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204 Holy Dragon Valley, Dracaena
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Ancient Battlefield, five hundred miles from the edge.

     Five young people wearing gorgeous feather dresses slowly appeared.

     They exude a strong aura, obviously with extremely solid foundations.

     Even in this Ancient Battlefield, everyone's cultivation base is suppressed below the Golden Core Stage.

     However, the foundation displayed by these people is enough to build invincibility in the base period, and even to compete with the strong in the golden core period!

     Because the five young cultivators themselves are really strong people above the Jin Dan stage.

     They entered Ancient Battlefield with a special plan!

     It is worth mentioning that these five young people do not seem to be human cultivators.

     Because these five young people have wings on their backs, when the wings are flapping, the wind blows.

     One of the men was wearing a white gown with a pretty appearance, tall and holding a crane pen.

     A man wearing a gray cloak, with a gloomy appearance, exuding an aura that no strangers should enter. He seems to have not completely transformed his face. The face under the cloak is exactly the same as the vulture.

     Ugly thief!

     There is also a man wearing golden feather armor and a pair of yellow-gold war-blade on his back. He looks majestic and quite domineering.

     The breath exuding from his body is far more powerful than the other two men.

     The whole person is like a sword that rushes into the sky, which can cut through the sky!

     However, even though this man is extremely powerful, he is still not the leader of the five.

     The leader of these five people is a young woman wearing a five-color dress, who looks like she is in her early twenties.

     Behind her, Peacock Spread The Tail, Five-colored Divine Light reenacting World Mysterious Anomaly, is very extraordinary.It should be noted that the colorful peacocks are extremely formidable existence among the monsters in southern Xinjiang, and dominate.

     This woman obviously possesses pure Divine Beast Bloodline, and there is no limit to the fairyland!

     "Unexpectedly, I rushed here all the way from the edge, but still didn't meet the disciple of Shenxiao Dongtian."

     The man wearing golden feather armor coldly snorted: "This Ancient Battlefield law is obscure, and even my insight is affected."

     Next to Fairy Peacock, another woman smiled: "Don't worry, Jin Yu."

     "In order to win, the Son of God will go deep into the battlefield sooner or later."

     "And this Ancient Battlefield is five hundred miles away, separated by Tianyuan Ridge. If you want to go deep within five hundred miles, you must pass through the'Blood Demon Valley'."

     "We just need to guard outside the Blood Demon Valley and wait for Shen Tian and the others to take the bait.

     "At that time, you can tear up the goddess son, whatever you want."

     The woman's voice is very ethereal and sweet, like a lark.

     However, the words spoken in his mouth were extremely murderous and pointed directly at the Holy Land of Gods.

     Jin Yu, a genius of the Peng clan, nodded and said, "Bai Ling is right, the guy from the Holy Land of Gods is bully intolerably."

     "Our Southern Frontier Feathers are not easy to bully. This time we will destroy the Holy Child of the Gods, and then bloodbath the other disciples of the Holy Land of the Gods."

     "Let these human races know that my feather tribe is not being bullied!"

     "Fairy Kong Meng, I will bother you this time!"

     A woman wearing a five-color garment nodded slightly: "the exertion of lifting one's hand."

     As a result, these five young Tianjiao from various races of the Southern Border Feather Demon Alliance set up an ambush in the Blood Demon Valley 500 miles away from Ancient Battlefield.words exceede 5100Could it be that the thirteenth brother has always been conceal one's strengths and bide one's time, hiding himself?

     In fact, he already has the supreme talent?

     As expected to be the child of Empress Lan Fei, she was not comparable to ordinary people.

     Shen Ao found that when he let go of his obsession with competing with Shen Tian, everything became easier.

     Speaking of it, Nirvana Sacred Liquid is a peerless treasure that can improve the fundamental aptitude, there are so many thirteen brothers!

     Moreover, he is willing to give my Highness 20 jin generously. It seems that he cares about our brotherhood.

     Hey, your Highness at a loss should have guarded against him so much.

     Thinking of Shen Tian growing up alone in the Lanxin Palace, with almost no brothers and relatives, Shen Ao couldn't help feeling ashamed.

     In the future, you must get close to the thirteen brothers and care about him as a brother.

     After all, he received his Nirvana Holy Liquid!


     Shen Aozheng is indulge in fantasy too!

     Suddenly, I saw a silhouette smashing towards me.

     Looking intently, it was a skeleton holding an epee, who was dragged by Shen Tian and thrown over.

     "This guy's strength is not too strong, Sixth Brother, you should practice with it first!"

     Shen Tian's voice came from the side, making Shen Ao corner of the mouth twitches.

     What does it mean that this guy is not strong, so he throws it to practice for his brother, do you mean that his brother is too weak?

      Through childhood, they are all recognized geniuses of cultivating immortals, how can Shen Ao endure such humiliation?

     Shen Ao was about to refute, righteousnessly saying: I want to hit ten.However, when the skeleton swung the long sword and flew Shen Ao ten meters away with the sword directly, he shut up.

     Ma Hippie, why these ghosts are as crisp as tofu dregs when facing the thirteen brothers.

     When I was thrown by my thirteenth brother to my Highness, they were all knocked out one by one?

     Those who bully the soft and fear the hard, my Highness is fighting with you today!

     Shen Ao was angry, and the long sword in his hand transmitted a three-foot sword gang, rushing towards the skeleton!

     Falling dust sword technique!

     Profound wind swordsmanship!

     Fusiliu swordsmanship!

     Taiyue swordsmanship!

     Chaoyang swordsmanship!

      Rainbow Piercing The Sun!





     The long sword in his hand hits the skeleton's remnant sword, and slashes down on the skeleton's body, leaving only a white mark.

     Shen Ao wanted to cry. Is this Nima really an ordinary soldier of Ancient Battlefield?

     So many years, my Highness can't beat him?

     My Highness's cultivation base during the foundation period, I am afraid it is not fake!

     Suddenly, the skeleton seemed to be irritated by Shen Ao's more and more emerge's subtle swordsmanship.

     Do you want to kill, just like that handsome human, can you give this skeleton a pain?

     A sword is slashed on someone's body, but they can't even break their defense. Isn't this an obvious way to practice the sword with a skeleton!

     Skeletons do not have human rights, can they be executed quickly? This blunt knife cuts meat like a deceit!


     Skeleton soul flame The light soared, and a faint sword light burst out from the residual sword in his hand, which directly struck Shen Ao.Who can be more crafty than me, the fox tells 9 tales?
The power of this sword was unexpectedly stronger than Shen Ao's expectations, and it directly cleaved the long sword in Shen Ao's hand.

     The next sword of Skeleton had already struck Shen Ao's head directly.

     The horror of death enveloped Shen Ao in this instant.

     Your Highness, will you die like this?

     So humiliating and ridiculously killed by a soldier?


     At this moment, a blur appeared in front of Shen Ao, and a red thin sword penetrated through the skull's left ear.

      The soul flame was swept and extinguished by the sword energy, and the skeleton weakly fell to the ground.

     It released the remaining sword in its hand as if it were free, and its body and bones began to collapse.

     "Six His Highness the Imperial Prince, are you okay!"

     With a faint smile on Qin Gao's face, he appeared in front of Shen Ao.

     Looking at the little eunuch who had served in his palace, Shen Ao felt extremely complicated.

     Once upon a time, he was the Number One Genius of the Great Yan Kingdom set up on high and had boundless prospects.

     This little eunuch was just an ordinary slave, and he could decide his life and death in a word.

     However, this little eunuch followed the 13th younger brother, but in just over a month, he was already so strong!

     Qin Gao's strike was not as simple as a sneak attack.

     With the weird speed and the Spiritual Attack that is obviously attached to the sword, even when facing this skeleton alone, he can completely hold the initiative.

     Within ten strokes, this skeleton will surely be cleaned up.

      It should be noted, a month ago Qin Gao also doesn't have any repair!At that time, Shen Ao was already a Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator, and he also went through Hellish training by Changhe Jianzun for a month.

     As a result, he Shen Ao was overtaken by Qin Gao!

     Brother Thirteen, what kind of magic does he have, he can actually change something rotten into something magical!

     Condensing the complex emotions in his heart, Shen Ao gave a wry smile: "Qin Gao, thank you."

     There was a smile on Qin Gao's face. Although he was punished by Shen Ao, it was impossible not to be dissatisfied in his heart.

     But compared to his loyalty to Shen Tian, the hatred he once held against Shen Ao is not worth mentioning.

     Qin Gao smiled and said, "His Royal Highness Six's swordsmanship is very exquisite, but the cultivation base is still weak."

     "Thirteenth Highness gave 20 pounds of Nirvana holy liquid to His Highness Six. Your Highness might as well refine some first."

     "After raising the cultivation base, these skeletons are like clay chickens and pottery dogs unable to withstand a single blow to your Highness."

     Listening to Qin Gao's answer, Shen Ao was looking thoughtful.

     So the reason why this guy and Duke Gui are advanced by leaps and bounds is due to the sacred liquid of Nirvana?

     Also, this kind of effect is indeed reasonable for the peerless treasures left by the Saint-level powerhouse.

     Looking at Qin Gao with a confident smile on his face, and recalling the cowardly appearance of Qin Gao in his palace, Shen Ao couldn't help sighing.

     Tangerines grown in Huainan are oranges, and oranges grown in Huaibei are oranges.

     I'm not as good as the 13th brother!


     Not to mention that Shen Ao's emotions were very complicated and full, but Shen Tian's heart was quite hot at this time.

     Because at this time, he has cleaned up more than a hundred skeletons at the mouth of the canyon.As for the skeletons farther away, he didn't sense the blood rushing from Yangjian, and he didn't bother to clean up.

     The most important thing now is the thing hidden in the canyon!

     That was the picture Shen Tian saw above Qin Gao's head.

     Following the guidance of the screen, Shen Tian quickly found the entrance to this canyon.

     When everyone really stepped into the canyon, the powerful coercion poured down instantly.

     Everyone’s ears sounded like a dragon's ear-splitting sound.

     However, in the middle of the valley, there is a huge dragon skeleton standing thousands of feet high.

     The huge and terrifying dragon might radiate from the skeleton of this giant dragon.

     Above the head of the dragon's skeleton, a rusty iron sword penetrated through it.

     At the foot of this giant dragon, there is a densely packed red spirit grass.
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