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214 This Son Of God Has The Most Fair Valuation!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

With the sound, a black egg jumped out from the package behind Shen Tian.

     A little dragon pattern appeared on that egg, which was exactly the original dragon egg transformed by Ao Bing's Nirvana before.

     At this time, over the dragon egg, the black light condensed into a silhouette, which looked very similar to Ao Bing, but was much smaller.

     On the skeleton of Shenglong before, the Ao Bing that Shen Tian saw was a 20-year-old mature woman.

     At this time, the figure of the woman who appeared on the dragon egg was a little girl in a black dress about six or seven years old.

     She akimbo her hips, her mouth puffed round, her face full of resentment, and she looked like a little baby whose snacks were snatched by others.

     What surprised Shen Tian was that the height and appearance of this female dragon had become smaller, but the evil had not changed at all.

      The very small body is under pressure that it shouldn't have. It's really amazing.

     Looking at Ao Bing above the dragon egg, Shen Tian couldn't help but think of a certain little fox.

     Don't say it, if you let Ao Bing change into a red skirt, carry a big wine gourd, and then replace the pink dragon horns with fox ears, it will be really elegant.

     It's just that Shen Tian is somewhat curious, and his strength after Nirvana seems to have fallen drastically.

     I don't know if this little female dragon's strength will be weakened after Nirvana becomes an egg. Is there a chance to stand up and ride the dragon?

     For a while, Shen Tian let one's imagination roam in his heart, after all, Dragon Knight is the ultimate fantasy of many boys for heroes!


     Not to mention that Shen Tian looked at Ao Bing indulge in flights of fancy at this time, at this time Ao Bing and Kong Meng had torn up.

     Ao Bing's left hand was akimbo, and his right finger pointed at Kong Meng and hummed, "The girl of the Peacock clan, Shen Tian belongs to the palace!""My Palace has signed a contract with him. He is now walking in the world of my Black Dragon Island. It is impossible to sign a contract with you Peacock!"

     Although Kong Meng seems cold and indifferent, as the number one Chosen of Southern Xinjiang, how can he not have his own pride?

     She looked at Ao Bing indifferently: "Is the dragon girl of Beihai Black Dragon Island? It's quite a coincidence."

     "However, the signing of the Dragon God Contract between Brother Shen Dao and your Black Dragon Island does not affect his signing of the contract with his clan."

     "It is important to know that in the war ten thousand years ago, many Peerless Supreme Talents also held multi-ethnic contracts, and even wore the seal of six races!"

     After that, Kong Meng looked at Shen Tian and said calmly: "Brother Shen Dao has a variety of world's rare objects, which is most suitable for practicing the Five Elements Taoism and the Five Elements Magical Powers!"

     "Dream can be certain that, apart from the "Five Thunder Zhengtian Jue" in the Holy Land of Gods, there is no second fairy method in the world that is more suitable for Brother Shen Dao than "Five-colored Divine Light."

     "If Brother Shen Dao is willing, Meng has the confidence to persuade the elders of the family to make an exception and become Brother Dao's second contract partner."

     "With the strength, talent and demeanor of Brother Dao, Meng doesn't mind sharing a contract with the Dragon Clan."

     Obviously, Shen Tian broke Kong Meng's Hunyuan Five-colored Divine Light cover with the foundation-building period, which has been thoroughly recognized by Kong Meng.

      Otherwise, even though Shen Tian's appearance is extremely high, Kong Meng is not very possibly might be willing to share a contract with Ao Bing.

     After all, the Human Race acts as the human walk of the Demon Race, which is also the extremely high respect of the Demon Race to the Human Race.

     If you not only contracted our clan, but also backhanded and contracted other clan.

     Although there is no problem in principle, but the animal does not want face?Since ancient times, only the peerless Tianjiao whose talents are truly ancient, can they be qualified to be recognized by several great animal groups and share contracts.

     In Kong Meng's view, Shen Tian's demeanor, demeanor, strength and talent are all eligible for this treatment.

     However, the goddess of the Peacock Protoss agreed, but the dragon girls of Nirvana turned into smaller ones have opinions.

     The dragon girl in her little black dress snorted coldly: "My palace will never agree to sign a contract with you."

     Kong Meng smiled lightly: "If Sister Long is unwilling, she would contact Brother Shen's contract. The human-god contract is entirely voluntary. Who can force you!"

     Ao Bing#: "You!"

     The corners of Kong Meng's mouth raised slightly, and the Five-colored Divine Light swayed gently behind him: "Before the shell is even out, just learn to sign the Dragon God contract? Dragon sister you're an adult?"

     "Be careful when your family knows that you signed a contract without telling your elders, go back and hit your ass!"

     Ao Bing's nose was so angry that the evil of surging forward with great momentum set off the Stormy Sea (dangerous situation), but he quickly adjusted it.

     She looked at Kong Meng with a confident smile on her face: "By the way, are all the women of the Peacock Protoss stunted?"

     "Look at you as an adult, why are you so peaceful? You are the peacock goddess if you know, and you are the peacock son if you don't know!"

     "Girl, if you are (of a woman) to dress as a man, you don't have to wrap your breasts!"

     While speaking, Ao Bing deliberately stood tall: "Even if Nirvana turns into a child, this palace is bigger than you!"

     Boom~! ! !

     Crit -999999...

     An extremely rich murderous intent enveloped the entire Holy Dragon Valley.Kong Meng's teeth clicked, and the Five-colored Divine Light reopened behind him: "I will kill you!"

     Beside, Bai Ling, the female demon of the Bailing tribe, quickly grabbed Kong Meng: "Sister Meng, don't be impulsive, she belongs to Black Dragon Clan."

     Southern Xinjiang is headed by Phoenix clan, while Beihai is headed by Black Dragon Clan. They are the two major forces of the monster clan.

     Although the Peacock Protoss that Kong Meng belongs to is the top of the demons, it is still slightly inferior to the Dragon and Phoenix races.

     Ao Bing regained the upper hand and sneered: "What? Is this angry? My palace is only telling the truth."

     "Is still an adult? Haha, this palace became famous before ten thousand years, even if it's you dad sees this palace, he has to call senior."

     "Just because you deserve to be presumptuous in front of this palace? It's ignorant!"


     Kong Meng was stunned, and then he seemed to think of something.

     Yes, this dragon should not be a hatched dragon egg of the Black Dragon Protoss, otherwise, how could it be so capable of bickering?

     It should be the dragon clan who was severely injured, and only after using the secret method of Nirvana to restore vitality, will it return to the appearance of childhood.

     This situation is not uncommon in the world of immortality, on the contrary, it occurs frequently.

     Because the fourth state of God Demon Body Refining is the so-called ‘Nirvana’.

     Corresponding to the "Qi Refining, Foundation Building, Jin Dan, Yuan Ying, God Transformation, Cross Tribulation, and Mahayana" of the Jin Dan Qi refining system, the God Demon Body Refining system also has seven realms.

     That is "forging body, transcendence, golden body, nirvana, power of spirit, life and death, and gods."

     Among them, Golden Body Realm raises the Mortal Body Strength to a level that is completely innocuous, and trains a mythical golden body without flaws.Next, it is to condense the True God power from the mythical golden body to deify the acupoints in the body, and store the Life Source in the acupoints.

     After reaching this state, as long as there are enough deified acupuncture points, the connection between the bodies will be extremely close.

     If the strong person in the Yuan Ying stage is killed by the body, he can escape from the body and seize the flesh of others, reincarnated in sb else's body.

     And if the strong man in Nirvana is cut off, he can rely on enough acupuncture points for the deification to bring his body back abruptly.

     According to legend, if there are enough acupuncture points for deification, some of the strongest God Demon Body Refining can even reach the level of Rebirth from a drop of Blood!

     It is precisely because of this that the powerful God Demon Body Refining is recognized as hard to kill, and many can only be sealed.

     If the black egg in front of you was Nirvana, the dragon strongman ten thousand years ago, the origin would be terrible.

     Kong Meng, as the saint of Peacock Clan, is naturally not a big boobs but no brain.

     After all, her chest is not big.

     "If she is the strongest of Dragon Ancient Era, she can't let her monopolize Brother Shen Tian."

     Kong Meng was secretly wary. Although the North Sea Monster Race and the Southern Border Monster Race are both Monster Races, the relationship is not good.

     If Beihai Heilong Island had such a personal walk in Shen Tian and friendship with the holy land on earth, it would surely increase its strength in the future.

     As the top Protoss in Southern Xinjiang, Kong Meng felt that he would never allow the Dragon to take advantage of it.

      Thought until here, Kong Meng smiled and said: "It turns out to be the old Black Dragon clan who has been sealed in Ancient Battlefield for thousands of years!"

     "Senior, Brother Shen Dao is still so young, you are more than 10,000 years old, why are you embarrassed to let him ride! Does the old dragon eat tender grass?"Ao Bing was so angry that Dragon Horn was angry. If it weren't for Nirvana now, Black Dandan almost didn't hit Kong Meng directly.

     She swears that when she succeeds in Nirvana, she will kill the Peacock Clan and squash this girl.

     I dared to scold the old man in this palace, now it is clearly in one's prime.

     Age and size are always the killer's tricks. Seeing Ao Bing's madness, Kong Meng smiled.

     "Brother Shen Dao, you are so good, and you have a five-element thunder god body, the most suitable for practice is Five-colored Divine Light."

     "And the dream will not prevent you from walking as other protoss, and can even introduce you to it!"

     "How is it the little princess of the Phoenix clan? And the Golden-winged Great Peng clan..."

     Before Kong Meng finished speaking, he was interrupted by an angry roar.

     But this time it was not Ao Bing, but Jin Yu, who had long been unable to listen.

     "shut up!!!"


     As Qin Yundi's one who has suffered defeat (at my hands), Jin Yu has been listening to the conversation in a humble manner and healed at the same time.

     Seeing Kong Meng and Ao Bing rushing to be Shen Tian's contracted beast, Jin Yu already doubted his life.

     After all, his original intention of inviting Kong Meng to the Eastern Wilderness was to find trouble in the Holy Land of Shenxiao and kidnap the Son of Shenxiao.

     Not only did he fail to kidnap the goddess son to southern Xinjiang, but he forced Bilian Tianzun to go to southern Xinjiang to throw himself into the net.

     On the contrary, even Kong Meng, the Tianjiao of the Peacock Protoss, has completely fallen, clamoring to sign a contract with Shen Tian.

      It should be noted, Kong Meng is the dream lover of countless male birds in southern Xinjiang!

     How many Yuzu Tianjiao showed their favor to Kong Meng without any response and never eat mundane affairs.But in front of Shen Tian, she could actually endure the signing of a human-god contract with another female dragon, and her affinity was extremely close.

     This kind of strong contrast brought Jin Yu intense discomfort and felt the world's strong malice towards him.

     Kong Meng fell into that's the end of it, and planned to introduce Shen Tian to the little princess of the Phoenix clan?

     Even the little princess of the Golden-winged Great Peng clan? That's Jin Yu's sister!

     "Kong Meng, you are too much! This thing is still signed with a loose and second?"

     Jin Yu's face was full of grief and indignation. He looked at Shen Tian: "Holy Son of God, I and you the two cannot exist together!"

     "On Ancient Battlefield today, I can't use cultivation skills, let you off! You better not be touched by me in the future!"

     "Otherwise, I must tear you up little by little, I swear!"

     After that, Jin Yu dragged his unhealed body and shot towards the outside of the Sacred Dragon Valley.

     However, just when Jin Yu's figure was about to fly out of the Holy Dragon Valley, she suddenly felt a chill behind her back.

     Looking back, Jin Yu's hair all over stood upright in an instant, but she saw that Shen Tian had already started striding.

     His hands form a calyx-like shape. This kind of start-up golden feather eyes are too familiar, because he has only seen it once not long ago.

     That is the ultimate ultimate move that can break the Five-colored Divine Light. If you hit yourself, there is still a way to survive?

     "Asshole, you actually hurt people behind your back, what kind of a hero are you like?"

     Jin Yu was so frightened that he flapping the wing wanted to escape the valley.

     However, he had been injured by Qin Yundi before, and his state was not good, and he had already been locked by Shen Tian."Everyone says they want to deal with me and want to leave? I want your life while you are sick!"

     Shen Tian's body was enveloped by five-colored thunder, which condensed into countless thunder sword aura in Shen Tian's palms.

     "Leave me obediently stay! Myriad Swords Return to Origin!!!"

     A cold voice resounded in the Sacred Dragon Valley, and the Thunder Sword in Shen Tian's palm shot out suddenly.

     The sword energy that was originally only an inch long grew in the wind, turning into a black, white, red, yellow, and blue three-foot long sword, which caught up with the golden feather in a few breaths.

     That is Gengjin Thunder Sword Qi, Jiamu Thunder Sword Qi, Binghuo Thunder Sword Qi, Renshui Thunder Sword Qi and Wutu Thunder Sword Qi.

     Although they are not as powerful as the Hunyuan Shen Lei, they are large enough to greet Jin Yu.

     "Asshole, you are bully intolerably!"

     Jin Yu was burning with golden arrogance, and the long knife in his hand suddenly slashed.

     The sword aura swept across the air, smashing the sword aura, but Thunder was like Maggot of Tarsus Bone with a golden long sword.

     Jin Yu's hair stood upside down at the speed visible to the naked eye, and the posture of holding the knife began to tremble, and the whole person was smoking.

     Kong Meng said helplessly: "Brother Shen Dao, the Golden-winged Great Peng clan and the Peacock Protoss are family ties after all. Can you take Meng’s face and spare his life?"

     Shen Tian frowned slightly, but still nodded: "Well, just give the fairy this face!"

     After all, Shen Tian pinched the sword tactics, and all the sword aura suddenly turned into a big net.

     The five-color big net enveloped Jin Yu's entire bird, making him twitch constantly.

     Shen Tian slowly walked to Jin Yu's side, and glanced at the Feather Clan Tianjiao, such as Crane Wushuang, Vulture, and Bai Ling on the other side.Suddenly Crane Wushuang and the vulture were shuddered and turned around and pretended not to see them.

     But Bai Ling's eyes shone with brilliance, and he secretly wondered if Fairy Kong Meng could help her lead a line, and their Bai Ling tribe could also appoint the world to walk.

     With a bright smile on his face, Shen Tian slowly squatted down beside Jin Yu: "Brother Jin, I think there is a misunderstanding between us."

     Jin Yu was about to speak harshly, but thinking of the consequences of the previous sentence, he resolutely followed his heart.

     With a smile on his face that is more ugly than crying, Jin Yu said, "Yes, it's all a misunderstanding."

     Shen Tian looked at Jin Yu's forehead with a playful smile on his face: "Since it is a misunderstanding, let's discuss reconciliation!"

     Jin Yu swallowed, only to feel that his whole body was scorched and scorched with electricity, and smelled like a scent: "How to reconcile?"

     The corner of Shen Tian's mouth raised slightly: "Shen was originally in retreat. Brother Jin, you rushed into the valley and almost hurt Shen's cultivation deviation. You have to pay for this mental loss!"

     "Brother Jin, you don't distinguishing red-green or black-white attacking Junior Brother Yundi, causing Junior Brother to consume a large number of Thunder Talisman, and also deplete the source. This healing fee and the cost of making the charm have to be paid!"

     "In addition, you were disrespectful to this sacred place before, so that the reputation of this sacred place was insulted. This reputation rights protection fee should be compensated!"

     "Plus Shen's appearance fee, nutrition fee, maintenance fee for magical instruments, restoration medicine fee, settlement fee..."

     "Add it together, even if Brother Jin Yu has 50 million spiritual stones!"

     Shen Tian had a bright smile on his face: "Support Lingshi payment, Lingjing payment, and spiritual payment.""It can also be converted with body armor, weapons, and Healing Holy Medicine. The price is estimated by Shen to ensure fairness."

     "If Brother Jin really doesn't have so many spirit stones on him, he can also sign an IOU in the name of the Golden-winged Great Peng Clan and pay it back later."

     "As long as Brother Jin pays enough spirit stones, Shen promises to send you out of the Holy Dragon Valley entirety."

     "From now on As long as Brother Jin is willing, you can find Mr. Shen anytime."

     After listening to Shen Tianbao's bill, Jin Yu was dizzy.

     Why don't you grab 50 million spiritual stones!

     No, this Nima is grabbing!

     Jin Yu looked at Kong Meng bitterly: "Fairy Kong Meng, are you just watching the Yu clan so humiliated?"

     Kong Meng said helplessly: "You just saw it very clearly. Even if I shoot, I am not an opponent of Brother Shen."

     "Furthermore, Brother Shen will soon become a walker of this race, and is a close partner of this race.

     "Otherwise, Jin Yu today, I'm afraid you are not just paying compensation."

     "Whether to give money or life, consider it in your own heart!"

     Seeing the expression on Kong Meng's face unable to help however much one would like to, Jin Yu only felt a desolation in his heart.

     It is said that the Peacock Protoss and the Dapeng Protoss traceable to the same stock, and stand by (sb) together in the face of danger!

     Are you looking at me being blackmailed?

     But Kong Meng is right, even if she really resists, how is it?

     Her Five-colored Divine Light was destroyed by Shen Tian, and her whole person was conquered by Shen Tian. What else would she use to fight Shen Tian?

     Jin Yu helplessly lowered his arrogant head: "Shen Tian, today father has accepted it!"Lao Tzu?

     Shen Tian looked at the halo on Jin Yu's head, with a faint smile on his face: "Very good, then From now on, let's estimate!"

     Reaching out and taking off the yellow-gold war-blade next to Jin Yu, Shen Tian nodded: "This knife looks good. It can be valued at 1,000 spirit stones. Does Jin brother think it is fair?"


     1,000 spirit stones?

     Jin Yu was dumbfounded.

     This is what you mean by guaranteeing fairness in valuation?

     This is the High Grade Spirit Tool, it is the High Grade Spirit Tool!

     No matter how cheap it is, you can at least sell ten million spirit stones, which is ten million spirit stones.

     Are you appraising Lao Tzu for 1,000 spiritual stones?

     I'll give you ten thousand spiritual stones. Can you give me one hundred pieces in wholesale?

     Jin Yu gnashing one's teeth, arrogant and obstinate staring at Shen Tian: "Hehe, the price...very fair! Brother Shen will really bid."

     Shen Tian nodded with a smile: "This is natural."

     "By the way, there is also the golden feather coat on Brother Jin. If Shen is not mistaken, it should be a limited edition!"

     "Shen can estimate 10,000 spiritual stones. I wonder how Brother Jin thinks how is it?"


     Jin Yu was so angry that he vomited blood.

     Shente Mo has 10,000 spiritual stones, this is Jinpeng Yuyi.

     It is a Peak Grade Spirit Tool made from the fading wings of the Golden-winged Great Peng carving during the god transformation period.

     How would you rate Laozi 10,000 spiritual stones?

     Will your conscience hurt? No, do you still have a conscience?

     I don't think you are a disciple of the Holy Master of Shenxiao, but the heir of Bilian Tianzun!

     Shen Tian is still evaluating the price.But Jin Yu's mentality has completely collapsed.
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