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210 The Peacock Supremacy, The Five-color Light
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Under the night, a white shadow flickered rapidly among the mountains.

     It runs like the wind so fast that people can't even see the afterimages, just like fuse together with the night.

     Behind him, five young men and women wearing gorgeous feather suits hurriedly pursued them, constantly attacking the white shadow.

     "Naughty animal, how dare to snatch treasure from my hand, I'm tired of living!"

     The man in the golden feather coat was flustered and exasperated, and the golden long knife in his hand was constantly hacking towards the ground.

     The surging and invincible knife gang cuts obvious knife marks on the ground, but it can't hit the white shadow at all, causing even the slightest damage to it.

     The white-clothed man by his side, driving the crane pen, lased towards the white shadow like a divine sword.

     It is a pity that every time Bai Ying is about to hit Bai Ying, that Bai Ying is like teasing everyone, speeding up and avoiding easily.

     "Hehe, even with you repuslive kids, dare to chase down this emperor?"

     "When the emperor crossed the five domains, your ancestors were all the guests in my seat... game in the bowl!"

     "I didn't expect tiger fallen into a flat place to be bullied by dogs, and now these little dolls dare to be presumptuous to the emperor!"

     "When the emperor recovers, he must stew your thin-feathered beast!"

     "Be scared! If you're afraid, just step back and walk away smoothly."

     "After the Emperor II proves the way in the future, spare your life!"


     Bai Ying dodges the attacks of the five people, while leaping across the mountains, while breathing out fragrance.

     At this time, under the moonlight, the white shadow was clearly reflected in the eyes of the five people who chased and killed.

     It turned out to be a Swift Dash white turtle standing upright on both legs!But I saw the tortoise’s two hind limbs resting on the ground, about a foot high, the whole body was pure white like jade, exuding a shining luster in the moonlight.

      has to say, this tortoise looks really extraordinary and looks great.

     Just what he said from his mouth made people irritated, and he wanted to stew the bastard on the spot.

     In fact, that's what the five Tianjiao of Nanjiang thought.

     Jin Yu, as the Tianjiao of the Golden-winged Great Peng clan in southern Xinjiang, secretly invited friends to enter Ancient Battlefield this time. He was suffocating his anger and planned to settle accounts with the Holy Land of Gods.

     As a result, they waited all day in the Blood Demon Ridge, and instead of waiting for the Son of God, they waited for a powerful blood demon to arrive.

     The strength of this blood demon is no small matter, but the essence and blood of the antiquity powerhouse are fused with evil spirits, and the strength is faintly comparable to the monks of the Yuan Ying period.

     Rao is a leader in the Golden Core period, and can easily kill ordinary Nascent Soul-level existence in the outside world.

     But in this Ancient Battlefield, the strength is greatly suppressed, and it is difficult to be a Gorefiend opponent one-on-one.

     The five people spent great effort and consumed a lot of vitality with great difficulty to kill the blood demon, and cut the body of the blood demon to take out the ‘blood essence beads’.

     For Blood Demon, Blood Essence Orb is its Life Origin Water, which contains extremely powerful Life Force.

     For Yaozu, the blood essence beads are the perfect tonic.

     The blood essence of the Gorefiend is chaotic and tyrannical, but the blood essence contained in the blood essence beads is flawless and vigorous.

     After refining the blood essence beads, the monster race can purify its bloodline and enhance its strength.

     If you are lucky, you may even have a chance to return to your ancestors and awaken the blood of the ancient divine beast.This blood demon's intelligence is low, and it is completely unable to display its own strength. It is still comparable to Nascent Soul Stage’s strength.

     This shows that the quality of its essence and blood is absolutely extraordinary, and the preciousness of the Blood Demon Orb is even more precious without a doubt.

     Even for these five people, it is definitely a precious opportunity worthy of heart!

     However, just as the crowd took out the blood sperm beads and prepared to distribute them, this damn white turtle appeared.

     Its speed is ridiculously fast!

      Flash of lightning, the Blood Demon Orb disappeared before five people and was swallowed by this turtle.

     Then the white tortoise ran away toward the depths of the battlefield.

     In this regard, the five Tianjiao from the Southern Xinjiang Yu Clan naturally cannot bear it.

     After all, I was exhausted and struggling to fight monsters for so long, with great difficulty bursting out a treasure, but letting people intercept it.

     Who can stand this grievance?

     Jin Yu's pupils glowed with a little golden light, firmly locked in the white shadow, preventing it from leaving the range of sight.

     This is the special ability of the Golden-winged Great Peng eagle family. At the extreme level of cultivation, you can see through the blue sky and the Nine Underworld Yellow Spring and see everything.

     Although Jin Yu's Dharma Eye has not yet cultivated to that level, it has no small matter.

     Otherwise, they would have chased the white turtle in front of you a long time ago.

     Looking at the white tortoise, Jin Yu sneered and said: "Damn bastard, today I won't kill you, Jin Yu, I swear not to be a man!"

     The white turtle laughed: "Swear not to be a man? You are too shameless, are you a man? It's just a thin-feathered beast!"

     "But the meat of your Golden-winged Great Peng chicken is really delicious. The old soup is strong and the small barbecue is smooth and tender.""Hey, in the past Eventful Years unbearable to recall, when the emperor regains the throne, he will be the first to stew you."


     White turtle had just finished speaking, and the place where he was located was easily cut by a pair of swordsmanship.

     This Golden Sword Gang was indeed so powerful that it was even enough to severely injure a real person in the Golden Core Stage.

     It's a pity that this little white tortoise's reaction and speed are too fast, and its figure turns into an afterimage to easily avoid the attack.

     Rao is that these people's attacks are like howling wind and torrential rain, but they have never been able to pose a real threat to them, the end is arrogant and despotic.

     Is it still a tortoise?

     The Peacock fairy wearing a five-color dress always does not say a word, but looks at the little white turtle lightly, as if observing something.

     After a long time, she finally spoke slowly: "It's the legendary footwork: the electric light shadow step."

     Kong Meng's words made the other four Yuzu Tianjiao's expressions slightly condensed: "Isn't that footwork lost long ago?"

     Kong Meng slowly shook his head: "The so-called lost, it's just that there is no one in the world, don't forget that this is in Ancient Battlefield."

     Jin Yu's face was pale, because as the arrogant of the Golden-winged Great Peng clan, he knew all about the famous inheritance of the five domains.

     This electric light god shadow step is the unspread secret of the gods sacred land thousands of years ago, known as the world speed.

     The strong who practiced this footwork, the body becomes a thunderbolt can escape between heaven and earth.

     Its speed is so fast that almost no one at the same level can capture it.

     Of course, the practice of this footwork is extremely difficult.

     It was created by the goddess saint master ten thousand years ago, and made a great reputation in the Eastern Wilderness.The Holy Master of Shenxiao successfully trained the Big Five Elements Hunyuan Thunder God Body and held the banner of Shenxiao Thunder Emperor. He was one of the strongest Holy Masters in the Eastern Desolation.

      at it's peak He ascended to the realm of the quasi-emperor, walked in Ancient Battlefield by relying on the shadow of lightning, and slaughtered Foreign Evil Demons.

     Often it’s just Yellow Flash passing by, those strong people outside the territory are already Person's Head Drops To The Ground rivers of blood.

     In that battle, the prestigious name of the "Golden Light Lord" of the Holy Land of Gods was enough to stop the cry of the evil spirits outside the territory.

     It is even said that a large part of the reason why the evil spirits outside the territories besieged the Holy Land of Gods is because of their fear of the Holy Lord of Golden Light.

     They worry that the Golden Light Lord will achieve the real throne in this war.

     At that time, it will have a disruptive impact on the battle situation!

     In the end, under a targeted conspiracy, the Holy Lord of Golden Light fell, and the Shadow Walk of Lightning was also lost.

     Jin Yu didn't expect that now, on this Ancient Battlefield, he would actually encounter a white bastard, which would make the Golden Light Lord's electric light shadow step.

     Haha, it's the Holy Land of Gods again!

     Your god's sacred land, you deceive Peng too much!

     "Tianpeng Weeping Blood Technique!"

      The Golden-winged Great Peng family has always had a bad temper, and they are most prone to anger.

     After learning that the little white tortoise was displaying the inheritance of the Holy Land of Gods, Jin Yu was so angry that his wings and hair stood upright.

     The blood energy in his body is burning, transforming into surging power and surging throughout the body, and the speed becomes faster.

     It should be noted that Heavenly Peng Clan is a population that possesses the extreme speed of heaven and earth.

     It can be said that the true pure-blooded Tianpeng flies its wings, even if it is a dragon and a phoenix, it is hard to match it.Now that Jin Yu burned his energy and blood to increase the speed, his whole person directly turned into a golden afterimage, and he was close to the little white turtle in an instant.

     "Your uncle is a bitch!"

     "Why don't you just eat your balls, little chicken!"

     Feeling the strong killing intent behind him, the little white turtle almost flew his shells in fright.

     Electric lights shot out from the white body, and the two short legs were running fast like an engine.


     "The little bastard with chicken plague, go crazy!"

     "Are there any juniors from the human race and the turtle race, come and help the emperor!"

     "Little chicken bastard, please chase after you, chase me, if you chase me, count you quickly!"

     "Don't chase it! As a male creature, you can't be too fast, you will be laughed at!"


     The little white tortoise is obviously not at a high level, and being forced by the golden feather of extreme speed to spring up all around dangers, dodge is becoming more and more embarrassed.

     But what made Jin Yu collapse is that even if he was forced to jump up and down, this bastard's mouth still kept going.

     It's words are too dense, it's just a rogue tortoise alive, and the three corpses of angry people are violent!

     "Son of a bitch, so I catch you, you must put skinning dismantling stew soup bastard!"

     The golden long knife in Jin Yu's hand swung out a storm-like knife gang, which forced the white turtle to jump up and down.

     Suddenly, the white tortoise seemed to sense something and looked at the valley not far away: "Yo, monk monk!"

     Its body flickered, it suddenly lased towards the valley, and then blasted into the valley within a few longitudinal jumps, its breath converging.The formation at the entrance of the valley, as if it doesn't have any effect on the white turtle, was directly broken!

     "Want to run? I want you to escape today, my name is written backwards!"

     Jin Yu hair stands up in anger and tips off one's hat, the whole person turned into a golden magic knife, slashing towards the valley suddenly.


     The simple defensive spell array crashed, and then the defensive spell array was triggered.

     The sharp siren sounded in the valley, instantly attracting the attention of everyone in the valley.

     Qin Yundi suddenly managed to regain consciousness from meditation with closed eyes, although open eyes did not look much different from closed eyes.

     However, the 8x8=64 yin-yang demon-breaking guns seem to have been suspended behind them, reflecting dull light in the moonlight, which is chilling.

     Zhao Hao had just taken a lot of dracaena, and the rich Southbright Trigram Fire enveloped him, transforming into red flame sword aura.

     At this time, Zhao Hao looked at the entrance of the valley abruptly, a strong fighting spirit radiating from his body.

     In addition, Duke Gui, Qin Gao, Xiao Ling, Li Lian'er and others all took out their weapons and guarded Shen Tian's side.

     At this time, Shen Tian was still cultivating to absorb the essence of Dracaena. Although he didn't know if he could interrupt it, they could't take any risks.


     The Taniguchi formation collapsed.

     A red Golden Shadow bears the brunt of it, breaking directly into the valley.

     This person is wearing a golden feather coat and carrying golden wings on his back. It is Jin Yu: "Bad egg, get your ass out!"


     Qin Yundi of Taniguchi brows slightly wrinkled.

     As the true biography of Shenxiao, he has a good understanding of the demon clan in southern Xinjiang.

     For thousands of years, the Nanjiang Monster Race has been following the compass and go with the set square under the order of the Queen of the Immortal Phoenix.Why would a monster suddenly appear on the Ancient Battlefield in the Eastern Wilderness? And it's extraordinary in terms of bloodline intensity!

      With eyes narrowing, Qin Yundi smiled and said, "In Xia is the True Disciple of the Gods, Qin Yundi, I don’t know how Xiongtai is called?"

     "It's none of your business, I'm looking for that bastard..."

     Jin Yu was trying to make everyone in the valley go out, suddenly seemed to have noticed something.

     His golden pupils stared straight at Qin Yundi: "What did you say? Are you the true biography of Shenxiao Holy Land?"

     Qin Yundi brows slightly wrinkled: "Exactly, I don't know this fellow Taoist, can you give me any advice?"

     Jin Yu sneered and said: "Interesting, I didn't catch that bastard, but I came across a true biography of the Holy Land of Gods."

     "Speaking of all disciples of the same sect, if this son arrested your kid, if your holy son knew about it, he would have delivered to the doorstep!"

     After a word, Jin Yu stared directly at Qin Yundi, showing his ferocity.

     Comparable to the surging pressure of the Jindan period, it swept towards Qin Yundi hiding the sky and covering the earth.

     Jin Yu originally thought that under his own pressure, Qin Yundi would complexion big changes and even directly begged for mercy.

     But he was wrong, very wrong.

     Qin Yundi's smile on face slowly solidified, but he didn't have the slightest fear: "You mean, you want to be against Brother Shengzi?"

     Jin Yu sneered and said: "It's not good for him, so what? Your old Bilian in the Holy Land, dare to attack our clan Elder, death cannot wipe out the crimes!"

     "I entered Ancient Battlefield this time, just to tit for tat, and kill all of you disciples of the gods and the holy children.""Also let you presumptuous human races know, know, the dignity of my southern Xinjiang Yu race cannot be violated!"

     Jin Yu said radiant with delight, but Qin Yundi's expression was always indifferent, without fluctuations.

     It's just that the light that bursts out of squinted eyes is getting colder and more ruthless.

     He said indifferently: "You just called brother a bastard?"

     Jin Yu couldn't help but stunned. When did he scold the son of God Xiao as a bastard?

     But it doesn't matter!

     The True Disciple in the sacred place of the gods, and it is only at the foundation stage, and it is not paid attention to by his Jin Yu.

     Assessing the aura radiating from Qin Yundi's whole body, Jin Yu is confident that within three moves, he will directly send this human race to Huangquan!

     "Kneel and beg forgiveness! If you can cooperate with me to bring the goddess over, you can leave a whole body!"

     The wings of Jin Yu spread out, and the brilliance suddenly rose like a golden sun.

     The sword in his hand was covered with condensed qi, forcing people to grow cold.

     "Obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way! Tianpeng Jiu Zhan First Zhan: Zhan Shanhe!"

     Seeing that Qin Yundi didn't mean to beg for mercy at all, Jin Yu was coldly snorted.

     The battle sword in his hand was held high, and the ten-meter-long golden sword beam shot directly into the sky, and the momentum continued to brew.

     Seeing Jin Yu gathering momentum in in midair, Qin Yundi squinted his eyes with disdain.

     Even at this level of strength, dare to big talk no shame being rude to the senior?

     "If you are rude to brother, die!"

     A firm voice sounded.

     Behind Qin Yundi, sixty-four yin and yang demon-breaking spears glowed.

     boom!A spiritual gold bullet carrying a clear flame, lased towards Jin Yu, so fast that only afterimages were visible.

     "So fast!"

     Jin Yu looked cautious in his eyes, and a golden shield appeared on his body.

     The shield suddenly enlarged, blocking the spiritual gold bullet, and immediately flew the spiritual gold bullet.

     "Hehe, merely this!"

     Jin Yu snorted, and the golden sword in his hand had almost condensed into substance.

     However, in the next second, his face changed suddenly, and big beads of sweat continued to fall from his forehead.

     Because at this time, another 63 Yin-Yang Demon Breaking Spears started to fire continuously.


     Da Da Da~!

      da da da da da~!


     Sixty-four yin-yang demon-breaking spears continued to rotate behind Qin Yundi, spraying out pale Blue Flame.

     One after another flaming spirit gold bullets shot out from the gun, and shot towards Jin Yu.



      dāng dāng dāng dāng dāng ~!


     The golden shield was constantly hit by the spiritual gold bullets, and the light became weaker and weaker.

     Jin Yu's face is slightly pale, after all, this golden shield is one of his core weapons.

     At the same time of extraordinary power, it is also closely bound up with Jin Yu itself.

     As far as this golden shield is concerned, it is not difficult at all, with no difficulty to block a spiritual gold bullet.

     But at this time, Qin Yundi shot too many spirit gold bullets, dozens of rounds shot out!

     After the ten spiritual gold bullets, the golden shield was completely dim, and even inconspicuous cracks appeared.After the twenty spiritual gold bullets, the sword in Jin Yu's hand was completely broken, and all the power was injected into the shield defense.

     Forty spirit gold bullets came in a rush, the gold shield all split up and in pieces, and Jin Yu spouted a burst of blood.

     He didn't have time to feel sorry for the golden shield, because the Yin Yang Demon Breaking Spear behind Qin Yundi was still firing continuously.

     And those guns that had finished firing spirit gold bullets were being replaced by Qin Yundi's regular and thorough bullets, ready to be connected at any time.

     What kind of monster is this?

      How can clearly only the foundation building period be more terrifying than the previous gorefiend?

     "Asshole, you deceived me, in fact, you are the Son of God, right! It's sinister!"

     Jin Yu waved his wings awkwardly, dodge the remaining spiritual gold bullets, but he missed the opportunity easier said than done?


     Puff puff puff~!

      pū pū pū pū 噗~!


     A series of blood arrows splashed on Jin Yu's wings and body, looking miserable.

     Fortunately, the feathers on Jin Yu's body are the precious Body Protecting Magical Treasure of the Golden-winged Great Peng clan, which is extremely defensive.

     Otherwise, Qin Yundi's volley of yin and yang demon-breaking spears at this time alone would be enough to directly tear Jin Yu into pieces.

     However, even with the golden feather protective body, Jin Yu was seriously injured and fell directly from the air.

     He looked at Qin Yundi: "Damn it, I didn't expect that the Holy Child of God would use this vicious and evil magic weapon!"

     "If you have the ability, don't use this kind of magic weapon, and have a good fight with my real swords, real spears!"Qin Yundi stared at Jin Yu indifferently, his sixty-four guns flooded: "You got the wrong person, compared with Senior Brother Shengzi, my little skill is like the difference between a firefly and Haori."

     "Just because you are rude to match Senior Brother Shengzi? In the next life, let these two tricks be brighter!"

     After a word, Qin Yundi would urge the second round of volley of monster-breaking guns to send this baffling Golden-winged Great Peng on the road.

     Suddenly, he brows slightly wrinkled.

     The demon-breaking spears turned their guns together, facing towards Taniguchi.

     However, four figures wearing feather robes shot in from outside Taniguchi.

     The aura radiating from each of them is extremely strong, not weaker than Jin Yu.

     The first girl wearing a five-color feather coat is extraordinary and refined, and the vision of "God opens the sky" evolved from behind, like a female saint descending.

     Seeing his partner arrived, Jin Yu relaxed: "Everyone be careful, this guy is the goddess, he is very dark!"

     "Especially those insidious magical weapons behind him, the speed is very fast, every handle can hurt the golden core!"

     Hearing Jin Yu's reminder, and then looking at Jin Yu, who was covered with blood holes, the eyes of the four feather tribe geniuses showed solemnity.

     They slowly approached Qin Yundi from four directions, ready to launch the most violent surprise attack.

     "Junior Brother Zhao Hao, I will block them first."

     "You go find a way to wake up the brother, only the brother can deal with these people."

     Qin Yundi's eyes narrowing, in front of one's eyes shines with worry, he knows how much he has.

     If he really wants to direct confrontation head-on, he is confident that he can fight Jin Yu very well.But it is absolutely impossible so Jin Yu will drop in seconds so easily.

     After all, if it weren't for Jin Yu to support Da, and directly gain momentum to use big moves, relying on the speed of the Golden-winged Great Peng Clan, the Yin Yang Demon Breaking Spear might not be able to lock him so easily.

     Now that the other four Yuzu Tianjiao descended, each of them would not be much weaker than Jin Yu, the first one was even stronger than Jin Yu.

     In addition, Jin Yu reminded that the Yin Yang Demon Breaking Spear had lost its do sth when least expected effect, and its lethality would be greatly reduced.

     Under such circumstances, Qin Yundi was not at all sure that he could stop these people, and could only delay at best.

     Zhao Hao nodded solemnly and shot towards the depths of the valley to wake Shen Tian.


     "Let Junior Brother go first?"

     The Tianjiao of the Bailing tribe has a bright smile on his face: "What a goddess, he looks so feminine, but he has a bit of masculinity."

     The Tianjiao of the White Crane tribe sneered and said, "Jin Yu, a human being in the base-building period can actually make you suffer such a big loss?"

     Jin Yu hummed: "Crane Wushuang, if you have a seed, try it alone, and be careful not to shoot you!"

     He Wushuang laughing heartily: "Try it, try it! Everyone will help me, don't interfere!"

     As soon as the voice fell, He Wushuang suddenly burst into countless white feathers.

     It was a feather condensed from pure mana, each of them was enough to severely damage the foundation stage.

     The sky full of feathers floated towards Qin Yundi, not very fast, but covering all Qin Yundi's evasive path.

     Obviously, although He Wushuang was arrogant.

     But really start, he is far more careful and prudent than Jin Yu."Such insignificant ability, watch me break you!"

     Qin Yundi snorted, and instantly sacrificed hundreds of charms, welcoming all the feathers in an instant.

     "Brother once said: Art is explosion!"

     The wind in the valley moved Qin Yundi's golden hair.

     The originally squinted eyes slowly opened, bursting out bright light.


     The terrible explosion set off a violent sound wave, directly flying and shattering all the white mana feathers.

     In the entire valley, thick smoke and dust were set off, covering everything.

     "All of them are the best Thunder Explosion Talisman!"

     Bailing, the Tianjiao Bailing of the Bailing tribe, covered the mouth, secretly stunned: "You deserve to be the Son of God, really rich and arrogant!"

     "That so what? In front of absolute strength, these all are flowers in a mirror and the moon reflected in the lake unable to withstand a single blow !"

     He Wushuang sneered, and his figure suddenly appeared behind Qin Yundi.

     The crane pen in his hand is like a sword, directly penetrating Qin Yundi.

     However, when the crane pen penetrated Qin Yundi, He Wushuang did not have the slightest joyous look on his face.

     On the contrary, his face changed suddenly, and he quickly drew out a crane pen to explode.

      At the next moment, Qin Yundi, who was pierced by the crane pen, did not shed a drop of blood, but began to slowly turn black.

     That... it turned out to be a clay figure kneaded from mud, and a bait disguised by illusion.

     "The response is quite fast, but unfortunately it comes without enough time."

     Qin Yundi's voice resounded in the smoke and dust.

     The ground under Crane Wushuang's feet cracked, and silver armor-piercing bombs exploded.

     The spiritual gold bullets hidden in the armor-piercing bullets shot towards all around, and He Wushuang bears the brunt.At the same time, all around all sounded fiercely breaking the wind, and Lingjin bullets shot towards He Wushuang from everywhere.

     Obviously, this is a trap that Qin Yundi has set long ago, in order to lure the crane into the urn without frost.

     As the only Foundation stage disciple in the true biography of this generation of Shenxiao Holy Land.

     Although Qin Yundi's cultivation base is far inferior to other true biography, but the battle experience does not lose anyone at all.

     Before the invention of the Yin and Yang Thunder Explosive Talisman, he used ordinary Thunder Explosive Talisman to forcibly blow up the Late Stage Golden Core monster.

     This shows that Qin Yundi's understanding of explosive tactics is quite good.

     Now with the Yin Yang Demon Breaking Spear and Yin Yang Thunder Explosive Talisman, Qin Yundi's explosive tactics can be sublimated instantly.

     Rao was facing these top arrogant talents from the Southern Xinjiang Feather Clan, Qin Yundi did not have the slightest stage fright, and was fighting happily.

     Although he is gentle, but... squinting eyes are monsters!


     The smoke is gone.

     Qin Yundi stood indifferently at Taniguchi.

     And Under his feet, it is the crane Wushuang whose limbs are nailed to the ground.

     Three Yin-Yang Demon Breaking Spears held He Wushuang's head, and the other Yin Yang Demon Breaking Spears pointed at the remaining three Yaozu Tianjiao.

     Qin Yundi said indifferently: "First, I said that I am not Senior Brother Shengzi, if the Senior Brother is here, you can turn you into ashes with just a few fingers."

     "Secondly, the Holy Land of Gods never takes the initiative to cause trouble, but if a wealthy wolf invades, I have no place to fear with a sharp gun!"

     "Third, if you don't want your partner to die, it is best not to act blindly without thinking!"

     Feeling the cold breath of the yin and yang demon-breaking spear, He Wushuang's forehead was dripping with big beads of sweat.He quickly said: "Fairy Kong Meng, save me!"

     The woman in five-color clothes slowly stepped forward and looked at Qin Yundi: "Your combat talent is very good, I appreciate it."

     "Has to acknowledge, the sacred son of God Xiao Xiao, whom you admire so much, has successfully aroused my interest."

     "Let go of He Wushuang! As long as you help me find the Son of God, I promise not to kill you."

     Qin Yundi looked at Kong Meng and didn't dare to be careless: "Do you think I would believe it?"

     A smile appeared on Kong Meng's face: "Believe it or not, what's the difference?"

     As soon as the voice fell, the peacock vision slowly opened behind Kong Meng, projecting a Five-colored Divine Light.

     This god's speed of light is so fast that when Qin Yundi reacted, He Wushuang at his feet was vanish from sight in an instant.

     Even disappeared at the same time, and there was a Yin Yang Demon Breaking Spear, which was swept away by Shenguang directly.

     Looking at Kong Meng who is always indifferent and cold, Qin Yundi takes a deep breath.

     "The Supreme Law of the Peacock Protoss, Five-colored Divine Light?"

     "You actually got it!!!"
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