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207 This Sword Is Actually Hungry
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Become a noble dragon knight?

     I always feel that this female dragon is driving, but unfortunately there is no evidence.

     Shen Tian looked at the dragon girl phantom in front of him, and wanted to ask whether he was riding her or riding the skeleton.

     However, for safety reasons, Shen Tian still did not easily believe this dragon girl.

     He looked at the black-robed dragon girl warily, and said calmly: "I heard that the dragon race is one of the most powerful and proud races in the world."

     "The predecessor suddenly made such a promise to the junior, it really makes the junior feel overwhelmed by favor from superior, unbelievable."

     "What if the junior is really lucky enough to get the Divine Sword to recognize the master and release the senior, but you kill me and kill me?"

     The black robe dragon girl sneered and said, "This palace is Ao Bing, the eldest princess of Heilong Island in the North Sea thousands of years ago."

     "My Beihai Black Dragon has always been one word worth nine sacred tripods, how can it be the generation of old: to reap the consequences of one's words (idiom, from Mencius)!"

     "If you can really help this palace get out of trouble, this palace can sign a Dragon God contract with you and give you Dragon God's Strength."

     "It should be known that in the past hundreds of thousands of years, Tianjiao, a strong man in the human race who can sign a dragon god contract with his own race, can only be counted on one's fingers."

     Shen Tian looked at the black-robed dragon girl Ao Bing suspiciously: "If you save your life, can you sign the Dragon God contract with you?"

     To be honest, if only to save his life, he can sign the Dragon God contract.

     There is no reason for hundreds of thousands of years, only people who can be counted on one's fingers can become the legendary black dragon knight!

     Long Girl Ao Bing looked at Shen Tian and smiled: "Of course not!"

     "There are countless treasures in the North Sea Black Dragon Island. If only the people of the clan were saved, the clan would be grateful and return the treasures.""Only the destined people who have saved the people of the clan have good looks, temperament, talent, and morality, are eligible to be recognized by the clan and sign the Dragon God contract!"

     "In this palace, you can carry Longwei to the dragon's head during the foundation period. Obviously, you have a good foundation and talent."

     "And there are so many supporters, presumably the morals will not be bad."

     "So this palace is willing to give you a chance to become the human contractor in this palace and bestow you the glory of the dragon knight!"

     "It's impossible to sign a contract if you are an ugly person with other talents and bad character!"

     Looking at the black robe dragon girl, Shen Tian always felt that the other party was avoiding heavy for light.

     What does it mean to see that I have good talents and good morals, so I am willing to give me a chance?

     Sure not because of Ben Shengzi's unparalleled appearance and refined temperament, only when I saw the beauty and wanted to sign with Ben Shengzi?

     However, this reason is indeed sufficient. After all, the human beauty is also the same after being rescued.

     Those who are handsome will devote my life to, and those who are ugly will work extremely hard in the next life.

      At all times and in all places people, ghosts, and demons, this rule should be the same.

      Thought until here, Shen Tian relaxed: "Then please seniors swear an oath, no matter if I can successfully recognize the Lord's sword to rescue you, you can't anger against me and my partner."

     The black-robed dragon girl glanced at the people at the foot of the dragon bone and said indifferently: "Don't worry, this palace is not interested in embarrassing those weak humans."

     Shen Tian: "Senior, please swear seriously."

     Black Robe Dragon Girl#: "I swear, all right!"

     Shen Tian said seriously: "Senior please swear: Even if I can't successfully recognize the Lord's sword to rescue you, you will not anger against me and my partner."Black Robe Dragon Girl (╯ ̄Д ̄)╯╘═╛: "You are questioning the dignity of this palace, the princess of Black Dragon Clan Head!"

     "If it wasn't for your good-looking girl, my palace would have to pluck you alive!"

     Shen Tian shrank his neck, he felt a little swelled now.

     Even Zhang Yunxi's irritable white tiger hadn't understood yet, and now he was caught up with a black female dragon.

     But Dragon Girl doesn't swear, he really dare not try to let her out!

     After all, this is the existence of Holy Order, even if it is a strand of a broken soul, it is probably not something he can contend!

     Shen Tian said helplessly: "Senior's meaning is to insist on not sending..."

     Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Long Girl Ao Bing's quiet voice.

     Ao Bing gave Shen Tian a sullen look: "Swear in the name of Dragon God, even if this kid can't successfully rescue this palace, this palace will not anger him and his friends."

     Shen Tian relaxed: "Otherwise!"

     Ao Bing###: "Otherwise, the palace will never get out of trouble, let's go!"

     Shen Tian smiled and said, "Isn't that enough!"

     Shen Tian, without fears of trouble in the rear, walked slowly to the giant sword.

     He touched the giant sword: "Senior, how do you refine this sword? Can a drop of blood work?"

     Ao Bing nodded slightly: "Well, this sword is a quasi-immortal weapon, and vague wisdom has been born."

     "It was nailed here to seal the palace for thousands of years. The owner has already fallen, and the palace can feel that this sword is also hungry."

     "You have a powerful Divine Heaven Holy Land Small Five Elements Yang Thunder God Body, but your cultivation base is really weak.""If it is ten thousand years ago, it may not be recognized and recognized by this quasi-immortal implement."

     "But now as long as you bleed, it is estimated that it would like to recognize you immediately!"

     Shen Tian is looking thoughtful, is this legendary supply and demand affecting market prices?

     When the Tianjiao who pursues this quasi-immortal implement is too many to count, it can sell only for a good price.

     When you can't come into contact with a more powerful existence, you can only find an honest master to recognize the master.

     After all, swords also have their own needs. They need to be stroked, wiped, and maintained.

     Also yearn for collision and confrontation.


     With some confidence in his heart, Shen Tian slowly cut his index finger.

     A drop of pale golden blood dripped from the wound, it was the golden blood of the Yang Lei Shen body.

     It exudes a faint aura, dripping into the huge sword body that is thousands of feet long, and quickly sinking into it.

     However, after absorbing this drop of essence and blood, Excalibur did not recognize the master.

     It just emits dim light, and then quickly regained its simplicity.

     Shen Tian was stunned: "Senior, it didn't agree to recognize me as master."

     The corners of Ao Bing's mouth twitched slightly, gnashing one's teeth #: "This swordsman is still holding it! Do you have to spend it here with the palace to death?"

     "Boy, you can put some blood to try, I don't believe that this swordsman can bear to deny the master!"

     "In this ruined place, missing a master like you is enough for him to wait another hundred thousand years!

     "This product is not perfect, you try again!"

     More blood? try again?

     Feeling the body that was obviously weaker, Shen Tian was helpless.This mother dragon didn't know what blood and essence meant to this son.

     He calmly said: "Senior, we have something to say first, I only drop a drop of blood to try to recognize the Lord."

     "Now the blood of the younger generation is also dripping, it is this fairy sword that does not agree to recognize the lord, and Shen also without any means."

     "Or else, after Shen leaves, how about looking for a more talented Peerless Supreme Talent for you, and coming to rescue you?"

     After that, Shen Tian turned around and suddenly jumped down to assess the value of the holy dragon, ready to leave the valley, without nostalgia.

     Just kidding, taking advantage of the fact that Ao Bing has just vowed not to cause trouble, he must leave here as soon as possible!

     Or if this guy finds any oath loopholes, isn't it a pill?


     Seeing Shen Tian suddenly jumping off the keel, Duke Gui and others hurriedly surrounded him.

     "Brother, what is the origin of that woman?"

     Qin Yundi's eyes narrowing, dozens of yin and yang demon-breaking spears behind him are always aimed at the keel, ready to fire at any time.

     Shen Tian shook the head: "That is the remnant soul of this dragon, we must leave as soon as possible!"

     After all, Shen Tian does not turn round towards the outside of the valley.

     At this moment, the Heavenly Slaying Sword that was originally inserted into the dragon's skull moved.

     It suddenly shoots out endless sword light, shining the entire valley into shiny!


     The loud sound of the sword sounded, resounding for thousands of miles.

     Countless skeletons nearby seemed to be suppressed by sword intent, all lying shiver coldly on the ground.

      by the thousands and tens of thousands Dao Jianguang lased towards Shen Tian, just like the essence, and finally condensed into a sword ladder in front of Shen Tian.The whole body of this sword ladder is transformed by the solid sword light, and each sword light is a step, spreading from the foot of Shen Tian to the giant sword.

     Seeing the abnormal changes in this valley, everyone around Shen Tian was shocked!

     Under what circumstances, the Peerlessly Godly Weapon, who was ten thousand years ago, was actually welcoming Shen Tian.

     It does not hesitate to use thousands of supreme sword qi to turn into a sword ladder for Shen Tian to climb onto its body and conquer it.

     And Shen Tian actually looked down on him, turned around to leave the valley?

     Hey, you deserve to be Brother Shengzi!

     Is willful and domineering!

     Glorious Gui's eyes showed relief: "Such a powerful Peerlessly Godly Weapon, actually actively loyal to His Highness!"

     Qin Gao admires his face with a full face next to him: "Lady Concubine Lan's soul in heaven, you can also smile at Jiuquan."

     Qin Yundi eyes narrowing: "This sword is incomparable, and it fits the brother!"

     Shopkeeper Song also said: "Although this sword is not worthy of the status of a heavenly master."

     "But seeing it so pious, the heavenly master will accept it!"


     Listening to the persuasion of the people around him, Shen Tian was stunned.

     What the hell, is this Sage Son looking down on this fairy sword? Obviously it did not accept me before.

     Now Ben Shengzi is about to leave, but he turns around and begs for nothing recognize me as master?

     Haha, do you still want you this broken sword for the saint son?

     My dignified goddess, don't you want face?

     On top of the dragon bone, Ao Bing, the black-robed dragon girl, also sneered: "I still hold it, regret it!""The little swordsman has not fully matured yet, so I want to sell only for a good price like your flat-chested master, and deserve to be rejected."

     Ao Bing's words seemed to anger this giant sword.

     But seeing the giant sword suddenly burst into unprecedented brilliance, the remaining eight swordheart trees were all turned into powder, and then refined into the most original energy.

     This energy shot directly into Shen Tian's body like a sharp sword.

     Originally, Shen Tian thought that this sword would fly into a rage out of humiliation and would kill himself with a single sword.

     However, he couldn't think that after this energy poured into the body, the fire was unprecedentedly excited and active.

     It is devouring this energy frantically, refining this energy and pouring into the limbs, even the pubic area and the sea of consciousness.

     At this moment, Shen Tian felt very strange.

     He felt that his understanding of the sword was improving rapidly.

     Every inch of his muscles seemed to burst into sharp sword light and sword aura.

     Shen Tian felt that the sword was him at this moment, he was the sword, Human and Sword Unites, like a sword fairy!

     A terrifying sword intent was spontaneously emitted from him, and a vision of Ten Thousand Swords Lingjiuxiao emerged, forcing everyone to retreat.

     In that vision, you can vaguely see the phantoms of real dragons with severed heads, blood of gods and demons, and the tears of Buddha.

     Shen Ao stared at the thirteenth brother not far away. He had heard Master say that this vision was extremely extraordinary.

     Only the supreme sword body, or a very high level of understanding of kendo can condense this vision.

     And since ancient times, anyone with such a vision can become the supreme sword fairy!In the sky of Taibai Cave, many people can not cultivate the power of 1% of this vision.

     But now that Shen Tian just ran into the valley by mistake, he was so kindly treated by this quasi-immortal weapon, the sword heart tree nourished with ten thousand years of sword intent to help Shen Tian achieve the'Supreme Sword Body'.

     Frankly speaking, Shen Ao suffered critical strike damage again in his heart.

     Is this the gap between people?

     This world of immortality is so cruel!


     On the dragon head, Dragon Girl Ao Bing originally had a playful smile on her face.

     However, when Shen Tian exuded the Supreme Way of Sword aura and the Wan Jian Ling Jiu Xiao vision rose from behind, her smile slowly solidified.

     "Dragon God is on top, this kid is a What the hell? Legendary kendo supreme physique, just like this?"

     "Thousands of years ago, if those kendo evildoers saw this kid, they would have been jealous and doubt life!"

     "What's the origin of this guy? It seems to be much more than just being handsome!"

      Thought until here, Ao Bing smile on face gradually became coquettish and satisfied.

     "Also, if I sign the Dragon God contract with him, the opposition in the clan should be much smaller."

     "Not right not right, ten thousand years have passed, and now those old immortals in Heilong Island should almost die!"

     "In other words, when the main palace gets out, Black Dragon Island is the main palace in charge?"

     "Ha Ha Ha Ha, this palace has not been in vain for these ten thousand years!"

     As time passed, Shen Tian felt that Sword Dao Source in his body was finally absorbed.

     He slowly opened his eyes, and a Sword Qi suddenly shot out in his eyes, leaving deep marks on the ground.Hiss, horrible!

     At this time, Shen Tian was confident and could easily stare at the existence of Qi Refining Nine Layers.

     If you are not afraid of sore eyes, stare more. The weaker Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator may not be undead.

      what is more important, at this time Shen Tian felt that he could release a powerful sword energy everywhere in his body.

     Think about it, you were evenly matched with a powerful enemy.

     He breathed out to you suddenly, there was no bad breath, but a powerful sword aura came towards you, are you panicking?

     You originally just glared at the other side of the demonstration, but the other side glared at you in return, and the stare directly made you jump. Are you ashamed?

     With the blessing of the Heavenly Sword and Divine Body at this time, Shen Tian felt that he could even fight the saint in the Tribulation Period!

     Of course, it can only be played once.


     With Shen Tian open eyes, stand up from the ground.

     The thousand-foot-high giant sword is also shaking gently, and the dark crimson rust is slowly falling off, revealing the glittering and translucent body of the sword like a ruby under the rust.

     This sword is extremely extraordinary, the whole body is made of quasi-immortal gold, and its value is unparalleled!

     Even if it is placed in the major sacred places, it is definitely a Sect Protecting Treasure level existence, which can greatly increase the heritage of the sacred place.

     It can be said that if the original Qianyang Sword Sovereign could obtain such a sword weapon, he could easily defeat or even kill the Vine Mother Green Princess!

     After all, for a powerful swordsman, in the hand sword is even more important than a Taoist companion!

     In the shocking eyes of everyone, the thousand-zhang giant sword was pulled out of the dragon's skull and hovered in the sky, covering most of the valley.Then, quickly smashed toward Shen Tian!

     Seems to want to embrace the new owner...
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