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203 Hearty Battle!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Looking at the skeletons fighting under the mountain, Shen Tian and others are looking thoughtful.

     These undead skeletons are the main battle targets of the many disciples of Two Great Sacred Grounds, Six Great Caves and Twelve Blessed Grounds in this trial.

     They are Ancient Era, the fallen ones in that battle.

     The bones of these fallen persons combined with the ominous Qi of the evil spirits outside the sky to give birth to these monsters.

     Due to the massive loss of divinity, its combat effectiveness has been weakened by many times compared with that in his lifetime.

     But for the immortal cultivators in the foundation period, it is still full of challenges.

     It can be said that the overwhelming majority foundational stage cultivator may not be good in front of these undead skeletons.

     One who is not careful can even be killed.

     Qin Yundi's eyes narrowing, a faintly worried look appeared in his eyes: "There are many more skeletons here than in the last experience!"

     "Could it be that we teleported to the area in Ancient Battlefield 700?"

      In general Immortal Sect entered the Ancient Battlefield trial, all within a thousand miles from the edge.

     Qianli Nei is the outer periphery of Ancient Battlefield and is safe during a special period of five years.

     But once you set foot beyond a thousand miles, that is the real inside of Ancient Battlefield.

     It is said that there is a great horror left over from the ancients, and almost no one can escape from the monks who ventured into it.

     The teleportation array outside the battlefield has a random teleportation location.

      If you enter the antique battlefield via Teleport, you will generally teleport to within 100 to 500 miles from the edge.

     However, due to the chaotic laws of the battlefield, it is normal for a small range of transmission deviation to occur.

     According to Qin Yundi's experience, they should be teleported to a deeper place.The danger here is far beyond the edge of the battlefield.

     "Brother, we are in trouble."

      takes a deep breath, rows of Yin-Yang Demon Breaking Guns suddenly appeared behind them, with a full 8x8=64 shots.

     The muzzle of the pitch-black midwinter is densely packed, so you can't help but tingling sensation.

     This Qin Yundi is also a genius, he can control so many Yin Yang Demon Breaking Guns at the same time, and he can still maintain his accuracy.

     This distracting control ability makes people gasp in amazement.

     Compared with him, Zhou Botong is weaker than him.

     Shen Tian nodded slightly: "Everyone should be vigilant, there may be danger here at any time."

     The Zijin Hammer appeared in his right hand, and Shen Tian was surrounded by a faint golden thunder, looking extremely overbearing.

     He looked at the heads of everyone, with a relaxed smile on his face.

     Originally, Shen Tian was also worried that because of oneself would intervene, Zhao Hao and the others would miss the chance due to the Butterfly Effect and the transmission deviation.

     But at this time, Shen Tian looked at the top of everyone's heads, and could faintly sense where their chances were.

      In other words, red air luck can not only determine the time when a destined person encounters a chance, but also can simply locate its chance at the same time.

     With this positioning, Shen Tian can basically be sure that there will be no accidents.

     Their chance, Ben Shengzi is fixed!

     Now, break through!

     "Brother Thirteen, shall we go back now?"

     Looking at the skeletons fighting each other down the mountain, Shen Ao swallowed.

     At this time everyone was on a small barren mountain, but around this mountain, there seemed to be skeleton soldiers with odds and ends fighting.Shen Ao counted casually, and the number of those skeletons exceeded hundreds, which is equivalent to hundreds of Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator.

     And it seems that these skeletons are just small soldiers, maybe there are real big guys nearby!

     If they were seen by those big guys and hunted down, wouldn’t they have a total defeat of an army?

      Speak frankly, Shen Ao felt a little regretful, and left with his thirteenth brother.

     My thirteen brothers, it seems that luck has not improved!

     Shen Tian looked at the skeletons under the mountain, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly: "No hurry, you are waiting for me on this mountain first."

     With that, he put on the newly bought silver space ring on his ring finger, emitting a faint light.

     The black basalt shield flew out of the ring and was held by Shen Tian in his left hand.

     "In this kind of place where there are crises everywhere, it is best not to make too much noise until only when absolutely essential."

     Shen Tian said to everyone: "Yundi, your yin and yang demon-breaking spears must first be engraved with the'silence formation method', otherwise, don't release a single shot."

     "Song Fugui, Liu Taiyi, Xiong Meng, the yin and yang thunder explosion talisman on your body are also, don't use it when you are not only when absolutely essential.

     "As for the skeletons under the mountain, wait a moment, I'll clear the way!"

     After that, Shen Tian flew directly towards the group of skeletons.

     Yes, his one person ran down the mountain.

     Today he, no place to fear.

     Just one word: reckless!


     In this Ancient Battlefield, the Controlling Sword Flight's speed will be fast and sometimes unstable due to the disorder.

      What is more important, the void on this battlefield is also unstable and full of spacial rift(s).If it is Controlling Sword Flight, it is easy to stray into the spacial rift(s) and move to an unknown place.

     Moving to the periphery of Ancient Battlefield is fine, but if it is moved to the depths of the battlefield.

     When the time comes, let’s not talk about the base-building period, even the real person will be dead end!

     Shen Tian didn't have Controlling Sword Flight, but his legs ran like the wind, and his speed was still amazingly fast.

     From the mountain to the bottom of the mountain only a few miles away, Shen Tian had already finished running in a moment, rushing into the battlefield of those skeletons.

     Seeing Shen Tian descending into the mountain so abruptly, everyone on the mountain couldn't help but squeeze a cold sweat for him.

     Although we all know that Shen Tian, as the son of the gods, is powerful, but this is the Ancient Battlefield after all!

     Everyone’s cultivation was suppressed to the foundation building stage, and Shen Tian, this kind of people, rushed into so many skeleton groups, really no problem?

     In fact, after Shen Tian was gushing out of blood and rushing towards the group of skeletons.

     The group of skeletons also stopped fighting with the same kind one after another, rushing towards Shen Tian frantically one by one.

     When there is no penis, these skeletal undead will fight each other.

     But once the penis appeared, they would attack them in groups!


     In fact, these skeletons are not humans.

     Although these skeletons are all humanoids, some have horns on their foreheads, some have wings on their backs, and some have skulls with beaks.

     Almost every skeleton bears a mark that is not human.

     Obviously, most of them are beasts and monsters cultivate until becoming a human, and the monster characteristics on their bodies have not been fully refined.

     This kind of demon is the one direction of demon cultivation, transforming the body into a human Mortal Body Cultivation.After success, not only will your qualifications be improved, but you will even be able to practice the Human Race's Golden Core Refining Qi.

     Of course, there are also many monster races that do not want to cultivate until becoming a human, but maintain their original body and continuously strengthen themselves.

     When needed, the human form is constructed by illusion, the essence of which is still the animal body.

     These two demon cultivation modes are just like Qi refining and body refining, each has its advantages and disadvantages, and only depends on personal choice.

     However, it is clear that most of the skeletons in front of Shen Tian at this time are the skeletons of strong monsters who are cultivating towards the human roots.

     At this moment, they felt fresh vitality, and they were all crazy.

     "Get on together, I'm so scared!"

     Shen Tian hummed coldly, the faint golden lightning mark on the center of his eyebrows flickered, and golden thunders flooded his body.

     At this moment, Shen Tian's body faintly condensed a set of armor, shining with brilliant thunder light and extremely mighty.

     That was the Five Thunder God Beast Armor that could only be condensed after the Five Thunders Zhengtian Art was completed.

     It combines the advantages of five Thunderstrike Battle Armor, which has a very significant increase in the combat effectiveness of Shen Tian.

     As for the styling, in fact, the shape of the Dragon Abyss Sacred Armor draws heavily on the Five Thunder God Beast Armor, and the similarity is high.

     When the five thunder beast armors are condensed, Shen Tian's attack, speed, defense, recovery and negative immunity have been greatly improved.

     He turned into a golden afterimage, crisscrossing among the skeletons.

     The basalt shield condenses the thunder shield armor, and each shield strike can fly the skull several feet away, convulsing and paralyzing.

     And the thin First Primordial Heavy Water attached to the purple golden hammer is even more powerful after being poured into Thunder.Every time a hammer falls on those skeletons, it can directly knock those skeletons apart and scatter them to the ground.

     After the thunder had spread, the soul flame on the heads of these skulls quickly extinguished and turned into dead objects without perception.

     Maybe they are buried in the ground by the thousands and tens of thousands, and they will re-burn their soul flames and recover.

     But Shen Tian, how could they give them this opportunity?

     The silver ring on his right hand emits a little light, and all the remaining bones are contained in it.

     Don't underestimate these residual bones, these are the bones of the great monsters of the ancient era.

     Although most of the divine aura has been lost, the remaining divine aura is still very significant and its value is very significant.

     Shen Tian's purple gold hammer attached to First Primordial Heavy Water, even diamonds can be broken, but these skeletons can only be cracked.

     This shows how hard these monster bones are.

     Whether it is used for refining or buried in the elixir garden of the sect as fertilizer, these bones are the best materials.



     Smashed out with one hammer after another, Shen Tian flew into chaos.

     In a short period of time, over a hundred skeletons die without a whole corpse under Shen Tian's purple golden hammer.

     On the barren mountain, Zhao Hao and others were dumbfounded.

     Is this the true strength of Senior Brother Shen Tian?

     Even if I am in an antique battlefield and my cultivation base is crushed to the foundation, I am still invincible in the world?

     While everyone worshipped in their hearts, Shen Tian's expression changed slightly.

     The golden five-thunder beast armor on his body was slightly dim, and the purple golden hammer also slowly shrank a circle.

     Yes, he seems to be almost out of blue.Damn it, this body is like this.

     It's just been a few minutes of prestige, why can't you hold it, three-pointed man?

     Bad review, dear!

     Shen Tian sighed saying, the five thunder beast armors scattered on his body, and the Azure Dragon Thunder armor was condensed instead.

     The thin and mixed aura on the battlefield crazily poured into Shen Tian's body, and was absorbed by Shen Tian with the Azure Dragon Armor.

     Then refining and transforming it into the most original energy supply.

     Although the five-thunder beast armor's blessing on the restoration speed of Shen Tian's spiritual energy is not weaker than the blue dragon armor.

     But the speed at which it consumes aura is really much higher than the Azure Dragon Armor.

     At this time, after switching the Azure Dragon Armor, Shen Tian's mana recovery was finally equal to the consumption, and even faintly could recover a lot.

     He sighed saying, put the purple gold hammer into the ring.

     In the next second, an emerald-colored vine shot out from Shen Tian's right hand and drew it toward the skeletons like a whip.

     The tip of the vine was covered with silver-white First Primordial Heavy Water, which exploded as soon as it hit the skeleton.



     Happiness~! ! !


     The sound of vines thumping.

     In an instant, Shen Tian's speed of cleaning the skeletons became faster.

     Every time a whip passed, a few skeletons all split up and in pieces, and even Fire of Soul was swallowed and absorbed by the Immortal Devouring Vine.

     Soon, the area beside the deserted mountain was completely emptied by Shen Tian.

     At this time, on the barren mountain, everyone looked at Shen Tian ignorantly, already completely dumbfounded.Li Lian'er had a flower pot on her head, her hair straightened: "Brother Shen Tian is really amazing, and he also has vines, so he looks good."

     In the flowerpot, the gourd vine, which had grown a lot after absorbing the holy liquid of Nirvana, twisted its body, seeming to echo Li Lian'er's words.

     Zhao Hao swallowed, "Is this Brother Shen's real strength? So powerful and overbearing!"

     Qin Yundi eyes narrowing: "Senior brother's battle is also full of artistic colors!"

     Duke Gui looked at Shen Tian with relief: "His Royal Highness has finally grown up now."

     "If Concubine Lan could see such a powerful Highness, she would definitely smile at Jiuquan!"


     As for the treasurer Song, Liu Taiyi and others, they had already taken out the crystals of the "photograph" and started to record videos for Shen Tian.

     Just kidding, the heavenly master is such a majestic and unparalleled battle scene.

     It must be recorded!

     In the future, always paying respect and studying will definitely be of great help to cultivation!

     It is also a benefit for Martial Brothers who join the Heavenly Family Organization.

     Especially those martial sisters, if you can see the unparalleled style of the brothers in this battle.

     With each one, I don’t know how excited it is.

     I'm afraid it's not necessary on the spot!
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