin and yang spears appeared in midair.

     Shen Tian smiled and said: "Junior Brother, you can order a little, and borrow your eight Yin-Yang Demon Breaking Guns to Return to its Rightful Owner."

     Qin Yundi shook his head quickly: "Brother, you misunderstood, I didn't want you to shoot me."

     Seemingly finding it difficult to explain, Qin Yundi took out a black short gun from his space ring.

     The overall shape of this short gun is very similar to the Yin Yang Demon Breaking Gun, but there is a small disc at the tip of the gun, which looks like a lotus.

     Qin Yundi explained: "Brother, you told me the principle of the automatic Yin-Yang Demon Breaking Gun last time."

     "My mother and I have been researching for the past few days, and finally refined the first finished product, which is this'yin and yang lightning gun'."

     "There are 30 spiritual gold bullets in this Yin-Yang lightning gun, which can be fired all in just three breaths, and the accuracy is very high."

     "Although the power is slightly weaker than the single-shot Yin Yang Demon Breaking Gun, it can be fully compensated by quantity."

     "And compared to the single-shot Yin Yang Demon Breaking Gun, its fault tolerance rate is also higher."


     Listening to Qin Yundi's radiant with delight explanation, Shen Tian was stunned.

     Bull, awesome brother!

     How long has it been since you even made an automatic rifle?

     Give your mother and son some more time, do you want to make missiles?

     You are going to heaven!
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