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225 Need A Little Bit Of Aura!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

The colorful light beams enveloped the golden feathers and led them into the tower.

     When he opened his eyes again, he found himself in a ring.

     This ring has a radius of hundreds of feet, and the whole body emits Purple Light Halos, flowing light and overflowing color invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable.

     "Young golden eagle!"

     "Welcome to Ares Tower, are you ready for the challenge?"

     The friendly female voice rang around the ring, and it sounded like cleansing through a spring breeze.

     Light clusters slowly emerged in front of Jin Yu, constantly rotating around him, exuding a little Taoist rhyme.

     And on his right side rose a blue ancient stele, nine feet and five feet high, with names inscribed on it.

     "One: Barren Stone, the sixth floor of the God of War Tower."

     "Two: Beichen Xuan, fifth floor of the God of War Tower."

     "Three: Yao Yuxi, the fifth floor of the God of War Tower."

     "Four: Chulong River, fifth floor of the God of War Tower."


     "Thirty-one: Kong Meng, the fourth floor of the God of War Tower."

     "Thirty-two: Chen Beidou, the fourth floor of the God of War Tower."

     "Thirty-three: Ren Yin and Yang, the fourth floor of the God of War Tower."


     Looking at the font on the inscription, Jin Yu couldn't help being solemn: "What does the ranking on this ancient tablet represent?"

     On the ring, the female voice sounded again: "This represents the ranking of Tianjiao who has entered the tower for thousands of years. It is absolutely fair and just."

     Have all the people who have entered this tower for thousands of years left their names on this ancient monument?

      In other words, these are the arrogances of ten thousand years?

     Bilian actually ranked fourth, damn it!Jin Yu looked down slowly along the ranking, but saw that the ranking was terminated at 100th place and did not continue the ranking.

     "Why is only Fairy Kong Meng ranked within 100? Could Shen Tian Shengzi's strength still not be ranked in the top 100?"

     Jin Yu was a little unhappy, blurted out.

      The female voice in the sky's stagnated slightly, and then explained: "His test has not yet begun, this ranking is refreshed in real time, absolutely fair."

     The voice just sounded, but the ranking that represented Kong Meng flickered slightly.

     Soon after, Kong Meng's name disappeared from the 31st place and appeared in the 12th place.

     "Twelve: Kong Meng, the fifth floor of the God of War Tower."

     Looking at the constantly changing rankings, Jin Yu couldn't help but be moved.

     This is the standard ranking of Xianqi evaluation, representing absolute impartial authority.

     If you can leave a name on the stele of the God of War, wouldn't all Tianjiao who enter this tower in the future have to pay their respects to the original sculpture?

     Fairy Kong Meng is indeed superior to this eagle, but she can rank 18th, it is not difficult for this eagle to rank thirty or fifty!

      In the sky's female voice sounded again, and phantoms of their debut gradually appeared over the light groups, evolving advanced techniques and combat skills.

     Even Jin Yu saw a golden light group, impressively demonstrating the long-lost inheritance of the Peng Clan-Tianpeng Fighting Dragon Technique!

     That is one of the most powerful combat skills of the Peng Clan, and it can even compete with true dragons when it has been cultivated to a deep level.

      has to say, Jin Yu is moved.

     "Taling, this Heavenly Peng Fighting Dragon Technique inheritance is really that true?"An indifferent voice sounded: "Tianpeng Fighting Dragon Technique, the Samsung inheritance, challenge the Samsung Tianjiao successfully, you can get this inheritance."

     Will it be possible to challenge Samsung Tianjiao successfully?

     There was joy on Jin Yu's face. After all, Kong Meng had defeated even the four-star Tianjiao and reached the fifth floor.

     Even if his Jin Yu is not good enough, let's call a Samsung Tianjiao, not a system problem!

     "Taling, give me a three-star arrogant, and Ben Diao will teach him to be a man today!"

     "To challenge the three-star Tianjiao, you need to mortgage 1000 God of War points for gambling, which can be exchanged with spirit stone magic weapons."

     "In addition, the God of War points can be used to redeem the authority of healing, pointing, and life-saving in the tower. It is tested that you do not have the God of War points. Will you redeem it immediately?

     To challenge Tianjiao in the tower, still need to consume God of War points?

     Jin Yu couldn't help but was stunned, but fortunately, Shengzi Shenxiao returned the family property to the original sculpture.

     Otherwise, the eagle enters the Tower of Wars with great difficulty, but can't challenge it. Isn't that blind?

     Directly take out all the millions of spirit stones in the storage ring, and Jin Yu said in a big way: "Quite spirit stones are not a system problem."

     "You count these million spirit stones exchanged for God of War points, how much can you exchange? Is it challenging enough?"

     The woman's voice said: "Millions of spirit stones can be exchanged for 100 Ares points. If you want to challenge the three stars, you still have 900 Ares points."

     "Please gather the God of War points and challenge again. If you win the battle, the God of War points will be returned in full."

     "If the competition is defeated, the corresponding God of War points will be deducted and it will be irreversibly exchanged."

     The detailed explanation sounded in Jin Yu's ears."One million spiritual stones can be exchanged for 100 God of War points? In other words, if you challenge a 3-star Tianjiao once, you must bet at least 10 million spiritual stones?"

     "This broken tower, the bet is too high!"

     Jin Yu couldn't help complaining.

     The female voice asked: "Can you use 10 million spirit stones to buy back the long-lost Dragon Fighting Technique of the Tianpeng Protoss?"

     Jin Yu was slightly surprised: "No."

     The woman's voice continued: "In this case, how could it not be worth gambling with 10 million spirit stones and "Tianpeng Fighting Dragon Technique"?"

     Listen to the explanation, Jin Yu is looking thoughtful.

     Either lose 10 million Lingshi, or win Dragon Fight.

     Half-to-half, 50% probability, this eagle has great confidence in retrieving the inheritance for the tribe!

     Nothing wrong!

     Thinking of this, Jin Yu suddenly became excited.

     Taking off the storage ring from his finger, Jin Yu began to put out one by one treasure, explaining in detail its use and price.

     As the colorful light beams took away the treasures, the God of War points on Jin Yu's head quickly increased.

     "Congratulations on your successful collection of 1000 God of War points and the right to challenge a random three-star talent."

     "Should you start gambling immediately?"

     Jin Yu took out the white jade bottle containing the sacred liquid of Nirvana, and took a sip cautious and solemn.

     After drinking, he did not forget to lick the cap of the bottle.

     Ample energy poured into Jin Yu's body, adjusting his state to the best: "Go!"

     The light in front of him flickered, and a burly young man wearing a red armor appeared in front of Jin Yu.

     "The descendants of the arrow god race Yan shot, please advise from fellow Taoists."This man carried a long bow burning with flames, and nine pure golden long arrows hung around his waist. The whole body exuded a powerful atmosphere.

     At the moment he appeared, Jin Yu felt that it was so bad that the matched guy seemed to be a little overwhelmed.

     This guy called Yanshe exudes such a strong momentum that he is not inferior to Jin Yu.

      what is more important, his golden feather is a bird!

     Ah, is it suitable to match a bow and arrow opponent?

     Moreover, this sculpture belongs to the Golden-winged Great Peng clan, which belongs to gold. Obviously this one belongs to fire!

     Jin vs. Fire, Tianke is starting!

     "The gambling fight begins."

     Jin Yu: "???"

     At this time, Yan She had already raised the bow and arrow in his hand, and a stalwart shadow appeared behind him.

     He was full of turbulent flames, spread the bow and put an arrow in a flash: "The one that shines, one is enough!"

     As soon as the voice fell, a blazing long arrow shot towards Jin Yu, sealing all of its attack and retreat.



      After one hour, Jin Yu, who was covered in holes, gave up in despair.

     The 1000 God of War points were directly deducted, and the beak of Jin Yu kept pumping.

     The woman's voice sounded again: "Young golden eagle, please don't give up fighting spirit and continue fighting!"

     "Your strength is not weaker than Yan Shot. It's just that your race and attributes are restrained by him. It's not that your strength is poor."

     "Try again, maybe the next time the Tianjiao Projection matched is a wood attribute Tianjiao, you can easily defeat him at that time.""Tianpeng Fighting Dragon Technique to be almost within reach, do you really want to give up this great opportunity? Come on, never be discouraged!"

     "In order to show encouragement to you, this tower can give you a treatment package worth 50 points for free."

     After all, the colorful light beam fell on Jin Yu, quickly recovering from the injury.

     Is the gentle sister Taling sincerely encouraging Ben Eagle?

     He also healed this carving for free, which really moved the bird.

     Could it be that the God of War Taling looked at me differently?

     Jin Yu's sharp eyes renewed his fighting spirit: "Heavenly Peng Clan's pride will not be defeated by a setback!"

     Taking off the Tianpeng battle armor on his body, Jin Yu hummed: "Peak Grade Spirit Tool, give me the God of War points, this sculpture must explode the Tianpeng Dragon Fighting Technique!"

     "The conversion has been completed, and the new opponent is being randomly matched."

     "The match is successful!"

     Yan She's figure dissipated, and a divine bird burning with red flames slowly appeared.

     It was the genius of the Phoenix Protoss, and it was Tianke Jinpeng.

     The battle continues.


     The seventh floor of the God of War Tower, in front of the entrance mirror.

     Shen Tian stared at Ye Qingcang who was counting the treasures.

     He is now somewhat skeptical, whether this guy has passed through the existence of a certain surnamed horse.

     This guy has been relying on the God of War arena for ten thousand years, and I am afraid that he has been fooling these Chosen!

     Seeing Shen Tian expression was strange, Ye Qingcang said calmly: "Don't look at me, these things are used to repair the Tower of War God."Since the fall of the fairy world, the Tower of the God of War had broken down. For thousands of years to keep the Tower of the God of War from collapse, God knows how many resources he has consumed.

     Shen Tian faintly shook the head: "What I want to ask is the setting of matching opponents in this ring, is it really its random?"

     Ye Qingcang looked at Shen Tian and nodded in satisfaction: "student that can be taught, student that can be taught!"

     Hey hey hey, what kind of trouble do you look at when you see person following the same Dao?

     This saint son is a kind man, not so pitted, okay!

      student that can be taught, teach your brother-in-law too!

     Seeing Ye Qingcang who looked like an expert in purple clothes, there was no seriousness in what he said.

     Shen Tian always felt that it was not safe to stay with this product, and he could be sold at any time.

     Wait, I suddenly feel something's wrong!

     Shen Tian stared at Ye Qingcang and said, "Senior, you said before that as long as I speak, this War God Tower is mine? Are there any conditions?"

     Ye Qingcang's eyes rolled: "Conditions? Without conditions, how can there be any conditions that don't exist."

     Shen Tian didn't speak, but stared directly at Ye Qingcang.

     The purple-clothed old man Ye Qingcang seemed to be staring at Mao, and said helplessly: "Okay okay! I'll tell you frankly!"

     "It's true that there are no conditions, but when this War God Tower was in the immortal realm, it was severely damaged, and there were cracks all over it, and it had to be repaired with spiritual energy."

     "So if you are really bound to the Tower of Wars, you will have to lose a little aura to it every once in a while."

     "It doesn't need to be too much, just keep its tower from collapsing."

     "Otherwise, it may continue to crack."The damage is severe, and every time you have to deliver a little bit of aura, otherwise it will crack?

     Looking at the purple-clothed old man whose eyes were dodging, Shen Tian always felt that what this guy said was a little bit moist.

     This is so special that it can kill a real immortal, and the aura that it consumes is definitely a little bit, not a billion little bit?

     Why treat me as Xiao Yan!

     Moreover, Shen Tian looked at the Tianzhu sword in his lungs, and even after the quasi-immortal weapon recognized the master, it was all in his body!

     If he accepts the God of War Tower dropping the blood to recognize master, will it also run into his body?

     It will crack if you don't give aura? Where is it cracked?

     Is it cracked or burst?

     Hiss~ Goodbye!
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