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226 Master Has Great Powers, Disciples Are Willing To Bow Down
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Seeing that Shen Tian's face was wrong, Ye Qingcang's expression also seriously get up.

     He snorted coldly: "Why, do you think this seat is a spiritual stone for you, so that the Tower of War will recognize you as the master?"

     Ye Qingcang hated it and said: "It should be understood that the Tower of the Gods of War is the treasure of countless people yearn for sth even in one's dreams in the immortal world, and its value is unimaginable for you."

     Shen Tian looked at Ye Qingcang, always feeling that this old boy felt like fly into a rage out of humiliation.

     After all, it's still on other people's territory, so don't irritate this old guy.

     Otherwise, I'm afraid I will be ransacked by this old boy!

     Shen Tian thought for a while, and asked cooperatively: "Senior said that this tower is a treasure. I don't know what's the use?"

     Ye Qingcang said proudly: "This tower was refined by the first palace owner of the God of War Palace with Highest Beginning Purple Qi. It can suppress and refine all the alien energy in the world."

     "Even though the Tower of God of War is on the verge of collapse at this time, the aura that has been absorbed over the years has allowed it to recover some energy."

     "Now the Tower of War God can issue three attacks, even if the true fairy can be wiped out!"


     Can the real fairy be wiped out?

     Shen Tian couldn't help but gasp.

     To know what the concept of true immortals is, they are better than saints!

     Only after successfully overcoming the twelve thunder tribulations, the body is transformed into a Sage Body.

     Only a Mahayana of the Immortal Dao, who is no longer alive, can be honored as a true immortal.

     After the body is transformed into a Sage Body, it will be rejected by the immortal world and can only stay for three thousand years at most.

     Within three thousand years, they must ascends to the Immortal World to leave, otherwise they will be obliterated by this Fang Tiandao.Looking at the entire five domains, there is still no real immortal staying.

      In other words, this tower is the absolute hole card in hand!

     Shen Tian said that he was moved, after all, who would have too many life-saving things?

     Ye Qingcang seemed to be very satisfied with Shen Tian's reaction, and continued: "Is this heartbeat? Nothing to do!"

     "What a mere real immortal, in the God of War Tower at it's peak, this level of existence can kill a large area with a finger."

     "The greatest effect of the God of War Tower on this gate is that it can imprint the combat power of every person who enters the tower and save it in the tower."

     "In this Tower of War God, you can compete with the Peerless Supreme Talent since the ages and become familiar with the ultimate moves of each race."

     "If you don't die in a hundred battles, you can become a general! If you don't die in a thousand battles, you can be the king!"

     "The real arrogance of the immortal world, the level of cultivation for a time is always secondary, and it is the key to create the invincible among the same rank."

     "Walking with other Tianjiao again and again is the fastest and most direct way to build the Supreme Foundation!"

     It seemed that the more he talked, the more vigorous he was, Ye Qingcang brushed his sleeves.

     Xuanguangjing once again appeared in front of the two, with Kong Meng and others fighting on it.

     "You can see, these nine days and nine nights have been fighting continuously, and your partners have made obvious progress. This is not copyable outside the Tower of War."

     After all, those other races and powers, how can it be not to mind taking all the trouble to accompany you over and over again?

     Seeing the use of Five-colored Divine Light and efficiently defeating Kong Meng, a four-star arrogant man, Shen Tian couldn't help but confuse his tongue.He asked: "Senior said this was a gambling fight before, but if you meet Kong Meng who has won all the way, wouldn't it be a loss?"

     Ye Qingcang said calmly: "Why do you lose? When facing the same star arrogant, each tester can only get two reward opportunities."

     "In other words, no matter how many times Kong Meng defeats the 4-star Tianjiao, he can only choose 2 4-star inheritance to leave."

     "And every inheritance has already set a restriction, you can only practice on your own, not spread it out."

     "If you want to get more high-level inheritance, you can only challenge the stronger Tianjiao."

     "In short, they may earn blood, but this seat will never lose."

     Shen Tian looking thoughtful: "That Kong Meng now constantly brushes the four-star Tianjiao, is it for?"

     Ye Qingcang's mouth raised slightly: "This girl has fought in the tower for ten days, Five-colored Divine Light has made a big breakthrough."

     "It's just a little bit short of the 5-star Tianjiao in the Immortal Realm. I just matched the 5-star Tianjiao randomly and lost in just a quarter of an hour."

     "Now it is estimated that I am using those four-star Tianjiao to practice Five Elements Divine Light, and prepare to master the breakthrough Five-colored Divine Light through Fusing and Linking, and then continue to challenge!"

     this is……

     Fighting monsters and brushing the boss, addicted to playing?

     Shen Tian turned to look at the others and found that they were all similar.

     Also, abandoning the prerequisite of pitfalls to recharge and gambling, the trial of the Tower of War is still quite tempting.

     Fighting is always the fastest way to progress, but in real life, due to fame and identity, the more genius, the more difficult it is to let go.

     After all, you are both the Son of God, and if you lose to the other Son of God, you will be hard on your face.

     But in the Tower of Gods of War, everyone can freely compete with rivals.In a battle with a strong opponent, it is easiest to find your own shortcomings.

     With Kong Meng's strong personality, it is normal to like a fish back in water in this kind of experience field.

     Seeing the curious expression on Shen Tian's face, Ye Qingcang smiled and said: "How is it? If you are uninterested, try it in the ring?"

     Looking at the old fox smile on Ye Qingcang's face, Shen Tian curled his lips: "You want me to be addicted, and then you can't throw away the Tower of War, you can only accept it, right!"

     "Cough cough, cough cough cough, how could it be!"

     Ye Qingcang took a sip of tea, "Why, you don't even have this self-control?"

     Shen Tian smiled and said: "In that case, let Shen also try it out! Do you need to be redeemed?"

     Ye Qingcang shook his head and said, "Seeing outside, you are the one recognized by this seat. How many games do you need in the God of War ring?"

     After that, Ye Qingcang gently stroked his sleeve.

     When it was steep, Shen Tian only felt bizarre and motley before him.

     When he opened eyes again, he also appeared in a huge ring.

     In front of Shen Tian, there stood a beautiful young woman with a graceful figure wearing a blue shirt.

     Above the woman's head were four stars suspended impressively, representing her level.

     "Xin Qingyi from the star-catching vine, please come to Dao brother for advice."

     After that, the young woman suddenly shot a long cyan vine from her right sleeve, shooting towards the sky like a green snake parade.

     Shen Tian quickly dodged his body skills, but this woman was worthy of being a four-star Tianjiao, and her strength was indeed quite impressive.

     That cyan long vine as the shadow follows the body is extremely difficult, no matter how Shen Tian dodges, he can't get rid of it.

     call out! ! !A long vine suddenly emerged from the ground and tied it to Shen Tian's right leg.

     Immediately afterwards, the long vine followed Shen Tian's right leg and quickly spread upwards.

     But it was Na Xin Qingyi who didn't know when to spread one of the toughest long vines to the ground, and while Shen Tian dodges the ground long vines, the sneak attack succeeded.

     And just when Shen Tian's right foot was tied and his movement was restricted, the long vine on the ground instantly caught up with Shen Tian and bound him.

     A charming smile appeared on Xin Qingyi's face, and a long vine suddenly shot out from his left sleeve.

     This long vine was very hard, gleaming with faint cold light, and shot towards Shen Tian's eyebrows.

     "Battle experience is quite sophisticated, I can't match it in this respect."

     Shen Tian issued an objective evaluation, frankly saying that his battle experience is indeed not rich.

     Originally encountered Xin Qingyi, who also used vines to attack Tianjiao, he planned to have a fair contest.

     As a result, under Xin Qingyi's extremely aggressive attack, Shen Tian completely without the chance to fight back, was directly accused to death by the opponent.

     Of course, this was under the premise that Shen Tian only used the Immortal-Eater Vine without other means.

     If Shen Tian is Full Firepower, it would be completely different.

     "Suzaku Thunder Armor, open!"

      Shouting lowly, the surface of the sun celestial body burned with the hot Southbright Trigram Fire.

     Suddenly, the vine that originally bound the heavy sky was burned to inch by inch broke apart.

      The wings of phoenix's spread out, and pieces of Flame Feather fluttered, and a blue long sword appeared in Shen Tian's hand.


     A fiery red phantom flashed through the void.Xin Qingyi's face suddenly changed, and dozens of vines suddenly rose up in front of him, weaving a vine net.

     However, under the blood-colored Tianzhu sword aura, these vine nets were completely unable to withstand a single blow and were cut to pieces in an instant.


     The clear water sword returned to its sheath, and Xin Qingyi's graceful figure turned into a phantom and disappeared.

     Ye Qingcang's slightly surprised voice sounded around the ring: "Oh, not bad!"

     "I wanted to see if you bound her or she bound you, didn't expect you the kid cruel-handedly destroying the flower."

     Shen Tian said helplessly: "This Vine Clan Tianjiao's experience in attacking the vines is far above me, I am afraid I can't restrain her."

     Ye Qingcang bewitched: "Really? Then do you want to learn how to control the vines of the star-picking vines? As long as you speak, this seat can give it to you!"

     Shen Tian: "..."

     Are you sure, aren’t you the reincarnation of Ma?

     Seeing that Shen Tian was unmoved, Ye Qingcang smiled and said, "It seems that the four-star Tianjiao is not your opponent!"

     "Never mind, I will give you a promotion and let you learn from the five-star Tianjiao."

     Ye Qingcang's voice sounded, and a silhouette slowly gathered on the ring.

     When Shen Tian saw the specific appearance of the figure, his expression suddenly became strange.

     But I saw that it was a 15-16 years old boy, wearing a set of heroic armor.

     It is worth mentioning that that set of armor Shen Tian is very familiar, very similar to the Dragon Abyss holy armor that Shenxiao Sheng advocated that Longyuan sent him.

     What's more worth mentioning is that the young man Shen Tian is also very familiar with him, he looks a bit like Zhang Yunting, or...more like his father.Above the boy's head, there are five Shining Stars floating, casting a little light, shiny.

     The young man holds a purple long sword in his right hand and a golden fairy Scripture in his left hand.

     "Reading well, reading well, reading well, reading makes people wise."

     The boy looked at Shen Tian: "Xiongtai, study more!"

     Shen Tian held his forehead: "Senior, you are doing something!"

     Ye Qingcang's voice sounded again: "You are good at thunder method, this kid is also good at thunder method."

     "You have a heavenly sword god body, this kid happens to have good sword skills, isn't it just to learn from each other!"

     "Learning from the same type of Tianjiao will help you learn from each other. This seat is taking care of you!"

     "Hurry up, let me see your true strength!"

     Discuss your brother-in-law!

     That is the projection of the Master of the Saint Child.

     What if I crush him? What should I do if you look back on the video?

     This bad old man is so bad, he certainly didn't hold his fart to threaten me!

     Are you deceived by the Holy Son?

     Shen Tian didn't have time to make complaints in his heart, because at this time the teenager had already launched an attack on him.

     "Xuanzong Heaven and Earth, Wan Qi's roots. Extensively cultivate billions of calamities to prove my supernatural power."

     The golden celestial sutra on the left hand of the Holy Lord is unwinds voluntarily.

      The golden page flipped quickly, and a golden symbol flew out from it.

     Those runes were branded on the armor of the holy lord, making five phantom beasts faintly appear behind him.

     At this time, the holy lord was covered with five-colored thunder, like a young Thor.

     "It's worthy of being a master, so strong when he was young."Shen Tian not a word or movement From the Cangming Ring, take out a secret shadow crystal.

     He looked at the projection of Zhang Longyuan when he was young, and respectfully said: "Today, the disciple leads the teacher to respect the best!"

     As soon as the voice fell, the young man had already rushed to Shen Tian, with purple thunder light in his long sword, weaving dense sword shadows.

     The young man's swordsmanship is very sharp and powerful, and his moves are directed towards Shen Tian's body. Vital Strike: eyes, throat, heart, kidneys, and even under the crotch.

     If Shen Tian hadn't possessed the Heavenly Sword Divine Body, he would have a special perception of swordsmanship, and it would be difficult to avoid attacks completely.

     "Master swordsman climax, disciple ashamed of being inferior."

     Shen Tian waved the clear water sword'difficultly' to block the young swordsmanship: "The master's words in the holy main hall are indeed true, Master Heaven-Blessed Martial God."

     "But the disciple will not easily admit defeat, Master, please accept the move!"

     Shen Tian burned the golden Ki flame all over, and the five thunder beast armor appeared on his body, shiny.

     The Zijin Hammer was taken out of the Cangming Ring, suddenly enlarged to several feet, and suddenly hammered towards the juvenile projection.


     The golden fairy scriptures in the young man's hands exude Golden Runes, and a streak of golden light is condensed on his body.

     The Zijin Hammer and the Golden Light Shroud crashed together, directly blasting the boy out dozens of meters away, and the Golden Light burst into pieces.

     Looking at the young man with a big bag on his forehead, Shen Tian was dumbfounded.

     It shouldn't be!

     Didn’t the master say that when he was young, he was stronger than this son in the foundation period!

     This is just a simple explosion of the Thunder Purple Golden Hammer. I can't stand it even if I haven't used First Primordial Heavy Water to increase it!Damn, did Ye Qingcang's yin old man secretly cut off Master's combat power?

     This son will never give you the opportunity to threaten me with video!

     At this time, the Holy Lord projection attacked again.

     "The rituals of the gods make the thunder. The ghosts and monsters are frightened, and the spirits are dead."

     "Shen Xiao Tianwei, draw it with the sword. Eight Desolations Six Directions, only I am supreme!"

     With the formula of Form 2 in his mouth, the boy stepped on Qixing and walked around the sky, his body surged.

     The five phantom beasts blended into the sword in the young man's hand, and the thunder over the ring suddenly became a masterpiece, like a catastrophe.

     The thunders rolled in the dark clouds, like long purple snakes.

      has to say, Zhang Longyuan was extremely powerful when he was young.

     At this time, the strength he showed was enough to crush most of the existence of the Golden Core Period.

     Shen Tian's gaze became extremely solemn when it was steep, and a black shield appeared in his hand, condensing a huge thunder shield.


     In an instant, a Purple Thunderclap with the thickness of a bucket struck Shen Tian.

     The thunder pillar and the shield collided heavily, and the terrifying thunder fragments escaped like a spider web.

     When the thunder was over, Shen Tian clutched his chest and admired his face: "A good move to protect the thunder from the immortal sword, worthy of being a master, disciple to see only the other rider's dust and have no hope of catching up."

     "The disciple was defeated in this battle. In the future, I will work hard to cultivate and strive to compete with the master as soon as possible!"

     After all, Shen Tian put away the photo crystal suspended next to him.


     The seventh floor of God of War Tower, under Grasping Principles Tea Tree.Ye Qingcang's veins exposed on his forehead: "This is also OK? Is this special?"

     God to see only the other rider's dust and have no hope of catching up, somehow make your complexion a little paler, I don’t think you even breathe!

     Is this to admit defeat?

     As if thinking of something, Ye Qingcang shook his head and smiled: "It is quite rare to be so cautious and prudent in practicing "Sinhuo Jing"!"

     "It seems that the heir to the Tower of War God, he couldn't be more suitable."
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