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256 Bilian Tianzun's Stick Method
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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     After listening to Taling's quotation, Fang was often confused.

     "Why does Fang need to pay twice the bet to challenge Huangshi Emperor?"

     Although Fang Chang likes to fight, he is not stupid.

     That is the projection of Emperor Huangshi when he was young, where is he opponent?

     Don't think that the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill is so awesome, it is nothing more than clouds in front of Emperor Huangshi.

     Thousands of years ago, there was also a Nine Revolutions Golden Pill talent in Zhongzhou who considered everyone else beneath one to provoke the authority of Jixia Academy.

     At that time, an eight-turn God Demon Body Refining person walked directly out of the Jixia Academy and blasted the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill Tianjiao.

     The golden core was smashed to pieces~

     It is said that the God Demon Body Refining person is just the Unofficial Disciple of Emperor Huangshi.

      Nine Revolutions Golden Pill is indeed the Peerless Supreme Talent, and it is a rare encounter in the entire Eastern Famine.

     Throughout the entire five domains, this level of existence also appeared every few hundred years.

     But in front of Emperor Huangshi, he is far from being proud!

     Fang Chang knows very well that even if he fights with that boy again, the result will be a miserable defeat.

     To spend money to be beaten, but to spend twice the money, to be beaten twice?

     What is the reason?

     Jian Fang often doesn't seem to understand, Taring explained: "According to the principle, all gambling competitions are Its random."

     "The Tower of the Gods of War has its own rules, and the spirit of the tower has already consumed a lot of the source for fighting for you."

     "Therefore, we can no longer make an exception for you. If you want to continue to challenge the barren stone, you can only choose to double the bet."

     "As long as you successfully defeat the barren stone, the 2000 God of War points will also be returned to you."Yes, as long as you defeat Emperor Huangshi, you can point God of War...

     Fang Chang's face collapsed, he couldn't beat it!

     Shame, it's so shameful!

     Originally thought that he successfully condensed the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill, no matter what he was considered a top talent.

     Unexpectedly, even the Huangshi Emperor when he was five or six years old would not be able to beat him. Our Fang Chang is simply in vain as Senior Brother Shenxiao!


     "Fang, Fang should challenge the five-star Tianjiao to practice hands!"

     Rubbing his sore eyes, the buff man chose to succumb to reality.

     Double the bet, he really can't afford it!

     Seeing that Fang Chang didn't take the bait, Ye Qingcang couldn't help but secretly despise: Hey, this fake fan!

     You don't even want to spend money for idols, are you a fan of Mao? Isn't the white whoring ashamed?

     Challenge the five-star Tianjiao? Okay, I'll make arrangements for you.

     "Okay, five-star Tianjiao is being matched..."

     "The match is successful, the gambling begins!"

     As the light on the arena of God of War diminished, a young man about twenty years old appeared in front of Fang Chang.

     But he saw this young man carrying a long stick, and his whole body was shrouded in golden thunder, exuberant imposing bearing.

     Through the shining thunder light, Fang often saw a familiar but unfamiliar face.

     "Huh, is it the projection left by Uncle Bilian?"

     On Fang Chang's face, he couldn't help showing be eager to give sth a try: "Good luck!"

     "If you can beat the uncle in this arena and show the video to Master, Master will be very happy.""Maybe I won't send me copying the rules and precepts again in the future, but... The uncle is not only good at physical skills, not thunder!"

     "Why is this uncle in front of him carrying a golden thunder on his body, and why is his breath so familiar?"

     Suddenly, Fang Chang glanced at the God of War monument next to him, falling on the fifth name.

     Wait a minute, why is Uncle Bi Lian's name in fifth place?

     You must know that even Master did not make the top five!

     Not good~! ! !

     Thick ominous premonition rise in the mind. Picture the world

     At this time, the young man opposite had already removed the golden long stick behind him.

     "The sky doesn't give birth to me, Chu Longhe, the stick road is like a long night! Under the long stick of this Tianjiao, tremble and moan!"

      The crackle rattle's thunder light flickered on the youth's body, condensing into a dazzling armor.

     His figure disappeared into place in an instant, and stood proudly on Fang Chang's head when he appeared in the next second, and the golden sacred stick smashed down his head.

     "Look at my Dinghai Ruyi Stick: directly attack the root of the problem!"


     A dragon roar suddenly sounded in the void, but a Golden Divine Dragon shot out from the long stick, bare fangs and brandish claws pounced towards Fang Chang.

     Its momentum made Fang Chang feel like facing a real dragon, from head to toe being suppressed.

     Chu Longhe's strength surpassing by far Fang Chang expected that his uncle was so strong when he was young!

     The Chiyan Dragon Spear picked out three spear flowers in a row and barely blocked the stick.

     However, at this time, Chulonghe’s projection has already waved the magic stick, sending out a wave after wave offensive.

     Endless stick figures pouring down.

     "Dinghai Ruyi Stick to support the sky as a single pillar!""Dinghai Ruyi Stick directly attack the root of the problem!"

     "Dinghai wishful stick of overturning seas and rivers!"

     "Total Annihilation of Dinghai Ruyi Stick!"

     "One of Dinghai's wishful sticks is to be used!"


     The golden magic stick in the hands of the projection, exerting shocking power.

     One move after another, the long stick is flexible and powerful.

     Every attack caused Fang Changru to be hit hard, his whole body trembled, and the mouth of the tiger holding the Scarlet Flame Dragon Spear was a little cracked at this time.

     "Young Tianjiao, come on! The gap between you and Chu Longhe is not insurmountable!"

     "As long as you defeat him in front of you, you are qualified to choose your favorite inheritance and leave from the Tower of War."

     "This Dinghai wishful stick is the five-star heritage in the Tower of Gods of War. As long as you defeat this Tianjiao Projection, you are also eligible to practice!"

     Listening to Taling's encouragement, Fang Chang only felt warm all over, from head to toe, new fighting spirit emerged.

     He resisted the howling wind and torrential rain attack of the young uncle in front of him, and continued with his gun.

     Then... was beaten even worse~!

     Watching this scene, Ye Qingcang had a faint smile on the seventh layer's of the God of War Tower.

     Even if he was beaten battered and exhausted, he still insisted not to give up.

     Is this youth? Touching!

      This time, it would be better if you have some melon seeds and peanuts.

     Hey, I don't know what Tianer is doing now.

     Ye Qingcang stroked his beard, frankly speaking, he has no interest in most arrogances in this world.Because these Chosen is in the fairy world, it is really not particularly amazing, and watching their battle is only a pastime for Ye Qingcang.

     At least for Ye Qingcang, the mortal arrogant who has given him a high look over the past ten thousand years can be counted with one hand.

     Among them, Shen Tian, who is as handsome as his youth, is naturally the focus of attention.

     Ye Qingcang sighed, thinking about him in the second hours when Tianer was away.



     Suddenly there was a sneezing sound in the Valley of Myriad Tribulations in the Heavens.

     This is the most magical and core area in the Holy Land of Shenxiao.

     In this valley, there is thunder bombardment all the year round, although most of them are ordinary Fan Lei.

     However, if you are lucky, you can also encounter rare alien divine thunder, even legendary Five Elements Divine Thunder, and even Hunyuan Divine Thunder.

     When Zhang Longyuan was still a True Disciple, he had obtained a trace of the origin of the mixed soul of thunder here.

      Otherwise, it is difficult for him to practice the small five-element Hunyuan Thunder God body when "The Body Transformation" is lost. It is not easy.

     But today Zhang Longyuan brought Shen Tian to the Valley of Ten Thousand Tribulations, but he was not looking for a different kind of divine thunder, but something else.

     About evil spirits teach saints!
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