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250 This God Is Really Unfair!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Jinlian Tianzun wears a silver Gengjin armor and has already adjusted his condition to his best.

     Even before crossing the robbery, she had taken Bailian Tianzun specifically for Refining the Medicine Pill.

      Those Medicine Pills transform into abundant aura and accumulate in Jinlian Tianzun's body, which can provide mana for a long time.

     In addition, it can also reduce the damage of lightning attack to Jinlian Tianzun.

     It is indeed not easy for Terran monks to cross the robbery.

     But compared to Yaozu, the advantage has been many times obvious.

     At least at this moment, Jinlian Tianzun's Heavenly Tribulation might be far inferior to the Thunder Tribulation of Immortal Vine.

     And there is the Holy Land as a back-up, with the strength of Jinlian Tianzun, it is very sure to survive this holy catastrophe.

     "Shenxiao disciple Jin Lian wants to cross the robbery and become a holy, looking at the heaven and pity."

     Facing the sky full of Black Tribulation Cloud, Jinlian Tianzun slowly bowed down to salute.

     Then, she slowly condensed a Gengjin long sword in her hand, exuding a powerful aura.

     The Heavenly Tribulation Thunder in the thundercloud is condensing.

     It is a series of cyan thunders, in the sky condensed into a dragon shape bare fangs and brandish claws.

     These thunders are the ‘Innate Jiamu Qinglong’s God Thunder’ in the Heavenly Tribulation, which is definitely a supplement to Zhang Yunting.


     The Azure Dragon God Thunder cut through the void and roared and shot towards Jinlian Tianzun.

     Its breath is extremely powerful and mighty, as if the blue dragon beast in the realm of the realm pounced down.

     But for the Golden Lotus Tianzun who majored in Gengjin Lightning Method, Jiamu Qinglong God Thunder is indeed relatively easy to deal with.

     A golden seventh-grade immortal lotus was sacrificed in her left hand, and a curtain of light hung over her head.The fairy sword in the right hand condenses the dazzling silver thunder in an instant, fuse together with the white tiger roaring sky vision behind it.


     Tiger Roaring Mountain Forest.

     Jin Lian Tianzun's whole person seemed to be transformed into a white tiger, fighting with the blue dragons.

     The Jiamu Qinglong Shen Lei was torn apart, and the bright cyan thunder shot towards all around, turning dozens of miles into scorched earth.

     Fang Chang, Zhang Yunting, Zhang Yunxi, and Shen Tian are now in the periphery of this thundercloud.

     Of the four of them, each of them is in the Golden Core Stage or Golden Body Stage, and is the top arrogant of the Eastern Desolation.

     However, under the bombardment of these shattered wood god thunder, Rao Fang Chang, Zhang Yunting and Zhang Yunxi also pulled on the lapels exposes the elbows.

     After all, this is a sacred robbery aimed at the peak of the God Transformation Stage, even if it is only remnant thunder, it is extremely powerful.

     Zhang Yunting constantly urged the secret technique of "Transforming the Tribulation by Body" to madly absorb the scattered blue dragon and divine thunder with his own armor.

     Between his eyebrows, a bright golden pill slowly rose.

     Originally there were only seven god patterns on this golden core, but at this time the surface of the golden core was almost cracked.

     As more and more Jiamu Qinglong divine thunder was absorbed by Zhang Yunting, the surface of his golden core finally cracked completely.

     An Eight-Rank Golden Core engraved with the Eight Dao Divine Patterns slowly appeared in front of everyone.

     Fang Chang has a fire and earth twin thunder spirit body, Jiamu produces C fire, and C fire produces Wutu. The innate Jiamu god thunder is also very useful to him.

     He was circling the armored wood blue dragon god thunder all over, and the vision of the red bird and unicorn behind him was unprecedented.

      Nine Revolutions Golden Pill keeps spinning on top of his head, that represents the limit!But despite the great benefits, Fang Chang and Zhang Yunting are not decent at this time.

     Both of them were stunned by the power of the thunder, and black smoke was all over their bodies.

     On the other side of Shen Tian and Zhang Yunxi, they were completely different.

     When the two of them got the gods of the dragon and tiger pei, they both absorbed a lot of the origin of the Hunyuan God Thunder in the dragon and tiger pei.

     At this time, after meeting Shen Tian and Zhang Yunxi, those Jiamu divine thunders were assimilated and absorbed by the origin of divine thunder smoothly.

     Therefore, although the two of them looked like the cyan thunderbolt all over their bodies, they did not jump their feet due to electricity.


     Especially Shen Tian, at this time not only was absorbing the Jiamu Qinglong God Thunder with the origin of the Hunyuan God Thunder, but also according to Ye Qingcang's guidance, he was tempering his body with this kind of thunder.

     He sits cross-legged, and his bones, fascia, five internal organs, and muscles are all running in the line of "Fire Fighting Nerves".

     You can faintly hear the rumbling sound from his body, like beating a drum, like a big river, like thunder...

     Countless thunderbolts circulated on Shen Tian's Longyuan Sacred Armor, and were specially absorbed by Shen Tian into his body.

     The golden rays of light on his body are rapidly becoming dense at this time.

     The golden wings on the back seemed to have been cleaned, exuding unprecedented brilliance, which made countless female disciples in the distance stare.

     Under Thunder Calamity Baptism, his body became firmer and stronger, containing more and more energy.

     Shen Tian even felt that he was not far from the realm of Golden Body Second Turn at this time!

     "Yes, your traits are really suitable for the Jinghuo Jing."Ye Qingcang's voice sounded behind Shen Tian: "Suck a little more. Lei Jie, a white prostitution opportunity given by heaven, would be a waste not to demand."

     Although Ye Qing's old and non-serious description made Shen Tian speechless.

     But the words are not rough, and there is really nothing wrong with them.

     Shen Tian takes a deep breath, and the origin of the Hun Yuan Shen Lei at the center of the eyebrows bursts into an unprecedented powerful attraction.

     Suddenly, the cyan gods and thunders surrounding Shen Tian all rushed into him like hundred rivers converge to the sea (all things tend to one way).


     Cool~! ! !

     An extremely numb and refreshing feeling rushed all over Shen Tian's body.

     The feeling of cultivation is still so comfortable!

     No wonder that many people have practiced for hundreds of years, and they have loved love.


     Not to mention that Shen Tian was happily rubbing Jinlian Tianzun's Thunder Tribulation.

     At this time, Jinlian Tianzun was not as relaxed as everyone imagined.

     After all, it is the sanctification of the promoted saints, naturally impossible half-hearted attempt in power.

     Although Jiamu God Thunder was restrained by Jinlian Tianzun, these thunders caused Jinlian Tianzun to suffer serious damage.

     At this time, Jinlian Tianzun looked pale, it was obvious that he had just used secret methods to kill those thunder dragons at the fastest speed.

     "Sanctification is a process of shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones. It will definitely make this seat more beautiful and moving."

     Jinlian Tianzun's heart mutter to oneself: "Yelanyu, I will definitely be more beautiful than you!"

     "This saint, this seat is set!"

     Jin Lian Tianzun looked straight at Jieyun, waiting for the second thunder tribulation to come.And Jieyun did not disappoint Jinlian Tianzun, and soon a second wave of thunder tribulation was brewing.

     This wave of thunder tribulation is yellow, and in the sky faintly condenses into a Fifth Earth Qilin.

     Obviously, this second wave of thunder catastrophe is Fifth Earth Qilin.

     Jin Lian Tianzun couldn't help but relax. After all, the native gold, Fifth Step Earth Divine [Lightning] has to be defeated by her.

     The fact is indeed so, facing the Fifth Earth Qilin God Thunder, Jinlian Tianzun is still very calm Lifting The Heavy As Though It Was Light.

     The thunders were shattered and scattered, allowing the surrounding saints, saints and two True Disciples to absorb 8 or 9 out of 10.

     The calamity of Jinlian Tianzun is still going on in a regular and thorough manner.

     An idea suddenly popped into Shen Tian's mind: This way of heaven is really unfair.

     When people eat the vines and cross the catastrophe, the first one is to give them the gold and white tiger catastrophe, restrain them.

     The second is to give people the Trigram Fire Vermilion Bird catastrophe, but to restrain them and arrange them to be clear and direct.

     Now Jinlian Tianzun crosses the calamity, and the human is of golden physique. As a result, the first path is Jiamu Qinglongqian, perfect Jin Kemu.

     The second thing that appeared was Fifth Earth Qilin's robbery, which was born in gold, but was also defeated by the golden lotus.

     The difference is just like being raised by a stepmother and a mother.

     I can't blame those powerful monster races saying that the human race is a race favored by the heavens!

     I can't blame that even the Dragon and Peacock Tianjiao want to sign a contract with Human Tianjiao!

     In terms of cultivation, Human Race seems to be really favored by Heaven.

     Shen Tian couldn't help but sigh: This heaven is unfair...

     Really like it~

     ...Time passed by, and Jinlian Tianzun had to survive the Tribulation.

     Seeing that the third wave of Thunder Tribulation began to brew again, it was a silver-white divine thunder, with an extremely sharp aura.

     In the void, the vast and limitless thunders condensed into a Hanging Eyes White Tiger, shaking the universe.

     This third thunder calamity is the Gengjin White Tiger God Thunder with the same attributes as Jinlian Tianzun.

     Facing the third thunder tribulation, Jinlian Tianzun has no type advantage.

      what is more important In order to cope with the first two thunder tribulations, the Golden Lotus Tianzun has been exhausted and not dominant.

     For a while, the disciples of the gods who sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight...

     They were all worried about Jinlian Tianzun.
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