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238 Is The Old Way Unable To Lift The Knife?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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At this moment, the sky suddenly rang out in the distance.

     "Presumptuous, no evil, evil, evil, dare to hurt my nephew Shen Tian!"

     As soon as the voice sounded, I saw an extremely bright silver light lasing.

     This divine light wherever one goes, even the void is freezing, as if it contains the cold energy between heaven and earth.

     "Is it the sacred mirror of Jade Lake Holy Land?"

     The blood-robed palace master's face condensed slightly, and a bloody light curtain suddenly appeared all over his body, facing the silver-white divine glory.


     When the blood-colored light curtain collided with the silver divine glory, the entire blood-colored light curtain was completely ice-sealed, and then every inch shattered opened.

     Shen Tian only felt that the surrounding space was changing, and two figures had appeared in front of him.

     "Don't be afraid of Tian'er, with the uncle here, this thief can't hurt you!"

     Dan Wu Tianzun and Bailian Tianzun have different mouths, same voice, Qi Qi blocks Shen Tian behind him for protection.

     Then, the two looked at the hall master of the blood robe with solemn expressions: "The hall master of the evil spirits teaches blood to kill the hall? How dare you trespass into Ancient Battlefield?"

     The head of the blood-robed palace looked at Dan Wu Tianzun and Bailian Tianzun quietly: "Unexpectedly, you came so quickly."

     "It's a pity that your cultivation is too weak, and you are not your opponent at all!"

     "Besides, this seat has already used a secret method to seal all the emptiness in a radius of thousands of miles."

     "Unless you have contacted the sect saint before this seat seals the void, no one will know about this place."

     The blood-robed palace master's face was full of triumph: "And even if you have already contacted the sect sage before you arrived, it is too late.""With the strength of this seat, you can defeat all of you in the palm of your hand!"

     The Blood Robe Hall Master gave a grin, and suddenly pinched the seal in his hand.

     In an instant, endless thick bones protruded from the ground, turning hundreds of miles into a forest of bones.

     Each of those white bones was sharp like a gun, shining with a faint luster, and even the void was sharply producing cracks.

     "Bone World, get up!"

     The blood-robed hall master was coldly snorted, and in an instant countless bones shot at Danwu Tianzun, Bailian Tianzun and Shen Tian like sharp spears.

     Obviously, this is a peerless spell.

     Each of these bones can penetrate the body guard of the Peak Powerhouse of the Transcendental Stage.

     If they were really penetrated by these sharp spears, even if the Bailian Tianzun and Danwu Tianzun were superbly cultivated, they would be seriously injured.

     "The glory of Yaoyue!"

     "Pure World White Lotus!"

     Danwu Tianzun and Bailian Tianzun complexion slightly changed and quickly sacrificed their respective treasures.

     A mirror full of pure white like jade and a pure white lotus with seven grades of flowers suspended above their heads.

     They sprinkled a faint brilliance, forming a two-layer protective mask, blocking the bones, making it difficult to hurt Shen Tian.

     Bones bombarded the protective mask, consuming the energy of the mask.

     However, Danwu Tianzun and Bailian Tianzun are constantly sending mana supplements.

     For a while, it really can't beat the three.

     "Holy land is holy land, really rich and arrogant."

     "Even the cultivators of the Transcendent Deity stage can hold a sacred tool, which is really jealous."The blood-robed palace master showed a heart-moving color on his face: "It's a pity that after today, these two sacred artifacts will belong to this throne!"

     As soon as the voice fell, he saw the red light flickering in the hands of the blood-robed palace master.

     A bead of dark red as blood appeared in the hands of the head of the Blood Robe, exuding dull light.

     When this bead appeared, the originally white bone forest was instantly stained with a faint blood halo.


     A blood red bone spear lased towards Danwu Tianzun and Bailian Tianzun, and it was difficult to penetrate two defensive light barriers.

     Although after penetrating the two defensive light barriers, the power of this gun has been almost eliminated, and it is easily blocked.

     But this is just the beginning, because there are more scarlet bones brewing rapidly.

     Hundreds of blood-colored bone spears were directly facing Danwu Tianzun and Bailian Tianzun, and the void cracked inch by inch at the tip of the spear.

     "It's the Seven Killing Beads, the evil weapon of the Hall of Blood Killing. This killer has this weapon in hand. We are not opponents. Take Tian'er away quickly!"

     The whole body of Bailian Tianzun exudes fairy rhyme, and you can faintly see the aura turning into fairy butterflies.

     She suddenly formed hand seals, ready to desperately block the Blood-robed Palace Master.

     "It is said that Bailian Tianzun's alchemy attainments can be called the top of the Eastern Wilderness. Why do you have to be an enemy of this seat?"

     The head of the blood-robed palace sneered: "This seat said that the saint does not come out, even if you wait for more struggle, it is just a mantis trying to stop a chariot."

     "Well, I won't play with you anymore!"

     The blood-robed hall master emptied his right hand, and a bloody bone spear suddenly condensed.

     He shook the bone spear abruptly, and the bone spear skyrocketed a thousand times in an instant, turning into a huge spear that fell down.The void shattered when the gun passed by, and the air force of the Scarlet Bone Gun locked the three of them, making them unavoidable.

     "Lao Ye, get ready to shoot!"

     Shen Tian reluctantly sighed saying, chanting silently in his heart.

     Although it urges the Tower of God to confront the enemy once, the resources consumed are terrifying.

     But compared to life, all resources have to lean back, Shen Tian is not a person watching the dying yet not rescuing them.

     Especially, these people still come to save themselves!

     However, Ye Qingcang's laughter sounded in his mind: "Don't worry, it's not yet time for the old man to take action!"


     The Scarlet Bone Gun continued to fall, and the cracked void had almost spread to Shen Tian's eyes.

     Dan Wu Tianzun and Bailian Tianzun both showed decisiveness in their eyes, as if they had decided to protect Shen Tian desperately.

     After all, Tian'er is his disciple!

     However, at this moment, the blood-colored bone gun that was thousands of feet long stopped.

     The cracked void stopped spreading, and the sky full of Skeleton Spear cracked every inch, turning into a cloud of dust.

     The indifferent voice sounded in the sky: "Is it the old man who can't lift the knife, or are you mice too floating recently?"

     "I haven't troubled you little mice for hundreds of years. Do you dare to deal with the veteran now?"

     Cracks slowly appeared on the blood-colored bone gun of thousands of feet long and spread rapidly.

     At the beginning of the rift, an old Taoist priest could be seen impressively.

     He was wearing gossip fairy clothes, white haired babyface, but at this time his arms were bulging muscles, and his whole body burst into violent arrogance.The right fist of the old Taoist directly penetrated into the bone spear, and the terrifying force directly shattered the thousand-foot bone spear, turning it into inch by inch bone stubble.

     "Bilian Tianzun?"

     Looking at the old Taoist priest with white hair white beard, the blood-robed palace master showed a dignified face.

      The Young generation may not know the horror of this old Taoist priest, but the blood-robed palace master came from that era.

     He knows better than anyone how abnormal and powerful this guy is.

     His master was shot to death by this guy!

     Although Bilian Tianzun lost all his skills afterwards, he could only practice from scratch.

     But after many years, the cultivation base of Bilian Tianzun has returned to Heavenly Venerable Boundary, and he is the Tianzun of God Demon Body Refining.

     Frankly speaking, even as a saint, the blood-robed palace master still has no certainty of victory in his heart.


     Not to mention the dignified jealousy in the blood-robed palace master, at this time Bailian Tianzun and Danwu Tianzun were relaxed.

     Especially Dan Wu Tianzun, with a faint blush on his face at this time: Senior Brother Chu He just said, Am I his?

     Hey, I'm so old, so I still say such shy words.

     And in front of the child, don't be ashamed!

     "Big brother came on time, don't let go of this cult demon!"

     Bailian Tianzun has a benevolent nature, majoring in refining pills and medicine, and often goes down to relieve common people.

     When facing the blood-robed palace master's forbidden technique "Bone Realm", she could clearly feel the supreme resentment in the Bone Realm.

     Obviously, this magic weapon is definitely not a serious treasure, but is sacrificed by endless creatures.Rao is Bailian Tianzun disposition is gentle, and at this time also took the initiative to kill the Blood Robe Palace.

     Of course, definitely not because of Senior Brother came, but Second Senior Brother did not come, and angered the Blood-robed Palace Master.

     Bilian Tianzun Chu Longhe nodded: "Don't worry, the blood-killing kid dared to do something to the veteran nephew, how can the elder Dao forgive him?"

     As he said, Bilian Tianzun patted Shen Tian on the shoulder, his face full of affection: "Tian'er, follow the two uncles to the side and see how I can vent your anger!"

     Although I feel that Bilian now is a little different from the Bilian when we first met before.

     But Shen Tian still stood aside obediently. After all, he could let the patrons make a move. Why would he burn his own money?

     "This kid went to Ancient Battlefield, and he got a great chance again, and now he has even the eighth-ranked Yuhua Xianjin on the Xianjin List!"

     "Moreover, he always feels that the Five Elements Qi vast and limitless in his body is reciprocating, and his foundation is not decent."

     "Huh, I must have gotten great benefits from Ancient Battlefield, the old man must share his share!"

     "Take advantage of this opportunity to get closer to this kid and become a prospective master!"

     With many thoughts in his heart, Bilian Tianzun slowly knotted the long stick behind him.

     A stronger arrogance than before, rose from the surface of Bilian Tianzun, and his muscles began to swell to the limit.

     The gossip fairy clothes were almost pushed to the limit, and the angular muscles could be clearly seen through the fairy clothes, making Dan Wu Tianzun flushed with excitement.

     "Blood kill, you kid die!"

     Holding the golden long stick in his right hand, Bilian Tianzun suddenly rushed towards the Hallmaster of the Blood Robe.Cleaved with a stick, there is no such thing as hiding the sky and covering the earth, some are just concentrated to the extreme power.

     Where the long stick passed, the void directly shattered and turned into powder, and the black void cracks accompanied the old Taoist priest to shoot towards the palace master.

     "Asshole, this seat is a dignified saint, how can you be defeated by you, an unsacred ant?"

     The blood-robed hall master showed a trace of panic in his eyes, but he did not want to show his timidity.

     After all, there is a little brother in the valley below!

     He not a word or movement poured a stream of essence and blood into the Seven Kill Pearl in his hand, and the Seven Kill Pearl magnificent rays of light instantly.

     A bone gun that was even more reddish than before was condensed, and the body of the gun was covered with weird dark-red lines, faintly surrounded by ghosts.

     "Kill the heavens, kill the gods, kill the Buddha, kill the ghosts, kill the demons, kill the common people, seven kills!"

     The head of the blood-robed palace flew in disorder, shrouded in the Long Bloody River, and came hiding the sky and covering the earth.

     The spear pierced out of his hand, and instantly turned into thousands of spear shadows, sealing all the retreat paths of Bilian Tianzun Chulonghe.

     Although he was facing an enemy one level lower, he did not dare to underestimate it.

     A single shot is already making an all-out effort!
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