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241 One Day, Why Worry About The Sanctuary?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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On the other side, the Blood Robe Palace Master had already flew hundreds of miles away.

     Seeing Ancient Battlefield has to be almost within reach, the hope of escape is in sight.

     However, at this moment, his face suddenly changed.

     Because he felt another powerful force, gathering on top of his head, ready to go.

     not good!

     The head of the blood-robed palace hurriedly mobilized all his strength to form a blood-colored protective cover on his body.

     At the moment the scarlet protective shield was condensed, a thunderbolt suddenly struck across the sky.


     The golden thunderbolt seemed to come from outside the sky, cutting through the sky Hengyu and smashing the blood-robed palace master heavily.

     This simple Thunderbolt Clashes directly smashed the sanctuary of the sanctuary of the Blood-robed Palace Master into all directions.

     While defeating the body protection shield, the golden primordial god thunder spread to the blood-robed palace master's body in an instant, and went crazy into his body.

     For the monks of the evil spirits, the sky thunder is definitely one of the most terrifying substances in the world.

     In particular, this Hunyuan God Thunder also carries the holy prestige and immortal energy, and the damage to the blood-robed palace master is even more it goes without saying.

     The Seven Killing Beads, which the Blood Robe Palace Master had exploded for his life, had already been greatly injured.

     "Niezha, dare to hurt my lover."

     "It seems that the evil spirit cult of the Eastern Wilderness should also be purged!"

     The indifferent and majestic voice sounded in the canyon, and the golden thunder shining brightly.

     A figure shrouded in thunder celestial light appeared in front of everyone, exuding a powerful aura.Yes, this person is the Holy Lord of God-Zhang Longyuan!

     "Zhang Longyuan, why did you come?"

     As one of the most feared Lords of the Eastern Desolation, Zhang Longyuan's cult leaders naturally knew him.

     At the moment when Zhang Longyuan appeared, the Hallmaster of the Blood Robe was almost completely desperate.

     If Bilian Tianzun Chulonghe is the former god of number one Chosen.

     Then the goddess sage advocates Longyuan, which is more terrifying than Chulonghe.

     Although he was slightly less popular than Chulonghe when he was young, he was far more stable than Chulonghe.

     During the millennia that the Chulong River was abandoned, the Holy Land of Shenxiao almost yellow does not reach green, and it was Zhang Longyuan who carried the beam alone.

     The prestige of Lei Fa in the Eastern Wilderness for thousands of years was not blown out by Shenxiao Holy Land itself.

     It was built on the bones of countless cult strongmen in countless battles!

     It can be said that in the Evil Spirit Sect, Zhang Longyuan's name can almost stop the crying of children at night and he is fierce.

     However, since Zhang Longyuan took over as the Holy Lord, he has been retreating to meditate the "Mending Heaven Taoist Sutra" and "Shen Xiao Lei Di Sutra".

     Even if it is a matter of great magnitude, it is difficult to see Zhang Longyuan leaving the Holy Land of Gods, and there are even rumors that he has long since broken off his cultivation deviation.

     But now, Zhang Longyuan actually appeared again in front of the Blood Robe Hall Master.

     This could not help making him almost desperate.

     After all, Zhang Longyuan's thunder method restrained him to death, and his cultivation base was far above him!

     "How can it be!"

     "How can you get there so quickly?"

     The blood-robed palace master was full of unwillingness. At this time, surrounded by two powerful men, Zhang Longyuan and Chu Longhe, he had no way out.The celestial light fluctuated gently: "Aren't you curious, why you have already banned all the surroundings, why can this seat be here immediately?"

     "The reason is very simple. As soon as I learned about Tian'er's disappearance, I rushed to him at full speed."

     The blood-robed palace master hard to believe looked at the divine master: "Just because a disciple is missing, you, the holy master, came to look for it himself?"

      what a joke?

     Whose holy lord is so idle?

     It's just a matter of sending something, not death.

     Are your gods and holy places so selfish? If the Holy Lord speaks out, he will go out?

     Listening to the question of the Hallmaster of the Blood Robe, the main body of the gods of heaven surging like a Stormy Sea (dangerous situation).

     His voice was indifferent and majestic: "The friendship between this master and Tian'er is beyond your understanding.

     "Dare to use sorcery to interfere with Tian'er's transmission in an attempt to hijack Tian'er to threaten this seat and the Holy Land?"

     "You wicked obstacle, hands tied and wait to be captured obediently!"


     Use sorcery to interfere with his transmission?

     Attempt to hijack the Son of God and threaten the Holy Land and Lord of God?

     The blood-robed palace master is stunned, what time do you think about these things? Sue you for libel!

     How to drop?

     Is the official power great?

     You can to invert black and white, slander us casually?

     With grief and anger in my heart, the head of the Blood Robe Palace hair stands up in anger and tips off one's hat: "You with the surname Zhang are bully intolerably!"

     "Even if you die today, I will escape from your hands, and I will definitely come back to you to settle accounts in the future!"In the most ruthless tone, he released the most embarrassing words, and the head of the blood-robed palace sacrificed a piece of evil treasure.

     The weakest of these evil treasures are comparable to middle-grade or above spiritual weapons, and they are the treasures of the evil spirits’ blood killing palace.

     However, at this time, in order to get away, the blood-robed hall master directly exploded all these evil treasures, and attacked towards the divine master.

     And his this honor turns around does not turn round and flees towards Ancient Battlefield, keep hope alive in no fear of lack of firewood, thirty years on the east side of the river thirty years on the west side of the river!

     Thieves, don't fight with officials!

     The head of the blood-robed palace kept comforting himself in his heart, can bow and submit, or can stand tall (idiom, from Book of Changes), fleeing away.

     However, the evil treasures he was thinking about blew up and failed to stop the Holy Lord of Gods, and they were almost useless.

     But seeing that the Lord of Gods just wandered out, he appeared directly three feet behind the Lord of the Blood Robe like a shuttles through the Void.

     With his right hand, the golden thunder condensed into Zhang Xu's sharp spear, which directly penetrated the shoulder of the Hallmaster of the Blood Robe, picking in midair unable to move a single step.

     "There is only one saint, but the foundation is as empty as a congenital kidney deficiency."

     "With you, you are also worthy to oppose my God's Heaven Holy Land?"

     An indifferent voice without emotional fluctuations sounded, and the golden thunder suddenly exploded.

     The entire body of the blood-robed palace master was directly nailed from the sky to the ground by this thunder spear, and a thick smoke was lifted.

     When the smoke and dust dissipated, a series of golden mysterious runes appeared on the blood-robed palace master, sealing all his holy ranks.

     Shenxiaosheng advocated that Long Yuan, like the god of thunder from the sky, slowly fell in front of the head of the blood-robed palace, looking down at it.

     "Today I take you as a sacrifice and announce to the entire five realms: Whoever offends my god will kill without mercy!"...

     Looking at the invincible heroes, like the god king who descended to the world, the holy lord of the gods, Bailian Tianzun complexion slightly red.

     I thought that only Senior Brother was coming, but I didn't expect even Senior Brother Saint Master to arrive all the way.

     Sure enough, the Holy Master still cares about me, my junior sister, and my nephew Shen Tian.

     As for the old Taoist Chu Longhe, his expression at this time was not so good.

     He looked at Zhang Longyuan: "Second Junior Brother, this time I am fighting to save Tian'er,"

     "Senior brother, I went up to the ranks and fought against this wicked obstacle, and was seriously injured dying. Should I be reimbursed for the medical expenses?"

     If I don’t blackmail a thousand 8 million spirit stones this time, I will not be named Bi!

     However, Zhang Longyuan didn't pay attention to the old Taoist priest, he slowly looked towards Shen Tian.

     When seeing the feathered fairy golden wings behind Shen Tian, the light of thunder on Zhang Longyuan's body suddenly shook.

     It has only been less than a month, Tian'er, he... has found a new world's rare object again?

     Hiss, I guessed right, Tian'er is definitely Child of Destiny!

     There are days, so why not worry about the holy land becoming more prosperous with each passing day?

     Shenxiao ZTE, imminent!
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