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235 Little Brother (4/4)
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Outside Ancient Battlefield, in a hidden canyon.

     The figures wearing black robe stood indifferently, fuse together with the darkness.

     Opposite these people, there stood a figure wearing a dark red robe, looking incomparable evil and strange.

     "Hallmaster, it has been determined that the young hallmaster is imprisoned in Xianmen Town."

     "The young hall master has a set up array in his hands, an array flag to help Lord Holy Spirit get out of trouble, mustn't be lost!"

     "What is the formation flag mustn't be lost in the hands of the Young Palace Master? Can he let him sacrifice to the sky without the formation flag in his hands?"

     "I don't mean that, I mean that the young palace master has been imprisoned for more than ten days and must act as soon as possible."

     "Yes, the day when the demon rushes to the seven evil spirits will be tomorrow night, and there is not much time left for us."


     The people in black robes discuss spiritedly.

     At this moment, the blood-robed man said calmly: "Be quiet."

     The man seemed to be very prestigious, and when his voice sounded, all the evil spiritists were quiet.

     He said indifferently: "Hei Yuan is not good at doing things and was captured by the Holy Land of Gods. It is the godson of this seat who has no choice. He will be punished severely when he is rescued.

     "But at this time, the life and death of Hei Yuan is not the most important thing, the most important thing is the Seven Evil Formation Banner in Hei Yuan's hands."

     "In order to save Lord Holy Spirit today, this branch hall has been planned for thousands of years."

     "Once Lord Holy Spirit is rescued and recognized by him, the position of the branch hall in the religion will be greatly improved."

     "At that time, everyone here will be rewarded by Lord Holy Spirit, Xianlu will prosper nothing difficult!"When he finished speaking, all the black deacons looked expectantly.

     "All follow the Lord Hall Master's orders!"

     "This honor is willing to lay down my life for the prosperity of the sacred religion!"

     "Allegiance to the holy religion, allegiance to the Lord, sleep on the floor today, and be the emperor tomorrow!"

     "Come on, work hard, work hard, to overthrow Dongtian Holy Land, the holy religion an exuberant feeling!"


     "Don't worry, Uncle White Bone is already preparing for the'Big Array', as long as the formation is completed..."

     Seeing the atmosphere getting hotter and hotter, the blood-robed man's eyes showed relief.

     Suddenly, he stared slightly at the entrance of the valley.

     As the Lord of a Hall, he has set foot in the realm of the holy spirit and is very sensitive to the void.

     He could clearly feel that the void in that place was fluctuating.

     This shows that someone is coming from shuttles through the Void!

     "There is an enemy attack!"

     "Who is responsible for the hidden array? Why were we discovered?"

     The blood-robed man's face was solemn, seemingly calm, but his heart was not so peaceful.

     After all, they are now only a hundred miles away from the two Great Sacred Grounds, the Six Great Sacred Grounds, and the Fairy Gate Town where the Twelve Great Sacred Grounds are stationed.

     For mortals, this distance may be considered very far.

     But for the immortal cultivator above the Nascent Soul Stage, it really only takes a moment to arrive.

     Could it be that the plan was revealed that our whereabouts have been discovered by the people of the Holy Land?

     It would be a trivial matter if only the whereabouts were discovered, the fear is that the immortal gates have already understood their plan, and at this time they began to close their nets and suppress them.In that case, it's really troublesome.

     Don't think that the saints are great. Although the blood-robed men set foot in Saint Domain, they are only the weakest saints.

     If you really want to be surrounded by a fairy gate, it's still very dangerous.

     The blood-robed hall master and the black-robed deacons all stared straight at the void fluctuations, waiting in a serious battle.

     Finally, the void slowly cracked open, and a young man in a white brocade appeared in the eyes of everyone.

     But I saw him with black hair like ink, swordlike eyebrows starry eyes, handsome appearance, and an extraordinary and refined temperament, just like a banished immortal from the sky.

     This man is so extraordinary, these cultists can't help but sigh.

     There is such an extraordinary and beautiful man in the world!

     On the other side, the beautiful man walked out of the void.

     His face originally had a smile as if relieved from a burden, and it seemed that the mood was very good.

     However, when he felt the gazes of ‘vigilance’, ‘fear’, ‘killing’, ‘astounding’, ‘heartbeat’, ‘drol (over)’, the beautiful man’s smile on face solidified.

     Yes, this beautiful man is Shen Tian.

     Looking at the black robe of the same style as Hei Yuan and the five deacons of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, how could Shen Tian know that these guys are not good people?

     One, two, three...

     Shen Tian counted them casually, and there were already more than ten powerhouses of these evil spirits.

     Moreover, the aura radiating from their bodies has reached the Nascent Soul Stage or above, and each is not weak.

     If this is the case, Shen Tian is not particularly worried, after all, he can fight the Nascent Soul-level blood demons during the foundation period.Although the comprehensive comparison of the wisdom and combat power of the Nascent Soul monks of human beings, it is definitely better than the Nascent Soul Blood Demon.

     But don't forget, Shen Tian is already a golden body class powerhouse now.

     At this time, Shen Tian's combat effectiveness was more than ten times higher than that of Half a month ago!

     If he really wants to fully use his combat power, he can easily step into the top ten of the Golden Core List, and even threaten the top five and top three positions.

     The ordinary Nascent Soul stage powerhouse in front of him is really without threat, and it can be solved like cutting melons and vegetables.

     But the problem is that these black-robed deacons are not only ordinary monks in the Nascent Soul Stage.

     Among them are the powerhouses of Peak Nascent Soul, and there are even one or two Tianzun-level existences in the transformation stage.

     That is Tianzun of the Transformation Stage, can Shen Tian be able to fight once the golden body turns?

     At least you have to turn around for a few more rounds before you can consider it!

     What's more, there is another guy wearing the same red robe of Yue Qiluo.

     This guy's aura was deep and unmeasurable, and Shen Tian couldn't detect him at all, and couldn't perceive how strong he was at all.

     This kind of existence does not need to be considered at all, it is definitely not something Shen Tian can provoke now.

     Sure enough, luck is reduced, and you will definitely encounter bad luck.

     Misconceptions, misconceptions, this time really provoke!

     The wind is tight, bullshit~! ! !

     Looking at the vigilant Evil Spirit Cultists, Shen Tian smiled: "I passed by accidentally and heard nothing. Say goodbye."

     After that, Shen Tian gently waved his sleeves and turned, and walked toward the canyon lightly, with extraordinary tolerance.

     A trace of killing intent appeared in the eyes of the blood-robed palace master: "Since it's here, kill!"

     Damn, it really is a cultist.Do you kill someone if you don't agree? I am afraid I am afraid!

     The corners of Shen Tian's mouth twitched slightly, he quickly increased his speed to the extreme, and fled outside the valley.

     At the same time, the Shengziling in his arms hurriedly passed a message to Bailian Tianzun, seeking help from the latter.

     The sacred liquid of Nirvana is not given for free. When encountering danger, you have to cover me, Master!

     Seeing Shen Tian turned and fled, the evil spirits taught everyone to relax.

     This proves that the appearance of Shen Tian is not an encirclement.

     "Since you are here, don't leave!"

     "Arrays have been set up near this valley, and the distress message cannot be sent."

     A figure shot out from the group of black-robed deacons and shot towards Shen Tian.

     "Hey, what a handsome young man, let's throw it to the slave family and train it!"

     There was an incomparably coquettish voice under the black robe, and the soul ate away the bones: "Little brother, there is a "Big Happiness and Bliss Sutra" in the slave house. Let's do it together!"

     "The slave family promises to make you so cool to death."
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