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215 Brother Shen Is Indeed The Son Of Luck! ! !
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Looking at Shen Tian with a smile on his face in deadly earnest, Jin Yu's heart was bleeding.

     But can he question Shen Tian's valuation? He can't, unless he wants to follow in the footsteps of the elders.

     Men have gold under their knees, Only an outstanding talent can recognize current trends!

      keep hope alive, no fear of lack of firewood!

     Insult to humiliation, Fang Wei Peng Shang Peng!

     He kept hypnotizing himself in his heart, Jin Yu gritted his teeth and said, "Brother Shen's estimate is fine, but... can I just pay the IOU?"

     The price given by Shen Tian really made Jin Yu unable to accept it.

      have not seen such extreme black hearted!

     Shen Tian looked at Jin Yu calmly: "The IOU is the part that can't be paid for. Why do you have to pay the IOU for the convertible part? Does your Peng clan want to go wrong?

     His indifferent expression made Jin Yu feel cold behind him.

     Shen Tian’s attitude is clearly traceable to the same stock with Bilian Tianzun.

     Jin Yu was really afraid that this glutton would get to his head, and learned from Bilian Tianzun to stew it directly.

     "Brother Shen misunderstood, my Peng family has a big business, and 50 million spiritual stones are still affordable, don't be impulsive!"

     Shen Tian looking thoughtful: "A big family and a big business? Then 52 million!"

     Jin Yu wants to cry but doesn't have tears, this Nima kidnapping and raises the price, is it unreasonable?

      52 Million spirit stones are enough to buy some High Grade Spirit Tool.

     Even if he is the arrogant of the Golden-winged Great Peng clan, it is impossible to come up with so much wealth.

     This time Even if succeeds to get away and return to the Golden-winged Great Peng clan, it is estimated that Jin Yu will inevitably be punished!

     Not to mention that Jin Yu was frantic. At this time, Shen Tian had already removed the storage ring from Jin Yu's finger and broke the defensive cover ring After acknowledging the master, if the master is unwilling, he can resist the intrusion of other people's consciousness, but how dare Jin Yu resist Shen Tian at this time?

     "Hehe, Brother Jin is rich enough! There are millions of spiritual stones in the ring, it really is a rich bird."

     "There are so many rare and exotic fruits in southern Xinjiang, which can be converted into 1,000 spirit stones."

     "Inheritance of the ancient combat skills of the Peng clan: Tianpeng Fighting Dragon Technique? A discount of 1,000 spirit stones."

     "The Peng Clan's health-preserving medicine, the Golden Eagle Pill? A discount of 500 Lingshi."


     After a simple arrangement, Shen Tian put Jin Yu's ring on his hand: "This Saint Son is not an unreasonable person, and the treasure in this ring is estimated to be 1.5 million spiritual stones together with the ring!"

     "Adding your battle sword and battle armor will give you a total of 2 million spirit stones. It's so atmospheric!"

     "Let's write an IOU for the remaining 50 million spiritual stones, and use your Golden-winged Great Peng clan's reputation as a guarantee. Then I will ask Uncle Bilian to ask for the account."

     "Brother Jin, if you think you have no objections, just sign it!"

     Let Bilian Tianzun ask for it? Ha ha!

     Jin Yu takes a deep breath, gnashing one's teeth: "Okay, I sign!"

     As long as the old fellow Bilian dares to come to Tianpengling in southern Xinjiang to demand debts, Heavenly Peng Clan will dare to pay!

     Isn't it 50 million spiritual stones! Heavenly Peng Clan can't afford it.

     But whether you can leave southern Xinjiang after taking the money, it depends on your sacred land!

     As long as you master and apprentice dare to come to Tianpengling in southern Xinjiang, I must let What do you know?! Call the Peng clan's might not be violated!After signing the humiliating arrears treaty, Jin Yu didn't want to stay for a second, turned around and lased in embarrassment outside the valley.

     This time, he didn't say anything harshly, and left gently without taking away a cloud.

     Yes, this time I really didn't take away a cloud.

     Even the underwear was almost stripped.


     Kong Meng looked at Shen Tian, somewhat grudgingly for a while.

      After all, the Golden-winged Great Peng clan is an alliance clan with the Peacock Protoss and has a good relationship.

     Seeing Shen Tian blackmailing Jin Yu like this, Kong Meng is also somewhat difficult, but she by no means feels dissatisfied.

     It's very simple, because it is Jin Yu who is looking for trouble in the Holy Land of Gods first, she can help Jin Yu benevolence and leave a life with extreme benevolence, utmost duty.

     It's impossible to fight to death for Jin Yu and Shen Tian, even she can join her!

     "Brother Shen gives face so much, dream can't thank sb enough."

     With a smile on his face, Kong Meng took out a jade pendant from his arms: "This divine light pendant records most of the divine light spells of his clan."

     "Although there are no chapters on exercises and taboos, there are basically records of spells such as Five Elements Divine Light and Five Elements Divine Light."

     "This is also the greatest power that Dream can teach. If Brother Shen understands after practicing, he is welcome to visit the Peacock Protoss in Southern Xinjiang at any time."

     "By then, Meng will do his best to persuade the elders of the clan to teach Brother Shen the full version of "The Peacock Emperor"."

     After all, Kong Meng is not like Ao Bing, who is the Dragon Race Saint, who chooses to walk on the earth to teach the emperor scriptures, and her one person can't be the master.

     However, teaching Shenguang spells was enough to interest Shen Tian.After all, Kong Meng's Five-colored Divine Light technique before, but even Shen Tian's Hunyuan palm thunder almost failed.

      It should be noted, Shen Tian's Hunyuan Palm Thunder is blessed by the four world's rare objects, so it is not much stronger than ordinary Hunyuan Palm Thunder.

     Kong Meng's Five-colored Divine Light cover can be so powerful only with the blessing of Hunyuan Immortal Gold.

     Then if there is the blessing of the five elements!

     It's not against the sky!

     "Fairy Kong Meng is so polite, how embarrassed Shen is!"

     Shen Tian took the jade pendant and directly put it into Cangming Ring, after thinking about it, he took out a spiritual stone box from it.

     The whole box is made of spirit stone, engraving of a dragon, painting of a phoenix, engraved with the vision patterns of the ten great guardians of the gods in the Holy Land.

     There is a bottle in the box, which is made of spiritual gold inlaid on top-quality spiritual jade, which is worth several cities.

     The cost of the bottle alone is as high as a thousand spiritual stones, which can be called luxury and noble side by side.

     Shen Tian smiled and said: "This bottle contains 100 kilograms of Nirvana sacred liquid, which is transformed by the ninth-ranked sacred vine-eating vine Nirvana, which has the effect of healing the Wound of Great Dao."

     "Today, I gave it to Fairy Kong Meng. It is also a testimony of the alliance between our Gods Holy Land and the Peacock Protoss. I hope that Fairy will not dislike it."

     The ninth-ranked immortal vine on the Lingmu List Or holy order?

     The value of the sacred liquid of Nirvana transformed by the existence of Nirvana is infinite!

     Seeing Shen Tian's big hand, the Tianjiao from the Southern Xinjiang Yu Clan were shocked.

     Originally, Shen Tian blackmailed Jin Yu's 50 million spirit stones, but He Wushuang Bailing was still sad and angry.After all, they belong to the southern border feather clan, watching Jin Yu being blackmailed like this, after all, there is a sad feeling of if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves.

     But at this time, only shock remained in their hearts.

     It turned out that the gods of the gods didn't even look down on those 50 million spiritual stones.

     People can give out 100 jin of Nirvana holy liquid at will. How can this value be measured by a spirit stone?

     For many predestined life span is up powers, no amount of spirit stones are more attractive than this 100 catties of Nirvana holy liquid.

     This is really the Unsurpassed Supreme Treasure that can be exchanged for the Peerless Celestial Sutra, which is not lower in value than the Divine Light.

     As expected to be the Son of God, this hand is the atmosphere!

     "This... how embarrassing is this!"

     Kong Meng dully looked at the box in Shen Tian's hand, and Shen Tian's signature on the box.

     As expected of Brother Shen, the writing is really generous.

     No, this gift is so beautiful!

     Shen Tian smiled and said: "Fairy Kong Meng is willing to represent the nobles and make a good alliance with this holy land. This holy land has always given gifts to friends."

     "I hope that after the fairy returns to southern Xinjiang, he can spread the concept of "friendship and mutual assistance, harmony between humans and monsters" to all races in the Holy Land of Gods."

     "Our Gods Holy Land and the Peacock Protoss are both good at the Five Elements Divine Method, and they should have mutual exchange of assistance."


     In fact, Shen Tian is the full version of Five-colored Divine Light.

     Kong Meng is right. For Shen Tian, who owns the Four Wonders, Five-colored Divine Light is too suitable.

     If you can really learn the full version of Five-colored Divine Light, attack the Hunyuan Divine Thunder, and defend the Five-colored Divine Light, you won’t change it with the Phoenix Method!In addition, the golden ring on the top of Kong Meng's head with purple light fortune made Shen Tian extremely hot. This is definitely an unprecedented thick leek.

      Sign the contract and make a good connection with Kong Meng will be of great benefit to the sustainable development in the future!

     Facts have proved that Shen Tian did not guess wrong. After obtaining 100 kilograms of Nirvana Holy Liquid, there was another purple-light on Kong Meng's head.

     And the chance scene above her head became a little clearer, which made Shen Tian's heart hot.

     Of course, some people are happy while others are angry.

     At this time, the black dragon egg next to him jumped almost violently.

     Wearing a little black skirt, Ao Bing burst into flames: "Shen Tian, you shameless kid!"

     "This palace has signed a Dragon God contract with you, and all the "True Dragon Emperor Jing" except for the taboo chapters have been passed to you.

     "As a result, you didn't give me a drop of the sacred liquid of Nirvana. Now this flat breasted girl has only passed you half of the Peacock Sutra, so you gave her so much sacred liquid?"

     "How dare you treat this palace like this? You are humiliating the dignity of my dragon clan!"

     "My palace doesn't care, my palace also wants, my palace has more than this girl!"

     Shen Tian said helplessly: "Senior, you haven't breaks out of its shell yet, how can I give it to you?"

     The little black egg kept beating, very excited: "Dig a pit, pour the holy liquid in, and soak me in it!"

     "Be sure to soak in this palace well and give this palace enough holy liquid!"

     "In this way, my palace can absorb enough energy to break the shell as soon as possible."

     "After this palace is broken, it will cover you, and the five domains will let you break through!"

     "Also, didn't I tell you! What do you call senior, sister, sister!"Seeing Ao Bing jumping around, Shen Tian twitched the corners of his mouth. Was this thing really the saint of the dragon clan ten thousand years ago?

     Is it possible that the demon clan's mind will become stupid after Nirvana? Or is it that the Tianzhu sword stuck in Ao Bing's head for ten thousand years, leaving this man's head disabled?

     But what Ao Bing said also made sense.

     The Supreme Inheritance of the Dragon Race "True Dragon Emperor Sutra" is taught to Shen Tian except for the taboo chapters that only the patriarch can learn.

      All in all, Shen Tian should not be too eccentric.

      thought until here Shen Tian took another bottle of Nirvana holy liquid from Cangming Ring, dug a hole in the ground, and poured it into the ground.

     Abundant energy suddenly poured out from the Nirvana Holy Liquid, causing everyone around him to show salivating expressions.

     "I have given so much before, he actually has so much left!"

     Bai Ling swallowed, frankly she wanted it too!

     It’s just that I’m not very embarrassed.

      Seeing the sacred liquid of Nirvana in the pit, the Black Dragon egg immediately bouncing and vivaciously plunged directly into the pit.


      gūlū gūlū ~

      gūlū gūlū guru~

     Bubbles continued to emerge from the surface of the dragon egg, and the silver-white liquid poured into the dragon egg and was absorbed frantically by Ao Bing.

     Soon, 100 kilograms of Nirvana Holy Liquid was completely absorbed by Ao Bing's black dragon egg.

     The image of the dragon girl wearing a black skirt burped: "A lot, so pure, so satisfying."

     "Well, in the face of so much Nirvana Holy Liquid, this palace forgive you."

     "My palace is sleepy. I'm going to sleep now. Don't quarrel with my palace if you don't have a problem."After all, the dragon girl image was directly submerged in the black dragon egg, without any sound.

     "Just go to bed after drinking, are you sure it's a dragon or a pig?"

     Shen Tian couldn't help but slander a few words in his heart, and reluctantly wrapped the dragon egg in a parcel again.


     He turned around and looked at Kong Meng and said, "Fairy Kong Meng, Shen, in Ancient Battlefield these days, has accidentally seen a strange sight, which seems to be related to the sage of the Peacock Protoss."

     "I don't know if Fairy is interested, go to investigate with Shen?"

     Holy Son of God, is this, asking me?

     Kong Meng's face was faintly flushed: "Since it is a spectacle related to the sages of this clan, Meng is willing to go with him."

     Shen Tian nodded and turned to Qin Yundi and the others: "Junior, you stay in this Sacred Dragon Valley for a while, go and go for your brother."

     Qin Yundi eyes narrowing and smiled and said, "Senior brother, you can go! Yundi will be ready to protect the junior apprentice brothers'."

     Gui Gong Gonggong has a relieved smile on his face: "Your Highness's happiness is important, so there is no need to worry about us."

     His Royal Highness finally learned to take the initiative to sortie about fairies, great, as it should be!

     With His Royal Highness's current identity, status, talent and appearance, as long as he is willing to take the initiative, why can't he find the prince and concubine as soon as possible?

     First, the eldest princess of the dragon clan, and now there is the little princess of the peacock protoss, they all favor His Royal Highness so much.

     Empress soul in heaven If you can see this scene, you should also smile at Jiuquan.


     Of course, is also not at all each person love to hear and see this scene.

     For example, a Tianjiao from Jade Lake Holy Land feels very lemony at this time.Why can only Yaozu sign a contract with Brother Shen Tian? Become the closest partner?

     To say that the dragon is that's the end of it, after all, it is indeed very evil, and there is no way that Brother Shen Tian was forced to become a dragon knight.

     But this colorful peacock have what skills and abilities? Why does Brother Shen Tian go to see the scenery with her alone?

     Is Linger not enough to satisfy you?

     Well, it must be because my cultivation and strength are not strong enough!

     Little Lingxian is looking thoughtful, in this world of immortality where the weak are prey to the strong, I am not strong enough!

     Only by becoming stronger can you be recognized by others, and can you stop the fairies that are coming over to Brother Shen Tian!

     "I want to become stronger, I want to compete for the position of Jade Pool Saintess!"

     The idea of becoming stronger in my mind has become stronger than ever.

     The little Lingxian immediately meditated in the valley and began to practice more desperately.


     At this time, Shen Tian and Kong Meng already left Shenglong Valley.

     According to the location of the opportunity screen above Kong Meng's head, the two quickly flew hundreds of miles away.

     Relying on the cooperation of Five-colored Divine Light and Wu Lei Zheng Tian Jue, the two can be described as meets the god then kills the god, meets the buddha then kills the buddha, and they are unstoppable.

     Whenever you encounter a powerful Undead, Kong Meng will first use Five-colored Divine Light to restrain it, and then Shen Tian will directly disperse it with a whip.

     Even the powerful undead comparable to the Peak Golden Core Stage can harvest like clay chickens and pottery dogs in front of Shen Tian and Kong Meng.

     This also made Shen Tian's interest in Five-colored Divine Light more and more intense. It is simply the strongest controlling skill!

     So he urged Divine Light Pei and began to accept the inheritance of Divine Light.has to say, Shen Tian has a world's rare object, which is indeed very suitable for practicing the Five Elements Divine Light technique.

     After more than half an hour on the road, Shen Tian had already basic grasp the corresponding red godlight, white godlight, cyan godlight and black godlight.

     Although not quite skilled, as long as practice frequently, Shen Tian is sure to master it ten days to half a month.

     This speed, even Kong Meng had to marvel, it was faster than the pure blood peacock.

     The holy son of the human race, the talent for cultivation is simply shocking.

     Sure enough, the talents of handsome people are not bad!


     The two walked and fought, and soon came to a huge five-color cliff.

     But I saw that the cliff was hundreds of feet high, and there was a huge colorful peacock painted on it.

     "This...should be the seal arranged with the last strength before the powerhouse of this clan falls, and it becomes a void."

     Kong Meng looked at the cliff and mutter to oneself said: "Perhaps, through Five-colored Divine Light, we can enter that space."

     After all, Five-colored Divine Light rose behind Kong Meng and poured into the cliff.

     Suddenly, the five-color cliffs appeared to be ripples like the surface of a lake, and the colorful halo was constantly fluctuating, which looked gorgeous and beautiful.

     "Now, you should be able to go in."

     Kong Meng took Shen Tian's hand and walked directly into this void.

     Stepping into the cliff, Shen Tian found himself in a world of all the colors in profusion.

     In the center of this World are two figures sitting cross-legged, and the one on the left is a woman wearing a five-color dress.She had already turned into a dead bone, but there was a group of bright five-color lights faintly flickering on her chest.

     A fan can be seen floating and sinking in the five colors of glory, obviously not a mortal thing.

     The man on the right is wearing the Golden Battle Armor. From the bones, he is very burly.

     A broken golden halberd was inserted into his chest, piercing his heart.

     And with the golden halberd as the center, it can be seen that the bones of the man's whole body were shattered, and he obviously suffered an indescribable heavy blow.

     "If I didn't guess wrong, this should be a pair of senior couples of the clan and the Peng clan ten thousand years ago."

     "In that war, the senior Peng clan was killed by a powerful enemy, and the seniors of the clan fought at the end of the rope and cast Five-colored Divine Light self-sealed in the void."

     "After thousands of years, they appeared again in this Ancient Battlefield and were discovered by us."

     Kong Meng is looking thoughtful, and the Five-colored Divine Light vision slowly emerges behind him, resonating with the skeleton of the woman wearing a five-colored dress.

     Suddenly, the five-color brilliance in the bones seemed to be revived, shooting straight towards Kong Meng.

     The divine light did not enter Kong Meng's body, and her aura suddenly rose a lot, and the divine light radiating from her body became more solid.

     "This is the origin of the Five-colored Divine Light condensed by the ancestors of this race for thousands of years. She sensed that my bloodline and traceable to the same stock are perfecting me."

     "There is also the ancestor's weapon "Five-colored Divine Light Fan". It is one of the sacred artifacts of my Peacock Protoss. It was lost on the battlefield thousands of years ago."

     A five-color feather fan appeared in Kong Meng's hand, with innate divine light floating on the fan, which was really beautiful.She takes a deep breath and slowly knocked her head three times towards the woman's bones.

     Then, Kong Meng took out a coffin from the space ring and condensed the remains of the Peacock clan seniors.

     After doing everything, she said to Shen Tian: "Five-colored Divine Light fan is very important. Brother Shen gifted her tribe with the holy liquid of Nirvana and helped her tribe find this fan."

     "Brother Shen, please rest assured, Kong Meng is not a person who knows his kindness and does not repay him. If Brother Shen needs it in the future, Meng will definitely help!"

     Looking at Kong Meng's serious and sincere face, Shen Tian shook the head with a smile: "Fairy Kong Meng doesn't have to be like this."

     He walked slowly to the remains of the Golden-winged Great Peng clan: "Cooperation and win-win."

     After that, Shen Tian forced a drop of blood from his right index finger and dropped it on the man dull's armor.

     As Shen Tian's blood infiltrated the battle armor, bright golden light erupted when the battle armor was steep, and a faint ghost of Shenpeng appeared.

     The battle armor is disintegrating rapidly, transforming into pieces of golden feathers, shooting towards the sky.

     The speed of each feather is extremely fast, as if it can penetrate the void.

     Seeing this fluttering feathers, Kong Meng's eyes showed brilliance: "This is... the feathered fairy gold on the eighth place on the fairy gold list?"

     Yuhua Xianjin ranked eighth on the Xianjin List.

     It is the lightest, fastest, and sharpest fairy gold in the world.

     Once this immortal gold is formed, it will be in the shape of a feather, with the law engraved innately.

     According to legend, if wearing a battle armor made from feathered immortal gold, even mortals can fly into the sky!

     If Hunyuan fairy gold is the clan protecting treasure of the Peacock tribe, then the feathered fairy gold is the clan protecting treasure of the Golden-winged Great Peng tribe.With feathered fairy gold, the world of the Golden-winged Great Peng clan can be brought into full play with extreme saturation.

     Its combat effectiveness will also grow exponentially!

     It is a pity that in the ancient war ten thousand years ago, the feathered fairy gold was lost with the loss of the owner.

     "It seems that these two are indeed the two Yuzu Tianjiao from ten thousand years ago. Otherwise, there would be no Shenguang fan and Yuhuaxianjin to bury them."

     Kong Meng secretly admired: "I thought that my talent and luck are already the crown of southern Xinjiang."

     "Unexpectedly, there is human beyond the human there is Heaven beyond the Heaven. Compared with Brother Shen, my luck is nothing at all!"

     You must know that it is the top ten existence on the world's rare object list, and even the Holy Land may be a treasure for it!

     Shen Tian, as the son of God Xiao, just participated in a small trial during the foundation building period, and you can find such an Unsurpassed Supreme Treasure by just strolling around!

     Brother Shen really is Heaven's Child, that's right!

     Kong Meng secretly made a firm resolution in his heart and must persuade the elders of the clan to sign a contract with Shen Tian.

     If you miss this Heaven's Child, how many years will the Peacock Protoss regret!


     Kong Meng sighed that he hadn't subsided yet, but saw that Shen Tian had taken out the coffin from Cang Ming Ring and began to converge the bones of the Peng Clan.

     The Peng clan and Brother Shen obviously have a feast, but Brother Shen ignored the previous suspicions and helped the Peng clan consolidate the bones? Sure enough!

     Kong Meng said that he was in love.

     However, Shen Tian's mind at this time was not as grand as Kong Meng, or only part of it.

     Frankly speaking, Shen Tian still respects the sages of the Peng clan who fought against Foreign Evil Demons thousands of years ago.After all, I just got the legacy of the predecessors, so I'm short of staff!

     Of course, this is only one of the reasons, not the main reason.

      The main reason is that Jin Yu has just signed an IOU for 50 million compensation to Shen Tian.

     Shen Tian seriously suspected that the goods returned to southern Xinjiang, and it was very likely to turn against a friend, and he denied it directly.

     At that time, the bones of the ancestor of the Peng clan will be of great use.

     If the Peng clan insists on credit, then Shen Tian will return the bones and battle armor to Jin Yu and the Peng clan.

     If the Peng clan denied it, then Shen Tian would find a place to bury the bones and armor.

     You should know that in Kong Meng and Jin Yu's original chance scene, this divine light space was discovered by Kong Meng and Jin Yu together.

     Now Kong Meng, under the guidance of Shen Tian, has obtained the Origin of the Innate Divine Light and the Five-colored Divine Light fan, and his luck has skyrocketed again.

     But Jin Yu's feathered fairy gold had already fallen into Shen Tian's hands, and his luck would definitely drop.

     According to past experience, if the bones and battle armor are handed over to Jin Yu, then his luck can rise back, and it can be strengthened.

     If Shen Tian didn't pass Jin Yu's hands, he would directly bury the bones and battle armor.

     Haha, after Qin Gao, Fang Chang, and Chen Zhongtian, the fourth abnormal test product will be born.

     In this world of immortality where the weak are prey to the strong, Shen Tian will never have excessive tendency to clemency.

     If you really decide to be my enemy, do it well...

     Be ready to be a guinea pig! ! !
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