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209 Dragon Knight, Who Is Riding Whom?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Looking at the overbearing dragon girl Ao Bing, Shen Tian wiped her sweat.

     "Senior, you just swore that you will not anger against me."

     Ao Bing said proudly: "My palace indeed swears that if you fail to rescue this palace, this palace will not anger you and your friends."

     "But now you rescue the house, the prerequisites for the oath are gone, is the oath still valid?"

     Shen Tian: "???"

     You No matter good or bad is also proud dragon clan, is it really appropriate to play such a rogue?

     Ao Bing bent over and leaned in front of Shen Tian, staring straight at Shen Tian, surging forward with great momentum.

     She smiled and said, "Don't worry! The princess of the dignified dragon patriarch in this palace will not lie to you."

     "Hurry up and make a vow to the Dragon God! After you make a vow, you will become the rare dragon knight in a thousand years."

     "At that time, the main palace and Black Dragon Island will cover you, and no one in the entire five domains dare to bully you, so many people can't even dream of this treatment!"

     Shen Tian still feels something's wrong: "But senior..."

     Ao Bing stretched out a slender finger and nodded Shen Tian's forehead: "It's almost time to sign a contract, what is your senior name?"

     There was a faint light in her eyes, like a smile yet not a smile and said: "Call me sister Bing!"

     Sister Bing?

     Shen Tian looked at Ao Bing weirdly, his mouth twitched slightly.

     Don't you say that you are ten thousand years older than me, so you are so embarrassed to call me sister?

     Ao Bing seemed to see what Shen Tian was thinking, and his teeth clattered: "What do you think?"

     "Although the main palace has been sealed for ten thousand years, it has always been in a state of deep sleep and used secret methods to enter the state of'sitting and Nirvana'.""In these ten thousand years, the longevity of this palace has not passed by a thousand years, in other words the true age of this palace is still very young!"

     Shen Tian is looking thoughtful, but the gaze looking at Ao Bing is still weird. How old is my sister?

      The black flame burned on the surface of Ao Bing's dragon soul, exuding a hot air.

     She stared directly at Shen Tian: "Boy, you are too much!"

     "Well, anyway, I haven't signed a contract yet, my old lady will kill you kid now!"

     Feeling the ‘rich murderous aura’ pervading the void, Shen Tian’s desire for survival went live in an instant.

     He immediately moved towards the in the sky's dragon soul and said:

     "Today, Shen Tian and Ao Bing voluntarily signed a contract and became partners fighting side by side."

     "In the future, whether it is good times or bad times, whether rich or poor, we will cherish and support each other until death can separate us."

     As soon as the voice fell, in the sky's black light group split.

     One beam of light sank into Shen Tian's body, while the other beam of light sank into Ao Bing's body.

     As the light was absorbed, Shen Tian finally understood what form of existence this Dragon God contract was.

     The so-called Dragon God contract is actually a symbiotic relationship, just like bees and flowers in nature, living in mutual benefit.

     The human beings who sign the Dragon God contract can obtain part of the dragon's original dragon power and even practice the "True Dragon Emperor Sutra".

      At the same time, after the conclusion of the Dragon God contract, the human race and the dragon race will have a very high tacit understanding and can practice special combined attack techniques.

     Once the two cooperate to fight, whether it is a human or a dragon, the strength will be greatly blessed.For a truly powerful dragon knight, a cross-step fight is like eating and drinking.

     "Count your acquaintances," Ao Bing nodded in satisfaction when Shen Tian signed the contract. "From now on, you will be the man in this palace."

     "If you encounter any troubles unable to solve, you can report the name of the palace. No one dares not give face to the palace!"

     While speaking, Ao Bing's dragon soul faded: "It's almost that, my palace is going to prepare for Nirvana."

     "In the next period of time, you will protect the dragon egg transformed from Nirvana in this palace."

     "Don't worry, when this palace succeeds in Nirvana and resurrection, we will never treat you badly!"

     After all, Ao Bing's dragon soul was completely integrated into the black dragon egg.

     Then all the light of that black dragon egg completely converged and fell into absolute calm.

     The ten thousand years of seal ultimately hurt Ao Bing's vitality, and Nirvana rebirth is the fastest and best way to restore vitality.

      At the same time, a soul light flooded into Shen Tian's mind.

     That is the inheritance, a inheritance called "True Dragon Emperor Jing", except for the taboo chapter, is almost entirely complete!

     This is the dragon supreme inheritance that only those who are approved by the black dragon royal family are eligible to practice!

     Absorbing the profound meaning of this inheritance, Shen Tian's eyes gradually became hot.

     As the Supreme Inheritance of Beihai Black Dragon Island, "True Dragon Emperor Jing" is different from the "Shen Xiao Lei Emperor Jing" in its field of expertise.

     Shenxiao Holy Land is actually majoring in spells, and most of the strongest ultimate moves in the Lei Di Sutra are also spells.

     Even if one of them is God Demon Body Refining, it is also used as an aid to the practice.The "True Dragon Emperor Jing" is different, it is almost pure supreme physical training!

     All the content in it talks about how to tempering the fleshly body to achieve the body of the supreme war dragon.

      At the same time, it also records many ancient dragon fighting skills, such as: the dragon claw, the nine steps of the proud dragon, the cave dragon halberd, the red dragon breath, the broken dragon whip, the ten thousand dragon armor, the mysterious popsicle stick hammer ...

     Each of these ancient dragon fighting skills was created by Antiquity Dragon Clan.

     They all contain Antiquity Dragon Clan's ingenious understanding of combat. If you can practice to the extreme, you can even evolve a great magical power that will shock the entire five domains.

     For Shen Tian, who has a strong physique at this time, but is not very good at hand-to-hand combat, these ancient combat skills are very precious.

     For example, the dragon claw of the heavens can practice the five fingers to be as hard as a dragon claw, even reaching the level of a hard tearing weapon.

     For example, Aolong Nine Steps, you can practice Shrink the Ground to an Inch to a high depth, or you can step on the mountain in one step.

     Another example is the Broken Dragon Whip, Shen Tian who is most suitable for possessing the Immortal Vine, can greatly increase his power.

     There is also the Xuanbing Bang Bang hammer, which was created by the third prince of the dragon wizards in the ancient era, and it is a powerful hammer method with ice attributes.

     For Shen Tian, who possesses Zijin Hammer and First Primordial Heavy Water, this hammer technique is also very practical.


     Take out a piece of gorgeous brocade from Cangming Ring, wrap the black dragon egg on his back.

     Shen Tian is somewhat grudgingly for a while, isn't it so that I can become a dragon knight!

     How come the dragon hasn't been ridden yet, but was ridden by this dragon first?

     It's a blood loss~!Regardless, for the sake of "True Dragon Emperor Sutra", this holy son is wronged.

     Just wait and find a way to ride back!

     "Just now, Ao Bing broke the seal and made too much noise. It must have attracted the attention of many people and monsters."

     Feeling the approach of the powerful aura in the distance, Shen Tian calmly said: "We must find a safe place now!"

     In Ancient Battlefield, safety always comes first!

     After that, everyone followed Shen Tian to the Ancient Battlefield, and soon encountered waves of Undead Monsters.

     There are monsters formed by skeletons, blood demon condensed from essence and blood, and Yin demon condensed from Baleful Yin Qi...

     Anyway, the ones who wanted to avoid and didn't want to avoid, were none of them.

     But this is not important. In front of Shen Tian at this time, these monsters are as vulnerable as Cai.

     They were completely reduced to Shen Tian's experience monsters in cultivating new martial arts, and under his increasingly proficient martial arts, they were beaten to a terrible beating!

     And some fragmentary wild monsters, Shen Tian also handed over to everyone to practice hands, hone everyone's combat effectiveness.

     After all, let the greenhouse flowers enter the Ancient Battlefield to kill the enemy, this is the true meaning of the joint trial of the Holy Land, Cave Sky and Blessed Land.

     Shen Tian would not be a nanny for everyone around him.

     On the one hand, this is not good for them, it will only make them weak and unwilling to fight.

      On the other hand always fight these low-level mobs, it is quite boring for a long time.

     It is better to hand it over to Qin Yundi, Zhao Hao and others to get experience points.

     As the battle continued, the battle experience and tacit understanding of everyone around Shen Tian increased rapidly.The blood day of Ancient Battlefield slowly fell, and Darkness Shrouding covered the entire battlefield.

     Before night fell completely, Shen Tian and others finally found a safer valley.

     The valley is shaped like a gourd, only has one entrance, and it is very safe after cleaning the undead in the valley.

     After sealing Taniguchi with a formation, everyone was finally relaxed in the valley and could rest in a safe and stable manner.


     Everyone started to count their own gains and used opportunities to strengthen themselves.

     Shen Tian took out the Dracaena he had collected in the Sacred Dragon Valley from the ring and began to make a medicine bath.

     The previous Dragon God contract contained the Dragon Source Power, which was integrated into Shen Tian's body following the contract.

      In other words, at this time, Shen Tian's body actually already has the source strength of some dragons, but it is not strong enough.

      Since ancient times, the dragon knights all possess the wisdom of the human race and the invincible physique of the dragon race. This is the main reason why they can become legends.

     Since Shen Tian has successfully obtained the source strength of the Dragon Clan, he will not waste this ability.

     The dracaena that grows out of Ao Bing's source strength is the no second choice for Shen Tian to grow source strength.

     As the dragon's blood was crushed and put into the bath tub, the spirit spring in the bath became more and more red, exuding a hot breath like dragon blood.

     Everyone next to him was dumbfounded, because the dracaena that Shen Tian threw into the tub at this time had a hundred roots.

     It is the limit for ordinary people to refine ten and eight dracaenas, and no matter how many they are, they will easily burst.

     But at this time, Shen Tian obviously has no such worries.Taking off his shirt, Shen Tian stepped into the bath tub wearing his pants, allowing the medicinal bath hotter than boiling water to cover his body.

     Very hot liquid!

     It was incredibly hot, like boiling oil.

     But Shen Tian didn't notice any pain, instead, he was warm.

     The medicinal power of Dracaena was quickly refining and absorbed by him, surging through every muscle of the entire body from top to bottom.

     He can feel that his physical body is in the ‘Transcendent Realm’ advanced by leaps and bounds, and the five solid organs and six hollow organs and the limbs are strengthening.

     The surging blood qi was released from Shen Tian's body, surging like a cloud, and the surging energy contained in it was shocking.

     No one knows how solid his foundation is.

     But at this time, everyone around Shen Tian firmly believed that the Son was absolutely invincible during the foundation building period!

     As more and more Dracaena's medicinal power was absorbed by Shen Tian's body, his body changed.

     A series of black scale armors condensed by special energy appeared on the surface of Shen Tian's body, condensing his flesh and bones.

     This is not the armor of the Five Thunders Zhengtian Jue, but the ancient combat technique of the Dragon God Demon Body Refining: Ten Thousand Dragons God Armor!

     Shen Tian's defensive skills have been added, and the survival ability has become more powerful.

     And at the same time, a group of uninvited guests.

     Appeared outside this valley.

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