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206 Boy, Do You Want Me?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

"Well, since everyone is so polite, then I'm not polite."

     Shen Tian smiled and said: "Let's collect dracaena together! Remember not to be too rough and hurt the roots, stems and leaves."

     It is important to know that a complete dracaena can be stored for much longer than a damaged dracaena, and its value is relatively much higher.

     "In addition, the soil has been soaked with the essence, blood and breath of the dragon corpse, and it has also been changed into the superb spiritual soil. You can collect more and take away."

     Shen Tian's words made everyone slightly surprised, and then realisation!

     It is extremely, extremely, if it weren't for the reminder of Senior Brother Shengzi, they would have almost ignored these spiritual soils.

     The soil that can grow dracaena must be the best spiritual soil, no second choice for cultivating rare and exotic plants.

     Mindful of this, everyone began to work in full swing.

     Soon, all dragon horn skeletons and dracaenas in the entire dragon valley were sweep clean.

      even The height of the ground next to the dragon's bones is more than three feet shorter.

     Everyone had a happy and content smile on their faces.

     Shen Ao looked at the storage bag filled with treasures in his hands, with a joyful smile on his face.

     He also received a large amount of dracaena and spiritual soil, and the gains from this experience completely exceeded Shen Ao's imagination.

     You must know that for overwhelming majority monks, three or five common dracaenas are enough to strengthen their flesh to the ultimate strength.

     Even for those geniuses, basically ten and eight dracaenas are definitely enough, and there is even surplus.

     At this time, at least one hundred and eighty dracaenas in Shen Ao's storage bag had been picked.Enough to strengthen his physical body to the extreme, there is still a lot of remaining.

     This is definitely an unimaginable wealth!

     Follow the thirteen brother, it's so fragrant!


     Even Shen Ao, who is arrogant and obstinate, gradually recognized Shen Tian in his heart.

     Naturally, other people didn't need to say much, they all admired Shen Tian's ability.

     Not convinced!

     Look at the other brothers, Brother Shengzi, set up a hexagram in the Wanling Garden to open the mine, and you can make Qibaoxian Gourd Seed and Shenxiao Dragon Tiger Pei.

     Go for a stroll on the misty plains, and you will be able to make tons of Nirvana holy liquid for bathing.

     How long has it been until this Ancient Battlefield? Dracaena is like wholesale!

     There is a celestial master in the Holy Land of Gods, why not worry about dominating the Eastern Desolation?

     Shopkeeper Song took out the second storage ring from his pocket with scorching eyes, and installed it diligent and never slacking.

     Liu Taiyi took out the jade slip from his arms and recorded something carefully, with a serious attitude like the most devout believer.

     Their excitement is beyond compare, once a magnificent style unmatched in his generation was questioned by a strong woman.

     Questioning that if they blindly follow the celestial master and slap fairy farts around the celestial master, can they become stronger?

     Now they have proved with facts: I'm sorry, but they can become stronger!

     Not only can you become stronger, but you can also make a fortune and become rich!

     The most correct choice we have made in this life is to believe in a heavenly master.

     This is a lifetime faith!


     Shen Tian didn't know, he clearly only took a chance, but the image in everyone's mind became more and more tall and mighty.He just felt his body, and at this moment he was ecstatic.

     He took out the mirror and looked at the halo above his head.

     Sure enough, the red light on the halo increased at the speed of visible to the naked eye.

     Red and green are really good-looking!

     And the halo of Shen Ao, Zhao Hao and others also became more or less brighter.

     Especially Qin Gao, with more and more golden spots on his head, his halo seemed to be much higher.

     According to the original chance, Qin Gao could only grab a dozen dracaenas and take them away.

     But at this time, he was divided into a hundred and eighty plants, which was indeed a big gain.

     Shen Tian was very pleased with this. Qin Gao made a profit.

     So, who is it lost!

     Shen Tian looked at the thousand-foot-high giant dragon bones, and couldn't help but stun himself.

     The dragon race is worthy of being one of the most powerful races in the world. Even though it has been dead for thousands of years, the origin is almost clean, and it can still exude such pressure.

     At this time, everyone approached the dragon corpse, as if they were weighing hundreds of kilograms of weight on their bodies, which was not easy at all.

     If it weren't for them to have cultivation bases above the foundation period, they might not be able to sustain it!

     I don't know if these dragon bones can be taken away?

     After all, it is a pure-blood dragon, and the soup should taste good!

     Hey, why does Ben Shengzi think of eating? The bones of more than ten thousand years have gone bad!

     Hiss, slap!


     Shen Tian shook the head and looked at the giant sword on the top of the dragon's head again.But I saw that the huge sword was covered with dark red rust, and even small trees grew on the sword.

     On that small tree hung many fruits, shaped like a pocket-sized long sword, swaying with the breeze.

     Shen Tian knows that this is also the spiritual fruit of very precious.

     This kind of spirit fruit is called "Sword Heart Fruit", and it can only grow in the Peerless Sword Fairy Land of Falling.

     Although no peerless sword immortal fell here, there was a masterful divine sword that slashed a pure-blooded holy dragon.

     It is normal to grow a sword heart fruit under the nourishment of sword intent.

     It's just that the great sword penetrated through the skull of the holy dragon and nailed it to the ground.

     If you want to pick the sword fruit, you must endure the mighty dragon and climb onto the body of this holy dragon.

     It should be known that everyone just approached the Holy Dragon, they felt hundreds of pounds of pressure, and felt that breathing became a little difficult.

     If you want to climb on top of the holy dragon's head to pick the sword fruit, the pressure will inevitably increase several times or even dozens of times.

     For the monks in the foundation period, this is definitely not easy!


     Shen Tian takes a deep breath and starts to climb up along the tail of the holy dragon.

     Whenever he took one more step towards the skull of the holy dragon, he could clearly feel the pressure on his body heavier.

     When Shen Tian climbed to a height of five hundred feet, he was already on the back of the dragon, and he could see the dragon head standing proudly and the wound that the giant sword pierced through.

     The huge dragon power and sword intent rushed in, making Shen Tian feel extremely stressed, and his body seemed to burst.

     "Five Thunder God Beast Armor, now!"

     The phantom of the five gods and beasts appeared behind him, and the five elements were blessed, and Shen Tian felt that the pressure was reduced a lot.He continued to crawl forward, under the suppression of Longwei and Jianyi, Shen Tian unexpectedly gave birth to a different kind of excitement.

     The ring in his hand flickered, and a small bottle appeared in front of Shen Tian, with the holy liquid of Nirvana in it.


     Gudong Gudong~


     With the holy liquid down, Shen Tian's whole body was shining out.

     He shouted loudly, his brows were golden Thunder Imprint radiance suddenly flashes, and his hair stood on end.

     The hot arrogance was burning on the surface of Shen Tian's body. At this time, he was burning qi and blood, increasing his strength!

     The pressure was even greater at this time, but Shen Tian was speeding up the climb.

     The head of the holy dragon emits little fluorescence, and its coercion doubles in an instant, as if being angered!

     At this moment, Shen Tian felt as if he was under a heavy load.

     Even though his physical body was extremely strong, he was almost crushed to the ground.

     "You dragon, my son, I'm on it!!!"

     Shen Tian gnashing one's teeth, his whole body strength burst out in an instant.

     However, at this moment, the giant sword exudes a faint light.

     Shen Tian suddenly felt that the pressure on him had disappeared.

     The whole body was like a cannonball, leaping hundreds of feet into the sky, almost falling directly.

     Fortunately, he reflected in time and shot the Immortal Vine with his right hand, tying the dragon's horn, and then successfully swung to the top of the holy dragon's head.

     Standing on the huge dragon head, Shen Tian was stunned.

     Under what circumstances, how do you feel that all the pressure has disappeared after climbing on the dragon's neck?

     Could it be that this dragon is intact with only the lower body bones.And the head is broken, so there is no coercion?


     But no matter what, it's always good to be able to climb the dragon's head.

     Shen Tian walked around on this huge dragon's head, engrossing and beating.

     Don't say it, this thing is pretty hard.

     The Dragon Bone Shentian didn't expect to be broken up and moved away, his eyes rolled slightly, and he stared at the small tree growing on the giant sword.

     Shen Tian had the final say, there were a total of nine small trees growing on this giant sword, and three or five fruits growing on the books, swaying the sword spirit.

     Obviously, these fruits are extraordinary.

     If you can take it for refining, you can definitely improve the Sword Dao Cultivation Base and talent.

     Shen Tian shot the Immortal Vine with his right hand, plucking the sword fruit from the small trees, a total of thirty-five.

     Putting away these Jianxinguo, Shen Tian looked at the nine small trees growing on the giant sword.

     I don't know if these kenshin trees can be eaten, what's the taste and efficacy!

     A swordheart tree was slowly placed on the immortal vine in his hand, and Shen Tian pulled down forcefully.

     Don't tell me, those saplings looked too weak to stand up to the wind, and they grew quite solid on the sword.

     Shen Tian now squeezed both hands, his arm strength was more than 100,000 jin, even the weeping willow that the two embraced could be pulled out.

     But it was quite difficult to pull up this swordskin tree, and it took ten minutes to pull out one.

     Putting away this swordheart tree, Shen Tian is preparing to continue to work hard to get rich.

     At this moment, the great sword exudes dim light.

     A cold woman's voice sounded slowly.

     "Boy, do you want me?"Shen Tian was taken aback, and the Immortal Devouring Vine instantly became hard.

     Silver heavy water covers the fairy-eater vine, ready to attack unknown enemies at any time.

     However, there is no enemy, only the giant sword emits a faint light: "Don't get excited, it's me."

     "I am the sword spirit of the "Zhutian Sword". You can find it here as a young man. It can be seen that you decreed by fate are destined to me."

     Sword of Death?

     Are you destined to me, seriously?

     Shen Tian corner of the mouth twitches, feeling strong malice.

     Just at the name of the sword, this sword spirit lady is not like a good person!

     With a strong vigilance in his heart, Shen Tian asked: "Are you the sword spirit of Tianzhu Sword?"

     The sword spirit's voice sounded again: "Yes, this sword spirit has been killed by the master's order to kill the dragon for ten thousand years."

     "Now I can feel that the master has fallen for many years, and you have the blood and soul traceable to the same stock with the master!"

     "Boy, do you want me?"

     "Then drop your blood on the sword!"

     "If you have peerless talent, this sword will follow you and fight."

     Listening to the bewitching voice of the sword spirit, Shen Tian always felt something's wrong in his heart.

     It seems that someone wants to harm this son!


     Shen Tian looked at the giant sword calmly: "Blood? How much blood do you need?"

     The sword spirit's voice was slightly stagnant: "Uh, you have a special body with extraordinary aptitude. You should be recognized by the Heavenly Sword Sword, one drop is enough."

     Shen Tian stepped back slowly: "Are you sure that with my qualifications, a drop of blood can be recognized by this Tianzhujian?"Sword Spirit said helplessly: "Youth, you are very talented, you have to have confidence in yourself."

     Shen Tian curled his lips: "I have confidence in myself, but I have no confidence in your status."

     He looked at the huge sword, the purple golden hammer appeared in his right hand, and the basalt shield appeared in his left hand: "You are not a sword spirit at all!"

     The voice in the void slowly became indifferent: "My palace thinks that it affects the fluctuation of the sword light, and there is no make a slip. How do you see it?"

     The corner of Shen Tian's mouth raised slightly: "It's very simple, because when Ben Shengzi called this sword, he deliberately changed its name."

     "You call yourself the Heavenly Jade Sword Spirit, but the saint child is called the Heavenly Jade Sword, every time you deliberately turn it back."

     "Sword spirits value the weapon they host, and the name of the weapon is just like its second name."

     "How can it be I mispronounced it several times, but you are completely without realizing and caring?"

     The voice in the void sneered: "Just because of this? That's too ridiculous!"

     Shen Tian shrugged the shoulders: "This alone is not sure enough, so I just cheated you, didn't expect you to admit it so readily!"

     The voice in the void didn't ring for a long time, and it seemed to be choked hard.

     Shen Tian smiled and said: "Hey, why did not speak?"

     "If this holy son is right, you should not be a sword spirit, but the remnant soul of the holy dragon sealed by this sword!"

     Before entering Ancient Battlefield, Xiao Lingxian passed a copy of "Ling Tian Lingmai Lu" to Shen Tian.

     Although his attainments are still very shallow, Shen Tian can also vaguely see that this valley is not simple, it should be a special landform formed by the seal of the giant sword.It should be noted that some monsters who practice God Demon Body Refining have extremely tenacious vitality, and they can be called Undying Body at the same level.

     Therefore, the true immortal cultivation power will engrave a special formation in the attack, weakening its seal.

     This sacred dragon was pierced by the Divine Sword, sealed in Ancient Battlefield and fell.

     However, it has been lost for thousands of years, and his spirit has not yet been destroyed.

      has one to say one, this sacred dragon is really not easy!


     For a long time, a charming and soft voice rang in the valley: "Oh, that's not bad!"

     "You cunning bad boy, my palace can't fool you. It's really... too uncute."

     With the sound, the keel of Qianzhang high exudes a little light, slowly condensing a tall build black-clothed woman.

     This woman was wearing a black robe, her long hair draped over her shoulders to cover half of her face, her face was extremely delicate.

     On top of her head, there are two pink dragon horns, which looks quite taboo.

      what is more important This woman is very evil, it should be said: very big and white evil!

     Among the people Shen Tian saw in his life, only Jinlian Tianzun was barely comparable.

     Rao is like Shen Tian's sage, almost broken!

     With a playful smile on the face of the black robe woman, she slowly floated to Shen Tian's side.

     She lifted up her long hair slowly, and said with a chuckle: "Human kid, you don't look bad!"

     "How about, do you want to conclude a contract and become a glorious dragon knight?"

     The black dragon girl slowly clings to Shen Tian's ear, breath was filled with an orchid fragrance.

     "As long as you nod your head and successfully release this palace.""My palace can consider agreeing to you!"

     "That taste, great!"
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