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233 Nine Turns God And Demon Golden Body (2/4)
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Under the gaze of everyone, Shen Tian slowly opened his eyes.

     At this time, he just felt that from head to toe was full of power everywhere.

     The origins of the five world's rare objects circulate in his body, nurturing his body.

     Forging the body realm, forging and tempering are muscles, bones, qi and blood, thus condensing the power of blood energy.

     In the extraordinary realm, ordinary God Demon Body Refining people refine five solid organs and six hollow organs with Power of Blood Energy, and refine them to be as strong as the body surface.

     The way that Shen Tian refines five solid organs and six hollow organs is completely different from those of the poor God Demon Body Refining monks.

     He directly used the power of the five elements world's rare object to nurture and refine the five internal organs, and strengthen the extreme realm.

     It is precisely because of this that the strength of Shen Tian's five internal organs is far more than ordinary body refiner.

     And the golden body state above the transcendent state corresponds to the golden core stage in the golden core refining system.

     This level is particular about extracting the power of the five elements from five solid organs and six hollow organs, and integrating them into one.

     The power formed in this way will be far more than ordinary Power of Blood Energy, which is called the ‘Power of God Demon Body Refining’ by the monks of God Demon Body Refining, and is extremely powerful.

     The effect of using this ‘power of gods and demons’ to temper the whole body is far superior to Power of Blood Energy and can condense mythical golden body.

      The quality of the mythical golden body is the same as that of the golden core, and it is also divided into nine turns from one to the highest.

     According to legend, as long as the mythical golden body is condensed, the physique of the monk is comparable to some acquired gods and demons.

     Of course, it is only the weakest kind of acquired god and demon.

     But even so, it can still resist the attacks of many magical weapons of the same-level Jindan Qi refining system, and the flesh is like a weapon for sacrifice.If the mythical golden body is condensed to the realm of Supreme Existence's Nine Revolutions Gold Body, then even those Innate Divine Demon, Mortal Body Strength at the same level is difficult to match.

     Of course, the 9th Rank Supreme Golden Body is just a legend.

     If there are examples of Nine Revolutions Golden Pill, they can be found frequently in ancient books.

     Then the existence of the Nine Revolutions Gold Body is almost impossible to examine through the ancient books of the five domains for thousands of years.

     Even though they are the strongest God Demon Body Refining people since the ages, they have only been rumored to be ‘Suspected Nine Revolutions Gold Body’ and have not been determined.

     But even with the eight-turn golden body that settle for the next best thing, or even the seventh-turn golden body, the domineering force still cannot be underestimated.

     According to legend, thousands of years ago, there was an eight-turn golden body refining powerhouse hair stands up in anger and tips off one's hat, and a decisive battle with a Nine Revolutions Golden Pill Qi refining powerhouse.

     As a result, the eighth-turn golden body-level refining expert, abruptly defeated all the offensive with a pair of iron fists.

     In the end, within a hundred moves, the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill's Qi refining Tianjiao broke the golden core.

     In this way, the momentum of ‘I Am Invincible’ was established.


     In general, the ‘golden core stage’ of the qi refining system is called ‘a gold core swallowed into the abdomen, and my life depends on the heavens’. It is the most important stage for mortals to transform into immortals.

     The ‘golden body stage’ of the body refining system is also the same. After reaching the golden body stage, it can be called Internal and External Cultivation.

     Since then, the five solid organs and six hollow organs are no longer weak points, the whole body is completely clean, the fighting power and vitality are strong enough to make one's hair stand up in anger.

     This is also the only way to transform and evolve from mortals to human gods and demons!

     Feeling the changes in his body, Shen Tian slowly stretched out his right hand.The tip of his index finger flashes in five colors of white, blue, black, red, and yellow, and the cycle comes back to the start continuously.

     Gradually, the five colors of light merged into gold, exuding a vast and deep breath.

     Although there is only a trace of power, everyone around him can't help but suffocate.

     Power of Gods and Demons!

     This is the power of True God!

     Moreover, Shen Tian's power of gods and demons is of extremely high quality.

     It combines the power of five world's rare objects, and the quality Supreme Existence.

     Perhaps, it can be called the ‘Power of Hunyuan God and Demon’!

     Yes, everything can be mixed...

     "Brother Shen Dao became stronger again, such a body is too powerful."

     Kong Meng's eyes are scorching, and the five colors of clothes are shining, shiny in the blood of the battlefield.

     This trip to the battlefield is definitely very valuable to her. Retrieving the Five-colored Divine Light fan is only an external harvest.

      what is more important She finds her goal to move forward, so that her invincible herself will no longer hesitate.

     Since then, she will use Shen Tian as the object of her efforts to catch up.

     If it is not necessary to return to the Peacock Protoss, bury the remains of the ancestors, and at the same time announce to the parents and elders about walking in the world, Kong Meng wants to directly follow Shen Tian.

     After all, she felt that following Shen Tian's experience was much more interesting than practicing as a bird herself.

     Not only is it easy to encounter opportunities, but also has Shentian pressure on himself.

      what is more important Shen Tian is by the side.



     Shen Tian has no time to pay attention to the eyes of everyone's attention.

     Because he now has more important things that need to be studied and evaluated.However, Shen Tian took out the mirror from his arms and slowly and carefully looked towards the forehead.

     Yes, Shen Tian was observing the halo above his head.

     Originally, before entering Ancient Battlefield, the halo on Shen Tian's head was a pure green ring with red light.

     Helping Qin Gao find the Dragon's Bloodweed, helping Kong Meng find the Five-colored Divine Light fan and the origin of the Five-colored Divine Light, helping Zhao Hao and Kong Meng find the Tower of War, and helping Jin Yu find the Golden-winged Great Peng After carving the remains of the ancestors of the clan...

     The luck of Qin Gao, Kong Meng, Zhao Hao, and Jin Yu all gained a lot.

      Even Shen Ao, Song Fugui, Liu Taiyi, and Duke Gui have the chance to have more luck.

     And Shen Tian's own qi luck has been greatly enhanced, reaching the level of most red rings and a small part of green rings. The thief looks good.

     But at this moment, Shen Tian's "Sinhuo Jing" made another breakthrough.

     He suddenly found in the mirror that the red light of the halo above his head was slowly fading.

     From the original big red with a small green halo, it turned into a red and green half of the sky, so distressed that Tian could not breathe.

     Hey, this "Sinhuo Jing" is really powerful, and cheating is really cheating. If it's just krypton gold, that's the end of it.

     Every time you upgrade a big level, you have to burn a lot of luck in Shen Tian. Isn't it really hard to get these luck?

     "According to the previous setting of bad luck and luck, now this battlefield can't stay."

     Shen Tian was wary when his heart was steep. This was not his man of Qǐ fears the sky falling, but judged based on big data.

     think about it!

     When Qin Gao's luck fell, he overturned the spirit grass and was tied up and pumped.When Fang Chang's luck fell, the entire Dan Dan was split when he failed to hit the ninth rank of the Jin Dan.

     When the weather in Chenzhong fell, I drove the BMW chariot directly into the Mountain Protecting Great Formation.

     When Jin Yu's luck was declining, she walked on the Ancient Battlefield without fail, and was directly beaten by Nascent Soul Stage’s Gorefiend into her body.


     One by one, it is impossible to be a coincidence!

      Thought until here, Shen Tian looked at the halo above the heads of the remaining people, with a look on his face.

     According to the idea of seeking stability, now that his luck is declining, he should no longer take risks on Ancient Battlefield.

     Although the chances of the remaining people's heads are not great, the ants are fleshy no matter how small!

     The benefits are secondary, what is more important can increase luck!

     For one reason, Shen Tianzhen was a little reluctant.

     Retreat if the state is not good, or take a try bicycle transforms into a motorcycle ……

     To be honest, Shen Tian is very entangled~
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