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    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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The Shenxiao Feizhou slowly descended in the small world, and a famous disciple got into the ship neatly.

     The disciple who was in charge of guarding the flying boat slowly and carefully counted the remaining spirit stones in the flying boat, cautious and solemn locked the hatch.

     At this point, the trial of Ancient Battlefield can be regarded as a complete end.

     After more than a hundred Shenxiao disciples went through this thrilling and exciting experience, their spirits became a bit sleepy.

     But at this time, if you don't have any, go directly to your own room to rest.

     Because outside the small world, there is a lot of excitement at this time.

     Countless robbery clouds gathered hundreds of miles outside the small world of Shenxiao, and contained incomparably pure and powerful thunder.

     That was the tribulation of the sky, the thunder tribulation that would only be encountered when Tianzun, the peak of the transformation stage, crossed the tribulation and became a holy.

     This represents the Holy Land, there is a powerful Tianzun who is transcending the calamity and becoming holy!

     The golden wings spread out behind Shen Tian, and the whole person suddenly turned into a Golden Shadow and flew away from the small world.

     When he approached Jie Yun for several tens of miles, he could clearly see the true appearance of the pinnacle Heavenly Venerable.

     It was a graceful and graceful woman wearing a long silver gauze dress.

     She stands proudly in the air, surrounded by spiritual energy at her feet, like a fairy mist.

     And this woman's body, which was originally delicate and boneless, seemed even more alluring under the spiritual mist.

     It can be said that this is a peerless stunner, her frown and smile are full of the most extreme charm of a woman.

     Especially the evil of Waves Surging Forth, it is almost a fight with a certain black dragon.

     Yes, it was Qin Yundi's sexy mother, Jinlian Tianzun, who had become the saint at this time.


     "Master Mother has passed through the holy robbery."Qin Yundi has a deep worry on his face: "It will definitely succeed!"

      Since ancient times, it’s generally accepted.

     After all, below the holy ranks are self-cultivation, and above the holy ranks have begun to truly understand the law and control the energy of heaven and earth.

     If you want to be sanctified, you must pass the test of the tribulation and get the approval of heaven and earth.

     And this kind of catastrophe is very difficult. It can be said that among the ten peak gods of the transformation stage, it is difficult for one to become holy.

     Qin Yundi did not hope that his mother would encounter any accidents.

     Shen Tian had a faint smile on his face: "It's okay, I believe Master Jin Lian will be fine."

     Although Shen Tian didn't know the strength of Jin Lian Tianzun, but Ye Qingcang followed him by his side!

     It is not difficult at all for Ye Qingcang to roughly judge whether a god-transformation stage Tianzun can survive the catastrophe and become a holy.

     Therefore, Ye Qingcang spoiled it unscrupulously.

     What made Shen Tian even more curious was that there were still three disciples of the gods sitting beside the tribulation cloud of the golden lotus heavenly sovereign.

     One of the three people is wearing Tsing Yi and carrying a Yaoqin on his back, looking very beautiful and approachable.

     The other person was wearing a red golden battle armour with a red flame dragon spear on his knees, and several phantom beasts faintly rose behind him.

     Yes, the two of them are indeed Fang Chang, the senior brother of Shenxiao Holy Land, and the second senior brother Zhang Yunting.

     And the third woman is the saint of Shenxiao Holy Land, Zhang Yunxi.

     The reason why they appeared near the Heavenly Tribulation Thundercloud at this time was also very simple.

     That is to use the thunder tribulation to practice the secret technique "Transforming the Tribulation by Body"!This is the last taboo chapter of "Shen Xiao Lei Di Jing" and the Supreme Secret Technique of the Holy Land of Gods.

     After many discussions, many elders in the Holy Land decided to make an exception and let Fang Chang and the other three practice the secret method in the end still.

     Now, not only Jinlian Tianzun, but Fang Chang and the others are also preparing seriously.

     After all, the scene of Tianzun crossing the robbery and becoming a holy is not easy to meet even in the entire Eastern Desolation.

     You know that throughout the entire Eastern Desolation, the number of saints can be easily calculated, it is too difficult to become saints!


     "Junior Brother, you are finally back!"

     Zhang Yunxi was originally sitting cross-legged and exuded an extremely powerful aura, even more powerful than Zhang Yunting.

     But at this time, seeing Shen Tian, her turbulent aura suddenly reduced to more than half, heroic and elegant.

     Shen Tian smiled and flapped the golden wings, landing in front of Zhang Yunxi and Fang Chang.

     At this time, Fang Chang's injury had already recovered, and with the aid of Nirvana Holy Liquid, his strength increased greatly.

     Owning the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill, he is definitely one of the most powerful young talents throughout the Eastern Wilderness, and he rarely meets opponents.

     "Junior Brother, you are finally back."

     With a bold smile on Fang Chang's face, he blinked: "Junior sister Yunxi will miss you to death this month."

     As soon as he finished speaking, he saw a golden thunder suddenly lasing from the side, which directly electrocuted him, causing his hair to stand upside down.

     "No, Junior Sister!"

     "Brother, I'm speaking for you! Is this also powering me?"

     Fang Chang opened his mouth and spewed out a black smoke, arcing sparks from head to toe.He didn't expect that after chasing Zhang Yunxi for so long before, he couldn't get the junior sister to take another look.

     As a result, I was powered by Junior Sister today, and...still so strong.

     The power of this big five elements Hunyuan Shen Lei is tyrannical!

     Zhang Yunxi looked at Shen Tian with a smile on his face: "Junior Brother has really gained a lot from this battlefield trial."

     "If Yun Xi is right, the pair of golden wings on your back should be Yuhua Xianjin ranked eighth on the Xianjin List!"

     Shen Tian nodded: "Yes, there are occasional gains on the battlefield, not worth mentioning, not worth mentioning ~"

     Zhang Yunting could hardly listen anymore.

     This saint son and junior disciple, the words are really exciting.

     Yuhua Xianjin, ranked eighth on the Xianjin List, is not worth mentioning, then what else is there is commendable?

      It should be noted, even for the invincible existence of saints, these world's rare objects ranked in the top ten are considered precious treasures!

     "Junior Brother, today, Senior Uncle Jin Lian crosses the calamity to become a holy, it is the best time for us to practice "Incarnate into a calamity"."

     "You have the origin of the Hunyuan God Thunder in your body, so hurry up and choose a good place and start preparing for the Strength of Heavenly Tribulation!"

     One Dragon, one Phoenix in the Holy Land of Gods In a unicorn, Zhang Yunting is called the ‘dragon’ and ranks first, not only because he is the Jiamu Lei spirit body, corresponding to the position of the blue dragon.

     Zhang Yunting's temperament is the most mature and stable, and the key is to handle things reliably and securely and with the management skills of the Holy Lord.

     This is recognized by most elders in the Holy Land of Gods.It can be said that if this is not the case, Shen Tian’s ‘Child of Destiny’ Roaring Across the Horizon, the future position of the Holy Lord of the Holy Land of Gods, the high probability is really not Fang Chang, but Zhang Yunting.

     After all, if Fang Chang was allowed to be the Holy Lord, the Holy Land of Gods would not be far from chaos.


     "Senior Brother Xie Yunting reminded."

     Shen Tian lightly smiled and chose a position sits cross-legged on the periphery of Jieyun, and the Dragon Abyss Sacred Armor appeared on his body.

     The light in Zhang Yunxi's eyes flickered, not a word or movement, and she moved a bit closer to Shen Tian.

     The best place to practice "Transforming Jie by Body" is in the outer area of Jieyun.

     The Thunder Calamity Strength in this area will not be too strong, just a few pieces of aftermath, and the catastrophe will not determine that you are influencing the robbers.

     If it rushes directly to the Core Region of Jieyun, on the one hand, it is easy to be affected by the strongest god thunder, and directly bear the baptism of the holy rank god thunder.

      on the other hand, if it is locked by the catastrophe, it will be difficult to run at that time.

     Not long after Shen Tian, Zhang Yunting, Fang Chang, and Zhang Yunxi were all sitting down, the Jie Yun above Jin Lian Tianzun's head became more and more dense.

     Under the tumbling of the robbery cloud, crossing the robbery... began!
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