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255 The Legend Of Emperor Huangshi
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Sitting on the arena of the god of war, Fang Chang felt dumbfounded.

     three minutes……

     How can it be so fast?

     And these three minutes are not three minutes of fighting.

     It was the three minutes that the bear boy often beat him unilaterally, beating him promise of brilliant young person.

     At the moment that Fang Chang's divine seal hit the back of Fang Chang's head, Fang Chang felt that his divine consciousness could no longer condense.

     Everything in front of me became blurred, and my ears could only hear wēng wēng wēng wēng tinnitus.

     Obviously, that Fang Shenyin is very special, with the ability to directly attack the cultivator's soul.

     After being photographed by the god of that party, Fang Chang completely lost his initiative and was beaten by the bear kid on the neck for three minutes.

      in the end still is The benevolent God of War Taling couldn't stand it, so he interrupted the barrier to avoid Fang Chang's pain.

     But although that's how it is, one after another big red envelope also appeared on Fang Chang's head at this time.

     If he wears another robes and says he is the true Buddha from paradise, maybe some people believe it.

     "What a cruel bear boy, who is it?"

     Fang Chang gritted his teeth and applied medicine on the top of his head, painful to bare one's fangs.

     After all, the Tower of Wars has helped him recover from his injury once for free, and he will have to pay for it if he comes again.

     And now Fang Chang feels that for a little injury, don't waste the God of War points, after all, it is more important to recharge through the level.

     Taring's voice sounded: "Young Tianjiao, why don't you look at the ancient monument on the right for yourself."

     Fang Chang discovered that there was an ancient monument suspended on the right side of the God of War Tower.The ancient stele was inscribed with the name one after another, many of which Fang Chang had heard of.

     "One: Huangshi, Six-Star Tianjiao."

     "Two: Beichen Xuan, five-star Tianjiao."

     "Three: Yao Yuxi, Five-Star Tianjiao."

     "Four: Chu Longhe, Five-Star Tianjiao."


     "Ten: Kong Meng, five-star Tianjiao."

     "Ten: Ye Mitian, Five-Star Tianjiao."


     From the first place at the top of the God of War monument to the hundredth place at the bottom of the God of War monument, Fang Chang slowly and carefully watched it.

     "After reading it, then!"

     "Why do you always like to sell the tower, I mean..."

     Wait a minute!

     Fang Chang seemed to have thought of something.

     He quickly cast his gaze to the top name of the God of War monument.

     Barren stone? ? ?

     The bear kid just now was the Huangshi Emperor from his childhood! ?

     Someone on our side was fortunate enough to compete with the young Emperor Huangshi?

     If you say this, how many arrogances you have to envy! It’s worth it, even if you lose 1000 Ares Points!

     Fang Chang's depression was swept away, because the name Huangshi was too legendary for the young Tianjiao.

     Emperor Huangshi was born more than 8,000 years ago, and he is in a troubled world where evil spirits from outside the territories are retreating.

     At that time, powerful evil spirits were hidden everywhere in the Five Regions, and there were also many monks disguised as evil spirits to do evil.

     In addition, many immortal gates consume a lot of background when fighting against evil spirits outside the territory.

     Now that the evil spirits are retreating, the immortals are also fighting for benefits.

     There is no shortage of immortal gates... thus destroyed.In short, the entire five domains are very chaotic.

     In that troubled time, countless peerless Tianjiao emerged.

     The Emperor Huangshi was absolutely invincible existence even in that era.

     He was born in an ordinary tribe in Dahuang. He was born as a stone, and was regarded as an evildoer by the tribe.

     As a result, the stone skin shattered, revealing a child from it. The jade carved does not cry or make trouble, it looks really cute.

     What surprised all the people even more was that a bronze seal the size of a pigeon egg hung on the child's neck.

     With a smile on the child's face, the bronze seal was exuding a faint golden light, very extraordinary.

     Being a stone body and accompanied by treasures, such existence is destined to be extraordinary and unrivaled.

     It's just that the department where Huangshi is located is too remote, almost isolated from the outside world.

     So even though he was strange, he did not attract outside attention.

     Later, the barren stone began to grow, and it became more and more different from ordinary people.

     He can run as fast as flying when he is a year old, and he can carry boulders that are hard for adults to carry.

     When she was three years old, she had not been weaned, but her mother had no milk for a long time.

     How cruel are the tigers and leopards in the wild? Among them, there are even quasi spirits who can swallow the essence of the sun and moon and come into contact with cultivating fur.

     However, Huangshi, the three-year-old fur boy, forcibly beat the tigress and leopard into submission.

     In the end, the tigress and leopard milk holding the bloody nose and swollen face feasted.

     In this process, Huangshi also came into contact with some quasi spirits, and learned these spirits.Even if ordinary people follow the immortal law, it is not easy to capture the sense of breath. However, in this world, there is a peerless genius.

     In this way, Huang Shi relied on the mountain and forest to practice the method of vomiting all kinds of animals, and began to cultivate abruptly.

     After that, he walked out of the wilderness and entered many sects and secret realms.

     Because there are too many rights and wrongs in a troubled time, and Huangshi is a peerless arrogant, it is inevitable to be coveted.

     Along the way, he used to recruit from all directions, was coveted by gangsters, was defended by his life, and was a sacrifice to heaven with his partners.

     But in the end, he successfully set foot on the peak, became a saint at the age of a hundred years, breaking the five-domain record.

     What's even more amazing is that the day of his crossing the catastrophe turned out to be Supreme Existence's 99 Heavenly Tribulations, which is a rare occasion.

     After the disaster, the barren stone naturally became stronger, but it also attracted more and more enemy assassinations.

     In the end, he killed the rivers of blood in battle after battle, stronger with each battle.

      even a true immortal-level evil spirit outside the territories, also the soul flies away and scatters under the Fantian seal of the barren stone.

     Since then, Huangshi's invincibility has taken shape completely, and no one in the entire five domains dares to question his invincible strength and authority.

     Later, he established ‘Dahuang Xianchao’ and ‘Jixia Academy’ in Zhongzhou, Gather from eight directions.

     It can be said that 5,000 years ago, Huangshi was already the Uncrowned King of the Five Domains.

     Today, five thousand years later, no one knows how strong he is.

     However, the position of the Great Desolate Immortal Dynasty has always surpassed the holy land for five thousand years.

     The ‘Jixia Academy’ founded by Emperor Huangshi has also been joined by major sacred sites and has become a sacred place in the hearts of the Five Domains.In short, the existence of Emperor Huangshi is an absolute legend, and all the Five Realms Tianjiao admire him.

     Able to fight against the Huangshi Emperor when he was young, but also fiercely fighting hundreds of moves.

     For Fang Chang, this is so memorable!


     "Taling Taling, can I fight Huangshi Dijun again?"

     Fang Chang touched the meat bun on his head and asked expectantly.

     On the seventh floor of the God of War Tower, Ye Qingcang was a little confused.

     Was this silly slapped by the bricks? Are you going to get beaten up and get another meal?


     Fang Chang's eyes were hot and said, "Because Huangshi Emperor is Fang's guiding light, a role model for the immortal road."

     "Fang hopes to fight with him when he is young again and pay tribute to the heroic appearance of his predecessors!"

     Ye Qingcang looking thoughtful: "So he is an admirer of that kid?"

     If Fang Chang didn't explain, Ye Qingcang really didn't know.

     Want to get in touch with your idol?

     Of course it is possible!

     However, you have to add money!

     PS: There is one more chapter late.
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