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230 The Five Elements Are Combined To Create A Golden Body
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Shen Tian held the God of War Tower in his hands and walked slowly to the stone platform.

     Looking at the continuously floating Six Paths of Samsara, Shen Tian suddenly has a feeling in his heart.

     He seemed to feel the Six Paths of Samsara disc, very kind to himself, as if he could easily gain recognition.

     "Don't look, it's a quasi-immortal weapon."

     Ye Qingcang curled his lips and said, "Without the old man using the Tower of War God to suppress it, it would be impossible for you to conquer..."

     Before he finished speaking, he was stuck.

     Because Ye Qingcang saw Shen Tian slowly stretch out his hand and stroked it on the Six Paths of Samsara plate.

      how can it be! ! !

     That's the Six Paths of Samsara plate, how can it be touched so casually by a monk in the foundation period?

     Do you still have the pride of quasi-immortal?

     Not to mention that Ye Qingcang's face was full of pain. At this time, Shen Tian only felt that the small porcelain plate felt quite comfortable.

     There are four world's rare objects, namely, the feathered fairy gold, fairy vines, First Primordial Heavy Water and Southbright Trigram Fire, all of which were originally well watered.

     That is, if I don't provoke you, you don't come to provoke me.

     But at this time, after feeling the breath of Samsara Paradise, the energy of the four wonders became enliven.

     They are resonating with this Samsara Paradise, as if saying: Little handsome guy, come and play!

     Suddenly, Six Paths of Samsara, who had been lonely and empty for ten thousand years, throbbed.

     A drop of blood oozes from Shen Tian's fingertips and sinks into the Six Paths of Samsara plate vanish from sight.

     When it was steep, the white brilliance shot out from the Six Paths of Samsara plate, shining brightly on the entire plain.This huge formation began to vibrate gently, cracks appeared, and the whole formation lost its core hub, gradually collapse and fall apart.

     "Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

     "I finally got out of trouble!"

     "You wait, when this seat recovers, you will definitely come back!"

     With the collapse of the Six Paths of Samsara formation, a cloud of black energy gushed from the bottom of the formation, exuding the ultimate evil aura.

     However, he by no means, like those in the TV series, rushed towards Shen Tian, but directly Sa Yazi fled towards the distance.

     Ye Qingcang curled his lips: "A small evil spirit has rushed to speak harshly in front of this seat?"

     "If this makes you slip away, do you still want this face in the future?"

     After a word, Ye Qingcang gently stroked his sleeve.

     On the Tower of God of War, radiance suddenly flashes, instantly condensed a huge purple legal net, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

     The French Open steadily enveloped the Ghost Evil Lord, kneading it continuously.

     In the end, it was kneaded into a purple doll about the size of an egg, hung at the bottom of the Tower of War, like a pendant.

     "Damn, may kill, but cannot shame!"

     "How can we be insulted by this great generation of sages!"

     The purple doll kept shaking, and there was an angry roar from within.

     Ye Qingcang stretched out his right hand, and a purple light condensed on his index finger, which directly caused his brain to collapse.

     "Oh, it hurts!"

     The purple doll sends out a blood-curdling screech.

     He doubted his life, as the evil monarch of the dignified evil spirit family.

     Even when he was suppressed by the saint of reincarnation ten thousand years ago, he was just aggrieved.

     After all, the other party is dead.However, in front of this old man, he felt like a kid who was crumpled.

     So wronged, so helpless, so poor!

     "Can't stand this insult, I can send you to reincarnation."

     "If you don't want to die, just give this seat a stop!"

     Ye Qingcang's indifferent voice sounded, making the purple baby instantly extremely quiet.

     So a baby!

     On the other hand, after Shen Tian dropping the blood to recognize master, the Six Paths of Samsara plate was directly submerged into Shen Tian's body.

     This time, it occupies firmly in Shen Tian's spleen, exuding a faint yellow golden radiance.

     At this moment, Shen Tian felt more comfortable than ever.

     At this time, he has collected five kinds of world's rare objects in his body, and began to outline each other in a form that makes ordinary people unimaginable.

     Gold produces wood, wood produces fire, fire produces soil, and native gold!

      There are no flaws in the Five Elements Mutual Promotion, and the power of the Hunyuan Divine Body is also sublimated.

     Shen Tian felt that both his minecraft and his combat skills were greatly increasing at this time.

     The energy from the five elements radiated from his body, nourishing the five solid organs and six hollow organs and making it sublime.

     Shen Tian slowly closes the eyes, sits cross-legged.

     A series of bright five-color brilliance emerged in his body, gradually forming A cycle of reincarnation.


     "Interestingly, five kinds of world's rare objects can be gathered in the extraordinary period, and what is even more rare is that they can actually refine the five kinds of world's rare objects!"

     "Even in the fairy world, I have never heard of such a strange thing, what exactly is it physique of this kid?"

     "How strong is the golden body condensed from five world's rare objects?"Ye Qingcang looked at Shen Tian, who had already entered concentration, mutter to oneself.

     Purple light shrouded the sky, protecting the law.

     Time passed by.

     Shen Tian's body surface began to gradually derive golden light.

     That is the third state of the God Demon Body Refining system, the introductory manifestation of the Golden Body state.

      God Demon Body Refining, the initial forging body, and then extraordinary, after which the five internal organs are tempered with Power of Blood Energy to condense the golden body.

     Even Shen Tian himself did not expect that his Golden Core Refining Qi cultivation base was still in the foundation stage, and the more difficult God Demon Body Refining was advanced.

     More and more golden light is reflected on Shen Tian, reflecting Shen Tian's body like a True God Body, heroic and noble.

     This is the beginning of ‘transformation from physical body and mortal flesh to Divine Demon Body’, and it is also a key stage for the god Demon Body Refining monks to resist magic weapons with their flesh.

     Only the person who created the God Demon Body Refining of Paragon Golden Body can truly break through the world with his strength!

     Gradually, another ten days passed.

     At this time, Shen Tian's from head to toe has been completely transformed into gold.

     The radiant light radiated from his body, setting off the surrounding hundred meters to be brilliant.

     If Lord Tianxiu of Thunder Sound Holy Land saw Shen Tian at this time, he would have to dig him to the Buddhist gate no matter what.

     No way, Shen Tian at this time is really so extraordinary.

     It is estimated that if you throw it in any mundane city, you can attract countless believers!

     You should know that the same golden light, handsome and ugly, the effect is completely different.

     Shen Tian's transformation is nearing its end, and at this time the Tower of God of War next to it also emits a little light.A group of people flew out of the tower, it was Kong Meng, Jin Yu, Duke Gui and others.

      they already have been in the Tower of the Gods of War for more than 20 days, and they have all gained a lot.

     But after seeing Shen Tian at this time, everyone's faces were still full of look of shock.

     "The whole body is covered with golden light. This is the manifestation of the golden body state. The senior brother's golden color can emit a hundred feet of divine light!"

     Qin Yundi's face was full of shock: "It is estimated that if you see this scene, you will have to doubt your life!"

     The divine light in Kong Meng's eyes flickered: "So powerful's physical body, evolved to the extreme enough to fight invincibly!"

     Duke Gui looked at the Tower of the Gods of War that had been shrunk countless times, floating beside Shen Tian.

     His eyes were full of shock: "The Tower of the Gods of War has become smaller, do you...have already recognized your Highness as the master?"

     "That's right, Your Highness is the only Seven-Star Tianjiao recognized by the God of War Tower since eternity, unique and unmatched!"

     "The Tower of War God will recognize the Lord, it's normal!"

     "Niang Niang, if you know Jiuquan, you can smile at Jiuquan!"
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