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239 Uncle, He Is Really Seriously Injured?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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But seeing the blood-robed palace master stab the strongest shot with his own blood as a sacrifice.

      Hiding the sky and covering the earth are all gun shadows, and the power of each gun is enough to crucify the strong in the ordinary god stage.

     Looking at the old Taoist priest fighting the blood-robed palace master, Dan Wu Tianzun's face suddenly showed a worried look: "Come on."

     Bai Lian Tianzun is frantically urging the token to contact the Holy Master of the Gods, after all, the Hall Master of the Blood Robe is a powerhouse during the Tribulation Period.

     Although Bilian Tianzun once killed the saints with the stage of transforming the gods, it was through the power of the self-explosive divine body, and at that time, Bilian Tianzun was still a gas refiner.

     After changing to the practice body, Bilian Tianzun rarely makes an all-out effort battle anymore, usually playing sap, sneak attack, and hiding cards.

     Therefore, even those Martial Brothers in the same family do not know the true combat power of Bilian Tianzun.

     At this time, with great difficulty, Bai Lian Tianzun decided to contact the Holy Master of Shenxiao immediately.

     However, she reluctantly discovered that Fangyuan Qianli had been completely banned.

     The token in her hand could no longer transmit the voice of divine thought to the divine master, and was completely isolated.

     "So powerful's marksmanship, I underestimate you so much."

     At this moment, a painful shout rang out in the void, but saw that the blood-colored spear hit the left shoulder of the old Taoist priest.

     The golden blood was left from the wound of the old Taoist priest, dyeing his gossip fairy clothes into gold, which looked quite heroic.

     "Nie barrier, even if the old way of life disappears today, I will definitely not let your evil barrier hurt Tian'er hair!"

     The old Taoist roared suddenly grasped the scarlet spear, his right fist skyrocketed tenfold in an instant.

     Slap~! ! !words exceede 5100For Bailian Tianzun who is not good at fighting, this is also the limit of her as far as one's capabilities extend.

     "Is this still the master I know?"

     Shen Tian looked at the bloody old Taoist priests and couldn't help mutter to oneself.

     However, in his mind, Ye Qingcang's not to accept as correct voice sounded: "This stinky boy."

     "It hasn't changed much for a thousand years. It's still so cheeky. Don't be fooled by this guy, you kid, he's overcast!"

     Don't be fooled by this stuff?

     What do you mean, Shen Tian does not understand such thing.

     At this moment, he saw the Blood Robe Palace Master grabbed a flaw, and the blood-colored spear directly pierced Dan Wu Tianzun's throat.

     This gun is fast to the extreme, but also vicious to the extreme.

     The thick blood-colored energy limits Dan Wu Tianzun, unable to break free.

     Seeing the next moment, the blood-colored spear was about to penetrate Dan Wu Tianzun's throat.

     However, at this moment, the old Taoist priest appeared in front of Dan Wu Tianzun.

     His left hand was suddenly enlarged, and the head of the Scarlet Bone Spear was suddenly drenched with blood.

     The castration of the Scarlet Bone Spear was slightly reduced, and it pierced the old Taoist priest's right shoulder, picking him up and flying out a hundred meters away.

     Dan Wu Tianzun's eyes turned red in an instant, but the blood-robed palace master's face was full of pride.

     "Your time is over, realize Chu Longhe!"

     The Lord of the Blood Robe is high-spirited and vigorous, only feeling that he has opened New Era.

     However, at this time, Chu Longhe's right-handed long stick also slammed out, and a stick hit the blood-robed palace master's head.


     The blood-robed palace master only felt his brain buzzing, and the sky spirit cover seemed to be cracked.The body surface protective cover failed to block this stick.

     "No, this guy deliberately took this shot."

     The master of the Blood Robe Palace complexion big change, and quickly wants to retire.

     However, it was too late. Sticks like howling wind and torrential rain surged from all around.

     The blood-robed palace master, who was beaten to the trembling of the soul, only felt that there were all Venus in front of him.

     For a while, from head to toe, there was a sharp pain everywhere, live without hope.

     "Niezha, dare to hurt my brother!"

     Dan Wu Tianzun's anger sounded, and the ice-cold power surged, instantly wrapping the Blood-robed Palace Master in it.

     A statue wrapped in ice fell from the void, smashing a huge hole in the ground.

     And Bilian Tianzun Chulonghe also fell feebly from the air as if losing all his power.

     "Brother, brother, are you okay! Don't scare me!"

     "It's all Dan Wu's fault. If it wasn't for saving me, you wouldn't be hurt!"

     Dan Wu Tianzun's eyes welled up with tears, he caught Chu Longhe in his arms, turned 720 degrees, and landed gracefully.

     Then, she took out all kinds of effective cure, miracle medicine from Jade Lake Holy Land, and stuffed it into Chulonghe's mouth as if she didn't need money.

     "Brother, you must have nothing to do. If you have some shortcomings, Dan Wu will not live anymore!"

     Chu Longhe looked at Dan Wu Tianzun helplessly, and said, "The fairy has misunderstood."

     "Lao Dao made this shot mainly to save Tian'er."

     "It's just to save you, please don't imagining that one's love is reciprocated again."Having said that, Chu Longhe forced himself out of Dan Wu Tianzun's arms, staggering towards Shen Tian.

     His look pale as paper, and he smiled reluctantly: "Tian'er, you have seen it, this time the old way is capable of fighting through the catastrophe, is not prestige?"

     "This is our "Xinhuo Jing" one-line body refining practitioner's combat power, cross-step fight like nothing out of the ordinary!"

      "How is it? Do you want to learn? If you seek the old way, the old way can barely teach..."

     Before he finished speaking, Chu Longhe staggered and fell directly in front of Shen Tian.

      At the same time, the intensity of his breath is also declining rapidly.

     Shen Tian complexion slightly changed, and quickly took out the holy liquid of Nirvana from Cangming Ring and poured it into the mouth of the old Taoist priest.

     "It's useless, don't waste these nirvana holy liquids."

     The old Taoist looked pale and swallowed the sacred liquid of Nirvana: "The old Tao has been shattered by the evil spear, five solid organs and six hollow organs, and his life will not be long."

     "Unless there is a sacred liquid of Nirvana that is more than a thousand catties, there is a chance to heal the old way, but it is not worth it."

     The old Taoist looked at Shen Tian kindly, and said, "My God, Frankly, the old Tao likes you very much."

     "When I first saw you, Lao Dao wanted to accept you as a disciple."

     "It's just that the second junior brother the quick-footed climb up first accepted you as a disciple, and his cultivation base is higher than mine."

     "So...cough cough, the injury is worsening, it seems that the old way will not last long, Tianer, you don't have to waste your efforts."

     After drinking the last sip of the 10 jin of Nirvana sacred liquid bottle, the old Taoist shook his head and said: "Before the old Tao is dying, there is one last wish. Tianer, can you promise me?"Shen Tian sighed, "Uncle, your injury is so serious, so stop talking and hold your last breath!"

     "Isn't it just nirvana! You got hurt to save me, this holy liquid of nirvana should be borne by me."

     The old Taoist licked his lips: "This... how can this be done? You only have two to three kilograms of Nirvana Holy Liquid in total, all of which are desperately found."

     "I... As your elder, how can I be so shameless and greedy for your good fortune?"

     "If you are really unbearable, can you worship before the old man is dying..."

     "Worship the old Dao as a teacher, and inherit the old Dao's mantle?"

     "In this way, even if the old way of life falls this time, soul in heaven can still look down."

     Apprentice before dying?

     Listening to the words of the old Taoist priest, Shen Tian couldn't help but froze.

     The words show that it can be saved easily. Why is Uncle Bi Lian begging to die!

     Although there are a lot of holy liquids of Nirvana, but...not too much!

     Shen Tian is stunned here!

     On the other side, the blood-robed palace master who was frozen by the ice, the ice on his body was cracking rapidly.

     "Chu Longhe, have you reached your limit?"

     "In that case, die!"


     The ice cube Instantaneous Explosion opened, and the Hallmaster of the Blood Robe looked pale and broke out.

     Apparently, he also suffered serious injuries.

     But at this time, he is becoming more and more dangerous, and the murderous aura on his face has become real.

     The Qishazhu condensed the blood-colored spear, and the Hallmaster of the Blood Robe shot suddenly at Bilian Tianzun and Shen Tian.

     "Lao Ye, we will all be cold if you don't do anything."Shen Tian helplessly communicated with Ye Qingcang in his heart, but Ye Qingcang didn't seem to worry at all.

     He chuckles and said: "You kid is good at everything, but you have too little experience to see the true colors of some people, don't worry!"


     Seeing the gun of the Blood Robe Palace Master getting closer and closer, getting closer and closer.

     Dan Wu Tianzun and Bailian Tianzun joined forces to stop them, but they were shot back dozens of feet away.

     That gun was about to hit Bilian Tianzun and Shen Tian.

     Shen Tian has given up on the unreliable Ye Qingcang, ready to urge Shengzi Ling and Tianzhu Sword to fight with one's back to the river.

     At this moment, an angry and frantic voice sounded behind Shen Tian.

     "Blood kill you two hundred and five brainless, can't you be sealed properly? Can't you escape without breaking the seal?"

     "If you have to come to disturb my good deeds, grandpa, are you so anxious to see your dead ghost master?"

     Shen Tian turned his head in surprise, but saw that Bilian Tianzun who looked pale and paper-like.

     The aura exuding from the old Taoist priest at this time was extremely terrifying!

     It was so terrible that Shen Tian couldn't help but doubt at this time.

     Uncle, he... really seriously injured?
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