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229 Is This Guy Really A Real God!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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You know that the Pro?found Yin Qi on this plain is all transformed by the essence of this quasi-immortal-level evil spirit.

     Ten thousand years ago, he broke into the realm of immortality from outside the territory.

     Relying on his own Quasi-Immortal Rank cultivation base, he crossed the five realms and sacrificed to the common people.

     Even the existence of Saint Rank fell more than one in his hands, and he could be called a peerless murderer.

     In the end, the old saint of the reincarnation sacred place used the Six Paths of Samsara plate to suppress it at the cost of his own life.

     Over the past ten thousand years, the Six Paths of Samsara has been continuously refining the origin of the ghost evil monarch, purifying the source of cost in the small six paths Pro?found Yin Qi.

     Originally, these Pro?found Yin Qi would dissipate directly, but cultists discovered this place 3.000 years ago.

     So those believers set up a formation and gathered Pro?found Yin Qi again.

     It is to rescue the Ghost Evil Lord with a special secret method on the day when the Heavenly Demon rushes to the Seven Evils once every three thousand years, and restore vitality as quickly as possible.

     However, today, Ghost Evil Lord feels that someone is stealing his Pro?found Yin Qi.

     This could not help making him angry.

     After all, three thousand years!

     Do you know how we lived these three thousand years?

     Seeing that he was about to get out of trouble, the Pro?found Yin Qi that was able to be refined was recovered.

     You tell me, there is a shameless person who is robbing Lao Tzu's life?

     Bastard, I'm fighting with you! ! !

     Ghost Evil Lord forcibly through the suppression of the Six Paths of Samsara plate, mobilized Pro?found Yin Qi to launch an offensive.

     Suddenly, there was a masterpiece of vision on the entire Xuanyin Plain.

     The vast and limitless Pro?found Yin Qi began to turn into countless ferocious demons and ghosts.The entire plain was like Night Parade of One Hundred Ghosts for a while, and every evil spirit exuded a terrifying aura comparable to a holy level.

     "This ghost is so strong, can you cover it, Senior?"

     Shen Tian was a little confused, but Ye Qingcang was quite calm.

     The purple God of War Tower shot out from the Shentian Dantian, casting divine glory.

     "Calm down, this guy is suppressed by the formation, he can't make any decent attacks at all."

     "These ghosts are just looking scary, but they are in fact pure Pro?found Yin Qi disguise, they have no attack power at all.

     Ye Qingcang stroked his beard and chuckles: "So many Pro?found Yin Qi, enough to consume the Tower of War God for a long time."

     After that, Ye Qingcang's hands began to form hand seals, and the spirit body exuded divine light.

     Purple light dots flashed around Ye Qingcang's body like stars, drawing a mysterious star map.

     That star map is like a huge giant Kun, reflecting behind Ye Qingcang, turning into a vision of a huge giant Kun.

     "Only the remnant soul remains, and the power of using supernatural powers is greatly reduced."

     Ye Qingcang smiled and shook the head: "But it is enough to absorb this Pro?found Yin Qi."

     After a word, the Tower of God of War suddenly fuse together with the phantom of the giant kun, and the giant kun seemed to be solidified in an instant.

     The evil spirits that made the sharp ghost crying and howling sounds were all forcibly sucked into the mouth of the giant Kun, and the illusion was instantly broken and turned into the purest Pro?found Yin Qi.

     "Damn it, bastard!"

     "Have the ability to release this seat, let this seat fight a fair fight with you!"

     "When this seat is suppressed, steal the essence of this seat, what a hero!"In the middle of the plain, there was a hysterical roar of evil spirits.

     Ye Qingcang sneered and said, "The little things from the an evil spirit clan are pretty bold."

     "Suck this seat!"

     After a word, the attractiveness of the giant Kun is even greater.

     In an instant, all the Pro?found Yin Qi on the entire plain were swallowed up by giant kunfish like hundred rivers converge to the sea (all things tend to one way).

     The plain that was originally to look at flowers in the fog has become very clear now, and you can see the grass and trees.

     "No, there is no drop left."

     Under the altar in the center of the plain, a voice of despair came.

     The whole ghost of Ghost Xiejun was shaking.

     What about the disciple and grand disciple in this seat!

     Those believers in this seat!

     Didn’t you say that you are going to send a blood sacrifice and a superb flesh body to this seat?

     How come they have not arrived yet, but they provoke such a god?

      It should be noted, although Ghost Evil Lord is strong in appearance but weak in reality, he can only perform some phantom attacks through the Six Paths of Samsara disk.

     But just this kind of phantom attack is enough for monks below the overwhelming majority holy rank to run away, alright!

     Even many holy rank powerhouses dare not make a mistake when they encounter this Night Parade of One Hundred Ghosts illusion.

     After all, old ghosts can bluff people.

     But the guy who broke into the plain this time was not confused by the illusion at all.

     He could see through the emptiness and reality of Ghost Evil Lord at a glance, and directly sucked up all the profound Yin Qi.

     The current ghost evil monarch completely without any means, can only stay obediently under the Six Paths of Samsara and wait for someone to rub it.

     Shame, extraordinary shame and humiliation!Knowing that there will be today, he shouldn't have come to this world in the first place!

     It's a pity that there is no regret in this world. Ghost Evil Lord in the end still encounters his nemesis.

     Shen Tian held the God of War Tower in his hands, followed by Ye Qingcang, cautious and solemn towards the Central Region of the plain.

     Soon, a huge altar appeared in front of Shen Tian.

     This altar is entirely white, with mysterious Dao god patterns inscribed on it, which coincides with the Six Paths of Samsara.

     And in the Core Region of the altar is a stone platform with a small silver-white porcelain plate suspended above the stone platform.

     At the moment when he saw this small porcelain plate, a strong sense of desire suddenly emerged in Shen Tian.

     Ye Qingcang glanced at Shen Tian looking thoughtfully: "Haha, do you want it?"

     "This thing should be a copy of the Six Paths of Samsara disk, although the refiner's cultivation is too weak."

     "But at least it was made with Samsara Paradise. It has some power, and it's a good baby."

     Shen Tian's eyes narrowed slightly: "Samsara Paradise? wordly treasure, the third highest place on the Xuantu list?"

     It should be noted that the top three on the wordly treasure list are all Cultivation World’s Supreme Treasures.

     Just like this Samsara Paradise, known as the original land of All Heavens and Myriad Spirits.

     It is said that this kind of soil can only be born in the untouchable Land of Reincarnation.

     It can return to the origin, returning all acquired things to the most original and purest original state.

     It is said that with the existence of Samsara Paradise, you can ignore all curses and Poison Attacks, and even karma can be washed away.It is even said that even Wound of Great Dao, whose foundation is flawed, can be refilled with Samsara Paradise.

     After all, in front of reincarnation, everything can be done again!

     Of course, the rumors may be exaggerated.

     But has to say, this Six Paths of Samsara plate refined from Samsara Paradise is indeed super powerful.

     A quasi-celestial existence was suppressed for thousands of years.

     Even if the evil spirit cultists found out, they couldn't rescue the evil spirit. They had to wait for the day when the demon rushed to the seven evil spirits once every three thousand years.

     It can be seen that even in the quasi-immortal device, this Six Paths of Samsara disk is definitely one of the most formidable existence.

     "Do you want it? Tell me if you want it, don't you tell me how to know you want it!"

     Seeing Shen Tian's eyes hot, Ye Qingcang grinned and said, "This thing is not that easy to subdue."

     Looking at the old man with a smug smile, Shen Tian couldn't help but twitch his mouth.

     Is this guy really the true fairy of the fairy world?
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