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200 One Step Out, Everything Rejuvenates
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

The huge divine flying boat sailed into the periphery of Ancient Battlefield, arousing crowds onlookers.

     In the shadow of the flying boat, many disciples of Dongtian and Fudi showed lemon expressions in their eyes.

     No way, the strategic resource of Feizhou is quite precious. Only the Holy Land can sketch in light shades to support the facade.

     Most of those disciples from Dongtian and Fudi took the teleportation array to the nearest city and then Controlling Sword Flight.

     This way is homeless and miserable, and occasionally encounter some howling wind and torrential rain, it’s not too sour.

     At this time, they looked at the disciples of Shenxiao, like ordinary people in the previous life watching a rich second-generation sports car.

     Disdainful, but also faintly yearning.

     "Shenxiao holy land has finally come, really stepped on it."

     "Are the disciples of the Holy Land great? Let so many sects wait for one of them."

     "Keep your voice down, just talk in private, it's not good to be heard."

     "Don't worry, we are all spoken by Divine Sense Sound Transmission, I can't hear you!"

     "Speaking of it, I don't know who is he exactly that goddess son, I heard it is very extraordinary!"

     "Hehe, it's the base-building period, how extraordinary can be more extraordinary? It's just hype!"


     The Shenxiao Feizhou slowly landed, and more and more people were flocking not far away.

      even Li Lian'er, the little princess of Taibai Dongtian, also hurried with people.

     Behind her ass, there is an elegant like an immortal but an unsatisfied little spirit is chasing her.

     "Li Lian'er, hand over Senior Brother Shen Ao quickly!"

     Li Lian'er turned a deaf ear to the question of the little spirit fairy behind him.words exceede 5100They are all the most talented geniuses in the foundation-building stage among the major immortal cultivation forces.

     When a proud person meets someone with a higher status than himself, it is quite normal to secretly sore.

     Especially: obviously I am such a genius, but I didn't succeed when I wanted to worship the Holy Land of Gods.

     Now, in the Holy Land of Gods, I have recruited these old green onions as Inner Disciples regardless of the rules!

      as a result, it's strange that those'geniuses' can feel better in their hearts!

     The so-called "Sage Son of God" has not yet appeared, and the impression in everyone's mind at this time is already a lot worse.

     Of course, these disciples are just talking in whispers secretly.

     When it comes to the elders or holy sons of the Holy Land of Gods, they are more disciplined and polite than anyone else.

     108 Foundation stage disciple, led by Qin Yundi, slowly stepped off the flying boat.

     However, the divine son Shen Tian that everyone was looking forward to did not appear for a long time.

     Liu Taiyi and the shopkeeper Song looked at each other, looking thoughtful: "Could it be that brothers think the ostentation is not big enough?"

      Thought until here, the two were nodded, each took out a flag and waved it in front of the disciples.

     Suddenly, the long swords behind the more than one hundred disciples were all unsheathed, constantly shuttled in the sky, shining with biting sword light.

     Hundreds of swords, in midair, condensed into a Heaven (天) character, hanging down thousands of swords, it looks spectacular.

     "The top of the immortal, proud of the world, strive to cultivate immortals every day, and follow the brothers will become immortals!"

     "Shenxiao Holy Land Tianjuan disciples group, respectfully invite Brother Shengzi!"

     boom!Nine yin and yang thunder bursting symbols rang out in the heaven and earth, bursting out colorful fireworks, magnificent and gorgeous.

     That was the "ritual thunder and explosion talisman" specially developed by Qin Yundi under the suggestion of Liu Taiyi and Song Fugui, which was specially used to pave the way for the appearance of Brother Shengzi.

     As the saying goes, when the salute rang, the Son of God appeared. gain the upper hand by a show of strength, welcome the shout!

     All you need is a pomp! ! !

     Originally, many Shenxiao disciples were unhappy with this behavior.

     After all, shouting that's the end of it in one's own sect, really want to do this kind of thing in front of other cultivating forces...

     What a shame!

     But at this moment, all Shenxiao disciples are executing command without the slightest hesitation.

     The reason is simple, because Brother Shengzi gave too much!

     Just when Feizhou was about to arrive at Ancient Battlefield, Brother Yundi was ordered by Brother Shengzi to give each disciple a small bottle of Nirvana Holy Liquid.

      It should be noted, that is the legendary nirvana holy liquid, the treasure that can heal the Wound of Great Dao.

     Even 1ml is very precious.

     The most important thing is that you have money and it is difficult to buy.

     Before entering Ancient Battlefield, Brother Shengzi gave everyone a bottle of Nirvana Holy Liquid for free, which is almost morality reaching up to the clouds.

     For this kind of leader brothers, all the brothers said that the more the better, you can lick it anyway!


     In the end, the scene formed a scene that made other Cave Heaven and Blessed Land look dumbfounded.

     Those geniuses of various sects who were still sore in their mouths, now... more sour.

     Especially in those sects, who are ranked first's Tianjiao in the building base list, they all looked at the juniors with bitterness at this time.Look at the enlightenment of the disciples in the holy land, and actively help the brothers pretend to abandon self for others (idiom, from Analects) spirit.

     Look at each of you one by one, doesn't know at all, cooperate with brother.

     So envious, so jealous, so sour!

     My heart is incomparably anguished, and my mouth is sour.

     There are more disciples who secretly talk in whispers.

     "Hehe, there is a Foundation stage disciple, which is even more exaggerated than Yuan Yingqi Venerable."

     "Shenxiao Holy Land has been in decline over the past thousands of years. There really is a reason, what these disciples are thinking about!"

     "Even Saint Son likes exaggerated flattery so much, Shenxiao Holy Land is too disappointing."

     "This goddess son, it seems to be merely this!"


     All of a sudden, the sunspots of Shengzi Shengzi flew all over the sky.

     Until the door of Shenxiao Feizhou's inner room slowly opened, a white-clothed man walked out slowly.

     Suddenly, all the discussions in the dark stopped.

      what is this kind of strange man?

     But seeing him swordlike eyebrows starry eyes, his eyes are deep as if stars are floating and sinking, long hair draped her shoulders dancing with the wind, like a banished fairy in the sky, unparalleled and unrestrained.

     He wore a simple blue cloud and white dragon robe, his torso was like a gun, and his temperament was aloof.

     No one can question his appearance, no one can deny his handsomeness!

     Rao is the thickest-skinned arrogant, and he can't open his mouth in front of him, saying, "I am handsomer than him."

     Even though he is the most reserved and arrogant Heaven's proud daughter, she also looked at this white-clothed man idiotically at this time, losing her mind for a long time.

     This man, like this step by step, walked towards everyone.There is a strange fragrance, emanating from him, and people can't help but yearn for it.

     At some point, colorful butterflies flew in the sky, dancing lightly and gracefully around this white-clothed man, lingering for a long time and refused to leave.

     He stepped off the flying boat and stepped on the ground.

     Suddenly, everything rejuvenated on the ground that was originally only sparse withered grass.

     The withered hay became green again at the speed visible to the naked eye, and even blossomed into small flowers.

     He walked, the flowers bloomed, and the butterflies followed, like an immortal, bringing vitality to all things!

     At this moment, all the disciples outside the entire Ancient Battlefield were stunned.

     This Exceptionally Beautiful Male, who is it?


     In the end, it was a plant that responded first.

     It was a Seven Treasure Fairy Gourd seedling, which originally stayed peacefully on top of Li Lian'er.

     But at this time, after seeing Shen Tian, the whole vine of that plant was rippling.

     Its body bends slowly, and then suddenly tightens, like a standing long jump athlete, jumping directly to Shen Tian with a flower pot.

     So scared that Shen Tian almost didn't move the palm thunder, he collapsed the refined gourd.

     Looking at the gourd falling in Shen Tian's arms and swaying Xiao Miao happily, Li Lian'er smile on face is very kind.

     Yes, the ghost knows how a dumb Lolita shows a kind smile.

     Anyway, she was very pleased looking at Qibaoxianhu's expression now.

     It is indeed the crystallization of love between Lian'er and Shen Tian's brother, and she is really close to Shen Tian's brother.Originally, she was worried that this Qibao Xianhu had followed her since the seed, and had hardly seen Shen Tian, and would not wait to see Shen Tian.

     Unexpectedly, at this meeting, it actually liked Shen Tian so much and jumped directly into Shen Tian's arms.

     Li Lian'er was very pleased. She ran towards Shen Tian and cheered: "Brother Shen Tian, you are finally here. Lian'er miss of you!"

     And her words also made the quiet and noiseless crowd reappears.

     "Shen Tian? Is this person Shen Tian, the new Shenxiao Sage? Hiss, that's extraordinary!"

     "Such a face and such a temperament, is this really something the world can have? Isn't it really the reincarnation of the banished immortal in the sky?"

     "The whole body is shrouded in endless vitality and scent, leading the spirit butterfly to follow, stepping out of the earth to rejuvenate, unheard-of, simply unheard-of!"

     "Originally I thought that the disciples of the Holy Land of Gods were too flattering and fawning. Now it seems that I was to view the sky from the bottom of a well!"

     "Shenxiao disciples worship the Holy Son so much, there really is a reason, Fang Chang and Zhang Yunting, they won't be wronged!"

     "I have seen Shen Tian and other men in the world overshadowed. In the future, this fairy will not marry Shen Tian."

     "I would rather be a concubine Shen Tian than a married woman. Who dares to persuade me to show menopause on the spot!" (From menopause)

     "Hey, my princes think that they are the first in appearance in the Eastern Desolation, but I have seen the son of God today, and I know that there is human beyond the human there is Heaven beyond the Heaven. From now on, my princes ashamed of being inferior, Gan Dang Donghuang's second beautiful man!"

     "I am third!"

     "I am fourth!"

     "My 1006th!"

     "Xinren Shenxiao Shengzi, name is not in vain, I love it!"

     ...For a time, the limelight of the Holy Land of Shenxiao was not optimistic, and it was completely reversed.

     Everyone looked at Shen Tian, with amazing eyes.

     However, at this time, Shen Tian himself was holding the Seven Treasure Immortal Gourd with a dazed face.

     In other words, he just took a bath of the sacred liquid of Nirvana, how could the scent of the sacred liquid flow all over his body?

     These spirit butterflies circle around that's the end of it, what excitement do you bumblebees join in, do you want to make this son?

     Believe it or not, this sage son, together with the god of primordial thunder, has completely abolished your little needles?

     Also, what are the flowers and plants at the feet of this son?

     I really didn't trample on the flowers intentionally.

     The problem is that wherever Ben Shengzi steps on, grass grows and green.

     Is it handsome, can it also have its own greening function?

     It won't be the energy of the sacred liquid of Nirvana. The Son hasn't fully absorbed it yet, now it's spontaneously dissipating!

      I thought until here, Shen Tian brows slightly wrinkled, and I couldn’t help but feel distressed.

     And his distressed expression fell in the eyes of everyone, but it was interpreted into other meanings.

     Shengzi Shenxiao frowned, why did he frown?

     I heard that the Son of God has the ability to spy on the secrets of heaven and can see a corner of the future.

     Could it be that he saw that many disciples would be in danger during this trial, bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of mankind?

     Hey, worthy of being the saint son of the Holy Land of God, not only looks so handsome, but also has such a kind heart in his heart. I love it!

     At this moment, everyone is a Yan Gou!


     "Brother Shen Tian, Lian'er takes good care of Hu'er!"Li Lian'er grinned and said, "Look, Hu'er has grown small vines now!"

     Shen Tian nodded slightly, frankly speaking, she still has a good impression of Li Lian'er, the little Lori, as long as her father is not there.

     "It's true that I have grown up a lot, and I am very cute."

     Shen Tian touched the small leaves on the gourd vine, suddenly as if thinking of something.

     He took a small red bottle from Cangming Ring, pulled out the stopper, and took out a drop of white liquid from inside.

     With the appearance of this drop of white liquid, the range of the gourd vine twisting the body became more obvious.

     Obviously, it wants it!

     Shen Tian dumbfounded, he didn't expect that the first person who tasted the sacred liquid of Nirvana in the bath was this little fairy.

     He wiped this drop of white liquid on the gourd vine.

     Soon, the gourd vine absorbed this drop of white liquid directly, and the green light on the body became richer.


     Shen Tian smiled and put the flowerpot on Li Lian'er's head again, and fixed it with dumb hair.

     Then, he took out about 10ml of diluted Nirvana Holy Liquid from the red bottle and poured it on the gourd seedlings.

     But seeing that the gourd seedling quickly absorbed all the sacred liquid of Nirvana, the green light became stronger at the speed visible to the naked eye.

     And the speed at which the gourd vine twists its body is becoming faster and faster by the magnitude of visible to the naked eye!

     It shook its body and shook its small cane head, excited and full of power.

     As if knocking something indescribable.


     In the end, it even pulled out its roots from the soil with a vine, twisted its body, and stared at Shen Tian in a daze.This gourd baby is smashing the sacred liquid of Nirvana too much, is she drunk and crazy?

     What are you going to do?
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