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252 Fang Is Also Considered A Peerless Tianjiao~!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:


     The tower of the God of War, thousands of feet high, crashed on the ground.

     In an instant, with the Tower of War God as the center, Baili Void was completely locked.

     The Space Crack that was originally caused by the Golden Lotus Heavenly Sovereign's Tribulation Healed and stabilized in an instant.

     At this moment, the Tower of God of War stands proudly between Heaven and Earth, instantly becoming the center of everyone’s attention, attracting countless lights.

     "What a domineering tower!"

     "This... is this the treasure of Brother Shengzi?"

     "With this shape and momentum, I'm afraid it must be the Peak Grade Spirit Tool the last time!"

     "Spirit weapon, your sister is a grandmother's leg, don't talk if you don't see it, this is at least a middle-grade holy weapon!"

     "I have also seen the palm veins used in the middle-grade holy artifacts. It seems that they are not so powerful. This...this is not a fairy artifact!"


     Originally, Jinlian Tianzun became a saint after crossing the catastrophe, which attracted the attention of countless disciples of the gods.

     After all, looking at the entire Eastern Famine, the number of saints can be counted, and each one is a legendary figure.

     Most immortal cultivators may never have the chance to see the scene of the saint crossing the catastrophe in their entire life. This is an excellent pretend to talk about in the future!

     It can be said that the current disciples in the small world of Shenxiao, 8 or 9 out of 10, all ran out to see Jinlian Tianzun's Tribulation, and only a small part was in retreat.

     After watching the wonderful and stunning process of crossing the tribulation, the appearance of the Tower of Wars instantly attracted traffic attention.

     Everyone looked at this purple sacred tower, watching it exude a powerful momentum, sweeping clean all the remaining Heavenly Tribulation Thunder nearby.

     "Crap! !"

     "Where is the ruined tower, so domineering!"Fang Chang was originally sucking isn't that a joy, and felt like he was ecstatic.

     In the beginning, he was actually unwilling to practice "Incarnation of the Body", because Tianjiao has pride.

     In Fang Chang's view, he and Shen Tian are rivals in rivalry for the younger sister, and they must not accept Shen Tian's help.

     Since Shen Tian helped to retrieve "Incarnation of the Body", he would never practice this method no matter what!

     But later, Fang Chang forcibly attacked the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill due to greed, and the entire Dandan split.

     Junior Brother Shen Tian made selfless dedication and gave him more than two hundred kilograms of Nirvana Holy Liquid to heal his injuries.

     Only in this way can we turn peril into safety, and even striving to improve.

     Since that day, Fang often submits cheerfully.

     He no longer resisted Shen Tian and began to recognize his authority as the Son of God.

     Since the Junior Brother of the Saints recognized Fang Chang's talent, let us practice "Incarnation of the Body".

     Then our Fang Chang has to prove to the entire Eastern Famine that even if he is not a holy son, Fang Chang is not weaker than anyone!

     In the future, if a strong enemy covets and challenges the younger brother, then he will pass the level of our Fang Chang first and step on our body!

     For this reason, Fang Chang's obsession to become stronger is even stronger than before!

     Originally, the Golden Lotus Heavenly Sovereign's journey through the calamity was an unprecedented opportunity to practice "Incarnation of the Calamity".

     He feels that with the help of these tribulations, he can completely consolidate the realm of Nine Revolutions Golden Pill and forge a perfect foundation.

     With good luck, it is not impossible to comprehend the true meaning of the Five Thunders Zhengtian Jue from the thunder robbery, and to condense the small five thunders and mix the essence body.But baffling, a purple tower appeared, absorbing all the thunder around it.

     Suddenly Fang Chang was stunned, this cracked ruined tower was too domineering!


     The Tower of War God suddenly appeared, disrupting the rhythm of many people.

     Including the Holy Master of the Gods, he originally planned to promote a period of time and then push the Tower of Wars to the disciples of the Holy Land.

     However, at this time, Jinlian Tianzun had already attracted a large number of disciples, and now it was a good time to push out the Tower of War God.

      Thought until here, the god of the gods slowly appeared from the void.

      In the Void Portal, the fairy light and thunder linger, the mysterious Holy Lord is invisible in the thunder light, like a god in the sky.

     He looked at the disciples, and slowly said: "Today, this holy place has double happiness."

     "First joy, Elder Jinlian successfully overcomes the calamity and becomes another sacred elder in this gate, who can sit in this gate to suppress all directions.

     "Everyone, let us congratulate the Holy One!"

     As soon as the voice of the Holy Master of Shenxiao fell, all the disciples of Shenxiao stood upright together.

     With respect and admiration on each disciple’s face, he pinched the Taoist tactics with his hands, and celebrated: "Congratulations to the saints!"

     Five domains and eight wilderness, the saint who crosses the catastrophe period is already the cream of the crop's strong.

     The Mahayana powers further up, strictly speaking have been transformed into Sage Body and no longer belong to this realm.

     If the Mahayana strong man does not use his hands to cast spells, he can stay in this realm for three thousand years. If he does, he will be forced to ascend directly.

     Therefore, the immortals of the Mahayana period cannot do anything in the Five Realms and Eight Desolations, and can only play freely in the world.Of course, Mahayana has a Sage Body, and the lifespan is higher than ten times.

     For the immortal, the battle of the five domains is really meaningless.

     There is a saying in this world: there are ants under the saints, and clouds under the immortal way!

     In the game between the forces of the five domains, in fact, the holy rank powerhouse is basically playing chess, competing for everything.

     There is one more saint in the Holy Land of Gods, which is absolutely a good thing for the whole holy place, and it is indeed worth celebrating.


     The Lord of the Gods is nodded slightly, and is quite satisfied with the performance of the disciples.

     He went on to say: "This second joy is that my disciple tried in Ancient Battlefield and achieved excellent results."

     "The holy son Shen Tian not only won the first place in the battlefield trial, but also was recognized by the Supreme Divine Artifact in Ancient Battlefield."

     "The Saint Selfless has handed over this tower to the Holy Land. From now on, all disciples of this school can enter the Tower of Wars for trial."

     "Any disciple of this school will get a 20% discount when entering the God of War Tower, and a 30% discount for members of the Tianjuan organization!"

     "Everyone, let us congratulate the Son!"

     If we said before ‘congratulations to the saint’, the disciples of the gods would congratulate the sect’s honor, solemnly and respectfully.

     So at this time, ‘congratulate for the holy son’, and the disciples of the gods and Xiaos are truly congratulating for their own interests, and they are extremely enthusiastic.

     Ares Tower! ! !

     That is the Tower of God of War! ! !

     As one of the most legendary artifacts of the Eastern Wilderness, the famous Top Sect of God of War Tower is almost unknown.

     According to legend, it was the tower that fell from the fairy world. Not only did the tower have countless projections of the fairy world arrogance, it also has a massive fairy world heritage.For thousands of years, countless princes from the Five Domains and Eight Desolates have obtained opportunities in the Tower of Gods of War, thus starting a legendary life.

     There are barren rocks 8,000 years ago, and now they have already achieved an invincible reputation, stunning for several times!

     Nearly there is Zhang Longyuan a thousand years ago, and the mansion is about to fall, revitalizing the holy land.

     It can be said that this is a powerful weapon capable of influencing the situation of the major forces in the five domains, and it is of infinite value!

     For thousands of years, countless Tianjiao went to Ancient Battlefield to experience, hoping to be recognized by the God of War Tower, but they all returned without any achievement.

     Gradually, everyone recognized the God of War Tower as a "chance given by heaven," and no one could conquer it.

     But what did the Holy Master Shenxiao say today? He said this remnant tower is the Tower of God of War?

     He said that the God of War Tower recognized the Son of the Honmen and was located in the Holy Land?

     In the future, my disciples don’t need to go to the dangerous Ancient Battlefield to try their luck, anytime is fine to experience the Tower of War?

      What is more important, 20% off for disciples in the Pagoda trial and 30% off for members of the Tianjuan organization.

     This kind of discount can make other immortal disciples drool with envy!

     For a while, all Shenxiao disciples looked at Shen Tian enthusiastically.

     "Congratulations to the Son!"

     "Congratulations to the Son!!"

     "Congratulations to the Son!!!"

     The sound shook the world and resounded through hundreds of miles.

     If it weren't for Shen Xiaosheng, Long Yuan was wise but not emotional.

     For a suspicious Holy Lord, I am afraid that he will be scared to death at this time.

     After all, Shen Tian's popularity and prestige have risen too fast, and they are almost overwhelming his holy master.

     Even Fang Chang and Zhang Yunting, the two original holy sons spare tires, are now convinced in heart and by word to celebrate.Especially Fang Chang, originally he was still dissatisfied with the ruined tower robbing him of Heavenly Tribulation Thunder.

     But knowing that this tower was made by Shen Tian, the uncomfortable disappeared instantly.

     For the opponent who often fights with well-developed limbs, the Tower of War God is simply the perfect treasure.

     After all, on weekdays, how can he find so many Tianjiao of the same rank to compete?

     Only Kuduofozi and Fang Chang often fought hand-to-hand.

     It is for this reason that they have a good relationship with thieves.

     However, Fang Chang and Kudu have been fighting since they were young, and their combat strength is equal, and the combat style of each other is very familiar.

     It can be said that the other party knows what tricks to use as soon as he pushes his butt, which is really nothing new.

     Now that there is the Tower of God of War, still worrying about not being able to find the same-tier game of Xintianjiao?

     Fang Chang feels that the days to come will be very fulfilling.

     Hey, try it later, if it’s fun, it’s a lot of trouble with the divine mind communication.

     It happened that he was still copying Buddhist scriptures, envious of that big bald head!


     "The God of War Tower will be located here in the future, guarded by the elders of the door."

     "If you are curious, you can enter the tower for trial now, and the tower spirit will tell you the specific rules."

     After the Lord Shenxiao calmly announced the news, he looked at Shen Tian: "Tian'er, you come with this seat."

     Shen Tian nodded slightly, the golden wings behind a vertical line fell on the side of the Lord of Shenxiao.

     The two stepped into the Gate of Void and disappeared in front of everyone.

     And the disciples of the gods who were already very excited, all striving to be first and fearing to be last rushing towards the tower of the gods.

     Of course, they just kept looking around the Tower of War God, and didn't rush into the tower, after all, they didn't understand it."Yundi once entered this tower to experience, everyone does not need to be nervous, this tower experience is very safe."

     Qin Yundi smiled and introduced to everyone his experience in the Tower of War.

     Song Fugui, Zhao Hao, Liu Taiyi and others also testified nearby.

     Independent void?

     The God of War monument that records the ranking of Tianjiao for thousands of years?

     Can you learn from the Immortal Realm Tianjiao and see the arena of various powerful races?

     There are also all kinds of Secret Arts, many of which are sacred sites and lost secret techniques of the Protoss?

     Everything's everything is very attractive to these young disciples.

     Finally, Brother Fang Chang, the master of Shenxiao Holy Land, moved his heart.

     Wearing a scarlet armor and holding a blazing dragon spear, he proudly came to the front of the tower of the god of war.

     "Unexpectedly, this cracked remnant tower turned out to be the legendary God of War Tower? Sure enough, the tower is unsightly."

     "God of War Tower, let Fang be brought in! I am the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill, I have reached the limit, and I can also be regarded as a peerless talent."

     "Fang wants to see how strong this so-called genius in the fairy world is!"

     "Can you block the Red Flame Dragon Spear in Fang's hand!"
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