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258 Holy Master Of Yaochi, Visit Shenxiao
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Eastern Wilderness, Jade Lake Holy Land.

     In the main hall of the holy, a layer of light gauze barrier lies in the center of the main hall.

     Through the light veil, a graceful figure can be seen, lying lazily on the holy place reflected by the sunlight.

     At the head of the hall, Dan Wu Tianzun and Xiao Ling stood impressively, and they were reporting the situation to the Yaochi Holy Master.

     "You mean, Shen Tian Shengzi Shentian passed the test of the God of War Tower?"

     The voice of the woman behind the light veil was cold and ethereal, like a fairy queen from nine days, shaking people's heart and unable to bear any disrespect.

     This person is the saint master of Yaochi, one of the most powerful women in the Eastern Desolation.

     With her identity, status, strength, and talent, countless giants in the Eastern Wilderness must give courtesy three points.

     Many of the saint masters and elders of the twelve holy land were admirers of the saint master of Yaochi when they were young, and they were obsessed with them.

     Even now, still keep in mind constantly.

     It can be said that the saint master of Jade Lake may not be one of the strongest saint masters in the Eastern Desolation, but it is definitely one of the most unprovoked saints in the Eastern Desolation.

     If she really wanted to anger her, she might have to be beaten by a bunch of saints in sacks one day.

     Dan Wu Tianzun stepped forward and said: "Yes, and according to reliable sources, Shen Tian has already handed over the God of War Tower to the Holy Land of Gods and began to open it to the entire Five Realms."

     The Holy Master of Yaochi chuckled and said, "Zhang Longyuan has picked up a treasure, and so many good things have been done in just a few months."

      Jade Lake Holy Land is adjacent to the Holy Land of Shenxiao. Since ancient times, it has been very close, and there is no shortage of friendship and dating couples.

     Therefore, as long as there is any news about the Holy Land of Gods, Jade Lake Holy Land can immediately know.On the other hand, the gossip about Jade Lake Holy Land will be quickly known by the disciples of Shenxiao.

     The saint son of Shenxiao Holy Land, the saint master of Yaochi also heard a little, and heard that he was a wonderful person.

     As soon as he joined the Holy Land of Shenxiao, he recovered the long-lost taboo chapter of "Lei Di Jing" for the Holy Land of Shenxiao.

     This feat alone was enough for Shen Tian to leave a heavy mark on the genealogy performance table of the Holy Land of Gods.

     Immediately afterwards, this kid copied a half-sacred vine demon's lair in the misty plain, and the harvest was very rich.

      even Xiao Ling found the'Tianshui Cave Mansion', and she also had the help of this kid.

     In just a few months, the big chance this kid encountered almost never stopped.

     Even if compared with the boy named Purple Mansion Holy Land, Shen Tian's performance is not inferior in any respects.

     It's enviable to have such an apprentice~

     Dan Wu Tianzun continued: "In addition to this Ancient Battlefield trial, there are evil spirits who have sneaked into the plan."

     "It is said to resurrect the quasi-immortal-level evil spirit that was sealed by the saint master of reincarnation ten thousand years ago, but was destroyed by the son of gods."

     "What's even more coincidental is that when Shen Tian, the holy son of Shenxiao, teleported back to Xianmen Town, the teleportation talisman failed.

     "He direct teleport to the valley where the evil spirit teaches the blood to kill the saint to hide, leaving it exposed."

     "Otherwise, it is extremely difficult to find out with the concealment methods of the evil spirits teaching the saints."

     The saint master of Yaochi stretched his waist and slowly got up from the holy seat: "It is indeed a strange person."

     "Shen Xiao Holy Land is really going to fail because of this? Frankly speaking, I am a little interested in this young man.""Since the Shenxiao Holy Land has obtained the most precious treasure, as a neighboring holy land, I naturally want to congratulate it and see."

     The veil barrier slowly opened, and a beautiful figure slowly walked out, with a noble posture and a fairy aura.

     She has a light gauze on her face, and she can't see her face clearly, but it adds a little more mysterious color.

     "Senior Sister Danwu, call Senior Sister Xuewu and Sister Lingwu, and go to the Holy Land of Gods together to join in the fun."


     Taibai cave sky, back mountain.

     Ye Changge was still standing under the waterfall practicing sword, and beside him was Venerable Ziyang.

     A Mai middle-age man stood proudly by the waterfall, exuding fierce sword intent all over his body: "Hurry up, hurry up!"

     "Sword practitioners, what the so-called swordsmanship is just the appearance of falsehood, only faster, stronger, and sharper, is the absolute king!"

     "That kid Shen Ao missed the opportunity to be taught by this honor in order to accompany his younger brother. It's almost rotten wood cannot be carved."

     "You must not learn from him, you must know that kendo is like a boat going against the current and must be pursued unremittingly."

     Ziyang Jianzun complained without stopping, he had clearly caught Li Lian'er back.

     But everything counts, but Li Lian'er clamored in front of Ye Canglan to find Shen Tian.

     Brother Changhe directly punished Li Lian'er to grow gourds facing the wall in his anger, and he was also practiced by the anger.

     Shen Ao, my disciple, I feel bitter as a teacher!

     With a helpless sigh, Venerable Ziyang said: "Brother, Poor Dao heard that he obtained the God of War Tower from Ancient Battlefield during this trial at the Holy Land of Gods."

     "Now the Tower of the God of War is in the Holy Land of Gods, open to the five realms, and there are countless projections of immortal and mortal two worlds in the tower.""With your senior brother's Tianzong swordsmanship, if you enter the Tower of the Gods of War, you will surely be able to sweep the Quartet one war becomes famous."

     "Brother, don't you really consider going to the Holy Land of Shenxiao?"

     Sweep the Quartet, one war becomes famous?

     Li Canglan eyes shined, if this is the case, I still worry that no one will come to this honor to learn swords?


     Coughing lightly twice, Li Canglan snorted coldly: "Superficial, what is not famous, is it something that my generation of sword repairers needs to consider?"

     "My generation of sword repair, just use 3 chi cyan-edge in your hand to cut off all obstacles, advance courageously."

     "If you are tired of fame and fortune, don't want to achieve the true Kendo status for the rest of your life."

     Venerable Ziyang said: "Brother words extremely so, Ziyang knows his fault."

     Li Canglan said again: "However, there are countless projections of Tianjiao in the Tower of War God, which is a good place to sharpen swordsmanship, kendo, sword heart, and sword intent."

     "Ziyang, Long Song, you have been trained by this honor for a long time. It's time to learn from True Chosen."

     "This time you will follow this honor to the Ten Thousands of Gods Holy Land, and see and see this falling treasure of the fairy world!"

     After a word, Li Canglan suddenly burst out endless sword intent from his body, shattering the clouds.

     The fragmented clouds condensed again, and a white cloud fairy sword with a length of thousands of feet was suddenly formed, pointing directly to the Holy Land of Gods!

      Unstoppable Sword Qi 30,000 miles, one sword glorifies 19 states!

     At this moment, a timid loli sound rang beside her.

     "Daddy, you... Are you going to the Holy Land of Shenxiao?"

     "Can you bring Lian'er?"

     Suddenly, Jianyi.


     ...The tower of the God of War is now present, and all the major forces in the Eastern Desolation are affected by it.

     Closer places such as Jade Lake Holy Land and Taibai Dongtian have come directly to celebrate.

     Those who are far away or have a more general relationship are still in a wait-and-see state at this time, and the dark tide is surging for a while.

     At this time, the Lord Shenxiao and Shen Tian were still in the Thunder Purgatory.

     Looking at Leibian's blood-robed palace master, who was ‘brave and fearless’, Shen Tian only felt his eyes.

     On the surface of the Holy Lord of Gods, the fairy light is always calm: "Blood kill, do you really think this seat can't beat you?"

     The head of the blood-robed hall sneered and said: "Is there any means, let's use it all! The head of the hall is a person of the holy religion, and death is a dead ghost of the holy religion."

     "Even if you hit this hall master with 30,000 whips, this hall master will never betray the holy religion."

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao slowly shook his head, and his right hand was volleyed, and all the thunder whip attacks disappeared.

     "This seat knows that the special technique you cultivate is to increase your strength by being constantly attacked."

     "For you, these lashes are not painful at all, and can even be transformed into pleasure through physical fitness."

     The blood-robed palace master sneered: "You know so what? Any criminal law can be used!"

     The Holy Master of Gods calmly looked at the blood-robed palace master: "Since you are not afraid of pain, this seat will naturally not waste time."

     "How about a bet? In a quarter of an hour, within a quarter of an hour, this seat will let you confess everything."

     Looked at the divine master of the gods with an indifferent voice shrouded in fairy light.

      don't know why, the blood-robed palace master suddenly felt the chrysanthemum tighten.

     It seems that something bad is about to happen.
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