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223 Have The Demeanor Of This Young Age!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Thousands of years ago, a true immortal who came to collect this tower was forced to death.

     You let Shen Tian collect it?

     Everyone looked at Qin Yundi and was speechless for a while.

     But after another thought, Shen Tian felt the call of the tower five hundred miles away.

     And even though Shen Tian has gone somewhere for so long, he has always been extreme sorrow turns to joy, but he has never gotten a chance.

     With Shen Tian’s Child of Fate fate, it might really be able to control this tower!

     Kong Meng explained: "This tower of the god of war is said to be a great artifact in the fairy world."

     "If you want to collect it forcibly, even if it is a real fairy, it is impossible. Only when you get its approval can you recognize the host."

     Jin Yu scratched his head, her eyes sparkling brighter, "How can we recognize it?"

     At this time, Jin Yu's heart was extremely hot. This is the Unsurpassed Supreme Treasure who has killed a real fairy.

     If lucky enough to be recognized by this tower, wouldn't it be instantly invincible among the five realms?

     When the time comes, Ben Diao still has to be afraid of this kid Shen Tian? Suppress him every minute and ravage him!

      Thought until here, a strange smile appeared on Jin Yu's face unconsciously.

     Kong Meng said calmly: "There is a portal in front of the God of War Tower, and all monks below the Mahayana period can enter it."

     "It is said that on each floor of the tower, there will be condensed strong people of the same level as the intruder to fight against it."

     "If you can defeat the projection condensed by this tower, you can get precious rewards."

     "This kind of reward can be precious spiritual tools, holy artifacts, treasures and spells from the fairy world, and there may even be wordly treasure!""If you lose the battle, you will be teleported out, and each cultivator can only enter this tower for one experience and cannot enter repeatedly."

     "Of course, these all are I saw from the ancient books of the Peacock Protoss, and the specific is true or false can not be confirmed."

     At this moment, Shen Tian smiled and said: "Is true or false, don't we know if we go in and take a look?"

     Having said that, Shen Tian strode towards the gate of the God of War Tower without any hesitation.

     Seeing Shen Tian advance courageously, everyone behind him couldn't help but admire him.

     Even if he knew that this tower had once killed a true fairy, he still dared to break into the tower without the slightest hesitation.

     This courage is enough to make people admire.

     You deserve it, Shen Tian!

     "Brother Dao is right. Go in and see the truth."

     Kong Meng follow closely behind sb or sth came to the front door of the God of War Tower and stood shoulder to shoulder with Shen Tian.


     The gate of the God of War Tower opened suddenly, emitting a colorful beam of light that led Shen Tian and Kong Meng in.

     "Wait for me, this ruined pagoda sculpture is accepted!"

     Jin Yu also high-spirited and vigorous came to the gate of the battle tower: "Hurry up and bring in this eagle!"

     The gate of the God of War Tower once again emits colorful light beams, but this time it was not introduced in, but flew directly.

      The golden figure flies upside down hundreds of meters away, the whole body is embedded in the mountain, and a'big' character shape can be seen faintly.

     Qin Yundi helplessly shook the head: "This silly eagle dares to be rude to the God of War Tower. That's a great weapon!"

     Song Fugui's eyes turned slightly, as if thinking of something, he walked to the door.He respectfully saluted: "Honorable tower, the old man is a believer of the handsome man just now. I wonder if I can participate in the trial?"

     Listening to Song Fugui in front of the God of War Tower, he declared his loyalty to Shen Tian, and He Wushuang and other demons wiped their sweat.

     This is the Supreme Divine Artifact from ten thousand years ago. Do you think it will give Shen Tian the face of a mortal?

      has to say, this old guy next to Shen Tian is really whimsical...


     However, at this moment, the gate of God of War Tower really slowly opened.

     The same colorful light beams as before were projected on Song Fugui and collected it.

     In an instant, the three birds, Crane Wushuang, Bai Ling, and Vulture were all dumbfounded.

     What the hell!

     Is this almost all right?

     "It's amazing, it's really amazing, you must write it down!"

     Liu Taiyi proudly took out the pen and jade slip from the storage ring, and recorded it cautious and solemn.

     [Ancient Battlefield Trial, in front of the Tower of Gods of War, recite the name of the Heavenly Master, you can get Seven Color God Light to be introduced, and you can get the chance to enter the Tower]

     Zhen Zhijia click one's tongue in wonder: "As expected to be a holy child, I didn't expect to even give face to the tower!"

      their two people walked side by side in front of the God of War Tower: "The Tower, we are also believers of the Heavenly Master, can we participate in the trial?"


      The Seven-Colored Light projected on Zhen Zhijia and Liu Taiyi, leading them towards the tower.

     Damn, it works!

     The eyes of the remaining people suddenly lit up.

     Qin Yundi eyes narrowing, slowly standing in front of the tower: "I am Senior Brother Shen's brother, please let the tower lead me to the trial."

     Long~Shen Ao tangledly came to the front of the tower: "I am the elder brother of the thirteenth brother, please invite me to participate in the trial by the tower."


     Xiao Ling and Li Lian'er came to the tower side by side: "I am Brother Shen Tian's Taoist companion, please..."

     Before they finished speaking, Xiao Ling and Li Lian'er both agreed by chance and looked at each other.


     In the void, there seemed to be electric lights flickering.


      The two human fairies with swords drawn and bows bent were brought into the tower by Seven Color God Light.

     "Brother Shen is worthy of being Child of Fate, admire, admire!"

     Zhao Hao secretly sighed, and came to the tower: "Zhao is the junior of the holy son, and he hopes that the tower will give a face."


      Seven Color God Light sucked Zhao Hao into it, vanish from sight.

     He Wushuang and Bai Ling looked at each other, and Bai Ling said helplessly: "It is currently already obvious."

     "This holy son of the human race is indeed the great lucker of Mandate of Heaven Returns. If you want to get into the tower and get a chance, just recognize this favor!"

     After that, Bai Ling blushed and came to the tower: "The God Tower, I am the Bai Ling of the Bailing God Race, and the admirer of the Son of God, can I enter?"


     Bai Ling was also introduced into the tower by a streak of divine light, just like everyone before.

     Suddenly He Wushuang was shocked. Is this OK? Can anyone who pretends to admire the Son of God enter?

     But do you think that the chance in the tower of the god of war can make Benhe give up the pride and dignity of the white crane protoss?

     Yes, you can!

     He Wushuang stood in front of the tower with scorching eyes: "Respected tower, I am also a worshiper of the Son of God, please let me in."


     ...Jin Yu head and face filthy with grime crawled out of the cave, watching everyone being taken in by the God of War Tower, the whole bird was stupid.

     What the hell?

     Isn’t it said that there are trials in a good God of War Tower, and only after passing the trials can you get a chance?

     How can you enter Shen Tian's name? Ah, this tower will not be shady!

      gnashing one's teeth to the front of the tower, Jin Yu hummed: "Remnant tower, I am the enemy of the goddess, let me go in and compete with him fairly!"




     "The remnant tower, what you said last time may not be particularly clear. The eagle and Shen Tian don't fight, won't make friends, they are already mutually recognized opponents, don't get me wrong."




     "Is this eagle not clear enough? I and Shen Tian are friends! Peng-you, partner-companion, do you understand this broken tower!"




     "Woo, what do you want to do, how is it? What breaks the tower! You can do it, this sculpture is an admirer, follower, brain..."




     The smoke rises again and again, and the mountain wall is broken time and time again.

     The golden young Tianjiao, dragging his body time and time again to the front of the God of War Tower.

     From arrogant and obstinate to admitting that he is Shen Tian’s partner, to meek and subservient to flatter Shen Tian against his will.

     Jin Yu felt that he was almost ashamed of the Golden-winged Great Peng eagle clan, but the ruined tower never let him in.

     This bird felt that the world was full of malice against him.

     He doesn't know where the problem is, obviously the other three birds have entered!This broken tower is unfair!


     Jin Yu was still desperate, and at this time Shen Tian had already appeared in another piece of void.

     This is a world full of purple, and the purple qi under his feet is so luxurious that it looks quite extraordinary.

     In the center of this world, a purple tea tree grows impressively, and an elderly man in purple clothes is making tea and pouring himself under the tree.


      It's not right!

     How is this different from the script!

     Obviously there is no such thing in Zhao Hao and Kong Meng's chance scene!

     Is there another Butterfly Effect? The red spot and green ring of this son can't hold this chance?

      Thought until here, Shen Tian couldn't help but be on tenterhooks.

     But it's all here, and I can't go anyway, it's better to see this old kid wants to do what.

     Shen Tian swaggered to the purple-clothed old man: "Shen Tian, the holy son of the gods, I have seen seniors. I don't know how seniors are called?"

     Looking at the Shen Tian of neither servile nor overbearing, the purple-clothed old man is slowly nodded: "The younger generation, majestic appearance, temperament is also extraordinary and refined, but there is a bit of old man's style and charm."

     Gently rubbing his sleeves, a cup appears on the tea table.

     The old man poured tea into this cup: "Come on, taste the enlightenment tea from the fairy world."

     Shen Tian looked at this cup of tea suspiciously, this old guy won't poison me!

     But it's not that, after all, this War God Tower can even kill a true immortal. To deal with this holy child, there should be no need to poison it.

     Thinking of this, Shen Tian picked up the teacup and drained the cup in one gulp.


     Hmm~! ! !

     It is indeed the tea imported from the fairy world, it is really fragrant! ! !After a cup of enlightenment tea, Shen Tian only felt his whole body unobstructed.

     Divine consciousness seems to blend with the heaven and the earth to the extreme, and the place where the original technique was still obscure suddenly opens up to a wide panorama.

     "Shen Xiao Lei Di Sutra", "True Dragon Di Sutra", "Peacock Di Sutra", the skills, spells and combat skills in the three emperor sutras are quickly understood.

     Shen Tian felt as if he had touched the true meaning of Tao, and his comprehension had an unprecedented increase in an instant.

     The thunder, dragon pattern, and five-color light on his body surface kept flashing, becoming more and more pure and cohesive.

     With the deepening of the understanding of the exercises, the Dao Foundation at Shen Tian Dantian was also slowly expanding.

     That means Shen Tian's cultivation is constantly improving!

     I don't know how long it has been.

     Shen Tian slowly opened his eyes, there was a flickering light in his pupils.

     The purple-clothed old man smiled and said: "An enlightenment tea, epiphany nine days and nine nights, rare, rare!"

      nine days nine nights! ! !

     Shen Tian was stunned, he obviously felt that he had only been in a daze for a while.

     Why did you mess with nine days nine nights in the past!

     But speaking of it, Shen Tian felt extremely relaxed, and his understanding of all the exercises he had learned had reached a new level.

     Shen Tian stood up, bowed and asked, "Thank you for the gift, Senior. I don't know why Senior has treated Shen so kindly? Where are those Shen's partners now?"

     After taking a deep look at Shen Tian, the purple-clothed old man smiled and said, "Those of your friends are all practicing now!"

     "As for why you don't need experience, you can come directly to the highest level to see this seat?"

     The purple-clothed old man looked at Shen Tian playfully: "Hey, guess!"
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