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220 Otherwise, Let Harmony Be The Most Important Thing!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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      dōng dōng dōng!

     A blood demon more than ten feet high is like a giant of blood.

     All of them exuded a bloodthirsty aura, and rushed towards everyone in the valley.

     Jin Yu holds a yellow-gold war-blade and stands proudly in front of the blood demons. The pride of the Golden-winged Great Peng family does not allow him to escape!


     The main thing is that the forbidden technique just exploded a little bit fiercely, and now the weak group.

     At this time, Jin Yu even stood on the ground and had to rely on the yellow-gold war-blade to support it, and couldn't turn around and escape at all.

     Seeing the huge Gorefiend's feet stepping on him, Jin Yu slowly closes the eyes.

     Forget it, although it is still going to die in the hands of this pickled monster, but at any rate it is a battle.

     It is by this companion pitted that I stepped on my foot to death, the taste is really heavy.

     Anyway, I didn't ashamed our Tianpeng Protoss!

     Before, he saved the life of Lao Tzu by sinking into the sky, but now Lao Tzu is fighting side by side with him, which can be regarded as returning the graciousness of life-saving.

     If the world of cultivating immortals really has reincarnation, I must be the most powerful Tianpeng in his next life, and sooner or later beat this little white face to the ground.

     Hey, just think about it!


     Hey, why haven't you died for so long?

     Jin Yu quietly opened his left eye and peeked over his head.

     But I saw a figure burning with golden thunder arrogance, standing proudly above him at this time.

     His right hand was so strong that he forcibly supported the huge sole of the blood demon, letting the blood demon struggle, not move a single jot.

     On Shen Tian's left wrist, an emerald-colored vine spread out, with six people clustered like a bunch of grapes.They lost their mana rapidly, they were extremely weak, and they were obviously used as power banks by Shen Tian.

     "Bolt, you still owe this holy son over 50 million spirit stones! You can't die."

     Shen Tian's playful sound came from the air, and the emerald-colored vines caught in the wrist in the next second.

     The spirit power of the six evil spirits was absorbed by Shen Tian and fell to the ground.

     Their dantian had been pierced by Shen Tian, and they couldn't get any moths in a short time.

     A purple-gold hammer appeared on Shen Tian's left hand, and the golden Ki flame frantically surged into the hammer.

     At this moment, the sky was thunderous, like a war song that made people be fired up!

     "Want my partner to be buried with you? Ha ha, a joke!"

     "Have you seen me at the peak period?"

     Shen Tian slowly raised head up, his eyes brighter than ever.

     The Zijin Hammer soared to several feet in an instant, surrounded by Golden Thunder!

     Covered with silver-white heavy water, the void was twisted around the hammer body, as if it could not bear the pressure and weight.

     "Fuck me!!!"

      golden and silver The brilliant hammer slammed into the sole of the blood demon's feet, instantly smashing the firm sole of the blood demon to pieces.

     The huge body of the Gorefiend was directly blasted out nearly a hundred meters away, all shattered under the knee of his right leg and turned into blood foam.

     Hei Yuan and the others looked stupid. They didn't expect that Shen Tian had reservations just now!

     The true combat power of this goddess son is far more terrifying than they thought!

     "There are two more?"

     Haha, the speed is too slow!The other two blood demons had already crossed Shen Tian at this time and were about to break into the group of disciples.

     Shen Tian was coldly snorted, and the Southbright Trigram Fire blaze when the body surface was steep, condensing the Suzaku Thunder Armor.

     In the five-element thunder armor in the Five Thunders Zhengtian Jue, the Basalt Martial Lord defends, the Azure Dragon Lord recovers, the White Tiger Lord kills, and the Qilin Lord purifies.

     The Suzaku Thunderbolt's greatest increase to the caster is the speed, which can give people the speed of a divine bird.

      At the same time, a pair of pure golden fairy gold wings appeared behind Shen Tian.

     The red flame armor is paired with golden wings, and the whole body burns with arrogance, and the long golden hair dances in vigor.

     At this time, Shen Tianchi golden rays of light shines, just like gods in the sky, handsome and heroic, prostrate oneself in worship!

     This is called speed!

     The feathered divine wings flapped lightly behind him, and Shen Tian instantly appeared between the two blood demons and the immortal disciple.

     Get out of here!

     Under the shocking gaze of all the disciples, Shen Tian wielded a purple-gold hammer that was several times larger than others, and blasted the two blood demons heavily on the chest.

     boom! ! !

     boom! ! !

     In a short breath, the two Gorefiends flew upside down a hundred meters away and fell together with their companions.

     Their chests collapsed directly, and the condensed bone armor was directly smashed by heavy water hammer after blocking them.


     Standing behind Shen Tian, small stars appeared in the eyes of those immortal disciples looking at Shen Tian.

     In this immortal cultivation world where the weak are prey to the strong, the strong are always respected.

     Especially this strong man has an extraordinary and refined appearance.Coupled with this handsome powerhouse, he also opened special effects!

     At this time, Shen Tian's five gods and beasts' visions flew all behind him, exuding magnificent momentum, and the golden wings cast phantoms of wings.

     Holding a purple hammer in his hand, the bright thunder flashed all over Shen Tian.

     This appearance is simply invincible!

     All the apprentice sisters, all of them were crazy.

      Even those male disciples, their gazes towards Shen Tian became extremely enthusiastic.

     It is worship, admiration, and respect from the heart: a man is born in the world, and a great hero should be like Brother Shen!

     "After getting Yuhuaxianjin, Brother Shen became stronger again! As expected, I recognized the strong, it seems that I have to continue to practice hard."

     Kong Meng used Five-colored Divine Light to steadily suppress a blood demon, cutting off its blood in a regular and thorough manner.

     Although he can't beat the blood demon for a while, the victory has been established, and it is only a matter of time before the blood demon is killed.

     Kong Meng, who obtained the original Five-colored Divine Light and the Five-colored Divine Light fan, is much stronger than before.

     Faced with the performance of the Gorefiend at this time, the young man who saw the evil spirit cult doubted his life.

     They are also the core figures of the Holy Land-level forces, why is there such a big gap?

     With this kind of people, does the holy religion really have a day to rise again?

     Suddenly I felt that Shengjiao seemed to have no future.


     Shen Tian didn't know the thoughts in everyone's hearts, and his attention was all on the three blood demons at this time.

     Frankly speaking, urging the Five Thunder God Beast Armor to explode into battle is considered to be Shen Tian's peak combat state when the Tianzhu Sword is thrown away.The consumption of Shen Tian in this state is indeed terrible, even if he uses the Immortal Devouring Vine to absorb the large amount of spiritual energy mana of the evil spirits.

     The simple three hammers had already consumed 40% of Shen Tian's body mana.

     And as Shen Tian maintained the Five Thunder God Beast Armor and Hunyuan Thunder and Thunderstorm, his vitality was consumed every second.

     Can't drag anymore, you must directly attack the hearts of the three monsters!

     Looking at the three blood demons with fast healing properties, Shen Tian's face was rarely murdered.

     After the endless years of evil spirits in Ancient Battlefield, these gorefiends don't have any sanity, they only know to kill.

     Facing such a monster, it can only be destroyed!

     The Zijin Hammer retracted from Cangming Ring, and Shen Tian shot a long emerald-colored vine with both hands.

     The long vines are slowly tightened, and the silver white liquid is attached to the vines, like a sharp silver long sword.


     The Chi Golden Shadow cut across the void and suddenly appeared in front of one of the blood demons.

     The Gorefiend's eyes showed a tyrannical color, and hemorrhage armor was gathered on his chest again, and he suddenly patted Shen Tian with his palm.

     too slow!

     Shen Tian in the eye flickers With a sharp look, he flashed away from the palm of the Gorefiend in an instant.

     The immortal biting vine with his right hand pierced directly into the blood demon's shoulder under the heavy water, and shot a blood arrow.

     "Hehe, if you can't break the bone armor and heart instantly, it's impossible to kill the Gorefiend!"

     Hei Yuan's breath was weak at this time, but he still insisted on watching Shen Tian's battle.

     He looked forward to Shen Tian's accident and being killed by the blood demon.

     He stared at the Gorefiend, waved his palm again, and slapped towards Shen Tian.However, the expectation in Hei Yuan's eyes was quickly replaced by hard to believe, because the blood demon... fell down!

     Yes, the palm of that blood demon fell feebly just when it was about to shoot Shentian.

     The blood light all over it dimmed rapidly, and then the whole body turned into blood foam and burst into pieces.

     In the void, Shen Tian slowly retracted his right hand from the Immortal Devouring Vine and tied a red bead to the end of the Immortal Devouring Vine.

     That is the Life Source of Blood Demon-Blood Essence Bead.

     For the Yaozu, this blood essence bead is the perfect tonic.

     After refining the blood essence beads, the monster race can purify its own bloodline and enhance its own strength.

     If you are lucky, you may even have the opportunity to return to your ancestors and awaken the blood of the ancient divine beast, which is a priceless treasure!

     In the face of a powerful enemy, the Gorefiend would gather bone armor to defend the heart position at any time, and it could immediately gather new ones after being broken.

     Even if Shen Tian used the clear water sword to urge Tianzhu sword energy, it was difficult to pierce the heart while slicing the bone armor.

     But Shen Tian, a bright idea suddenly occurs, directly drills into the blood demon's body with the Immortal Devouring Vine, and then turns around to poke his heart.

     Facts have proved that this method is really effective, and the combination of First Primordial Heavy Water with Immortal Devouring Vine is simply no stronghold one cannot overcome!

     Shen Tian easily pierced the blood demon's shoulder defense, and then continued to spread the lasing towards the blood demon's heart position, piercing it.

     Although the blood demon is powerful, its attack, defense, and speed are quite strong, and its resilience is even more buggy.

     But its intelligence is not as good as that of a three-year-old, and it is completely driven by a tyrannical instinct.

     Otherwise, as long as it gathers the bone armor around the heart, it will break again.Of course, Shen Tian would not tell the blood demon about this method.

     And the IQ of the Gorefiend didn't understand either.

     "Sure enough."

     The corner of Shen Tian's mouth raised slightly and suddenly appeared in front of the second blood demon.

     Easily avoiding the clumsy attack of the Gorefiend, the Immortal Devouring Vine suddenly pierced into the blood demon's armpit.


     The blood spattered, and a gleaming blood essence was taken out by Shen Tian, and the blood demon also burst into pieces.


     It's a spike again!

     Seeing Shen Tian as cutting melons and vegetables, the time it took to drink a cup of tea and killed two Yuan Ying-level blood demons in succession, everyone's eyes were dull.

     Son of God, still a human!

     In the base-building period, the Yuan Ying can be killed in a second?

     How can this be endured? How can this be endured?

     Jin Yu is still holding the yellow-gold war-blade, but he feels very tired at this time.

     Horse hippie!

      With great difficulty fighting side by side with Shen Tian, he barely paid back half of his previous graciousness of life-saving.

     As a result, he saved Benpeng again so quickly, how can Benpeng repay him? I can't repay it!

     I was thinking of trying to squash him after paying off this graciousness of life-saving.

     After all, after leaving Ancient Battlefield, his cultivation is fully restored.

     Jin Yu still has the confidence to bully the weak, relying on his cultivation to suppress Shen Tian.

     But at this time, watching Shen Tian kill all these blood demons like cutting melons and vegetables, Jin Yu persuaded.

     Even if he really leaves Ancient Battlefield, can Benpeng beat this perversion?

     How do you feel that your bird gall is a little weak!

     Or, harmony is to be prized!
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