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201 Bilian Tianzun’s Good Old Friend (6000 Words)
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Shen Tian was also very pleased to see that Calabash Teng liked his gifts so much.

     After all, it was the gourd baby that he drove out of the spirit ore, and he still had some feelings after all.

     Shen Tian handed the red bottle in his hand to Li Lian'er and smiled: "This bottle is filled with processed Nirvana Sacred Liquid, which can be used for external application to heal injuries, or to cultivate spiritual wood."

     "Since this little gourd seedling likes it, Junior Sister Lian'er will keep it!"

     "Remember not to eat by yourself!"

     Frankly speaking, the Sword Master Token presented by the Li family was very helpful to Shen Tian, allowing him to avoid many life crises.

     Now giving this processed nirvana holy liquid to Li Lian'er is actually toss a peach, get back a plum.

     Li Lian'er took the small red bottle with a smile such as a flower on her face: "Brother Shen Tian is so kind to Hu'er!"

     Shen Tian touched Li Lian'er's head and looked at the red and gold halo on her head, feeling a little dissatisfied.

     As the first destined person Shen Tian met in Wanling Garden, it was just the luck of the red ring with golden spots, which was not enough!

     And Shen Tian could clearly see that there was a faintly discernible picture of chance on Li Lian'er's head.

     This should be the opportunity she will encounter when she enters the Ancient Battlefield experience.

     However, in Shen Tian's view, the chance in this picture is not very precious, far inferior to the Seven Treasure Fairy Gourd.

     In addition, after entering the town, Shen Tian also saw opportunities above Zhao Hao, Qin Yundi and others.

     But most of them are some ancient Battlefield ores, remnants, and spirit fruits, which can only be regarded as relatively precious.Compared with "Seven Treasure Fairy Gourd Plants", "Sacrifice to the Heavenly Grandpa" and "Epocalyptic Electrolysis Water", it is still pale by comparison.

     Obviously, even if it is a big air transporter, it is impossible for every opportunity to encounter a great opportunity.

     Most of the time, they will also encounter some more ordinary opportunities, better than nothing.

     I don't know, if she helps Li Lian'er improve her luck, will she encounter a greater chance in this trial?

     In Shen Tian's mind, a thought suddenly popped out.

      Thought until here, Shen Tian decided to give it a try.

     He took out an exquisite sandalwood box from Cangming Ring, which contained an exquisite white jade bottle.

     On the bottle, there is a mark of "10" written in gold paint.

     That represents 10 kilograms of Nirvana liquid in the bottle.


     Before Shen Tian returned to the Holy Land of Shenxiao, he did an important thing.

     That is, the holy liquid is divided into bottles!

     Shen Tian didn't prepare for the adventure in the Misty Plains. There were more than two hundred bottles in Cangming Ring.

     Therefore, in order to install the sacred liquid of Nirvana in the pond, Shen Tian suffocated enough to pour the liquid into each bottle.

     Most of the bottles were filled with a hundred catties of Nirvana Holy Liquid, and some larger bottles were filled with more than two hundred catties after engraving the formation pattern.

     But there is a big shortcoming of a bottle of 100 kilograms, that is, it is too high-profile and too easy to attract attention.

     Just like at the Bailian Peak, the Big Dipper Son was shocked to doubt his life, almost stunned.

      What is more important, a bottle of Nirvana sacred liquid is not good for giving gifts!After all, you have taken out the bottle, there are a hundred catties of holy liquid in it, so it's not easy to pick out such a catty to give it away!

     How stingy and not pompous?

     Ben Shengzi don't want face?

     But if you want face, you have to give a bottle.

     That's more than a hundred catties of Nirvana Holy Liquid, too much!

     Although Shen Tian had collected 25 squares of Nirvana Sacred Liquid in the Misty Valley before, it was about 30 tons, 50,000 to 60,000 jin.

     But you can't make it casually!

     After all, if you send 100 catties at a time, don’t you give it five or six hundred times?

      Thought until here, Shen Tian went to the Holy City of Shenxiao to order a thousand gift boxes and tens of thousands of jade bottles.

     Then, he spent half a day putting the remaining Nirvana sacred liquid into a green jade bottle, a white jade bottle and a golden Xiangyu bottle.

     Among them, the quantity of sapphire bottles was the largest, with a total of 10,000 bottles, each containing 1 kg of Nirvana Holy Liquid.

     This kind of bottle has a smooth jade and is carved with various very rarely seen, unusual, very beautifully.

     Compared with those bottles before Shen Tian, their appearance is many times stronger.

     As for the white jade bottle, the carvings are more exquisite than the blue jade bottle, and it is packed in precious sandalwood boxes.

     There is only one white jade bottle in each gift box, which contains 10 kilograms of Nirvana Holy Liquid.

     Shen Tian has prepared a thousand of this white jade bottle gift box, which is intended to be specially used for those great luck's young Tianjiao.

     After all, polite travels all over the world, rude unable to move a single step.

     When you meet Heaven's Chosen Child who has great opportunity above your head, how can you make him believe you and get close to you?

     The easiest and most direct way is to smash with Nirvana Holy Liquid.Hit him to see you as he did, to you as close as one's hands and feet!

     The exquisite spiritual sandalwood box is the face, and the Nirvana holy liquid inside is the lining.

     Give enough face and everything, you are me Tiezi!

     Can't you still cut the leeks safely?

     At the same time, after being given Nirvana Holy Liquid by Shen Tian, the luck of the recipient will also increase.

      As a result, these leeks can be cut one after another, cutting more and more!

      In the course of time, why does Shen Tian worry that he will not add to his luck and become the most prosperous mascot in the world of cultivation?



     As for the rest, it is the most advanced gift box.

     Its whole body is refined from spiritual stones, which can preserve the spiritual energy to the greatest extent.

     The engraving of a dragon, painting of a phoenix on this gift box is engraved with the vision patterns of the ten great guardians of the gods in the Holy Land, and the personal signature of the son of Shen Tian.

     The bottle is made of precious spiritual gold inlaid on top-quality spiritual jade, which is worth several cities.

     The cost of the bottle alone is as high as a thousand spiritual stones, which can be called luxury and noble side by side.

     This gold-inlaid jade bottle contains 100 kilograms of Nirvana Holy Liquid, which is the most high-end packaging.

     Only real big scenes, such as a master’s birthday or meeting a father-in-law, might use this configuration.

     And this kind of gift box is the least ordered by Shen Tian, and there are only one hundred taking everything into account.

     After all, in Shen Tian's view, this kind of gift-giving opportunities probably not particularly many.

     Shen Tian estimated that he might have to use it himself in the end.


     There are 10,000 sapphire bottles, each containing 1 catty of Nirvana liquid;1,000 white jade bottles, each containing 10 catties of Nirvana liquid;

     There are 100 Jinxiang Jade Bottles, each containing 100 kg of Nirvana Holy Liquid.

     This will arrange the 30,000 catties of Nirvana Holy Liquid to be clear and direct.

     As for the remaining 20,000 kilograms of Nirvana Holy Liquid, it was placed in a special magic jade bottle by Shen Tian.

     This Jade Jing bottle is a superb storage spiritual device given to Shen Tian by Bailian Tianzun. It is most suitable for storing effective cure, miracle medicine and nourishing medicinal effects.

     After Shen Tian gifted a hundred catties of Nirvana sacred liquid to Bai Lian Tian Zun, Bai Lian Tian Zun considered past cause and future effect and presented this jade net bottle to Shen Tian.

     The remaining 20,000 jin of Nirvana holy liquid is stored in this jade purification bottle, which can maintain the efficacy of the medicine to the maximum extent, and may even be purified a little.

     Its value is even higher than the Peak Grade Spirit Tool basalt helmet!

     In addition, there are many detoxification pills, magic-breaking pills, essence supplement pills, blood supplement pills, qi supplement pills, etc. presented by Bailian Tianzun in this jade clean bottle.

      These Medicine Pills are all refined by Bailian Tianzun himself and are of extremely high quality.

     Although not as good as the sacred liquid of Nirvana, it is definitely the breaking point of the frantic pursuit of many monks in the Eastern Wilderness, worth several cities.

     From this it can be seen that Bailian Tianzun is still very reasonable, and is indeed trying his best to exchange corresponding value treasures for Shen Tian's sacred liquid of Nirvana.

     Not like a certain elder.


     At this time, Shen Tian handed a white jade bottle containing 10 kilograms of Nirvana Holy Liquid to Li Lian'er.

     The sandalwood box is opened, and the top-grade white jade bottle reflects the faintly multicolored halo under the sunlight.Shen Tian had a smile on his face: "This bottle contains 10 kilograms of the best Nirvana sacred liquid, which can heal injuries. Junior sister Lian'er accepts it. Remember to pay attention to safety on Ancient Battlefield."

     As Shen Tian delivered 10 kilograms of Nirvana sacred liquid to Li Lian'er, the halo on her head really shone brightly.

     There are some golden spots faintly, and the light is more brilliant.

     Even the scene of opportunity above her head became more clear and coherent.

     Even after that opportunity screen, there seems to be a new opportunity brewing...

     In this regard, Shen Tian couldn't help but sigh: He has to study the relationship between luck and chance!

     As for Li Lian'er, a lovely crimson appeared on her face when she took the Lingtan wooden box.

     It turns out that Brother Shen Tian also specially prepared gifts for Ling'er!

     This wooden box and bottle are so beautiful!

     In order to prepare this gift, Brother Shen Tian must take a lot of trouble!

     I just don't know why Brother Shen Tian stared at Lian'er's head when he gave the gift.

     Are you looking at Huer? Unexpectedly, their relationship is so good!



     At this time, everyone's eyes fell on Shen Tian.

     He came with his unparalleled face to rejuvenate everything, and stand together with Li Lian'er, a talented man and beautiful woman that made countless people yearning.

     Especially those women, at this time all wanted to replace Li Lian'er and become a beautiful woman next to the Son.

     After all, which girl is not pregnant with spring?

     At this moment, the rosary of the nine sons in Shen Tian's arms began to tremble violently."Master, there is resentment around, it is from Little Lingxian and Shen Ao!"

     Little fairy? Shen Ao?

     Shen Tian was slightly stunned, looking towards the direction Jiu'er pointed.

     But I saw two faint eyes shooting from the side, staring straight at Shen Tian, not Xiao Lingxian and Shen Ao, Who else can it be?

     After a farewell reunion, Shen Tian was still very happy to see Xiao Lingxian and Shen Ao.

     But why do they both look so bitter now?

     Could it be... jealous?

     Also, the son of this sacred gift sent the potted cultivation liquid to the lotus and the sacred liquid of Nirvana.

     The two of them failed to get any benefits, and they felt a little unhappy and sorrowful, and they were really normal.

     Shen Tian is not a person who favors one another.

     Although Xiao Lingxian has a lot of thoughts, she is also a very important woman in Shen Tian's heart... Leek.

     Help the little Lingxian to improve her luck and help her chances in the future!

     As for the sixth brother Shen Ao, Shen Tian was ashamed in his heart.

     Since his journey, besides Yan Huang Shen Xiao, the most familiar one in the emperor relatives is the sixth brother Shen Ao.

      The family affection of meridian link, in the end still cannot be parted!

      Thought until here, Shen Tian took out two spirit sandalwood boxes from Cangming Ring and handed them to Xiao Lingxian and Shen Ao respectively.

     "Brother Six, Junior Sister Ling'er, this is for you, and it is also 10 Jin of Nirvana Holy Liquid."

     "In this Ancient Battlefield trial, I still hope to pay attention to safety. To Shen, you are all very important people."As soon as Shen Tian's words fell, the trembling of the nine rosary beads in his arms slowly stopped: "Master, their resentment has completely disappeared."

     "I didn't expect Brother Aotian's real name to be Shen Tian? Thank you, Brother Shen Tian!"

     Little Lingxian took the Lingsalwood box with a bright smile on his face, making countless male monks around him stared blankly.

     "Damn it! This goddess sage picks up Fairy Lian'er that's the end of it, and actually goes to snatch Fairy Ling'er!"

     "But why can't I have a trace of anger in my heart?"

     "Damn, why do I think in my heart that fairy Lian'er and Fairy Ling'er should belong to such characters?"

     "Oh, my arrogant and obstinate soul, why do I just want to bless them at this time!"

     "Because you are ugly! Ugly is not worthy of anger."

     "Shenxiao Shengzi is really elegant and unrestrained, I really admire Lian'er Fairy and Linger Fairy, I really want to get into the arms of Shenxiao Shengzi with them!"


     The disciples around, a group of several people talk in whispers.

     They communicated in groups, envy, or yearning, and the smell of lemon was in the air.

     At this time, Shen Ao looked at Shen Tian with a sincere smile, but felt that his mood was extremely complicated at this time.

     Frankly speaking, since stepping into the world of immortality, Shen Ao's worldview has been greatly impacted.

     He is obviously a rarely seen genius of the Royal Family of Great Yan Kingdom for a century, and has been the pride of everyone since he was a child.

     However, after entering the Taibai Cave, Shen Ao realized that his talent was not as top-notch as he thought.Senior Brother Li Changge and Senior Sister Li Lian'er are both more talented than him.

     Even among the disciples in the Ancient Battlefield trial at this time, he could only rank above the middle.

     However, the hapless thirteenth emperor who had been shunned by him, took on a new lease of life and became the son of the Holy Land of Gods.

     Everyone's eyes are attracted by him, and everyone is crowded at his side.

     The fairy Xiao Ling, who was so highly respected by the master, who claimed to be ‘you don’t have to fight if you come close to her’, was a loyal and incomparably fascinating sister of the thirteenth emperor.

      has to say, Shen Ao's arrogance has been greatly frustrated.

     If he can survive, then the sword will be sharpened, and perhaps he will be able to walk out of a tougher kendo.

     If you can’t go there and your mentality collapses, it’s not impossible to have no desire to improve.

     Seeing Shen Ao staring at oneself, Shen Tian was slightly stunned.

     What, does Sixth Brother think I have given less holy liquid?

      Thought until here, Shen Tian took out another sacred wood box from Cangming Ring and stuffed the two boxes into Shen Ao's arms.

     "Brother Six, you and my brother meridian link, the previous misunderstanding in Wan Ling Garden and the palace, I hope you don't take it to heart!"

     Shen Ao stupidly received 20 pounds of Nirvana Holy Liquid, the monk Zhang Er unable to make any sense of the matter: "Wan Ling Garden, what's the misunderstanding?"

     Shen Tian was slightly surprised, with a drop of cold sweat on his forehead.

     The shopkeeper Song behind him had more cold sweat on his forehead.

     Shen Tian lightly coughed: "It's nothing, it's not important, let him pass the past!"


     Shen Ao suddenly recovered his wits!Yes, because the thirteenth emperor called himself Shen Aotian in Wanling Garden, Fairy Xiao Ling mistakenly thought that his Highness was Shen Aotian.

     So he came to the door and pointed at his nose to curse that his highness was ugly.

     Damn, my Highness has never suffered this kind of grievance in this life!

     The more I think about it, the more I think about it, the more I think about it, the more I think about it, Shen Ao takes a deep breath: "Thirteen brothers, this little misunderstanding, I have never taken it to heart.

     "As for what holy healing liquid, Brother Thirteen, you should take it back! There are still a lot of rejuvenation pills on your brother."

     "Besides, brother is now practicing kendo, the sword is proud and he is not used to..."

     Before Shen Ao finished speaking, Venerable Ziyang's hysterical divine consciousness sounded in his mind.

     "Evil disciple, evil disciple!! My stupid disciple, accept, accept!"

     "Do you know how precious this holy liquid of Nirvana is? I might not get a bottle of holy liquid of Nirvana after selling your master!"

     "If there was such a brother as a teacher back then, where would you still need to fight? Aoer, don't live in plenty without appreciating it!"

     Listening to Venerable Ziyang's crazy words, Shen Ao was stunned.

     A mere 20 kilograms of the sacred liquid of Nirvana, can't be replaced by the master?

     When is Master so worthless?

     Bah, baah, no, it’s the holy liquid of Nirvana what exactly is it, the treasure, it’s so valuable!

      Thought until here, Shen Ao felt even more sour!

     They are all the children of the Shen family in the Great Yan Country, and the gifts given by the thirteen brothers can buy his two masters.

     Concubine, Aoer is ashamed of you! ! !But when you think about it, the mother-in-law did not seem to be favored by Princess Lan, and she was one of the fans of Princess Lan.

     Well, it seems so.

     This highness is not as good as the thirteen brothers, and it is normal!

     Finding a step in his heart, Shen Ao felt a burst of clarity in his heart.

      Even Jianxin, it seems that after a tempering, the swordsmanship has taken a big step forward in a short time!


     Shen Tian looked at Shen Ao whose complexion was constantly changing, and couldn't help but worry.

     Am I just sending two bottles of Nirvana liquid to the sixth brother! Brother Six, you are polite.

     As for the expression so rich!

      Thought until here, Shen Tian said helplessly: "Brother Six, this is my heart, you and my brother......"

     Before Shen Tian had finished speaking, he was interrupted by Shen Ao: "Well, since the thirteenth brother insists on this, I can only accept it for my brother."

     He smiled and accepted the two bottles of Nirvana Holy Liquid and put them into his storage magical item.

     At this moment, Shen Ao felt that he had let go of the sacred liquid of Nirvana, let go of the desire to compete with the thirteen brothers, and let go of unnecessary comparisons.

     There are always some people in the world, the darling of heaven, protagonist of the era, very comparable.

     If you insist on competing with these people, sometimes just bring trouble on oneself!

     Shen Ao realized it, he completely realized it.

     Rather than treating the thirteenth as a secretly contested object, it is better to regard him as his goal and role model.

     Follow him, learn from him, help him, assist him, maybe be able to accompany him to build a fairy road!

     The dusted sword heart seemed to be wiped, and Shen Ao's understanding of the sword became more profound!At this moment, he vaguely comprehended the kendo in the mouth of Venerable Ziyang...

     What is it!


     Shen Ao in the end still accepting the sacred liquid of Nirvana, which makes Shen Tian relaxed.

     As for Li Lian'er next to her, she looked a little confused at this time.

     Isn't this beautiful box and jade bottle specially prepared for Ling'er by Brother Shen Tian?

     Why are there so many copies?

     Hmm, did Brother Shen Tian also prepare for them by the way?

     Li Lian'er, Xiao Ling, and Shen Ao each got the sacred liquid of Nirvana, and were happy in their hearts.

     But the other Tianjiao disciples of Cave Heaven and Blessed Land are sour at this time.

     The reason for being sour is not because of not being given the sacred liquid of Nirvana.

     Because to be honest, even the Foundation stage disciple of the Holy Land of Gods did not understand the origin of the sacred liquid of Nirvana after being introduced by Qin Yundi and others.

     For those Foundation stage disciple in non-sacred places, I don’t know what Nirvana holy liquid is.

     The reason why they are sore is simply because Li Lian'er, Xiao Ling and Shen Tian stand together. It is so harmonious.

     The man's sour sky, the woman's sour Lilian'er and Xiao Ling, in short, the taste of lemon is very strong!


     At the same time, Ancient Battlefield is about to open.

     In the void, the elders of Two Great Sacred Grounds, Six Great Sacred Grounds, and Twelve Blessed Grounds have all arrived.

     The elder in charge of Shenxiao Holy Land is Bailian Tianzun, and the elder in charge of Jade Lake Holy Land is Danwu Tianzun, both of which exist in the transformation stage.

     As for the elders of the other six great caves and twelve blessed places, they all exist in the Yuan Ying period.Dan Wu Tianzun is a dignified and beautiful woman wearing a big red dress, with a cinnabar mole on the center of her eyebrows, which is a bit beautiful.

     Although she is over a thousand years old, she is maintaining a young appearance.

     The age looks like that young woman of about 25~6, at the most feminine time.

     Can make countless men go crazy!

     She looked at Bai Lian Tianzun with a little disappointment in her eyes: "Brother Chu He, haven't you come again this time?"

     Bai Lian Tianzun looked at Dan Wu Tianzun sympathetically: "If Senior Sister Dan Wu really can't let it go, why not go directly to Shenxiao to find him?"

     Dan Wu Tianzun shook his head: "He said that he is a dragon in the sky, destined to ascends to the Immortal World."

     "I swear that I will never harass him before he becomes immortal!"

     Seeing Danwu Tianzun with a stubborn face, Bailian Tianzun shook the head with a smile, it was really hard for her.

     At the beginning, the big brother Chu River walked down the mountain under the alias of Chu River, defeated all powerful enemies, swept the Five Realms Tianjiao, and the limelight was really strong.

     At that time, how many Heaven's proud daughter was fascinated by him? In the end, only Dan Wu Tianzun was qualified to reluctantly follow him.

     It's a pity that the big brother back then was too proud.

     Obviously there is this junior from Jade Lake Holy Land in her heart, but she stubbornly said, ‘Only the Peerless Goddess who are expected to ascend are qualified to possess someone from Chu! "

     In the end, she forced the Danwu senior sister, who had a soft temper and a strong temper, to make the vow of "I will not be a fairy, I will not find you"!

     Later, Chu Longhe blew himself up with his divine body and transferred to the "Sinhuo Jing", and his luck and ethics were simultaneously bleeding.

     The fairies of the same generation who originally liked him were basically disappointed.Later, the fairies of the same generation also gradually found an honest brother and sister.

     Only Dan Wu Tianzun has never let go of the big brothers. Apart from daily inquiries about Big Apprentice Brother's ‘news’, he practiced in retreat.

     Among the many gods of the transformation stage of Jade Lake Holy Land, the cultivation of the fairy Danwu can be called the top.

     It is said that it is not far from crossing the robbery to become holy!

     For this kind of peerless existence, but focused on Bilian Tianzun, the countless great abilities of the Eastern Wilderness are puzzled.

     Only Bailian Tianzun, to Danwu Tianzun feel as if it had happened to oneself.


     Bailian Tianzun sighed saying, "If there is any news from Big Apprentice Brother's in the future, I will tell Sister Dan Wu."

     Dan Wu Tianzun showed a grateful expression on his face: "So, there will be Junior Sister Lao."

     Bai Lian Tianzun nodded: "Speaking of which, the contemporary god Xiao Shengzi seems to have a relationship with the big brother, and he is also practicing the inheritance of the "Xinhuo Jing"."

     "Furthermore, the big brothers walking outside recently seem to have been propagating that Shen Tian is a disciple taught by the Holy Master and him."

     As he said, Bai Lian Tianzun's gaze penetrated into the void, looking towards Shen Tian surrounded by everyone.

     The light in Dan Wu Tianzun's eyes flickered and fell on Shen Tian's body.

     The eyes of the two peerless females actually appeared a little...

     Strange maternal glory!

     PS: A large chapter of 6,000 words, I hope everyone can read it better!
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