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244 It's More Cost-effective To Kill People
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Ye Qingcang nodded slightly: "It's rare for your kid to think of so many profit-making ways."

     "Well, in that case, it's a deal."

     "Tianjiao's reward for gambling is divided equally between the old man and Shen Tian, and the other profits belong to your holy land."

     God Lord nodded slightly: "But there is one thing, you still have to pay attention to it."

     "That is, if you have to force it, it is best not to spread the news that Tian'er is the owner of the Tower of War."

     The old Taoist Conditioned Reflex asked, "Why?"

     The Holy Lord of Shenxiao looked straight at the old Taoist priest, as if looking at his own family's silly son.

     He said indifferently: "The reason is very simple, ordinary man is innocent treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime, Tianer's current strength is not strong enough."

     "If anyone knows that the Tower of the God of War is Tian'er, there may be a strong man who covets the Tower of the God of War and will attack Tian'er and try to seize the tower.

     "What's more, the undercurrents surging among the Holy Land-level forces are strange and difficult to understand. Not everyone is happy to see the rise of this door."

     "The Tower of God of War is a strategic Artifact of the main gate. If anyone knows it, it belongs to God."

     "Maybe they will take the risk directly and attack Tianer."

     "After all, if Tian'er falls, there is a high probability that the Tower of the Gods will flee away directly."

     Although the Lord of Gods has downplayed Seven Emotions Six Desires, he has always speculated on the cultivators with the worst malice.

     After all, this is the weak are prey to the strong immortal world.

     The more you are in a high position, the closer you are to Law of the Jungle.

      In the darkness, there are quite a few who covet the Holy Land of Gods!

     Once the true owner of the Tower of God of War is understood, it may cause Shen Tian a lot of unnecessary trouble.The old Taoist realisation: "Oh! in other words, if someone knows that the tower of the god of war belongs to this kid, he might be killed?"

     "Hey, that's the case," the old Taoist said with a weird smile, "how much do you plan to give me a hush fee?"

     The Holy Lord of Shenxiao looked at the old Taoist, his body surface surging with immortal light: "I think it is more cost-effective to kill a witness to silence them!"

     Old Taoist: "???"

     Old Taoist: "!!!"

     Old Taoist: "Senior brother, don't get me wrong, I'm just making a joke to liven up the atmosphere."

     "The old way I was born in Shenxiao, grew up in Shenxiao, and loyal to the liver until death puts an end, how can I repay a kindness by stabbing someone in the back?"

     "After all, I'm so old-fashioned, I still want face!"

     Staring carefully at the old Taoist priest for a few seconds, he seemed to be judging whether or not he could believe what he said.

     For a long time, the Holy Master of Shenxiao reluctantly nodded: "Since you said this, brother, I'll take another pill later."

     "In order to keep the secrets of the Holy Land, just wrong you and forget what happened today!"

     Old Taoist: "..."

     Want to eat again? You are my medicine jar, brother!

     The Sage Lord of Shenxiao looked at Bailian Tianzun and Danwu Tianzun again: "Please also ask the two juniors to keep secrets for this seat. Don't spread them everywhere."

     As if thinking of something, the Holy Master Shenxiao added: "Especially Junior Sister Bai Lian, don't let Yunfeng think of anything."

     Bailian Tianzun is looking thoughtful and firmly said: "Please rest assured, brother, this seat must guard one's mouth like a closed bottle!"

     Only then did the Holy Master of Shenxiao breathe a sigh of relief, and turned to look at the people of the evil spirits.These guys knew the secret of Shen Tian, and the Holy Master of God didn't care, because they couldn't tell them.

     The Evil Spirit Cult and the Holy Land the two cannot exist together, but for those who encounter the Evil Spirit Cult, the Holy Land is at least a punishment of life imprisonment.

     Most of them were killed directly after severe interrogation.

     Like this blood-robed hall master, as the evil spirit sect Lord of a Hall, he does not know how many sins he has contaminated when he cultivates to the realm of the saint.

     Even if Thunder Sound Holy Land captures them, it will not persuade them to lay down the butcher's blade, but will directly overtake them physically and send them to the Western paradise.

     When caught by the Holy Land, they had almost been sentenced to death.


     "Assessment already finished," said the Holy Master of God, "In order to avoid beat the grass to scare the snake, the blood-robed palace master will not be spread out for the time being."

     He calmly said: "This seat will bring these cultists back to the Holy Land for severe torture and interrogation, and the two juniors will finish the assessment."

     "The Eastern Wilderness has been calm for too long, and it's time to pay these rats away."

     The main body of Shenxiao Sheng showed thunder and celestial light, and although the voice was indifferent, it made everyone feel tremendous pressure.

     It's like a punishment from heaven.

     The Holy Lord of Shenxiao dragged the old Taoist priest, stepped directly into the Gate of Void and returned to the Holy Land of Shenxiao.

     And Shen Tian followed Bailian Tianzun and Danwu Tianzun, hurried back to Xianmen Town.

     When the three of them returned to the town, Duke Gui and others were relaxed heartily.

     "His Royal Highness, you are finally back, the old slave is almost worried to death."

     "Big Brother Shen Tian, are you okay! Are you injured?""Brother Shen, Zhao knew that you must Heaven helps the worthy."

     "This time the transmission error of the celestial master, there must be some great opportunity! Congratulations to the celestial master, congratulations to the celestial master!"

     "Heavenly Master, you have not seen this period of time, Liu has been searching for it, but I am worried to death."

     "The same is true for me, I am also worried about you, the Son of the Dead, fortunately you are fine!"


     Listening to the sincere words of the friends around him, Shen Tian only felt warm in his heart.

     He smiled and said, "I'm sorry everyone is worried about Shen."

     Dan Wu Tianzun smiled and said: "It's okay, it's just the transmission deviation, it's fine."

     "Now everyone has returned, and Sect Elder is calculating the record of each disciple."

     "The Final Result of this trial will be announced in two hours. Master Shen Tian will take out the Undead you killed and you can rest first."

     The trial meeting held every five years is actually a hunting meeting for the various sects to hunt Undead.

     These Undead's bones, blood, and evil spirits have been transformed, and can actually be used by immortals.

     Of course, the bones, blood essence, and precious medicinal materials obtained by each sect disciple entering the battlefield will not be swallowed by the sect.

     Zongmen will buy from disciples at normal market prices, and even give certain rewards.

     Shen Tian nodded and began to take the bones from Cangming Ring.

     One after another bones exuding a powerful aura appeared in front of Dan Wu Tianzun.

     The skeleton of the Jindan-class bone demon!

     The Blood Essence Bead of the Gold Core Blood Demon!The skeleton of the Jindan-class bone demon!

     The evil spirit of Jindan-level evil demon!

     The skeleton of the Jindan-class bone demon!


     The aura left on every Undead wreck is quite powerful.

     Rao is both Danwu Tianzun and Bailian Tianzun, both of whom are strong in the transformation stage, and they were also startled at this time.

     You must know that in Ancient Battlefield, all outsiders' cultivation bases will be suppressed until the foundation building period or the extraordinary body refining period.

     In this case, being able to cross-step fight to kill the Golden Core Undead is already very powerful.

     And Shen Tian!

     This Jindan-level Undead, how many hundred in one kill?


     Isn't it sure that this is really Jindan-level Undead, isn't it a leek?

     Then, from Shen Tian's Cangming Ring, several beads gleaming with brilliant red light were poured out.

     Yuan Ying-level Blood Essence Bead! ! !

     One, two, three, four, five! ! !

     When the five Yuan Ying-level blood essence beads appeared in front of Dan Wu Tianzun and Bailian Tianzun, they were all dumbfounded.

     Not to mention that although these blood essence beads are only Nasal Infant grade, the energy rank contained in them is far above Nasal Infant grade and has a not weak effect on Tianzun.

     On Ancient Battlefield alone, how did Shen Tian destroy the five Nascent Soul level blood demons?

     Based on the foundation-building period, the more two major levels will kill the five Yuan Ying?

     The two female Tianzun stared at Shen Tian dullly, and for a moment seemed to understand why the Tower of War God recognized him as master.

     This little nephew is the real peerless evildoer!

     Other geniuses are better than hairy!
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