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222 Tower Of Fall From The Fairy World
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Outside of Ancient Battlefield, a scarlet beetle flew by.

     It flapping the wings extremely fast, and soon rushed out of the battlefield and landed in a barren valley.

     In this barren valley, three men in black robes sits cross-legged impressively.

     The beetle fell into the hands of one of the men in black, and divine consciousness fluctuations faintly spread from it.

     The complexion big change under the black-clothed man's mask said: "No, the young hall master was taken away by the goddess son!"

     "How can it be? The Hall Master gave the Young Hall Master a total of six ‘Holy Blood Pills’! They are enough for him to conquer six Nascent Soul level blood demons."

     "On this battlefield, the Young Master should be an invincible existence that's right!"

     "Could it be that those holy places received any news and set up traps in advance?"

     "Report to the Lord as soon as possible! After all, that matter mustn't be lost!"

     The three black-robed men stood up together, moving slightly and disappeared into the barren valley.


     Eastern Wilderness, Taixu Holy Land, Shengzi Peak.

     This is where Taixu Shengzi retreats, and there are few visitors on weekdays.

     Because all the geniuses in Donghuang know that Taixu Shengzi never loves walking with people.

     But there are rumors that this peerless Tianjiao, ranked 4th on the Eastern Wilderness Golden Pill List, has deep and unmeasurable strength.

     The reason why he didn't enter the top three of the Golden Core List was just because Taixu Shengzi Wang Shenxu was low-key and hardly competed with others.

     He has a void body, one of the legendary strongest bodies, but also a cursed body.

     According to legend, a Tianjiao who possesses this physique will possess formidable strength to control the void, but at the price of longevity.Every time Wang Shenxu casts the "Taixu Emperor Sutra" magic trick with a void body, he will consume his own lifespan, which can be called Kryptonite!

     Even if they don't fight with people, the life span of the void god body owner is much shorter than that of ordinary immortal cultivators of the same level, and they all die early.

     Therefore, Wang Shenxu has been going deep and simple, and his record is not brilliant enough, and he has fallen below Qi Shaoxuan, Kudu and Fang Chang.

     But many people believe that if they really fight with all their strength, Wang Shenxu may be no weaker than Qi Shaoxuan!

     After all, ten thousand years ago, when the void divine body burned away his life in the face of the evil spirits outside the territory, the power he showed was really let people tremble.

     Time is king, space is respected!

     The law of the void is powerful, without a doubt.

     If it is not necessary, no one dares to provoke Taixu Holy Land to serve as the god body.

     After all, they usually look low-key and honest, but they are really anxious and desperate.

     Hehe, that's exactly the posture of Perish Together.

     Anyway, the barefooted people are not afraid of those who wear shoes, take my life for hundreds of years and desperately kill you for thousands of years, earning blood!

     In the Temple of the Holy Child, the fragrance of tea is curled up~

     A white-clothed man sits cross-legged in the middle of the hall.

     His facial features are well-defined and handsome, but he looks pale and has obvious dark circles in his eyes.

      at his side waiting for the four young women, all wearing white clothes floating out of the dust, at this time making spiritual tea for the man.

     It can be seen that this is not an ordinary spiritual tea.

     The tea is impressively added with precious medicinal materials such as blood ginseng, rhizome, lingzao, medlar, and the age is more than a thousand years, which is a treasure.

     "Brother, Qi Shaoxuan has been challenging everywhere recently, so arrogant!""Challenge all the arrogances of the Young generation, including the Yuan Ying stage, and truly treat yourself as an Uncrowned King!"

     "That's right, if it weren't for our senior brother's body, the title of the East Desolation No. 1 Golden Core would be out of that guy!"

     "Senior Brother Shenxu, drink more five-treasure tea later to cultivate your energy. If this guy dares to challenge our Holy Land, he will be killed!"

     Listen to the words of the four juniors righteous indignation fills one's breast, white-clothed man not to know whether to laugh or cry.

     These junior apprentice sisters' tempers, why are they so irritable!

     Also use "Tai Xu Di Jing" to cut people to death, it is not your longevity that is damaged by co-authoring!

     Gently took a sip tea, Wang Shen said helplessly: "Four juniors, don't be excited, harmony is to be prized, harmony is to be prized."

     The four white-clothed females hummed: "Brother, can't you be tougher? People are almost riding on us, don't you want him to poop?"

     Wang Shenxu: "..."

     The parents of the four younger sisters are really good girls!

     Wang Shen said helplessly: "Four juniors, Meilanzhuju, Qi Shaoxuan hasn't challenged me yet!"

     As soon as the voice fell, he saw a Taixu disciple respectfully running into the Saint Child Hall. He looked at Wang Shenxu with envy.

     Surrounded by four sisters who are delicate as a flower, refined as a precious jade every day, the life of the Son is really enviable!

     But no matter how envious it is, it doesn't matter to him.

     The disciple held a war post with both hands respectfully: "Brother Shengzi, Qi Shaoxuan, the sage son of the Purple Mansion, I'm going to leave you a war post."

     As soon as the voice fell, the tea table in front of Wang Shenxu burst open, and a grumpy voice sounded in the hall."Do you dare to challenge him, Purple Mansion Holy Land is so swollen now? Brother cut him!"

     "Dare to bully the brother? Do you think that the brother is a person who is afraid of death?"

     "Brother, if Qi Shaoxuan is destroyed, we will support you in the old age!"

     "Our Taixu Holy Land's reputation must not be desecrated, war!"

     Feeling the anger of the four women behind him, Wang Shenxu sweated on his forehead.

     With such four younger sisters arching fire every day, why not worry about the death of my son!

     Why do these arrogances of the Eastern Desolation love violence! Isn't it good to live steadily?

     You even cut Qi Shaoxuan to death, what's the big deal for me? I'm only over twenty!

     Even the Taoist couple hasn't gotten married yet, the old man who raised your sister, Yakeng brother!

     Forget it, let's go back and try to sneak out!

     Well, bring more health tea.

     Two years is two years.


     When the outside world surge like a gathering storm, Shen Tian and others are still in simple and substantial experience and adventure.

     At this time, everyone has penetrated into Ancient Battlefield for nine hundred miles.

     The land here has become extremely red, and from time to time you can encounter undeads comparable to Gold Core level's bone demons, blood demons, and evil demons.

     However, in the face of Shen Tian's strengthening team, the resistance ability of these undead is really too weak.

     After the baptism of Nirvana Sacred Liquid, Dracaena and Jianxinguo was upgraded, every individual strength around Shen Tian was greatly improved.

     Even though it was the weakest Shen Ao, at this time his cultivation had reached the peak of the foundation period, and his foundation was very solid.

     After all, the thirteen brothers have given too many benefits!There are also Song Fugui, Liu Taiyi and others, who are also quite powerful at this time.

     Almost two or three people work together to quickly suppress and kill a Gold Core level's undead.

     This kind of combat power can be regarded as the outstanding person or even Tianjiao in the foundation construction period in other Cave Heaven and Blessed Land and even the holy land.

     Go all the way, kill all the way.

     Occasionally encounter more than dozens of Jindan-level undead, Kong Meng and Shen Tian shot over there.

      has to say After Kong Meng got the origin of the peacock ten thousand years ago, the power of Five-colored Divine Light has increased too much.

     Even if on this battlefield, her cultivation base was suppressed to the foundation stage, she could still suppress a Yuanying-level blood demons before.

     It is not too easy to face the Jindan-class undead, often Five-colored Divine Light can kill them directly with a single swipe.

     Shen Tian is more able to play, he is trying to combine the Five Elements Divine Light technique with his own Heavenly Sword God Body.

     Staring at the undead, Gengjin God's lightsaber fired and attacked.

     He stared out again, but the sword energy that emerged turned into Lihuo Thunder sword energy.

     Although the current lethality is not very significant.

     But Shen Tian thinks this is a good direction.

     If you have enough time in the future, you will not be able to create a set of swordsmanship of ‘stare and die.


     In this substantial process of fighting monsters and upgrading, everyone came to a mountain range.

     Shen Tian looked at Zhao Hao's forehead, and at Kong Meng's forehead, he was almost certain that he was right.

     Speaking of which, Kong Meng deserves to be the owner of the purple golden light ring.

     On this battlefield, a chance appeared on Zhao Hao's head, and a chance appeared on Jin Yu's head.However, there were two chances on Kong Meng's head, and the coincidence with Zhao Hao and Jin Yu was really a blessing of fate.

     "The feeling of chance is getting stronger and stronger."

     "If I guessed correctly, it should be in the mountains!"

     Shen Tian takes a deep breath, and the clear water sword is in his hand: "Everyone be careful."

     Hearing Shen Tian's reminder, everyone was also vigilant.

     Jin Yu curled his lips: "From the Valley of the Blood Demon to this place, can you feel that there is a chance?"

     "It's ridiculous, you kid can fool you too much! Is it a sand sculpture?"

     Of course, these words were all whispered by Jin Yu in his heart and didn't say anything.

     After all, he is still with Shen Tian, to save him some face.

     Everyone followed the mountains and crossed a peak.

     Gradually, a huge purple tower thousands of feet high appeared in front of everyone.

     But I saw that the whole body of the tower was purple, faintly combined with the void, and there were seven colors of haze lingering.

     The strange thing is that this huge tower is full of cracks from top to bottom, showing the color of dark red as blood.

     Like a series of magic lines, people's heart is shaken.

     The sound of battle between gods and demons, and the collision of soldiers and wars faintly sounded in the void, and the thick bloody breath instantly assaults the senses.

     Suddenly, everyone seemed to see a terrible illusion.

     It was an extremely magnificent battlefield. There were bloody dragons falling between the heavens and the earth, the gods with wings on their backs were torn apart, and the Buddha Metal Body shattered...

     The thick blood shades the whole world, and the void is constantly cracking, reflecting the turbulence of pitch-black as ink.

     Boom! ! !Suddenly, a bell sounded.

     All the illusions disappeared completely, and everyone recover his wits.

     Kong Meng looked at the huge tower with palpitations in his eyes: "It turned out to be this tower."

     Shen Ao scratched the head: "Is there anything special about this tower?"

     Qin Yundi takes a deep breath and said: "Thousands of feet, purple, with cracks all over the body, it is the falling tower in the fairy world in the legend."

     Seeing that Shen Ao, Song Fugui and others didn't seem to understand, Qin Yundi introduced: "It is said that this tower fell from the void at the end of the ancient war."

     "When this tower appeared, the whole body was cracked as if it would break at any time. I didn't expect it would not crack for ten thousand years.

     Shen Ao asked: "No one tried to collect it?"

     Qin Yundi said: "The immortal who came from the immortal world wanted to take this tower forcibly, but the small tower was directly brought to death by the small tower, shocking the five domains.

     "Since then, no one has dared to take this tower forcibly."

     "But although this tower cannot be collected, this tower of the god of war is still one of the most precious opportunities on the battlefield!"

     Qin Yundi's eyes were full of enthusiasm: "Brother is worthy of being a Child of Fate, I can find it!"

     "It seems that the senior brother is destined to this tower, maybe..."

     "You can try to receive it!"
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