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246 Is This Reward Okay?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Xianmen Town, Shenxiao Branch.

     Shopkeeper Song sat blankly in the yard, looking anxious.

     Qin Yundi and Liu Taiyi and the others approached with concern one by one.

     "Junior Brother Song, what happened to you? If there is something unhappy, let us share the burden."

     "After experiencing this battlefield experience, we can be regarded as good brothers of Together We Live, Together We Die, just say what's the matter."

     "Brother Fugui, I, Liu Taiyi, have never served a few people in this life except the fairy master. Just say what's the matter, I will definitely help you!"


     Listening to the concerns of the surrounding Martial Brothers, Shopkeeper Song sighed: "Hey, start explaining and it's a long story!"

     Qin Yundi eyes narrowing: "The younger brother will make a long story short!"

     Shopkeeper Song complained: "Just now, my hapless son came to Xianmen Town and told me that he hooked up with the eldest lady of the Song family."

     Hook up with Miss Song Family?

     Qin Yundi and others look at each other in dismay, this is not a good thing!

     Everyone knows that Shopkeeper Song was originally a branch of the Song family, a family of cultivators near the Great Yan Kingdom.

     Although the Song family, the so-called immortal cultivation family, was really weak, the strongest ancestor's cultivation base was nowhere near the peak of the Golden Core.

     But after all, it is the mother of Shopkeeper Song, and shopkeeper Song’s son can get Miss Song’s heart. This shouldn’t make him look anxious!

     Liu Taiyi said: "The younger generations will do all right on their own, you should be happy if your son has a Taoist companion."

     Shopkeeper Song shook his head: "I'm not because of his sad couple.""It's that this kid didn't stay at home after he got married, his wife, kids and a warm bed, he went to the fairy gate town to inform me that he would go back to host the wedding."

     Gonggong Gui was stunned, and said: "Marriage events, the command of parents marriage arrangement, is there anything wrong with this?"

     Shopkeeper Song sighed: "Lao Gui knows something. The line of decay is the branch of the Song family and has never been taken seriously."

     "The reason why my dog can get the love of Miss Song family is really because Miss Song family likes to look ugly?"

     "Hehe, not because of old people worshipping into the Holy Land of Gods, things are very different now, so they will please now?"

      Pausing, Shopkeeper Song reluctantly said: "I was thinking about after successfully cultivating it, trying to find a way to lead the dog to the Holy City of Shenxiao."

     "This is also a good lesson...Education and care, there may be a chance to visit the Holy Land in the future."

     "As a result, I didn't expect this kid to be obsessed with his heart, and he was directly fascinated by the family owner's daughter, and he became a couple early.

     "Otherwise, the old man will take it to the holy city and join the celestial family to work for the fairy master. How can the future be limited?"

     Shopkeeper Song’s tone is full of to hate iron for not becoming steel.

     This silly son is not up to date!

     Liu Taiyi comforted: "The younger generations will do all right on their own, since Linglang has found happiness, let them go as parents!"

     Shopkeeper Song shook his head: "I am so angry that it is not his marriage partner, but he came to me to go back to host the wedding."

     The more he talked and the more angry, the treasurer Song hummed: "I am now following the sacred master, one day, a thousand miles, and it’s too late to shoot a fairy. How can I go back to host the wedding of the Lao Shizi.""I think I have been in the shopping mall for many years. Although I dare not say Welcomed In All Directions, I still have a degree of advancing and retreating, rational and wise.

     "But my little soft-shelled turtle son, his mind is clogged up with paste, and he is messing up with me every day."

     "It's so stupid to let me put aside the immortal fart and go back to the abbot to the wedding!"

     "Is his wedding important, or is it more important to slap a fairy ass, I don't know?"

     Uh, this is all about co-authoring? …

     Listening to treasurer Song, everyone couldn't help corner of the mouth twitches.

     Worthy of being the elder of the Heavenly Family Organization, this political consciousness is high, and the Three Outlooks are reshaped!

     Qin Yundi asked: "Then Junior Brother Song meant that you refused Linglang and let him leave?"

     Shopkeeper Song shook his head: "This is not true. Before letting him go back and get married, the old man deliberately performed the Jianzi secret technique."

     "I wanted to do this appraisal a long time ago, but I haven't found the secret technique. After worshipping into the Holy Land, the old man practiced this secret technique hard."

     "Just now, the old man deliberately used this secret technique to determine if the little turtle calf is his own son."

     Speaking of the treasurer Song's expression of sadness, sighed saying: "This is the real reason for the sorrow of old age!"

     amount? hiss! ! !

     It seems to have dug some big melon!

     Everyone's eyes became bright and curious.

     Liu Taiyi asked sympathetically: "Brother Fugui, what does it mean?"

     Zhen Zhijia's eyes were burning: "Could it be that Linglang is not your biological son? Huh, it's amazing!"Qin Yundi eyes narrowing and smiled and said: "Junior Brother Song, don't worry, we will keep the secret for you, and we will never tell them."

     Gong Gui solemnly said: "to guard one's mouth like a closed bottle."

     Qin Gao seriously said: "to guard one's mouth like a closed bottle!"

     Xiong Meng also nodded: "I also swear, to guard one's mouth like a closed bottle."

     Looking at Martial Brothers clamoring ‘to guard one’s mouth like a closed bottle’, treasurer Song shuddered.


     He helplessly said: "You all misunderstood, who... who said that little turtle calf is not an old son? He is!"

     Liu Taiyi asked suspiciously: "Since Linglang is your biological son, why does the brother look anxious?"

     Shopkeeper Song defended: "I think I'm rich and smart, but my son is extremely stupid."

     "Originally, Mr. Song had always suspected that he was the treasurer of the king next door, so he was thinking about the day when the identification was completed and the evidence was conclusive.

     "But now that the appraisal is finished, that idiot is really my biological son. My God!"

     "Song is a clever life, but his son is an idiot. Is there anything more destructive than this?"

     The crowd stared at shopkeeper Song, as if they were judging whether this old boy was telling the truth or not.

     For a long time, Qin Yundi sighed: "Sometimes, a mediocre life may not be a kind of happiness."

     He smiled and said, "Since Junior Brother Song feels that Ling Lang is not wise enough, let's give him a chance and let him be an ordinary person!"

     Give a chance and be an ordinary person?

     Shopkeeper Song looking thoughtful: "Well, today Lao Xie has given this little turtle a lot of spirit stones and dracaena, enough for him to be safe and stable in the Song family for a lifetime.""In the future, the old Bento will not have this son, and he will follow the immortal master on the road of immortality with peace of mind."

     "If there is a chance, hehe, maybe there will be a second spring."

     With that said, Shopkeeper Song only felt a burst of clarity in Lingtai.

     It seems that some kind of heart barrier has been investigated, and the cultivation base has been improved a lot.

     As for the appraisal results, no one seems to care.





     The bell rang, and the disciples of the immortals began to gather.

     Danwu Tianzun, Bailian Tianzun, Ziyang Zun, etc. Sect Elder stand proudly in void.

     They are exuding a powerful aura, with dazzling rays of light flickering, making it difficult to see their faces.

     This is a special spell-Divine Light Curse.

     Displayed, you can add your own mystery and compelling style, very popular.

     Tianzun Danwu and Tianzun Bailian stepped forward, holy and beautiful, making countless immortal disciples fascinated.

     A treasure box appeared in front of everyone, exuding a bright luster.

     Bai Lian Tianzun took out the jade silk from his arms, smiled and said, "This Ancient Battlefield trial has come to an end."

     "In this trial, everyone performed very well. It can be said to be better than previous sessions!"

     Bai Lian Tianzun's voice just fell, and joyous cheers suddenly sounded from the crowd.

     Obviously, the encouragement from Bailian Tianzun was very heartwarming.

     Dan Wu Tianzun calmly said: "Next, our elders will issue rewards to Trial Disciple."

     After that, she looked at Bailian Tianzun.Bailian Tianzun nodded slightly: "The first place in this trial, you can get the Peak Grade Spirit Tool from the Holy Land of the Gods: Purple Sky Shake!"

     "He is... Holy Son of God, Shen Tian!"

     As soon as the voice fell, the slogan of Shenxiao disciple sounded in the crowd.

     "The top of the immortal, proud of the world, try hard to cultivate every day, you will become an immortal with the brother!"

     "Shenxiao Holy Land Tianjuan disciples group, respectfully invite Brother Shengzi!"


     Nine specially-made thunder explosion charms rang out in the heaven and earth, bursting out colorful fireworks, magnificent and gorgeous.

     The long swords behind the more than one hundred disciples were all unsheathed, constantly shuttled in the sky, shining with biting sword light.

     A sword with a handle, in midair condenses into a Heaven (天) character, with thousands of sword spirits hanging down, it looks spectacular.

     Other sect disciple watching this scene, their eyes are shining, real hero, so be it!

     Under everyone's expectant gaze, Shen Tian's door opened not far away.

     A bright golden figure appeared in front of everyone.

     But I saw him wearing the Five-Colored Dragon Abyss Sacred Armor, and many visions of the Ten-Thousand Imperial Sword School and the Five Thunder God Beast appeared behind him.

      What is more important behind him, he is still carrying a pair of golden wings, hanging down endless divine light.

     At this time, Shen Tian is really like a god descending from the sky, noble and not to look directly at it.

     "It's all because of you. I almost missed the ceremony."

     Shen Tian murmured secretly in his heart, and the Golden Wings in the sky made a 720-degree roundabout and landed firmly in front of Bailian Tianzun.

     So handsome~Bai Lian Tianzun looked at Shen Tian with relief: "You have not let down the expectations of Senior Brother Shengzhu, you are doing very well."

     Speaking of Bailian Tianzun slowly opened the box, took out a big purple hammer from the palm, smiled and said, "This purple sky shaking hammer is yours."

     Shen Tian smiled and took the Zixiao Sky Shocking Hammer, and he could clearly feel the powerful energy contained in it, far above the Zijin Hammer.

     Reckless enough, strong enough, domineering enough!

     "Uncle Xie, I will use this hammer to guard Shenxiao!"

     Shen Tian suddenly grasped the Zixiao Sky Shaker, a drop of blood seeping into it.

     In an instant, the violet-gold thunder emanated from the hammer, and it spread all over Shen Tian's body in an instant.

     The Zixiao Sky Shocking Hammer instantly magnified hundreds of times and turned into a huge sacred hammer measuring several feet long, covered with silver liquid.

     The corner of Shen Tian's mouth raised slightly, and he slammed into the void next to him.


     In an instant, the void burst open.

     The terrible black spacial rift(s) spread, exuding a palpable breath.

     For a while, the disciples of the other immortal gates around were dumbfounded.

     Hammer the void!

     Is this the true strength of Shen Tian Shengzi Shen Tian?

     He is handsome and strong, and I heard that he is very generous to his fellow students. I love it!


     Looking at Shen Tian with admiration on his face, Dan Wu Tianzun stood up and said: "The second place in this trial can get the High Grade Spirit Tool: Profound Spirit Orb from Jade Lake Holy Land."

     "He is, True Disciple, Qin Yundi!"

     Qin Yundi's eyes narrowing, with a faint smile on his delicate face.In Ancient Battlefield, apart from Shen Tian, he is the most advantageous.

     After all, there are dozens of Yin-Yang Demon Breaking Spears floating behind him, basically any evil spirit is an instant kill.

     This more than half a month, Qin Yundi used his fierce spirit to practice guns, and he abused these guys so much, and his record was naturally very significant.

     Xuan Lingzhu is a High Grade Spirit Tool given by Jade Lake Holy Land. After inputting mana, it can form a defensive barrier, which can greatly compensate for Qin Yundi’s lack of defense.

     For Qin Yundi, this reward is also very practical.

     Of course, compared with Shen Tian's card face when he received the award, Qin Yundi was much worse.

     Only the sparse cheers seemed perfunctory after all, after all, he didn't send Nirvana Holy Liquid.

     Then, the elders of Red Clouds Cave Heaven walked out and said: "The third-placed disciple can get the Low Grade Spirit Tool from Red Clouds Cave Heaven: Amber Jupa."

     "The third place is Jade Lake Holy Land True Disciple, Xiao Ling!"

     As the representative of this session of Jade Lake Holy Land, Xiao Ling has an innate soul body, and his strength is definitely not weak.

     In addition, she has learned the "Ling Tian Ling Jing", she is good at finding the spirit and breaking the pulse, like a fish back in water in places like Ancient Battlefield.

     In order to become stronger as soon as possible, standing next to Shen Tian, Xiao Ling relied on the special terrain to kill many undead during his experience, and achieved a remarkable record.

     In addition, in order to take care of the face of Jade Lake Holy Land, when the record selection...

     Therefore, the third place in this experience belongs to Xiao Ling.

     Amber Jupa is the Red Clouds Cave Heaven Low Grade Spirit Tool, although the value is not too high.

     But after all, it was also a spiritual weapon, still worth a lot of money, Xiao Ling wouldn't dislike it.After all, compared to the fourth place, the reward for this third place is simply perfect.


     Venerable Ziyang slowly walked out of the group of elders, his face full of helplessness.

     He looked at Shen Ao, and couldn't figure out how his ineffective disciple got so many undead bones.

     Even more than that girl in Jade Lake Holy Land.

     Obviously this kid just broke through the foundation building period before entering Ancient Battlefield!

     However, Shen Ao's cultivation is advanced by leaps and bounds a lot.

     In just one month, it has become the peak of the foundation period, and the foundation is extremely solid.

     This speed is simply ridiculously fast.

     Could it be said that the effect of the special training of the seniors is reflected?

     He slowly said: "If you get the fourth disciple, you can go to Taibai Cave and learn the peerless kendo from Changhe Sword Master for three months!"

     "The disciple who won the fourth place is Taibai Dongtian True Disciple-Shen Ao."

     Shen Ao?

      heard until here, Shen Ao was completely confused.

     What the hell, God's Highness is the fourth place, where am I the fourth?

     Shen Ao clearly remembered that he only killed a few undead souls, and there were almost more people with him than him.

     Is it a mistake? ? ?

     Can I not get the fourth prize?


      at the same time, among the disciples of the Holy Land of Shenxiao.

     Certain guys with ghosts in their hearts shrank their heads silently.

     At first, some people thought that Shen Ao was the real brother of the Heavenly Master and should be in a good relationship.

     So after they discussed it secretly, they counted most of their record on Shen Ao's head to help him get to the top.According to their estimates, Shen Ao should at least be able to rank second or third after achieving these results.

     Unexpectedly, the plan could not keep up with the changes.

     It seems to be a crime~
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