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247 The Helplessness Of Venerable Ziyang!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

The Award Presentation Ceremony is in progress in a regular and thorough manner.

     Every sacred place, cave sky and blessed place have brought out precious treasures.

     There are a total of 20 Tianjiao, each of whom received valuable rewards with a smile on their faces.

     Of course, ignoring a certain young man from Great Yan Nation, his face is full of entanglements and wants to cry but doesn't have tears.

     "Thirteenth brother, do you think I can go to your Shenxiao Holy Land to exchange and learn a period of time?"

     Shen Ao wore a face with a wonderful expression.

     No way, although this behavior of cheating on my brother is indeed a shame, it can't hold him back!

     Obviously, I can follow my thirteenth brother, lightly and easily take off like a rocket.

     He Shen Ao is not a fool, so why should he go back and follow the old fellow Changhe Jianzun for special training?

     He is not a masochist!

     Seeing the miserable Shen Ao, Shen Tian couldn't help but froze.

     After all, he has not been drilled by Jianzun Changhe, and he is not like Song treasurer Liu Taiyi and the others, who mix with Li Yunfeng every day and are familiar with the gossip of the Eastern Desolation.

     Therefore, he did not know the taboo legend about the sword sovereign of the Long River in Taibai Cave.

     However, the swordsman clone of Changhe Sword Sovereign whom I saw in the Weiyang Palace of the Great Yan Kingdom at first seemed to have reached the threshold of transforming gods.

     The cultivation base of Jianzun Changhe himself, as you can well imagine, must be extremely powerful.

     If not because of Li Lian'er, Shen Tian himself would like to go to Taibai Dongtian to learn swords from Changhe Jianzun.

     After all, Donghuang over the last three thousand years, the title of No. 1 swordsmanship, was not made by Jianzun Changhe himself, but by everyone's expectations.Although Shenxiaosheng advocated that Longyuan also excel at sword technique, and his cultivation level should even be higher than that of Changhe Sword Sovereign, he is best at thunder method.

     In terms of swordsmanship alone, Ye Canglan, the swordsman of Changhe, is the representative of the Eastern Wilderness!

     Shen Tian, who has a heavenly sword, is very curious about his sword.

     "Sixth brother is willing to come to Shenxiao Holy Land as a guest, I naturally welcome it."

     "It's just that Brother Six has been rewarded by the Sword Sovereign Changhe for three months, which is really a great opportunity."

     Shen Tian took out a Jianxinguo from Cangming Ring: "Sixth brother has taken a Jianxinguo before, and his talent in kendo has greatly increased."

     "In the past so many days, the medicinal power of that sword heart fruit should have been absorbed almost. You can take another one to increase your talent again."

     "With the blessing of these two Jianxinguo, the sixth brother will definitely be appreciated by Changhe Sword Sovereign and become a peerless swordsman god!"

     "Why don't you come to the Holy Land of Gods as a guest after you finish learning the sword for three months?"

     Seeing that Shen Ao's face became more and more weird, he seemed to be nervous.

     Shen Tian stuffed Jian Xin Guo into Shen Ao's hands and encouraged: "Brother Six, I believe I can do it!"

     "After all, you are the strongest genius ever of the Shen family in our great Yan Nation!"

     Speaking of Shen Tian gives a thumbs up, grinning two rows of handsome front teeth.


     The strongest genius?

     Looking at Shen Tian, Shen Ao couldn't help but was stunned.

      In these few months, he has been living in the shadow of Shen Tian.

     The title of ‘the strongest genius ever’ seemed to him more of a silent mockery.After all, compared with the current Shen Tian, how could he be considered a genius in his performance? In the realm of cultivating immortals, it is not brilliant.

     Shen Ao looked at Shen Tian, thinking that the 13th brother was making fun of himself, but found that his expression was extremely sincere.

     It seems that in the eyes of the thirteen brothers, he has always been the elder brother who made him close.

     For a moment, Shen Ao only felt as if there was a warm current flowing in his heart.

     He couldn't help cursing himself in his heart: It's a funny fan, playing with your sister's sensationalism!

     Don’t you know that forced sensation is the most boring?

     Even if it is the Great Principle Celestial Immortal coming today, my Highness's special training for these three months must find a way to abstain.

     "Thirteenth brother, I don't want to go to special training. The training of Jianzun Changhe has no effect at all, and it is too boring and too hard to provoke!"

     Shen Ao looked at Shen Tian pitifully, and muttered in a low voice: "You now are Holy Son of God, can you think of a way to get your brother... to get your brother to the Holy Land of Gods and avoid these three months?"


      is that right?

     Shen Tian looking thoughtful: "I will try."

     After that, Shen Tian flew to the front of Ziyang Tianzun and bowed: "Shen Tian has seen Master Ziyang."

     Feeling the heavy pressure radiating from Shen Tian's body, Ziyang Tianzun couldn't help but stunned secretly.

     Obviously, in the Weiyang Palace of the Great Yan Kingdom two months ago, this kid was just a weak chicken.

     Unexpectedly, in just two months, this guy has already become a formidable golden body powerhouse, and...

     And the aura exuding from him made Ziyang Tianzun heart alarmed, body leaping for a while.Obviously, this represents Shen Tian's true combat power, which is enough to easily threaten Ziyang Tianzun.

     Is this the true talent of Tianjiao?

     Simply make people despair!

     Ziyang Tianzun didn't dare to neglect, and quickly bowed down to salute: "Holy Son is polite, just call Ziyang poor."

     Shen Tian called Venerable Ziyang as Shishu, because according to generation, Venerable Ziyang and Zhang Longyuan were the same generation.

     But in the cultivating world, it has always been strongest as honor, and the seniority of the monks he sent is generally not particularly valued.

     As the son of Shen Tian Shen Xiao, it is definitely quite polite to call Venerable Ziyang as his uncle, which makes him somewhat overwhelmed by favor from superior.

     Sure enough, it makes sense for so many people to praise Shengzi Shenxiao.

     Such a Heaven-blessed genius is refined and courteous, and he is extremely handsome. Who wouldn't like it?

     Shen Tian smiled and said: "Frankly, the reason why the younger generation bothers Master Uncle is to ask Master Uncle you for a favor."

     After that, Shen Tian quietly stuffed an old dracaena into the hands of Venerable Ziyang.

     Feeling the pure power exuding from Dracaena, Venerable Ziyang's eyes suddenly brightened.

     He lightly coughed, not a word or movement, took Dracaena into his bag, and said with a smile: "Holy Son, this is out of the ordinary. I have always followed blindly with the Holy Land in Taibai Dongtian."

     "If the Son of God has anything to use Ziyang, just give it to you."

     Shen Tian looked at Shen Ao and said, "Frankly, my sixth brother Shen Ao and I have been good since we were young, as close as brothers."

     Like brothers? Are you not this was originally so brothers?

     Well, this is not important.Ziyang Tianzun nodded: "Understand, Pandao completely understands. Otherwise, when the Son is in the Garden of All Souls, he will not change his name to Shen Aotian. The brotherhood is deeply moving."

     Shen Ao: "..."

     Shen Tian: "..."


     Shen Tian coughed lightly: "So Shen hopes that he can invite his sixth brother to the Shenxiao Holy Land for a period of time, can Master Ziyang help me."

     Be a guest a period of time?

     Venerable Ziyang brows slightly wrinkled: "But logically, after Ao'er returns to the mountain gate, he has to practice with Brother Changhe for 3 months."

     "This is a rare opportunity to learn swordsmanship with Senior Brother. If Ao'er does not return, Senior Brother Changhe will be dissatisfied, and perhaps he won't be able to point Ao'er again in the future."

     Wouldn't you give pointers in the future?

     Shen Ao's eyes suddenly lit up, and he sighed: "Master, it is a rare opportunity to practice with your uncle."

     "But compared to Xiu Xian asked, Tu'er still values brotherhood more, so please let me go to Shenxiao Holy Land to accompany my thirteenth brother!"

     Venerable Ziyang gave Shen Ao a white look, you are putting a ball of yarn in front of Master!

     What cunning plot is in your mind, does Master know? Master, I am not untrained by Brother Changhe.

     If you don’t go back this time, brother feels that you have been released, what if you fly into a rage out of humiliation and become a teacher!

      Thought until here, Venerable Ziyang said helplessly: "Holy Son, if it's other things, not to be shirked without dishonor."

     "But this matter is related to Master Changhe's promise of rewards. I am afraid that poor Dao is really unable to help however much one would like to."

     After that, Venerable Ziyang reluctant to partly took out the dracaena plant: "This dracaena is still..."Venerable Ziyang hadn't finished speaking, but suddenly a dumb little Lolita suddenly appeared next to him.

     This person is not Li Lian'er, Who else can it be?

     Li Lian'er had a flower pot on her head, and the gourd vine in the pot had grown quite strong after being watered with the sacred liquid of Nirvana.

     Two green vines hang down from the pot, like Li Lian'er with two twisted vine braids.

     But I saw Li Lian'er took out a letter from her arms and handed it to Venerable Ziyang: "Uncle Ziyang no need to be worried, father is not happy."

     "Not only is Junior Brother Shen Ao going to Shenxiao Holy Land as a guest, Lian'er is also going to visit her second uncle's cousin."

     "You just said Junior Brother Shen Ao went with me!"

     "This letter has been written absolutely clear, dad probably not unhappy."

     Looking at Li Lian'er, who was grinning and smile such as a flower, Venerable Ziyang's whole head was buzzing.

     Shente is planning to go to your second uncle’s house to find your cousin Li Yunfeng, do you think the brother’s brain Watt will believe your nonsense?

     Venerable Ziyang didn't need to read the letter written by Li Lian'er, he knew that he really wanted to let Li Lian'er go. He would definitely be practiced to death by the senior.

     After all, Brother is the most terrifying daughter of the Eastern Wilderness!

     Ziyang Tianzun took the Dracaena back silently, and it didn't matter whether Shen Ao left or not.

     If you can persuade Li Lian'er to go back, then everything is fine.

     You can even ask your brother for credit, saying that he exchanged Shen Ao for Li Lian'er, and the brother will definitely not be upset.

     But if you can't persuade Li Lian'er to go back, hiss, Ziyang Tianzun feels...

     In the next few years, it is estimated that he will have to settle in Houshan.

     Just think about it! ! !...

      Thought until here, Ziyang Tianzun silently lifted up Li Lian'er: "Shengzi, take Aoer away! Brother, the poor Dao will explain for Shengzi."

     After all, he flew away with Li Lian'er.

     The latter's limbs are still pulling: "Uncle Master, let me go, otherwise...or I will run away from home when I go back!"

     "Lian'er is going to see her cousin in Shenxiao Holy Land, why don't you agree!"

     "It's too much!!!"
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