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218 Did You Tell Me This Is The Base Building Period?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

When Shen Tian felt helpless, Kong Meng next to him opened his mouth and said, "Everyone no need to be worried."

     Kong Meng smiled and said: "With the strength of Brother Shen Tiandao, even if you really encounter a powerful enemy of the digital Yuanying stage, you can still retreat with your whole body."

     "On the contrary, if you are with Brother Dao, you may be distracted by Brother Dao."

     "If you really want to share the worries for Brother Dao, do as Brother Dao ordered!"

     Kong Meng's words made Shen Tian couldn't help but praise him, he was really a good tool bird!

     He simply said everything in his heart, and he won the heart of the Son!

     Although Kong Meng's words were a bit shocking, they were indeed facts, and everyone calmed down after a little thought.

     Duke Gui sighed: "Hey, the old slave is already old, and there is indeed no way to protect His Highness from the wind and rain."

     "His Royal Highness, please be careful when you go here, take your own safety first, whatever happens must not take risks."

     "The old slave will pray to Empress Lan in this holy dragon valley, hoping that her soul in heaven can bless her."

     Kong Meng smiled and said: "It's a loyal and devoted old servant. It's really rare. Don't worry! I will follow your Highness."

     You, with Ben Shengzi?

     Shen Tian looked at Kong Meng sideways, a little dazed.

     Kong Meng smiled and said, "Why, brother Dao is questioning my strength?"

     The five-color light flickered, and a divine light fan appeared in Kong Meng's hands: "If it's just an undead soul in the Yuan Ying period, you can't beat me."

     Feeling the powerful aura emanating from Kong Meng's body, Shen Tian secretly nod.has to say, Kong Meng's strength at this time is very strong and will be a good helping hand.

     "Well, if that's the case, Shen thanked Fairy for his junior brother!"

     Shen Tian cast a grateful look at Kong Meng, and then said to Qin Yundi: "Junior Brother Yundi, remember my instructions."

     "If I haven't contacted you for twelve hours, immediately contact everyone who can be reached and leave the battlefield!"

     Qin Yundi nodded helplessly: "Yundi understands, please protect yourself, brother!"

     At this moment, everyone looked at Shen Tian and hated that their strength was not strong enough.

     If the strength is strong enough, you can now fight alongside Shen Tian!

     Instead of watching a Peacock from southern Xinjiang, accompany Shen Tian to fight.

     Especially Xiao Ling's desire to become stronger at this time was unprecedentedly deep, and his fighting spirit was completely aroused.

     Only by becoming strong enough can we fight side by side with Shen Tian!

     As for Li Lian'er, she didn't have any special feelings, just holding the flower pot and standing beside her muttering obediently.

     She is praying for Shen Tian.

     She believed that Brother Shen would be able to defeat the enemies of Blood Demon Valley.

     After all, in Li Lian'er's heart, Shen Tian is a perfect existence that is almost omnipotent!


     With the divine communication closed, everyone in the Sacred Dragon Valley began to practice harder.

     However, Shen Tian and Kong Meng looked at each other, and began to rush towards the Blood Demon Valley, raising their speed to the extreme.

     It is dangerous to drive unscrupulously on Ancient Battlefield, after all, the rules here are chaotic and there may be strong enemies everywhere.Even though it is a special period at this time, almost all the undead above the Nascent Soul stage have gone to the core of the battlefield, but there are not too many undead in the Jindan stage.

     Just as Shen Tian and Kong Meng rushed through the road, the wicked spirits who killed them on the road could not kill fewer than a hundred.

     Most of them are elite undead comparable to the Jin Dan stage, because otherwise, they are not qualified to stop the two.

     However, even if the dead spirits of the Jin Dan stage were as vulnerable as paper in front of Shen Tian and Kong Meng.

     Kong Meng's Five-colored Divine Light can directly suppress several Jin Danian undead with one swipe.

     With a single hammer of the Zijin Hammer in Shen Tian's hand, the Undead Hammer can all split up and in pieces.

     The two of them smashed all the way crazy like this, playing the crisis-ridden Ancient Battlefield abruptly into a legendary private server of ‘One Sword 999’.

     When the last two people passed, the undead dare not attack.

     These two guys are more fierce than fierce spirits!


     Under the guidance of Kong Meng, Shen Tian found Blood Demon Valley very smoothly.

     This is a row of mountains that are tall and erect, reaching through the clouds, and the top of the mountain is completely inserted into the bloody clouds.

     It is said that there is strange matter in the bloody clouds, if it is contaminated, it is easy to cultivate deviation.

     Therefore, everyone who enters the Ancient Battlefield trial will basically choose to walk through the valley in the middle of the mountain.

     "This is Blood Demon Valley!"

     Looking at the Blood Demon Valley in the distance, Kong Meng said: "When we passed through this canyon before, we encountered a Nascent Soul-level Blood Demon."

     "It's just that with the cooperation of the five of us, that blood demon was killed. I didn't expect it to be there!"Shen Tian looking thoughtful: "If something goes wrong, there must be a demon. Shen has the means to save his life and go find the way first."

     "Fairy Laofan is hiding in the dark for Shen, so you must pay attention to your own safety."

     "If something cannot be done, the fairy leaves immediately, whatever happens must not save me."

     Shen Tian's words were very sincere, after all, this was the first time I saw an air transporter with purple light on his head.

     The value of this kind of supreme-level leeks is immeasurable, and Shen Tian naturally must protect it from accidents.

     Brother Dao is...caring about me?

     Kong Meng in the eye flickers is brilliant, with a smile on his face unconsciously.

     Knowing that there may be danger in the Blood Demon Valley, he went on an adventure alone.

     Such a brave and gentle Human Race Tianjiao is qualified to be the human walk of my Peacock Protoss!

     Brother Shen, rest assured, if you encounter danger, you will never dream of watch with folded arms!

     Secretly making a firm resolution in his heart, Kong Meng nodded and said: "Brother Dao rest assured, the dream will take care of oneself."

     Shen Tian nodded and put the Feng Yu mask on top of his head to reduce his breath.

     Then, he slowly flew towards the Blood Demon Valley.


      has to say This Blood Demon Valley is indeed a dangerous place, with cliffs on both sides that are difficult for birds to cross.

     Only the two sides of the passage that traverses the battlefield can pass. If you are surrounded by people in the canyon, it almost doesn't have any way to survive.

     Shen Tian felt cautious and solemn into the gorge, which was not barren like the rest of the battlefield, but was covered with black shrubs and weeds.

     He wandered fast in the canyon, exploring covertly and meticulously, looking for his target.So without any preparation, Shen Tian quickly found a dozing gorefiend at the mouth of a cave in the middle of the canyon.

     This Gorefiend was more than ten feet high, snoring like thunder, shaking the gravel around him.

     Its body is translucent red, and you can faintly see figures...and bird shadows in its stomach.

     It's just that each shadow was tied up with red ropes, and fell into a coma, apparently losing resistance.

     "Is this the blood demon?"

     Shen Tian looking thoughtful: "Nascent Soul Stage’s monster, it's really not easy to kill."

     After all, the strongest monster that Shen Tian had previously killed by relying on his own strength was only the Golden Core Stage Bound Immortal Vine.

     The stronger Nascent Soul Stage basically relies on the attack of the sword spirit in the Sword Master Order, which is not available for this Ancient Battlefield.

     Without enough battle experience analysis, whether he could deal with this blood demon, Shen Tian really had no confidence in his heart.

     The most important thing is that Shen Tian always feels that this Blood Demon Valley is not simple, it may be more than one Blood Demon.

     So the best way is to clean up this blood demon as soon as possible, and then take everyone away.

     The longer you stay, the more dangerous it may be!


      Thought until here, Shen Tian quietly and Aura Restrain walked around behind the Gorefiend.

     Not to mention, the effect of Aura Restrain is really invincible with the Fengyu mask.

     Facing the Gorefiend who was still dozing off, Shen Tian slowly took out the spirit weapon Bishuijian.

     "Look at my swordsmanship!"

     With a cry in his heart, Shen Tian exuded incomparable second-degree...cough cough, with an extremely domineering kendo aura, heading straight for Xiao Han.His hair was unwinds voluntarily, and was danced by the surging sword energy.

     A radiant blood-colored sword aura that was more than ten feet long shot out from the clear water sword and chopped it towards the blood demon's head.


     The eyes of the Gorefiend suddenly opened.

     It felt threatened, coming from behind the ass!

     Damn it, since an enemy quietly touched the back of the demon, cunning!

     The Gorefiend turned his head quickly, ready to grab this bold sneak attacker and stuff it into his stomach!

     It's a pity that Shen Tian's sword was too fast. When the blood demon turned his head, the dazzling bloody sword energy had already been cut on its neck.


     The powerful obstructive force came from the Jade Water Sword.

     The head of the Gorefiend looked like bloody liquid, but its defenses were quite frightening.

     The moment the Jade Water Sword was cut into the blood demon's neck, it seemed to be stuck, and the entire body of the sword was absorbed by the blood.

     "Is it finally here?"

     In the dark, the eyes under a pair of black robes lit up.

     He looked at Shen Tian playfully, mutter to oneself: "A sneak attack?"

     "It's a pity that although the Gorefiend seems to be composed of blood and water, the defense is not that easy to attack..."

     Hei Yuan hadn't finished speaking, but seeing that the bloody sword energy in Shen Tian's hand rose sharply, he directly chopped the blood demon's neck into two.

     The huge scarlet head fell from the blood demon's body, directly shaking the earth three times.

     The Bishui Sword in Shen Tian's hand did not stop after severing the blood demon's body.

     Stabbed~!The head was chopped off, and the blood demon's defensive power seemed to be reduced a lot.

     Shen Tian's sword cut his stomach easily, and directly cut out a large opening more than ten meters long.

     "Myriad Swords Return to Origin!"

     The corners of Shen Tian's mouth slightly raised, and behind him a vague white tiger roaring sky vision condensed.

     He also referred to it as a sword, and in an instant, hundreds of Seventh Metal Divine Thunder turned into sword aura and shot towards the Gorefiend's belly.


     Puff puff~

     Puff puff puff ~

     A blood rope was cut, and all the people trapped in the stomach of the Gorefiend were delivered smoothly...cough cough, rescued.

     Oh, not all people.

      there is one more bird that slowly manage to regain consciousness.

     From the coma, he opened his eyes and looked at Aojian Lingyun's Shen Tian, Jin Yu's face was dumbfounded.

     Wasn't the statue caught by Nascent Soul Stage’s Gorefiend? How was it saved, fucking, how was it saved by God's Son?

     Do not!

     Why is he the one who saved me? Now that I am burdened with graciousness of life-saving, how do I face this guy in the future?

     Jin Yu was entangled. Although he was fierce and fierce since he was a child, he also knew that a good bird would be rewarded.

     This time he suffered extraordinary shame and humiliation in Ancient Battlefield. He is treating Shen Tian as Hitting Old Enemy!

      thirty years on the east side of the river thirty years on the west side of the river, do not bully the youths just because they are poor, there will come a day The statue will surpass Shen Tian.

     At that time, the carving must step on Shen Tian under his feet, humiliate him, and tear him up little by little!

     Originally, this was what Jin Yu thought, but today he was saved by Shen Tian.

      This is awkward!Although Jin Yu also knew that this guy was mainly to save the brothers of the Holy Land of Gods, saving him was just a matter of convenience.

     But this is not an excuse for Golden Feather to bite the hand that feeds one, Tianpeng Protoss has the spirit of Protoss and disdains it!

     Jin Yu stared at Shen Tian blankly, watching him rescue the major Immortal Sect disciples, the expression on his face gradually became complicated.

     He is very tangled!

     However, the most entangled thing in my heart at this time was not Jin Yu, but the Hei Yuan hidden in the dark.

     Looking at the two swords of Shen Tian and dismembering the blood demon, the black yuan's chin was almost shocked. It was a blood demon at the Yuan Ying level!

     Their evil spirits taught him to spend a huge price to allow Hei Yuan to conquer a Gold Core Blood Demon in Ancient Battlefield, and then upgrade to Yuan Ying level.

     Even when facing the Nascent Soul cultivator, the Blood Demon will definitely not easily break the defense, let alone be chopped off.

     However, in front of Shentian, Saint Son of God, the blood demon's defense was broken instantly!

      In other words, Shen Tian's sword is already as powerful as Yuan Ying!

     Hei Yuan said he was sour. Fortunately, in Ancient Battlefield, the cultivation of the experienced practitioners would be suppressed until the foundation building period?

     Do you care about this as the base building period?

     Your Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator can chop off the Nascent Blood Demon with one sword?

     What a trouble!

     Feeling the weird expressions of the five guardians behind him, Hei Yuan's face turned dark, he knew what these guys were thinking.

     Hei Yuan coldly snorted: "Don't worry, the blood demon is not so easy. The means of the Holy Religion are not comparable to those of the Son of God!"

      takes a deep breath, Hei Yuan takes out a token from his arms and begins to lightly chant the spell.At the same time, Shen Tian had also cut off the blood cords on everyone and rescued all the disciples.

      After the calamity, renewed life, all the immortal disciples, looking at the figure of Shen Tian, were moved eyes brimming with tears of excitement.

     "It's Senior Brother Shen, Sage Son of Shenxiao, who killed this monster and rescued us!"

     "Senior Brother Shen is so handsome and can be rescued by Senior Brother Shen. This life and death crisis is worth it!"

     "Hmm, I'm so touched! I didn't expect the brother to actually take a risk for us!"

     "That's a Nascent Soul-level Blood Demon. Brother must have gone through unimaginable bloody battles to kill him. It's so touching!"

     "Brother Shen, I am Red Clouds Cave Heaven's new True Disciple Lan Xia, graciousness of life-saving unable to return the favour, I wish to devote my life to repay Senior Brother!"

     "Devote my life to? Are you worthy? Brother, graciousness of life-saving unable to return the favour, I am willing to follow the brother as a slave and maid will be very hard working, and repay the brother!"

     "And me, Brother Shen. Although I am a man, as long as the brother has a word, I am willing to go up and down the pan for the brother, in return for the graciousness of life-saving!"

     "Me too!"


     Looking at the shed tears of gratitude surrounded by Shen Tian, the tangled color on Jin Yu's face became more and more intense.

     Even these cunning and cunning human races know grateful and seeking to repay the kindness, how can he bite the hand that feeds one, the dignified Golden-winged Great Peng clan!

     Regardless, Fairy Kong Meng is right.

     The evil that Bilian Tianzun has made should not be angry with Shentian.

     This eagle owes Shen Tian a life, and if he really defeats Shen Tian in the future, he will be left alone!Thinking of this, Jin Yu seemed to let go of some burden in his heart, relaxed.

     He looked at Shen Tian, coldly snorted: "The surname is Shen, don't think you saved me, I will be grateful to you! In the future, my supernatural powers will be great and I will defeat..."

     Jin Yu's hasn't even finished his sentence, and suddenly complexion big change: "Be careful!"

     He suddenly rushed towards Shen Tian, and the golden light in his right hand appeared like a magic knife, cutting away at the bloody tentacles behind Shen Tian.


     Without weapons in hand, Jin Yu's combat effectiveness was severely reduced.

     Instead of cutting off the scarlet tentacles, he was directly tied to his right hand.

     Immediately afterwards, more tentacles came and wrapped Jin Yu tightly, tied like a zongzi.

     Seeing the blood demon who slowly stood up from the ground and even had his head back, Shen Tian couldn't help but twitch his mouth slightly.

     Damn, what kind of monster is this?

     How come the head is chopped off and not dead? You are dead!

     Looking at Jin Yu who was tied up by Tuantuan, Shen Tian helped his forehead helplessly, also a little tangled.

     This Peng Clan Tianjiao was really unlucky enough. He was just rescued and tied up again.

     By the way, the practitioners of Human Race have been rescued.

     This is the only thing left, do you risk saving it?

     Hey, it's a bit difficult~
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