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260 Good Cult, I'm Lame
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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The face of Blood Killing Palace Master was full of betrayed anger.

     Frankly speaking, he has slowly been persuaded by the words of the Holy Master Shenxiao.

     It is not that as the Lord of a Hall, the IQ of the Lord of Blood Killing is not high enough.

     Although it is not high enough...

     But the root cause of the Blood Killing Palace Master's belief in the Divine Cloud Saint Master was that this failure was too strange.

     You must know that rescuing the ghost monarch, but their plan to prepare for the thousand-year blood killing palace is absolutely confidential.

     Even in the Hall of Blood Killing, only a few people know about it.

     It wasn't until this time that the Heavenly Demon Charge with the Seven Evils was about to arrive, the Blood Killing Palace Master only announced to everyone and took everyone to the battlefield.

     In such a cautious situation, the plan is still destroyed by the Holy Land of Gods, which is too cannot be justified.

     It is reasonable to say that Hei Yuan and others were caught by Shen Tian, after all, they were responsible for the death.

     But Hei Yuan and the others hadn't started to rescue the Ghost Evil Lord, how did Shen Tian know their plan?

      what is more important The Master of Blood Killing once sneaked into the battlefield quietly, went to the Xuanyin Plain, and saw the terrible Pro?found Yin Qi.

     That Pro?found Yin Qi, under the control of the ghost monarch, has the power of Tu Sheng, making people heart alarmed, body leaping.

     In Ancient Battlefield, the cultivation of foreign creatures will be suppressed to below the Golden Core Stage.

     In this case, if it hadn’t been prepared, Shen Tian how can it be grab the Ghost Evil Lord?

     Obviously, the Holy Land of Gods has long known the plan of the Blood Killing Hall to rescue the evil monarch, and it has set a general situation for them in a targeted manner.

     During this process, there must be other forces of the Evil Spirit Cult that ventilate secretly, trying to kill the temple.Otherwise, as the Son of God, how could Shen Tian make a mistake in teleporting from the battlefield?

     Moreover, after making a mistake, it is not to the east or to the west, but moved to the canyon where the Blood Killer Palace Master is located?

     This is a coincidence!


     Conspiracy, all this is conspiracy!

     It must be the Palace of Seven Kills, it must be the Seven Kills that old thing wants to eat black!

     The Master of Blood Killing gnashing one's teeth: "I didn't expect the seven kills of the dog thief to penetrate so deeply into my men."

     Although the Evil Spirit Cult seems to be one and the same to the outside, the various sub-temples are very careful.

     Because each other knows that the other is not a good bird, maybe they will eat black.

     Therefore, the weaker sub-temples and base camps are all hidden.

     Even the people in other branch halls would never tell.

      Otherwise, the evil spirits taught that these sub-temples would not be so safe for thousands of years.

     It has long been united by all the holy places, to follow the vine to get to the melon one after another.

     But although theoretically, each one does what he thinks is right does not interfere with each other, but few branch halls are really so honest.

     In most cases, the sub-temples in the same area can't see their heads down, more or less will have some cooperation or competition.

     The Hall of Blood Killing and the Hall of Seven Killings are the two sub-temples in the area near the Holy Land of Gods, and they are not far away from each other.

     In the eyes of the Lord of Blood Killing, if there were traitors in the Evil Spirit Sect, it would definitely be seven kills.

     After all, the contradiction between blood killing and seven killings has been around for a long time, and there have been no fights in secret.

     If the seven kills assassinate him, there is definitely a motive for committing the crime!

     ..."This bastard thing, dare to shame me!"

     Seeing the angry Blood Killing Palace Master, Shen Tian secretly mourned for him.

     If he were not for the personal experience of this incident, I am afraid he would have believed it true.

     After all, this is a coincidence.

     Master is worthy of being a master!

     Such a mighty and invincible hero was abruptly crippled by you.

     The celestial light on the main body of the Shenxiao Sage is rippling lightly: "Can I talk about cooperation now? Bloody killing fellow daoists?"

     The Master of Blood Killing was slightly surprised: "Talk about cooperation? How to talk about it?"

     The holy master said indifferently: "It's very simple, how about using the information of the Seven Kills Palace in exchange for your life?"

     Use the information of the Hall of Seven Kills in exchange for the life of the owner of the Hall? so simple?

     As if feeling the heartbeat of the Blood Killing Palace Master, the Holy Master said: "Of course it is not that simple, this seat still needs your allegiance."


      This is impossible!

     The Lord of Blood Killing sneered: "The main hall of the hall is loyal to you? Are you worthy?"

     The Space Gate appeared on the side of the Lord Shenxiao again: "Oh, forget it."

     Looking at the excited red flames on the other side of the Space Gate, the palace master tingling sensation in blood.

     "Ahem, calm and calm, this allegiance is a bit too much, or... or let's talk about cooperation!"

     The Space Gate on the main table of the Shenxiao Sage disappeared: "Tell this seat of the Seven Kills Palace all the information, and promise this seat of the undercover evil spirits.

     "So this seat can promise to let you go, otherwise, you'd better let this seat accompany Chi Yan together!"

     The Lord of Blood Killing reluctantly said: "I was caught by you this time. Many people see with one's own eyes.""You asked me to return to the Evil Spirit Cult to be an undercover agent, didn't you let the Lord of the Palace find death!"

     "You need to know the Thousand Fantasy Magic King, but he is the best at illusion."

     "Her ecstasy, I can't hold it."

     The words of Blood Killing the Palace Master were not evasive, but facts.

     After all, the Evil Spirit Sect can exist for thousands of years, and individual Hallmasters may be stupid roe deer.

     But the core high-level teachers in teaching, absolutely impossible are fools, not so easy fooling.

     The celestial light on the main body of the Shenxiao Sage is gently rippling: "As long as you are willing, you will naturally have a way to help you."

     "If you want to deceive others, you must first deceive yourself, and listen to this carefully."

     The Lord's voice sounded in the sky thunder cage, indifferent and calm.

     The Infernal Affairs plan against the evil spirits is slowly unfolding.


      Two hours later, Shen Tian left the lightning space with the Lord Shenxiao.

     At this time, Shen Tian really admired his cheap master, doesn't want doesn't want.

     Caught a mafia boss, and unexpectedly flicked him into his own informant.

     Fortunately, this is his own master. If it is an enemy, Shen Tian feels that he has to tingling sensation, cannot rest or eat in peace.

     "Tian'er, today I will take you to interrogate the blood kill, to tell you that you are in the right way, and sometimes you have to practice extraordinary methods."

     "There is no distinction between good and evil in the law of the world. It is used for righteousness, and when used for evil, it is evil. The only thing is to keep the original mind."

     "Are you enlightened?"

     Shen Tian looking thoughtful: "Master meant to treat shameless people in a shameless way?""As long as the original intention is good, then there is no need to be embarrassed if you are shameless?"

     "Does that mean, Master?"

     The celestial light on the main body of Shenxiao Sheng fluctuates violently: "Ahem, that's what it means."

     "However, this is just a demonstration for you, Tian'er. You can follow suit if you have to."

     "But if there is a grand avenue, it is best not to do this kind of petty behavior. After all, Tianer, you are a Child of Fate. Your image is very important."

     "Just like this seat, this kind of an emergency measure has only been used once or twice in thousands of years, and it will not be used frequently."

     Shen Tian nodded: "disciple understands. Do you want to be shameless, just look at deserving or undeserving, right?"

     "Our identity, we usually have to carry it."

     The Lord Shenxiao looked at Shen Tian with a serious face, and only felt that student that can be taught.

     Even Tian'er's speaking skills are... too straightforward.

     What is the "shameless method" is too straightforward.

     Still too young.

     In terms of speaking skills, you still need to practice more!
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