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217 This Peacock Is Really Not A Good Bird!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

The damn God Xiao Shengzi, actually did this to me!

     Jin Yu was wearing the worn-out armor picked up from within Ancient Battlefield, with a face full of shame and anger.

     He is dignified in southern Xinjiang, Heavenly Peng Race's Tianjiao, through childhood, he has always been a bird on a bird. Where can I be treated sb with due respect?

     As a result, he ran into the Eastern Wilderness not far from southern Xinjiang this time. Originally thinking of washing away the shame for the Peng Clan, he was robbed by Shen Tian instead.

      What is more important, the whole process is seen by Kong Meng.

     This made Jin Yu's pride completely unacceptable, and the whole bird mentality collapsed.

     "Damn it, Shen Tian, you are bully intolerably!"

     Jin Yu gnashing one's teeth, the whole body is exuding golden Ki flame: "there will come a day, I will trample you under my feet!"

     Just when this thought arose in Jin Yu's mind, his face suddenly changed, and he looked solemnly at the other end of the Blood Demon Valley.

     He feels something is wrong!

     A strong jealous mood rises in the mind.

     He could feel that something unclean seems to be hidden in the Valley of the Blood Demon.

     The golden rays of light emanating from his body are more vigorous, and Jin Yu is waiting for it. Now his state is not what kind of!

     Suddenly, Jin Yu turned around and ran.

     He flapped his wings suddenly and flew back towards the inner circle of the Blood Demon Valley.

     Because Jin Yu saw a blood demon who was more than ten feet high and stopped in front of him.

     The size and breath of this blood demon were not at all weaker than the blood demon that Jin Yu and other five had killed before.

      In other words, this thing also has a fighting power comparable to Yuan Ying level!

     We must know that in Ancient Battlefield, the cultivation of all external creatures has been suppressed below the Golden Core Stage.Even if Jin Yu is at the peak period, it is absolutely impossible to use one's own strength to dry this gorefiend on the ground, but it might be sucked dry.

     What's more, Jin Yu is already badly injured.

     It's really head-to-head with this blood demon, I'm afraid I don't even have a chance to escape.

     Jin Yu secretly cried out in his heart, this is really a bird. If it is unlucky, drinking cold water will stuff its teeth.

     In the past, every Ancient Battlefield trial Blood Demon Valley didn't even have a Nascent Soul Undead. How come this time?

     Now I can only go back to the inner circle of Ancient Battlefield, and then think of other methods to get out.

     Jin Yu flapping the wings with all his strength and flew in the opposite direction of the canyon.

     However, just as he was about to fly the Bleeding Demon Valley out of the crisis, the second blood demon appeared in front of him.

     The same height is more than ten feet, and the whole body exudes a strong breath.

     It just stopped in front of Jin Yu and suddenly slapped it.

     With the palm of the Gorefiend, Jin Yu felt that the airflow around her body was being pulled by an invisible force, and it was difficult to dodge flexibly and freely.

     There are blood demons in the front and blood demons in the back, and there are unavoidable canyons on both sides. This is a dilemma enough to make birds desperate!

     There was a stern look in his eyes, using his wings as a knife, he slashed at the palm of the Gorefiend.

     "Tianpeng Nine Slashes First Slash-Slash Mountains and Rivers!"

     The dazzling golden light, like golden scorching sun colliding with the viscous blood, then... was submerged.


     Jin Yu let out a mournful scream, was slapped to the ground by this slap, and was directly beaten back to his original shape, constantly twitching, foaming at the mouth.At this time, the blood demon behind him also caught up, and directly stretched out his hands and picked up Jin Yu's wings to lift him up, as if he was carrying a little chicken.

     "Let go of me, let me go!"

     "Asshole, kill if you want, don't touch my armpit!"

     "I'm so itchy! It's so itchy, take away your slimy, dirty hands!"

     "What kind of sin did this sculpture make? He would die in the hands of this pickled undead gorefiend!"

     Just as Jin Yu was struggling and jumping in the hands of the Gorefiend, the young man wearing a black robe slowly walked out of the darkness.

     He looked at Jin Yu playfully: "The genius and proud son of the Golden-winged Great Peng clan has almost completely pure Golden-winged Great Peng blood. It is really rare."

     "You will be the best sacrifice. Together with countless Tianjiao, you will become the cornerstone of the becoming supreme of the main hall, and you will be proud!"

     "Little chicken bastard, you realize it!"

     After all, Hei Yuan knotted his hands.

     The blood demon's body suddenly rippled with blood, pushing Jin Yu towards its lower abdomen.

     The strong bloody assaults the senses made Jin Yu almost nauseous: "Asshole, kill if you want to kill, why humiliate this eagle!"

     "It smells so bad! No, don't put it in, you just kill me ba! Give Bendiao a good time!"

     "I can't breathe anymore, it's so fishy and smelly, I feel like vomiting. Mmm~mum~mummum~"

     After all, Jin Yu was still trapped in the Gorefiend like those disciples, completely imprisoned.

     After Heiyuan grabbed Jin Yu, he hid in the darkness again, in this Blood Demon Canyon to guard a tree-stump, waiting for rabbits.What he is looking forward to is a grand sacrifice. These human races and monster races will all become sacrifices, and the goddess son is his most coveted sacrifice!

     "Shentian Son Shentian, come on!"

     "This hall, I want to kill you!"


     The words were divided into two parts, at this time Shen Tian and Kong Meng had just emerged from the divine light space.

     The cliff wall originally covered with the Five-colored Peacock pattern slowly appeared cracks and collapsed.

     Looking at the collapsed cliff wall, Kong Meng bowed a salute, with five-colored lights flickering in his eyes.

     At this time, she is stronger than before, because the benefits of obtaining the divine light source of the holy-rank pure-blood peacock is unparalleled.

     As long as Kong Meng completely refines and absorbs these divine light sources, there will be no bottleneck in front of the holy step!

     In addition, she also received the Five-colored Divine Light fan.

     That was a sacred weapon, a great weapon that only a sage who had survived the tribulation three times could barely refine it.

     Even if a saint wants to refine a holy artifact, it is definitely not easy to complete, it needs to be carefully conceived for many years to be born.

     Even in the Tianzun of the Transcendent Deity Stage, the ones that can possess the sacred artifacts are definitely as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, which are almost swept by the same order.

     Kong Meng was originally number one on the South Xinjiang Golden Pill List, and now he has a Five-colored Divine Light fan, like a tiger that has grown wings.

     I want to come, even in all the golden cores of the five domains, Kong Meng at this time can also be invincible!

     And Shen Tian's harvest, to some extent, is no less than Kong Meng.

     After all, that was the eighth-ranked existence on the Fairy Gold List, and it was the most precious world's rare object in Shen Tian's body at this time.Although Shen Tian’s lung lobes were blessed by the Tianzhu Sword, the power of the Tianzhu Sword was mainly because the caster refined it to no stronghold one cannot overcome.

     The material of the sword itself is only quasi-immortal gold, and it is still incomparable with feathered fairy gold.

     At this time, Shen Tian will drop the blood to recognize master, and the blood will be sucked into Shen Tian's body and enter another lobe of the lung.

     The feathered immortal gold is on the left, the Tianzhu sword is on the right, and at the same time it exudes the atmosphere of Gengjin, tempering Shen Tian's lungs.

     At this time, Shen Tian didn't dare to pant, for fear that a sword breath would flatten his little partner's head.


     At this moment, Shengziling in Shen Tian's arms suddenly trembled slightly.

     Shen Tian took out the Saint Child Order and couldn't help but was stunned: "It was Junior Brother Yundi who called me, it seemed to be anxious."

     Eight red lights appeared on the Saint Child Order, which showed that Qin Yundi had sent Shen Tian eight times through the token in his hand.

      what exactly is it urgent matter, is it worth their worry?

     Shen Tian punched the stream of dharma secrets into the Saint Child Order, and Qin Yundi suddenly appeared on the token.

     Seeing that the transmission was finally connected, Qin Yundi was obviously relaxed: "Brother, why did you not connect to the transmission, we are all worried."

     The little Lingxian and Heilongdan next to Qin Yundi looked at Kong Meng's face glowing next to Shen Tian. At this time, his face and egg color were very strange, and he was a little dark.

     What did Kong Meng do with Shen Tian?

     Two people furtively, the communication still can't get through, now they seem so happy!

     It's horrible! ! !

     This colorful peacock is really not a good bird!Shen Tian said helplessly: "Just now, Fairy Kong Meng and I encountered a special secret realm. They became an independent dimension, perhaps isolated from the signal of divine consciousness."

     Encountered a special secret? Also self-contained independent dimension?

     Hearing Shen Tian's words, everyone couldn't help but sigh.

     How long have you left with Kong Meng!

     In just such a short while, have you encountered another big chance?

     Sure enough, the rumors in the Holy Land are not spread falsehoods, the Saint Child is really Child of Destiny!

     Too European!

     I just don't know what chance Shengzi and Fairy Kong Meng got this time, we don't dare to ask.

     Seeing everyone's weird expressions, Shen Tian said helplessly: "Junior Brother Yundi, what exactly is it, so anxious?"

     Qin Yundi just recovered his wits and quickly said: "Brother, it is my disciple who is in danger in the Valley of the Blood Demon and is asking for help."

     In the Holy Land of Gods, every disciple has a disciple token that symbolizes his status and the corresponding disciple number.

     By inputting mana, you can communicate with other disciples, and communicate with other disciples in a short distance.

     Of course, the higher the level of the disciple's token, the more advanced it is, and the longer the sound transmission distance.

     Zhang San and others did not have a Shen Tian number. When they encountered danger before, they could only contact the familiar Qin Yundi.

     After Qin Yundi got the news, he immediately contacted Shen Tian, but he was cut off by the five-color space, until Shen Tian left the small world.

     At the moment, Qin Yundi immediately made a long story short and reported the events of the Blood Demon Valley to Shen Tian, count by fives and tens.

     "Senior Brother Shengzi, as far as Yundi knows, blood demons generally eat regularly.""They will accumulate blood and food and will not kill them all at once, so if we rescue them in time, we may be able to rescue Martial Brothers."

     While reporting the situation to Shen Tian, Qin Yundi was preparing pills for his Yin Yang Demon Breaking Gun.

     His golden hair was shiny in the sun, and his squinted face was firm.

     After all, those disciples are all the younger brothers and sisters that Qin Yundi is very familiar with!

     At this moment, Kong Meng slowly said, "Blood Demon Valley? A new blood demon appeared again?"

     Her words made Shen Tian slightly frowned: "Why does the fairy say ‘again’? Is there any secret?"

     Kong Meng nodded: "When I passed by the Blood Demon Valley with Bai Ling and He Wushuang, we met a Nascent Soul Stage’s Blood Demon."

     "It's just that under the attack of the five of us, that blood demon is already dead, why did one appear again?"

     On the other side of the token, Bai Ling, He Wushuang and Vulture also nodded, indicating that Kong Meng did not lie.

     Suddenly, Shen Tian's frowning came: "According to the past practice, there will be no Undead Monster above the Nascent Infant Stage in the Blood Demon Valley."

     "Not only did it appear this time, but more than one? What is more important Just finished killing one, and another appeared!"

     "As the saying goes, there must be monsters when things go wrong, this Blood Demon Valley may be weird!"

     At this moment, Shen Tian brows tightly frowns, very vigilant.

     Sure enough, as long as the protagonist of the atmosphere will participate, even if it is a simple trial, there will definitely be variables!

     Now on this Ancient Battlefield, Kong Meng, Zhao Hao, Qin Yundi, Xiao Ling, Qin Gao and others are all big air transporters, crowding together.In this case, no need to be surprised what happens!


      Thought until here, Shen Tian said solemnly: "Qin Yundi, can I trust you?"

     Feeling Shen Tian's trusting gaze, Qin Yundi felt heavy all over when he was steep, and his squinted eyes slowly opened: "Brother, please!"

     Shen Tian said solemnly: "The Nascent Blood Demon appears in the Blood Demon Valley, immediately notify all the disciples of this school to stay away from the Blood Demon Valley."

     Qin Yundi nodded: "Senior brother, don't worry, Yundi has immediately reminded all the juniors."


     Is it so fast?

     Junior Brother Yundi, does your mother know you are so fast?

     Ahem, now is not the time to indulge in flights of fancy, after all, human life is beyond value.

     Think of a proper rescue plan as soon as possible!

     Shen Tian racked his brains and finally...found that he was not a smart leader suitable to devise battle plan in a tent.

     Brain pain, forget it or be reckless!

      Thought until here Shen Tian said: "For the blood demons above the Nascent Soul level, only I can deal with the people present. I am going to the Blood Demons Valley alone."

     "If you successfully rescue the juniors, I will contact you as soon as possible, if there is no contact within one day..."

     "Junior Brother Yundi, if you have not waited for my message, immediately notify all disciples to send away from the battlefield!"

     "Not only This Sect Disciple, but also disciples of other sects, remember to remind!"

     "After leaving the battlefield, report to Master Bai Lian and let them decide."

     As soon as Shen Tian's words fell, Song Fugui and Liu Taiyi had already eyes brimming with tears of excitement, crying in tears: "Master, you can't take risks!""Master, since the Blood Demon Valley may be variable and dangerous, we can't let you take the risk alone!"

     "My Liu Taiyi is not a greedy for life, afraid of death, and I am willing to fight side by side with the heavenly master and cheer!"

     Next to him, Xiong Meng scratches head, and immediately said, "And me, too!"

     Seeing that Song Fugui and Liu Taiyi were so tough, it was naturally less likely for others to retreat timidly.

     After all, this time, how am I embarrassed to stay by Shen Tian in the future?

     "Brother Shen, Zhao is willing to fight side by side with you and die without regrets!"

     Zhao Hao was enveloped in the rich Southbright Trigram Fire, faintly condensed into a sword shape, exuding a powerful sword aura.

     That was the effect of Jian Xin Guo. After refining the Jian Xin Tree to achieve the Heavenly Sword Divine Body, Shen Tian found that Jian Xin Guo was almost useless to him.

     Therefore, he distributed all the Jianxinguo to Zhao Hao, Father Gui, Xiao Lingxian, Shen Ao and others for refining.

     At this time, everyone had digested the sword heart fruit and dracaena almost, and everyone's strength had shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones.

     At least among the monks in the foundation building period, each person can be regarded as an absolute arrogant talent, including...Shen Ao.

      has to say, it's really fragrant to follow the thirteen brothers, don't have to suffer, get stronger and get a group soon!

     Unlike in Taibai Cave, following Changhe Jianzun's hard practice, it is hard and useless.

     Shen Ao glanced at Shen Tian with a complicated face: "Thirteenth brother, let Brother Wei watch you die. Brother can't do it!"

     Shen Tian: "..."

     Although it is very moving, why do you feel that this is forcing the Holy Child of Curse Book!With a smile of view death as a return home on Duke Gui's face: "The old slave once swears that he will never let anyone hurt His Royal Highness unless he stepped on his body."

     Qin Gao looked at Shen Tian deeply: "The slave's life is saved by His Royal Highness. Even if it is death, I hope to protect His Highness from death!"


     Listen to the people's words if thrown on the floor, it will make a sound, and honor does not allow one to glance back.

     Shen Tian was moved...and speechless.

     As for it!

     By the way, you are all as good as it is!

     This son is just going to fight a Nascent Soul blood demon.

     How do you feel that in your eyes, this holy son is going to give people a head?

     Isn’t this a basic exercise to build a foundation and fight Yuanying? You guys don't be sensational, okay?

     It's too much to fool readers with such an old routine!

      What is more important, if this son really encounters an enemy that he can't deal with, wouldn't it be incredibly fragrant to put on a full body armor and walk away?

     You followed all of them. What kind of crisis are you really going to encounter, how can I save this son? This can't be saved!

     Shen Tian sighed helplessly, thinking about how to tell these guys so as not to hurt his self-esteem.

     This son is really not polite, but you guys really...

     I can't help, I can only add confusion!
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